Bone Chillers

Season 1 Episode 2

Teacher Creature

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Sep 14, 1996 on ABC
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Teacher Creature
The new teacher at school, Mr. Batrachian, turns out to be a frog after he accidently digests toxic eggs that Fitz and Brian find in the swamp.

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      • Arnie: What's the matter? You guys got frogs in your throats?
        Fitz: Worse, Mr. Batrachian ate frog eggs contaminated with toxic waste and he's turning into a giant frog.
        Brian: And he's groovin' for Miss Dewberry.
        Arnie: I overheard Mr. Batrachian talking to Miss Dewberry. He's going to make her a home-cooked meal in the science lab.
        Sarah: Make her a home-cooked meal, or make her a home-cooked meal?

      • Brian: (about the toxic frog eggs) That is totally toxic.

      • Principal Pussman: I'm sorry to hear that you're green around the gills, Mr. Batrachian. Do you know what could've caused it?
        Mr. Batrachian: It must've been... (looks at Fitz and Brian as they walk by) something I ate.

      • Brian: (looks at the lunch) What in blazes is that?!!
        Carl: Sushi a la Carl. It's continental cuisine week. You got a problem with that?
        Brian: No. Except that it looks like dog food!
        Carl: I wouldn't feed this to my dog. I like my dog!

      • (Mr. Batrachian walks by and belches.)
        Brian: That was the loudest, longest burp that I've ever witnessed in my life. That guy's my hero.

      • (Mr. Batrachian takes a bite of the toxic frog egg sandwich.)
        Brian: Well, we can't say that we didn't try to warn him.

      • Fitz: What are they?
        Brian: Frog eggs, but I've never seen that shade of glowing green snot before. Must be from a rare type.
        Fitz: Yes, "frogius stinkius" if I'm not mistaken.

      • Brian: (to Fitz) I think that our substitute teacher looks like a big fat frog.
        Mr. Batrachian: What did you say?
        Brian: I said that I'd love to go for a walk down by the bog.

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