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  • Ok, this show isn't as bad as people suggest that it is, honest! A great mix of archaelogy, comedy and modern-day issues

    So, people are all saying what a waste of time and a dissapointment this show is. But i beg to diassagree with them. I found the show funny in places (especially Dolly!), emotional at times (Gillian's mother and her quest), sometimes romantic (ben and gillian), objective, an interesting insight into archaelogy and unusual historical events (joan of arc etc.), strong objections to political issues (Iraq for example) and overall a very balanced show.

    Lots of similarities between this show and Primeval. Both are underrated, both have a rude, annoying boss who doesn't know what he's doing. And both have brilliant teams as the main feature of the show

    Also, I liked the fact that the show borrowed actors from Torchwood and Doctor who! Owen and the real captain Jack from torchwood and Tish from Doctor who!! So to conclude - a fair show, and underrated!!
  • Major disappointment!

    Who in their right mind read through the pages of this show's script and thought it'd be a terrific idea to go ahead and make this into a TV-show?!
    Not just are there horrible inconsistencies and vast leaps of logic that haunts you throughout the duration of the episodes, the blatant falsification of history is also gravely disturbing. It simply isn't BBC standard at all.
    The actors make the best of the awkward script and they're pretty much what stand between this show and the works of infamous director Ed Wood.

    What a disappointment, a honest attempt of making such a painstakingly slow and tedious process as archeology into something that could be even remotely interesting turned into utter failure. This show should really be buried in the massive BBC archive, never to be excavated ever again.
  • Archaeologically incorrect in places, but who cares? A great show that brings Indina Jones styled archaeology to TV.

    As an archaeologist, I was unhappy with the archaeology they did and their methods, but who the heck cares if it was totally archaeologically incorrect for the most part?? It was a good show with a new look at things and has brought a bit of Indina Jones styled archaeology to the small screen. It's nice to see people watching it and actually realising that there is a discipline out that as archaeology, espeically for those who have never heard of or seen Time Team.
    I personally enjoyed the series and I hope that they bring it back for a new season. Although now that Gillian has completed her quest for the legendery Excalibur what other major mythilogical artefact would she next go after? And would she finaly get back together with Ben?
    The BBC have deffinatly got a good fictional TV series, after all archaeology isn't really all about treasure hunting and searching for mythical artefacts and jumping to conclusions. Thanks BBC
  • i carn't hink of anything good about this garbage, hold on its set in bath a beautiful city everything else story archaeology acting and script terrible

    seies in which archeaologists[and i use this term loosely]make the most fantastic finds .true cross,mummifyed boudicca ,then destroy them.sorry forgot about george washingtons watch.
    dont know what came after this as gave up.
    oh there was an ongoing mystery about a strange magical sword, couldent be excalibur could it.
    anyway according to blogs they find it in the last episode then destroy it.
    originally bbc sold this as ground breaking & inivotive having not seen it
    later on they changed tack and wasjust a bit of fun a version of scooby doo.
    presonally thought scooby doo had better scripts and acting
    its a pity because its a good premise
  • Can't put my finger on it...

    I've watched the first four episodes and I intend to continue watching, but I'm not sure why.

    The cast is good, occasionally great, the production values are up to the normal Kudos high standards, and the whole premise of archeological investigations is (or can be) fascinating. But...there's something just not right.

    I think if I had to point my finger at any one thing, it's that there doesn't appear to be any real chemistry going on between the actors. Everything feels very dry and uninvolved. I get the impression the actors (Adrian Lester in particular, and being a big fan I hate writing that!) are just marking time, picking up a paycheque here while waiting for something better to come along. I liken this show to Paris Hilton - Looks good, but not a lot there.
  • Bonekickers is a television show that explores the past through the eyes of archaeology.

    Bonekickers is set in the current time but studies the past through archaeology.Gillian Magwilde is higher ranking within the team (of 4) and has a mysterious past. There is a mystery around her mother and swords. Her enigmatic personality keeps you wondering about her. Ben Ergha has a past with gillian and can get jealous at times. He's a lot more careful than Gillian but has respect for her. Gregory Parton is the 3rd archaeologist on the team and is very intelligent. He searchs through books and papers to find the truth and is dominent about finding answers. Viv davis is an inturn and has a very high respect for gillian but does get left out a lot of the time. All in all bonekickers is a truth finding archaeology show!
  • Time Team meets Bones, but with too much Tony Robinson and not enough David Boreanaz.

    I've just sat through half an hour of the most boring and stuck up show I've ever had the misfourtune of seeing. I am thankful of the freewill I have as it enabled me to stop the episode part way through and suffer no longer.

    The storyline in the first episode was uninteresting and confusing, but not so confusing that viewers won't spot the gaping holes and strange coincidences that are throughout. It is pretentiously British, the accents and body-language are all so fake; I'm worried that this show, having so much internet exposure, will further confirm the British stereotype - we don't really all talk and act this way! Life on Mars was so great I was expecting better things, instead all I got was a show to be enjoyed only by elderly well-bred grandmothers, and possibly archaeologists.

    A pretty pants attempt from the BBC, better suited to Hallmark.
  • But it really wasn't that bad!

    ok, I feel like I should stick up for this show, because it is getting some serious hate! Granted, it's rubbish, but it's *entertaining* rubbish, and in the end, isn't that enough? Yes, if what you were looking for was a serious show, about archeology, maybe about on a par with CSI, you are going to be disappointed. The acting is ok, the plots so far incomprehensible and frankly ridiculous, and any archeology that takes place at all is unrealistic. Plus, the new girl 'Viv' seems to be the one who always finds everything, possibly because she is useless in any other respect. (having said that, maybe just finding things is a good quality in an archeologist?)
    But I still think people are being too harsh! I mean, no one expects Doctor Who to be scientifically accurate! The purpose of a television show is to entertain, and for me, that's what it does. It's relaxing to kick back, suspend some pretty hefty disbelief, and go along for the ride. So, in the end, I guess what I'm trying to say is: jeer at Bonekickers if you want, laugh at it all you like, but in the end the last laugh is on you, because you are still watching it, and getting enjoyment out of it. Even if you've given up watching, you're still reading this review, eh?
  • Complete and utter nonsensical dross.

    From the start of the first episode, it was pretty clear this show had no idea what it was trying to achieve. Heck, in hindsight it was obvious just from the promo teaser.

    Beginning from the contrived "We found a piece of Jesus' cross after digging just two short trenches in the shape of a cross because somebody found an old coin" start, things actually - and quite incredibly - only managed to go downhill.

    Note for those who haven't seen the first episode yet, and want to be bewildered and disappointed for themselves by actually watching it - spoilers be here.

    After a bunch of boring meanderings, pseudo-archaeology (with a couple of vague references to carbon-dating and dendrochronology being as close as the show got to anything relevant to the real world), plus a whole lot of desecration of supposedly important historical sites, not to mention a random beheading for controversy and gore factor, we arrived at perhaps the most ludicrous ending in recent TV history.

    And my, how ludicrous it was. Archeologists and religious zealots with swords, fighting while dangling on the end of ropes in a gigantic, easily-accessible (and yet somehow never before discovered or tampered-with) underground lair full of dozens of crosses including *the* *one* *true* *cross*.

    The supposed archeologists get to the business of contaminating and desecrating this supposedly incredibly important site immediately, littering it with a broken flashlight before there was even a hint of pursuit by the "baddies", and then torched the whole lot to somehow protect themselves from a couple of nutjobs with swords. A quick sing-along-to-distract-the-baddie later, everybody pats themselves on the backs, and they all mull a visit to the local pub while letting the archaeological finds burn to the ground (oh, and while exhaling enough smoke to do a value-sized dragon proud).

    Complete and utter hogwash, that frankly deserves to be cancelled before the second episode even airs. I'll be watching, but only in the same way one might watch an Ed Woods film - to watch how badly it can go, and fall about laughing at the unintended comedy.

    How anybody can profess to like this drivel is beyond me.
  • The Da Vinci Code meets Indy

    Bonekickers, a new British television series, apparently hasn't met with good reviews, considering its present
    'mediocre' rating. Other than the series name being pretty darned stupid, the show's premiere is more interesting than many people have given it credit for. There's this angst about archeology if it has anything to do with fantastical finds. In the first episode, the find is the cross Jesus Christ was crucified on. And of course, there are modern-day Templar knights that want the cross for their own purposes. Though the archeology presented seems genuine enough, this show is NOT to be taken literally--it's Fantasy! Gee, if Indiana Jones has anything to do with the Ark of the Covenant, or popular books/movies like The Davinci Code tell their own Templar tales, they're elevated to popular, if not blockbuster, status. I found Bonekickers relatively entertaining. Remember, these are actors starring as archeologists--as far as I know none are real archeologists. Though when one actor mentions that the Templar knights of old started being arrested by agents of the Catholic church on Friday the Thirteenth, it's actually the truth as we know it from written history. I'm going to give the series a chance. Hey, it may be the poor man's Indiana Jones, but as far as I know it's the only television show of it's kind out there. Try it, you may enjoy it.
  • Layers. It's all about layers.

    A very interesting beginning to what I hope will be an extremely good and creative TV series. A team of Archaeologists are called to the site of a small historic find of potentially profound importance only to discover a much, much larger secret that unwittingly thrusts them into the heart of a battle which has been raging for 2000 years. A religious zealot commanding sword wielding orphans, burning crosses and a miracle worker (?) make for an extremely powerful and though provoking conclusion.

    If this is a sign of things to come then BBC 1 are onto another winner. I shall wait with baited breath for the next episode.
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