Season 1 Episode 5

A Boy in a Bush

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 08, 2005 on FOX
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Booth asks Brennan to help locate and identify the remains of a six-year-old boy, Charlie, who went missing from a local park.

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  • Emotional and revealing

    My daughter, who has a five-yyear-old, found this episode very disturbing, especially as, being English, we remember only too well the events of just over ten years ago when a small boy was abducted from a shopping mall by two older boys who then brutally murdered him. The case shocked not only the UK but also many European countries, so this episode has tremendous meaning.

    The acting in this episode is of the very highest class, especial mention being made of the boy who plays Shawn. The scene with Brennan when she talks to him about being a foster child always makes me want to weep.

    The script, too, is great with the characters being developed even further. Our tough cop, Booth is shown to have a deeply caring and sensitive side

    as well as being clever in extracting information from someone with them hardly realising it - ie his interaction with the boys.

    He has to defend his actions and position against Brennan when she is so angry with him for arresting Margaret.But he has act within the law. Still, he comes through for her in the end and she will always respect him even when she doesn't respect the law.

    Great episode.

    ith his intmoreless
  • An episode full of emotion

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. Booth and Bones get called in; when a phone call reveals that human remains have been found behind a mall. They believe that the body there may belong to a missing 6 year old boy. Soon they find the remains and they seem to be that of a small child.

    They also believe that the young victim was sexual assaulted, and soon enough he is confirmed to be that of the missing boy, Charlie. Bones and co are invited to a banquet and are all told that they must attend. We soon learn from Charlie's foster brothers that he wasn't taken from the park, but in fact from the local mall. We also see that Angela is having a hard time working on this case. We soon learn that Charlie's mother is not his biological mother. We learn that she was his foster mother, and when he was handed back to his mother, she kept in touch. Then on Christmas day, she found his biological mother dead form an overdose, so she took Charlie and raised him as her own. When they look through CCTV footage, they see Charlie leaving the mall with his foster brother, who is not much older than he is. We also learn that Hodge is from a rich family. Bones takes to the little boy and manages to get him open up and he tells her who he took Charlie too. It turns out to be the man/father/husband that lived next door to Charlie. He is arrested and we end with the foster boys and the mother being reunited. As the episode ends, we see everyone going to the banquet apart from Hodges who has to work.moreless
  • Utterly heartbreaking.

    Cases about kids are always hard but this one is terribly tragic.

    Brennan's past comes out, she was a foster child and this gives her the way to convince a terrified little boy to give up the killer. The entire scene is heartbreaking. Margaret is a wonderful foster mother as evidenced by how much the children love her. Taking baby Charlie may have been against the law but she gave him a better life than his junkie mother ever could have even if she'd somehow lived. Note how child services never even checked on Charlie, even after his mother was found dead?

    Hodgins turns out to be unspeakably rich, solely owning a major contributor to the Jeffersonian. He's so sensitive about it that he didn't tell anyone, wanting to be respected for his work not because he's technically their boss. Imagine how people would kiss up to him if they knew, not only would it be awkward but it would also make him miserable.

    Booth mentions he has a brother Jared.

    Goodman describes Angela's job so beautifully – where the scientists focus only on the bones and evidence, essentially dehumanizing the victim, Angela reverses the process, giving faces to the victims, restoring their identity.

    Touching and beautiful.moreless
  • full of heartbroking emotion.

    this ep was a really good one but really sad and heartbreaking. at the same time. in this ep a six year old boy is found dead near a bush near a mall. it was sad . and bones and the fbi agent must solve the case. they must talk to the kids of the house and it turns out one of the kids was tricked into bring charlie there . but they could not see the face on camera but it was someone that was close to the family that was doing it. which was a thing that really made the ep really sad.moreless
  • Sad :(

    Six year old dead body. Evidence shows that the boy was abused and then killed. This episode was about being a proffesional at what you do or being human. It deffinately showed sides of the characters we haven't seen before. Compassion and sensitivity. This episode was neccesarry to show people that Bones is a serious show and it also helped with character development. We also found out that Brennan was foster child. It was also very exciting. I wanted to know who killed the kid all through the episode. I was kind of shocked when it was shown that his step brother was the one who took him to that man. I really liked this episode :)moreless
David Boreanaz

David Boreanaz

Special Agent Seeley Booth

Emily Deschanel

Emily Deschanel

Dr. Temperance Brennan

Eric Millegan

Eric Millegan

Zack Addy

Michaela Conlin

Michaela Conlin

Angela Montenegro

T.J. Thyne

T.J. Thyne

Dr. Jack Hodgins

Jonathan Adams

Jonathan Adams

Dr. Daniel Goodman

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • In the beginning of the episode, when Brennan is giving her lecture, she talks about how J. Edgar Hoover made an alliance with the Jeffersonian and how the face they put together turned out looking like a monster.

      On the X-Files episode "Shapes" (1x18), J. Edgar Hoover's first X-File is mentioned, and the same face Brennan showed in the lecture is used.

    • It is revealed that Hodgins is rich and his family is the largest donor to the Jeffersonian.

    • It is revealed that Booth has a brother named Jared.

    • Dr. Brennan said she was at Waco -- but the Waco Massacre took place in 1993, so she would have only been 16 or 17 at the time. It's hard to believe that she would have been helping to identify bodies at such a young age.

    • Brennan reveals that her grandfather got her out of foster care, but if her parents were in hiding from the FBI, how did her grandfather find her under her new alias? Also, in a later episode during a talk between Brennan and her father it is revealed that her and Russ were told they did not have grandparents.

    • Goof: At the beginning of the episode when Booth and Brennan get to Brennan's car, Brennan pushes a button to put the top down, but in the next shot, the top is already down.

    • Goof: When Angela is talking to Hodgins about his anger management technique (the rubber band on his wrist), an extra walks up right behind her and should have passed the two of them, but in the next shot, which is over her shoulder, has suddenly disappeared.

    • At the end of the episode when the gang is getting ready to go to the party Temperance is wearing a silver necklace with a flat angel on it instead of one of her usual chunky ones.

    • Goof: When the mall security camera footage is being reviewed, Angela apologizes that the "max resolution is 640x480 pixels per square inch." However, 640x480 pixels per square inch is an excellent resolution, and better than a photograph. Since Angela later states that the picture will degrade when she zooms in on it, she probably meant that the entire image was 640x480 pixels.

  • QUOTES (27)

    • Brennan: Do you remember me, Sean?
      Sean: You're the museum lady, the one who's so smart.
      Brennan: Yeah, I'm pretty smart.
      Attorney: (sarcastically) And modest.
      Booth: Oh, believe me, she is being modest.

    • Cop: You mind if I make an observation?
      Brennan: No, of course not.
      Cop: In your book, the cops come off as very one-dimensional. Why is that?
      Brennan: You mean two-dimensional.
      Zack: One dimensionality exists only in theory as a mathematical value.
      Cop: Oookay ... really looking forward to your next book.

    • (Booth and Brennan approach Brennan's silver Mercedes convertible.)
      Booth: (impressed) You gotta be kidding me.
      Brennan: What? My publishers gave it to me.
      Booth: Gave it to you?
      Brennan: Book sales are pretty good. It's supposed to be a nice car.
      Booth: Gave it to you?
      Brennan: Yeah.
      Booth: Well, why'd you park it crooked?
      Brennan: The guy told me to always park it like that.
      Booth: He's wrong. Makes you look like an idiot.

    • Angela: Well, I wouldn't bet a date with Colin Farrell on it.
      Brennan: I know him. He's funny.
      Angela: Funny is Will Ferrell, sweetie. Hot, is Colin Farrell.

    • Booth: I'm sorry.
      Brennan: For what?
      Booth: You have personal experience in the system.
      Brennan: (she turns to look at him and speaks after a while) I was a foster child until my grandfather got me out.
      Booth: (carefully) Yeah, when you said, um, they take you away from your brother, I kind of had the feeling you weren't talking about David Cook.
      Brennan: Booth, I'll tell you all about it one day but tonight, I have to get dressed for a party.

    • (Brennan inside the FBI interrogation room with Sean, while Booth is standing outside on the other side of the mirror, listening)
      Brennan: I can make sure that you go back to Margaret.
      Sean: How? You work at a museum.
      Brennan: (She looks towards the mirror as she speaks) I have a friend at the FBI. If I ask him to, he will make sure that you and David get to live with Margaret again.
      Child Advocate: Dr. Brennan, you can't make promises like that.
      Brennan: (firmly) Yes, I can. He will do it. My friend will make it happen.
      Booth: Oh man. (to Johnnston) I'm going to need your help to keep the promises she made to that boy.
      Sara Johnston: Hey, I…I…I can't promise -
      Booth: (firmly) Mrs. Johnston, my people and your people are going to have to make this happen.

    • Booth: Bones, I thought you'd like to know. Sean and David are in emergency care. Pulled some strings, to make sure they get to stay together.
      Brennan: (without even looking at him) That's good, thanks.
      Booth: The best I could do.
      Brennan: Yeah, I understand.
      Booth: (exasperated) You know, you say you understand, but you don't! Not really. I mean, if you don't like the rule, you ignore it, right? I can't have that. And if you want to do this -
      Brennan: Do what?
      Booth: Work on cases, with me, outside the lab. If you wanna do that, I need to know that you will respect the law.
      Brennan: Tell you what, if I can't respect the law I can at least respect you.
      Booth: (baffled) Oh, ahm, huh, yeah, that'll work.

    • Brennan: I'm afraid Angela might quit.
      Booth: I'm amazed she stuck it out this long.
      Brennan: Why?
      Booth: Because she's human? (Brennan gives him a look) I'm sorry Bones, it's just, you know, Angela didn't get the same training the rest of you got on planet Vulcan.
      Brennan: I don't know what that means.
      Booth: She's more sensitive.
      Zack: Who's more sensitive?
      Brennan: Angela.
      Booth: She likes puppies and kitties and ducklings and, you know, Jell-O shots, and dancing on bars.
      Brennan: I know that. She's my best friend. And Angela is not the only person in the world who likes baby animals.
      Zack: I never got the big attraction.
      Booth: I rest my case.

    • (Brennan has held a talk and is being questioned by the audience)
      Booth: I have a question. Regarding the role of the FBI in your book, who did you base brilliant and insightful Special Agent Andy Lister on?
      Goodman: Oh, for God's sake.
      Booth: (smirking) Cause, you know, I'm pretty sure it was me.
      Brennan: What are you doing here Booth?

    • Angela: How long have we known each other?
      Hodgins: Do people really ever know each other?
      Angela: How come you've never invited me over to your house?
      Hodgins: Aww. I didn't pick up that kind of vibe off you.
      Angela: I thought we were close. All of us. What else don't I know? Is Zack from another planet?
      Hodgins: Oh, come on. That one's obvious.
      Angela: You're rich. You single-handedly own the Cantilever Group. Don't deny it. I know.
      Hodgins: Who else knows?
      Angela: Zack. Booth.
      Hodgins: Don't tell Brennan.
      Angela: Why don't you want us to know that you're actually our boss?
      Hodgins: I don't want to be anyone's boss. I never did. Please respect that.

    • (Brennan is dressed for the banquet, Booth is looking at her for a while)
      Booth: You look nice. Better than nice you look uh, very...
      Brennan: Thanks.
      Booth: Bones, how did you know I was going to keep your promise?
      Brennan: What promise?
      Booth: To get Sean and David back with Margaret Sanders.
      Brennan: Maybe I was lying to catch the bad guy. I learned that trick from you. The end justifies the means.
      Booth: Hmm. (Rather disappointed with her answer, Booth starts walking away.)
      Brennan: Booth! I knew you'd back me up... I knew you wouldn´t make me a liar.
      Booth: How did you know?
      Brennan: Because you want to go to Heaven.
      Booth: But you don't believe in Heaven.
      Brennan: But you do.

    • Hodgins: What I want in life is to come in here and sift through slime and bugs.

    • Goodman: When I said you should think of this invitation as a summons, I understated. It's a subpoena. A grand jury subpoena. Ignore it at your own peril.

    • Goodman: These are invitations to a banquet.
      Brennan: You called a special meeting to invite us to a party?
      Goodman: Don't think of it as an invitation. Consider it a summons.

    • Brennan: You're not going to fire us if we don't go.
      Goodman: No, not fire you, but I can move your parking spot to lot M. Enjoy the shuttle ride.
      Zack: The shuttle smells like feet.

    • Zack: What do we talk about?
      Goodman: Your work, of course.
      Angela: Zack's work consists of removing flesh from corpses. Hodgins dissects bugs that have been eating peoples' eyeballs.
      Hodgins: Leave me out of it. I am not going.
      Goodman: And how do you see your job?
      Angela: I draw death masks.
      Goodman: Is that really how you see it?
      Angela: Don't you?
      Goodman: You are the best of us, Miss Montenegro. You discern humanity in the wreck of a ruined human body. You give victims back their faces, their identities. You remind us all of why we're here in the first place; because we treasure human life.
      (Angela, all teary, hugs Goodman)
      Goodman: Oh, for God's sake.
      Brennan: What happened?
      Zack: Apparently all Angela needed was to hear her job description in a deep, African-American tone.
      Goodman: Mr. Addy!

    • Hodgins: Zack has been informed that if he tells anyone who I am, I will kick him out on the street like a stray dog. Sadly, there's nothing I can threaten you two with.
      Angela: Yeah, that's a shame.

    • Hodgins: Do you have time for this?
      Brennan: They gave me a car.
      Hodgins: Nice! Who?
      Brennan: My publisher. Now I feel like I have to earn it by writing another book.
      Hodgins: Fight coercion in all its forms. You don't write the book, I don't go to the banquet. Solidarity.

    • Hodgins: I recognize that look.
      Brennan: What?
      Hodgins: You're writing another book. When you write, you get a stunned look on your face like you stuck a fork in a toaster.

    • Booth: Ok, if you can't see the guy's face, maybe you can clear up a reflection.
      Zack: That's a workable idea.
      Booth: Well, I'd say thanks, you know, if you didn't say it like it was some kind of a miracle.

    • Booth: You're actually one of them, aren't you?
      Angela: One of who?
      Booth: A squint! I mean, you look normal, and you act normal, but you're actually one of them.
      Angela: This whole mass recognition program was Brennan's idea. I'm completely normal, really.
      Booth: Yeah, maybe before you got this job, but now...

    • Brennan: Did you bring the thermal imager?
      Zack: I don't think we need it.
      (Brennan looks disapprovingly at Zack.)
      Zack: It makes me look like the Great Gazoo.
      Brennan: K, I don't know what that means, but we definitely need it, Zack.

    • Booth: (referring to Hodgins) Paranoia and delusions of grandeur...all in one package.

    • Angela: What do you guys even talk about when he drives you to work?
      Zack: I mostly sleep. Hodgins mostly yells at the radio.

    • Angela: Hodgins is our boss?

    • Angela: I'm an artist. I used to draw naked guys. Now I draw dead guys.

    • Angela: (to Hodgins) Anger is only fear turned inwards.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Booth: Angela didn't get the training the rest of you guys got on the planet Vulcan.

      Vulcan was a planet in the Star Trek universe that was populated by a race of people that lived their lives completely by the concept of logic and suppressed their emotions through meditation so they wouldn't interfere with their judgment or actions.

    • Zack: It makes me look like the Great Gazoo.

      The Great Gazoo was a two foot high green alien with magical powers that appeared in the final season of the animated program The Flintstones.

    • Booth: How's it going there, Darth. Seen anything on Saturn. Please tell me you've seen at least one Star Wars movie.

      Star Wars is a set of six films that were written and directed by George Lucas. Darth Vader was the primary villain in the last 3 and had to wear a suit and mask that served as artificial limbs and respirator.