Season 1 Episode 5

A Boy in a Bush

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 08, 2005 on FOX

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  • Emotional and revealing

    My daughter, who has a five-yyear-old, found this episode very disturbing, especially as, being English, we remember only too well the events of just over ten years ago when a small boy was abducted from a shopping mall by two older boys who then brutally murdered him. The case shocked not only the UK but also many European countries, so this episode has tremendous meaning.

    The acting in this episode is of the very highest class, especial mention being made of the boy who plays Shawn. The scene with Brennan when she talks to him about being a foster child always makes me want to weep.

    The script, too, is great with the characters being developed even further. Our tough cop, Booth is shown to have a deeply caring and sensitive side
    as well as being clever in extracting information from someone with them hardly realising it - ie his interaction with the boys.
    He has to defend his actions and position against Brennan when she is so angry with him for arresting Margaret.But he has act within the law. Still, he comes through for her in the end and she will always respect him even when she doesn't respect the law.

    Great episode.

    ith his int
  • An episode full of emotion

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. Booth and Bones get called in; when a phone call reveals that human remains have been found behind a mall. They believe that the body there may belong to a missing 6 year old boy. Soon they find the remains and they seem to be that of a small child.
    They also believe that the young victim was sexual assaulted, and soon enough he is confirmed to be that of the missing boy, Charlie. Bones and co are invited to a banquet and are all told that they must attend. We soon learn from Charlie's foster brothers that he wasn't taken from the park, but in fact from the local mall. We also see that Angela is having a hard time working on this case. We soon learn that Charlie's mother is not his biological mother. We learn that she was his foster mother, and when he was handed back to his mother, she kept in touch. Then on Christmas day, she found his biological mother dead form an overdose, so she took Charlie and raised him as her own. When they look through CCTV footage, they see Charlie leaving the mall with his foster brother, who is not much older than he is. We also learn that Hodge is from a rich family. Bones takes to the little boy and manages to get him open up and he tells her who he took Charlie too. It turns out to be the man/father/husband that lived next door to Charlie. He is arrested and we end with the foster boys and the mother being reunited. As the episode ends, we see everyone going to the banquet apart from Hodges who has to work.
  • Utterly heartbreaking.

    Cases about kids are always hard but this one is terribly tragic.

    Brennan's past comes out, she was a foster child and this gives her the way to convince a terrified little boy to give up the killer. The entire scene is heartbreaking. Margaret is a wonderful foster mother as evidenced by how much the children love her. Taking baby Charlie may have been against the law but she gave him a better life than his junkie mother ever could have even if she'd somehow lived. Note how child services never even checked on Charlie, even after his mother was found dead?

    Hodgins turns out to be unspeakably rich, solely owning a major contributor to the Jeffersonian. He's so sensitive about it that he didn't tell anyone, wanting to be respected for his work not because he's technically their boss. Imagine how people would kiss up to him if they knew, not only would it be awkward but it would also make him miserable.

    Booth mentions he has a brother Jared.

    Goodman describes Angela's job so beautifully – where the scientists focus only on the bones and evidence, essentially dehumanizing the victim, Angela reverses the process, giving faces to the victims, restoring their identity.

    Touching and beautiful.
  • full of heartbroking emotion.

    this ep was a really good one but really sad and heartbreaking. at the same time. in this ep a six year old boy is found dead near a bush near a mall. it was sad . and bones and the fbi agent must solve the case. they must talk to the kids of the house and it turns out one of the kids was tricked into bring charlie there . but they could not see the face on camera but it was someone that was close to the family that was doing it. which was a thing that really made the ep really sad.
  • Sad :(

    Six year old dead body. Evidence shows that the boy was abused and then killed. This episode was about being a proffesional at what you do or being human. It deffinately showed sides of the characters we haven't seen before. Compassion and sensitivity. This episode was neccesarry to show people that Bones is a serious show and it also helped with character development. We also found out that Brennan was foster child. It was also very exciting. I wanted to know who killed the kid all through the episode. I was kind of shocked when it was shown that his step brother was the one who took him to that man. I really liked this episode :)
  • An episode that will keep you full of emotions.

    This episode is chalk full of emotions. At first you think you know who killed the boy, but you will be surprised. In the end you will be full of anger at what happened to the boy. You will also be surprised at what happened to the boy when he was a baby. The mother dies of drug overdose. The mom the boy is with took him as a baby and raised him as her own. She did not adopted him but keept him for herself. That was right on one account but wrong on a nother. It also affected the ME as well.
  • An emotional episode.

    This episode really got to me. It was just so sad to see the remains of a six year old, that is just depressing, well it is depressing in my eyes.
    For a while I was afraid that Angela might actually leave her job, but luckily she didn't. I love the good friendship between Brennan and Angela, and I found it really sweet that Angela stays just because of Brennan.
    We also got the see the other side of Brennan, the more emotional side instead of her rational side. The talk she had with one of the suspects, a young boy who sites in the foster system, was really beautiful. I love the fact that he opened up to her. A lot of other cool stuff happened in this episode, but then I can pretty much just tell the whole episode, so I won't.
  • So sad to see the remains of a little boy

    This had to of been one of the saddest episodes of Bones, but a great one nonetheless.

    I loves seeing the relationship between Brennan and Angela. It was nice to see that Brennan was the reason the Angela had kept her job at the Jeffersonian for so long, and that Brennan was ready to do just about anything for her to stay there. And the fact that Goodman giving Angela her job description made her want to stay, was just amazing and beautiful.

    Seeing Brennan emotionally involved in the case added to the episode's greatness. It was great to see her offer more up of herself and to see that she wanted Booth to get these kids back with Margret Sanders. It was very deep and beautiful.

    Hodgins not wanting to go to the banquet made the case seem less sad. He added a good amount of humor to the otherwise serious situation, which is why you have got to love Jack.

    This episode was just amazing in every way.
  • A very poignant episode that shows how great this series is becoming.

    While this episode can't live up to the wonder of the previous, it is still very enjoyable. The case is extremely poignant and is very true to modern times: each day we hear about a similar case, which makes the episode believable.

    Like usual, the plot twists all threw me and I didn't see any of them coming! I won't go into detail here for the benefit of those that haven't seen it yet, but prepare to be shocked!

    The subplot was, like usual, hilarious! Hodgins not wanting to go to a banquet brought out some great funny moments, and we learnt a little something about his character in the process.

    And it wasn't just Hodgins we learnt about: we discover that Angie (that's what she's called, right?) is having a tough time with her job, in a scene that is acted beautifully. Brenamn reveals that she is an foster child, but to be honest, this didn't come as such a huge surprise, to me anyway. It's something I always suspected about her character.

    This show is staying at a high level of quality, and I'm only 5 episodes in!
  • The story of the victim is poignant and tugs your heart-strings. I don't do enough justice in this review, you gotta watch for yourselves.

    This one is a qualified tear-jerker. The focus is on a kid's remains. Everyone is affected in seing such small bones, the first in their quite recent involvement with fbi-crime-forensic work.

    Angela is particularly affected and starts to question her work and Brennan couldn't find the right words to console her friend. We also see another development in Brennan's past as she spills to Booth about being in the foster caresystem when she lost her parents 7 years ago. She understand what it feels like and you and me surely feel a sort of bonding to her. Towards the end of the episode, they caught the sick culprit who have sexual intentions on kids. I particularly like Dr Goodman's description of Angela's job. While their work may be gruesome and weird or even totally freaky for layman but like he phrase it, they give faces to victims and they deserve that, to know the truth and be buried with their identity and with respect. Watch it yourself and you'll know.
  • A 6 year olds boy is found dead.

    Their next door neighbor, the man of the house, sexually abused Charlie and killed him.

    Brennen portrays this smarter than thou attitude on many occasions. Also, I did not like it when she told Shawn that her FBI friend would get him and his brother, David, back with their foster mom. If I were her partner, yes I would have done everything in my power to get the children back, but I would have told Brennen never to do that again. Personally, I thought the dress she was wearing to the benefit was awful. Yuk!

    Brennen told Zack not to call the victim by their name, but she used Charlie's name a few times. She gives me the impersonal feeling a lot..impersonal with work and co-workers.

    We found out more about Hodgins; he apart of the social elite. Technically, he could be Brennen's boss - treating her like cr*p instead of the other way around. All in all, I thought "A Boy in a Bush" was very good.
  • Booth and Brennan investigate the gruesome murder of a little boy.

    This episode has everything that should make it a great one. A sad, brutal murder of a little boy and lots of character development and revelations.
    A little boy was crushed to death and as it turns out he was a foster child. We learn that Brennan herself was part of this system after her parents' disappearance and that she is still vulnerable about this. This is the first time ( but certainly not the last ) that we see a distinct crack in her unemotional armour. She feels for the foster children and defends them with every possibility she gets.

    We also learn that Angela is the one person of the team who is unsure of wether she is in the right place as she has the most emotional problems with all the violence and destruction of people she witnesses everyday. It is because of her loyalty and friendship to Brennan that she has stayed as long as she has but now she feels it is time to move on and quit her job.

    Another important fact we learn is that Hodgins is actually a really rich guy and strictly speaking the boss of the team. But he doesn't want anyone to know about it. Unfortunately Angela, Booth and Zack know so Hodgins has to find ways of keeping them quiet. He just wants to a "bug and slime guy".

    This is not my favorite episode but still very good. Great acting and characterisation of all main characters.
  • A touching case altogether with interesting revelations

    This episode is interesting because we discover important background information from most of the characters.

    Booth has a brother called Jared, Angela has always been a free spirit whose first stable job is the one at the Jeffersonian, Hodgins is rich and Brennan was a foster child, which explains why she has problems with her social skills.

    Also, we dived a bit deeper into the "squints" feelings. They tend to express their dark humor around cases and it would make them seem cold and detached, but in this case they worked with the corpse of a small child and the case affected them all. We learned how they deal with such situations. It makes the show feel more real and the characters acquired more tridimensionality.

    Angela has struggled with the cruelties she witnesses in her line of work and her uneasiness and insecurities about it is addressed here, giving it a realistic closure as she is able (with the help of Dr. Goodman) to see her work in a positive light.

    Brennan is still cold toward people but she has a weak spot for children; she might not be specially good with them but she is able to connect with them in certain situations, possibly because of her own background.

    The trust that Booth and Brennan start to develop is shown here as well, when she is sure he will help her make her promise a reality. Also, There is a vibe going on between Angela and Hodgins. It is small but it is definitely there.

    At the end of the episode, I found really cute the way that, when Brennan was about to leave for the party, she was silently waiting for Booth's approval about her dress, and he gave it, in his way. Of course, both would deny it.

    The case was moving and I'd say it had a very good approach. Shawn Cook really moved me.
  • Review

    Certainly one of the most emotional episodes of the season, with the dead victim being a six year old boy as opposed to an adult. I thought the storyline that tied into it was good, though the person who turned out to be the bad guy didnt make much sense. Usually they tie in the bad guy to someone that they have questioned before or had relations with, whereas this time it was more random. I guess it helps the real-life aspect of what the job is, just a little bit out of character. The scene with Bones and the young boy was the best in the episode, with Bones basically telling the boy about both her and the boys experience with foster care. Learning she was a foster child was not much of a surprise, considering how emotionally withdrawn she is. The scene near the end with Booth and Bones is also the realitive them of the show - those two having a certain energy revolving around them. All in all, I thought it was a really good episode.
  • It is always sad when there is a case about a child being killed.

    This ep involves the sexual assult and murder of a young boy. Just the idea someone would do this to a child is sad, but it gets even worse when it is discovered the man who did this forced the boy's older foster brother to get the boy and bring him to the man.

    Everyone on the team has a hard time with this case, even Zach who can usualy distance himself. Angela has the hardest time with it because she only sees that a little kid was hurt.

    They discover that the boy had been taken in by the lady they thought was his mother (she had saved his life when a baby ) now she risks loosing the two other foster sons. No matter how hard Booth tries to get the boy to talk he can't, so Bones talks to him. As she talks it is easy to tell that she isn't talking about what the boy went through in the foster system, but what she had gone through in the system.

    But in the end they are able to get the man who hurt the boy - and his own son, the charges against the foster mother were dropped involving the kidnapping charges, and the two boys were able to return to her care, so they could be a family again.
  • One of the best endings...

    Nothing more to say than this is a classic. The beginning of the trust between Brennan and Booth. Poor kids, having to go through that ordeal must´ve been very painful, specially for their ages. Brennan finally shows some emotion and Booth trusts her by letting her talk to the boy in what was a very delicate situation.

    So Booth was speechless when he saw Brennan in that dress. He could´ve at least say something, there was time and they were alone!

    But this is what I have on my mind.

    "I know you´d back me up"
    "Because you want to go to Heaven"
    "But you don´t believe in Heaven"
    "But you do..."


  • A murdered little boy

    I loved Angela and Brennan. They were so good together. I loved seeing Brennan show so much emotion for Angela and not wanting her to quit and for Charlie. It was a different side of Brennan that isn't often seen and I liked it. I also enjoyed her defending the Cook brothers and telling Booth not to arrest Margret and let the boys stay with her.

    It was so sad to see a young child's remains it got me sad. Zack's reaction added to the sadness and you could see that it was really affecting Tempe more than she let on.

    The whole thing between Hodgins Zack Angela and Booth was good too. I loved how Hodgins didn't want anyone to know who he was and Booth coming through and making a lame excuse for him to not go to that party.

    I really Loved Brennan convincing Booth that she should talk to Shawn Cook. She did an amazing job with it.

    I loved how Goodman described Angela's job and Ange got all teary eyed. And Bones looked hot in her dress at the end.

    Great and sad episode. Defineatly a favorite.
  • *drum rolls* Number 5!!!!

    Awww of course the relationship between the Jeffersonian and the FBI still exhists. Can you say you and Booth, Honey? It totally cracks me up that Booth asked that question! I love his little half smile, smirk, lopsided grin hes got goin' on, there.

    That car that she has? Holy crap, mother of god. haha sorry. I just had absolutley NO idea. Does she even know how nice it is?

    Hey- that little boy, Skyler, was from Zoey 101. haha okay that was my geek moment, sorry.

    It was soo cute how booth was playing video games with those two boys. male bonding moment haha. even though Booth doesnt know them.

    Booth finally realizes that yes, Angela is a squint. She really is very smart, she just acts more like a normal, pretty woman in her twenties would. haha my analysis of her character right there. i cant beleive she is consdering quitting. how dare she! actually... i dont balme her haha. it must be hard.

    At this point Booth must not know about Brennan being in the foster care system, or else he wouldnt have said that...

    that scar of booth's was very low down. catch my drift? we now know about his brother, jared. i had absolutley no clue that hodgins was that rich. wow. two houses, a tennis court, and a pond? and twelve cars??? holy cow. hodgins got wicked pissed when angela brought it up, though. i guess its cool he doesnt wanna be anyones boss.

    hahahah its wicked funny. booth broke the pencil when brennan said she respected him. how cute.

    i cant believ brennan put that weight on Booth's shoulder. "my friend will <b>make</b> it happen" ooh jeez. that was so touching when the kid hugged brennan. i actually started to cry, and that doesnt happen often.

    ...and then at the end booth finally finds out that brennan was i the system. really good bonding moment.

    this was such a good eppie, one of my favorite of all times.
  • This is the ep that made me fall in love with the show.

    I like Bones. It's an interesting, intelegent show. I caught it on TV a couple of times this year, but I never made a point of clearing my schedule. And then I saw this episode. And I fell in love. With the show and all the characters.

    I spent half the episode crying. The emotion from everyone was amazing. I loved the moments between Angela and Temperence at the beginning about the different ways they handle things and the fact that Angela has never worked anywhere as long as she stayed there. I loved the reveal about Hodges family, and the depth that information adds to his character.

    It was Temperence in the interigation room with the kid that caught me, though. That was the moment I fell in love with Bones.

    That, and the director's speech to angels about returning humanity to people.
  • Sadness of a dead abused boy

    So far the bestly written episode character wise.

    The storyline was good, acting was good and character development was superb. Each character had depth and the episode still managed to have plenty of humorous lines.

    The case is a bout a dead little boy, everyone is having trouble with the case especially Angela. She is even thinking about quitting and she has the toughest job. Her job is to find the identity of the dead person, to look at the faces. She isn’t like the rest, she didn’t chose for this job or was trained for it. Her character had depth and understandable sadness, I liked it and how she chose to stay when she heard the description.

    Jack’s storyline was about him being rich, there is a party and he doesn’t want to go because he knows that someone might recognise him and tell everyone he actually owns all of that. But he doesn’t want that, he doesn’t want to be rich or a boss, he just wants his job and to be plain old Jack.

    Anyway, the boy was abused and his ribs were crashed by someone. At first they believe that he was killed by his foster mother who had taken him from his real mother after finding her dead, The woman has also two other sons who she adopted and one of them was who took the little boy to the man who killed him.

    Brennan did the best job this time, she talked to the boy because she was experienced in that area, she has had to go through all of it and didn’t want the boy to go through it as well. We also learn about her having a brother but she doesn’t want to talk about it yet, but she trusted Booth enough which developed their relationship.

    The boy tells that it’s their neighbours who had also abused his own child. He killed the little boy accidentally and gets arrested.

    The episode worked very well into putting a very serious cause and to develop the characters. Hopefully Bones will have more episodes like this one,.
  • Finally, Tempe with a heart

    I loved this episode because I think that it takes us in a journey to REALLY know Dr. Temperance Brennan.

    It was the first time that we see her so emotional: when she is talking with Booth and the woman of social services about those kids and then when she is talking to the boy to get the answers needed for solve the case.

    She let her guard lye down and we get to see how she really feels and why she had become that cold person that she is trying to perfom (I said that because she is trying, thats not really who she is)
  • The most emotional episode yet. Very well written.

    This was probably my favorite episode thus far. It was a very sad episode, and the writing and acting is still improving. The cast and crew deserves applause for their progress.

    When the corpse of a young boy is found in a field behind a mall, the Jeffersonian investigates. Every member of the team must deal with the emotions that come with working with the remains of a small child.

    The boy, who is believed to be the biological son of a woman who has two other foster children, turns out to not be the woman's real son. She "kidnapped" him when she found his junkie mother dead on Christmas day and decided to take him in, and posed as his real mother in an effort to keep what she did a secret. Booth arrests her for kidnapping, and her other foster kids are taken away, leading Brennan to get angry at him. We also learn later that Brennan herself was in the foster care system and knows how bad it is, which is one reason she's so emotionally invested in this case.

    I was personally also angry at Booth's character, he seemed rather insensitive about everything and he seemed like a jerk for not really giving a damn about whether or not the kids ended up in a bad foster home. However, his character was pretty much redeemed by the end of the episode.

    We also learn about Jack Hodgens, who, it seems, is filthy rich. His family supports their branch of the Jeffersonian, meaning he's their boss, but he tries to keep this a secret.

    I enjoyed all the character development in this episode, and I liked that the writers chose to do an episode about a case as sensitive as this in order to provide more emotional depth to the cast.
  • We actually get to learn a bit...

    This episode, albeit tragic, revealed some good things about the characters. Booth believes in heaven and does his darndest to keep a promise even if he never made it. And Brennan, is more complicated than her logical, no-nonsense demeanor. Hodgins is beyond rich, and Angela drew more than just "dead men" before the Jeffersonian. I thought that what was so great about this episode was the we got to learn more about the characters.
  • Saddest story yet from the show

    When a show has dead child in it, I get worried. There is a tendency to handle to issue without being sensitive. The other extreme is to try to wring out a maximum emotional response. This episode didn't do either, and for that alone it could be commended.
    Here we see smoe background on the characters as they begin to flesh out the backstory. We find out that Temperance was in foster care and that she was apparently separated from her brother. Hodgins is mega rich which was totally unpredicted. Angela is pining for to go back to being an artist. Temperance explains to Zach how to get emotionally detached. When he puts the jawbone into the casket, he is anything but unfeeling. Excellent.
  • Secrets Abound

    9.8 much more could we have possibly learned in this ep. Lots of juicy secrets about many different characters revealed, and of course a heart touching tale of good over evil...kind of. A lot of major themes being breached in this episode. Not all of them completely wrapped up either. Are they left open for later or not? We shall see.
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