Season 1 Episode 3

A Boy in a Tree

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 27, 2005 on FOX

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  • A god episode

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. Bones, Booth and Zach go to a prep school, when the body of a student is found hanging from a tree. Soon the head falls off of the body, which Bones manages to catch and then the rest of the body falls form the tree. We soon learn that the victim died between 10 and 14 days ago. We also learn that the victim was a Venezuelan Ambassador's son. When searching his room, they discover a hidden sex tape, of the victim and a girl. The girl is soon IDed, and is shocked to see the tape, as she had no idea about it. We soon learn that there are many more sex tapes, all with different people. Soon we learn that the girl, who made the sex tape with the victim, killed him.
  • It just wasnt anything to write much about. It was OK until the weird sex rectangle thing then it quickly deteriorated.

    It just wasnt anything to write much about. It was OK until the weird sex rectangle thing then it quickly deteriorated. James Bond is the only character cool enough to use one-liners regularly, this Temperance Character just can't cut it. Boone is also struggling, there isn't any chemistry between them just physics, they are like opposite poles, they repel each other. The dude seems to be waiting for her to get drunk so that he can do his thing, maybe later on a shared mishap or near death experience may pull them together but at the moment it looks like the guy is at the same level as the supposed fans of her book, like the Charlie character from the next episode.

    All in all, it was a good attempt, hope things get better
  • this was a really good ep i thought

    in this ep bones gets called to the case that involes a really weathly private school. with a boy that is hung up in the tree dead and the school keeps saying its a suiside but the fbi agent keeps saying he does not agree with the explanation and bones and him must figure it out which it involes a web of lies and a huge sex scandal of sex tapes and staff that were involved. this was a really good ep can they figure it out or does it fall under the word suicide. i really enjoyed this ep alot
  • A genuinely tragic case.

    A well-rounded episode. The case involves the mysterious death of a teenage boy at a super-posh prep school. The school is terrified of how the potential shame a homicide investigation would besmirch their reputation, and are keen that this boy's death is treated as suicide. A substantial part of Bones and Booth's investigation here is centred on proving, once and for all, just how the boy wound up hanging from a tree. The case for suicide is heightened by the boy's sense of isolation: Venezuelan, seemingly friendless and deaf. However, Booth is determined to prove this is murder, in large part because of his own deep-seated, working-class prejudice against privileged folks and posh schools. Once a case for murder has been established, the plot resolution comes thick and fast, and is a little disappointing - a case of high school jinks and cheap blackmail gone wrong.

    The best aspects of this episode are undoubtedly the character' interactions; sharp, witty and comic throughout. The ensemble cast come to the fore here, most particularly Zack (Eric Millegan) in his pursuit for sexual knowledge. Booth's barely repressed intolerance of Zack and Brennan's all-encompassing 'squintiness' is similarly hilarious.
  • Very interesting episode.

    This episode achieved what the previous episode did not, the political stuff in the background.

    I actually feel sorry for Booth, having to simultaneously deal with both Brennan and Zack's personality quirks. Zack is such a sweetie, he's like a big puppy, I'm surprised women aren't attracted to that.

    The headmaster is too political – he seems to think if he repeats it's a suicide enough times then it makes it true. Loved Brennan: "You're basically just the principal of a high school."

    The Ambassador's video of Nestor is very touching. You can feel her desperation, she sent him to a very secure private school so he will be safe and he gets murdered. I would have done the same thing – try to prove their security is flawed.

    Very good, the writers did a much better balance here of what's interesting and what's not.
  • Another great episode.

    This is a classic Bones episode; and all in the good way.

    This episode learns us to really trust Booths' guts, cause he proved once again, that his gut is right. I did however found it funny that Booth really seems to dislike rich people, he defiantly got some issues with that. The scene in the car where Zack asks Booth for advice about the ladies and Booth is trying to ignore it, really made me laugh. That was in my eyes a great scene. The case they had to solve this time was cleverly plotted, and for me a little disturbing,
  • This show just keeps getting better: and this is the best episode yet!

    I'm so glad I'm now watching Bones as I'm loving every minute of it! This episode is definetly the best yet: it has a great combination of drama, comedy and a great plot to keep me interested!

    The case for this episode was an interesting one with a lot of good plot twists. It was really interesting to see how Bones and Booth went about proving it wasn't a suicide and, in the end, came to a shocking conclusion that, at first glance, would see to have nothing to do with the original case!

    Since the pilot, it seems Booth's "alpha male" attitude has tuned down a bit and I'm starting to genuingly like the character! He's got some great funny lines and, of couse, the chemisty between him and Bones is still there!

    Speaking of Bones, her character seems to be evolving as well: she still has a lot of good lines and some great action scenes (e.g. she single handidly throws the guy to the ground who's in Nester's bedroom). Great quote:

    Booth: (to Brenman) Are you OK?
    Brenman: Are you?

    The supporting characters are now starting to get their own mini plot lines as well, the "7 organ" soup bit was hilarious!

    This is the best episode so far of Bones and I look forward to seeing some more!
  • a boy from a private school is found hung from a tree on campus...booth and brenna get involved b/c its a government sponsored school

    this was not my fav ep...b/c i dont remember it 2 well or guess im trying 2 forget it mostly i dont recall many booth and brennan moments except for some arguing...yea this is the first ep however where we find out that booth has a thing against rich ppl...he uses the term rich quite a lot..the case and finding out the murderer is awesome as ever but i just really didnt like this fact i think it was on a couple of nites ago and im like id rather watch this movie and my parents were shocked b/c im a true bones fan but if there is something better on than that ep or other eps i dont like then ill watch that instead..i rarely miss bones tho
  • When a decaying corpse is found hanging from a tree on the campus of an prestiges school, Booth and Brennan are on the case.

    I enjoyed Booth's passion about no one is better than the other. I can totally relate to Booth when it comes to the private vs. public school. I grew up in public school and I attended a private University, I can not say one is better than the other.

    Brennan needs to work on her people skills, there is more to life than what can be proven by science. Her attitude with the victims family also reminds me that people private and home schooled do not have strong communication skills.

    All in all, I found the episode, "A Boy in the Tree" to be most interesting.
  • Bones and Brennan investigate a death at a prestigious private school.

    This episode was better then the one that preceded it, "The Man in the S.U.V." The case was more interesting and the whole flow from beginning to its conclusion was flowing more smoothly.
    Booth and Bones investigate the possible murder/suicide of a student that was found high up in a tree.
    We are treated with Brennans knack for pissing people off ( other than Booth )with her lack of social skills and tact. And yet, she is already improving and making an effort here, especially with the mother of the victim.
    The conclusion of the case has a nice twist. Peppered throughout is a healthy dose of dark humor.
    All in all a well-done episode.
  • Growing chemistry and great interaction. The characters keep getting better.

    This episode continues exploring personalities and relationships.

    There are certain trails we start to discover from the characters; Booth seems to have a problem with wealthy people, specially those ones who have had a privileged education, which makes the viewers wonder what kinds of complexes he's got from his own childhood and youth and we can only hope for that to be revealed in future episodes/seasons.

    Brennan is still a dry, straight to the point person, but it's a real part of her personality, part of what makes her be "Bones" and we're just starting to unveil her social disabilities.

    We also start to see development from the "Squints", they complement each other very well and even if the (darkly) comical relief is an important part of their roles, they are also great team players and their help is invaluable in solving the case. Also they are a bridge for Brennan to connect to the rest of the world, specially Angela.

    Again, a very good example of character development. The series keep getting better.
  • This is starting to get much better... NO Spoilers!!

    The first few episodes of a show are an intro to the characters, they're usually semi-boring compared to other episodes and are mainly introductions to the characters and some foreshadowing of what is to come. There's not much plot development and very little character development (which is different than an intro to the characters).
    This episode we finally begin to see some good character interaction with the squints and Booth at Wong Foos, the start of some good Booth and Brennan chemistry, and Zach asking his colleagues for advice on women.
    The case is also very interesting, it definitely kept me guessing and had a fairly suprising ending. Great episode, definitely one to check out!
  • A death on an exclusive prep school campus makes introduces both a case to solve and creates some tension between Booth and everybody else.

    Not one that initially stuck with me, but when I re-watched it I appreciated the episode a lot more and even significantly updated my rating from some of the a-ha observations that I had (and probably are only valid in my own head : ) ). Having seen some of the second season before I watched the first, this episode about a death on an exclusive prep school campus, first introduces some of Booth’s issues around class/privilege which mostly he sums up as some people thinking they are better than others. You really don’t know where this is coming from but you get that it’s a problem for him.
    This episode shakes things up a bit in that there is quite a bit of tension between Booth and the squints (and everybody else) as the story unfolds. It seemed to me that the relationship took a step back from the prior and then I read that episodes 2 & 3 ran out of sequence so it made sense. Generally the squints have similar backgrounds and education as the students at the prep school where the crime took place. Bones sees things in black and white…some people because they are smarter are better than others and there is no use being offended by the fact. Booth comes right back with a perspective that she is bad with people and needs to be more sensitive given the situations they deal with and there is no use being offended by that fact. Booth’s come back didn’t directly counter Bone’s assertion about individual strengths making one better, but I think she got the point that people are combination of their strengths and weaknesses. The creators of this show were so clever in reversing the male/female stereotypical role for this show. I love watching the man present the traditionally female position and vice versa.

    A really funny side story in all of this is poor Zach’s ability to satisfy a woman. He is desperately looking for somebody to explain the specific steps in doing this. He is brushed off by his fellow squints, but funniest of all his trying to get this from Booth. Booth and Zach don’t have a relationship for Zach to ask him that type of question, but it isn’t even obvious to Zach that the request for information may require that. Booth threatens to shoot him between the eyes if he asks. Angela finally comes through for poor Zach and probably gives him some great advise from a woman’s perspective.

    I also like the introduction of Sid and his restaurant. Very unique…haven’t seen that before. The other thing I noticed is that Booth always needs to be doing something with his hands. While it never shows him smoking, on several occasions he is fiddling with a lighter. My guess is that he is an ex smoker.

    The struggle on relying on scientific proof and logic (Bones) and gut instinct (Booth) continue throughout the episode, and in the end while the logic added to one conclusion, in fact Booth was correct about the nature of the crime. Bones makes a concerted effort to reach out to the victims mother with compassion and sensitivity…continuing to allow ever so slightly the Booth might have something for her to learn from. Bones also presents Booth with his own access badge to the squints lab, further cementing their partnership/relationship.
  • Review

    The energy that I said that Booth and Bones had on camera is still there, just not as obvious as it was in the first two episodes. This episode was a change from the first two - as there was far more interactions for Booths side of work then there was for Bones. There was still a decent amount of science that went into it alll, but as you can tell by the impressive guest star list, this episode focused more on character devolopment among all of the main characters. Zach was better introduced in this episode, which I really think the writers have done well. From Angelas episode last time to Zachs this time, they are giving us time to get to know all of the characters without taking away from the comical events of Booth and Bones. The case in this one was interesting as it took a very surprising twist once Bones and Booth found the DVD in the kids apartment. Overall, I thought it was yet another solid performance from the Bones writers and actors.
  • It was good, but it fell flat in places. It did get better toward the end.

    So here we have the typical was it suicide or murder ep.

    The team works a case, were a boy if found hanging from a tree, on the grounds of his prep school. As they work it seems as if the school cares more about its reputation rather than the fact that a boy is dead. They would rather have it ruled as a suicide rather than have the truth about the tapes be known.

    The ep is rather slow as they talk about the boy's past and his family. How his mother has a man get into the school to see if it were possable for someone to get in a kill the boy without being seen, and the interaction between Booth and the school master.

    Only gets interesting after the sex tapes are found, the blackmail stuff, and the fact that he was killed because he was going to tell people about the plot to go after another student's mother.
  • Zack and sex and every weird thing in between

    Just to let you know I have The song Beautiful stuck in my head. Anywho on with the review.

    Okay Zack made this episode really funny. I loved how he was looking for sex pointers it was too funny. When he asked Booth about sex positions I nearly wet myself laughing it was that funny. And how could you not laugh at Zack when he was watching the porn movie he was looking so intently that it was scary.

    I enjoyed the light sexual tension between Angela and Hodgins. Angela and Hodgins were great when they were trying to talk to Zack and get him to go with Booth and Brennan.

    I loved Zack, Booth, and Brennan when they were in the car on the way to the scene. Zack trying to discuss sex with Booth was so funny and Brennan complaining about how Booth wasn't being nice and all was very good.

    There were some many good parts to this episode I really liked it.
  • yay. eppie number three!

    hmm in the very beggining there, did we just have our very first hodgela moment? hmm naw probably too soon haha. and zach? well he never has been good with the ladies.i cant beleive he tried to get advice from booth haha lmao.

    i totally loved the look on booths face when both brennan and zach knew what it meant. haha he makes me laugh so hard sometimes. i gotta go back and watch that again...

    eew i cant beleive she caught the head in her hands like that. .. actually yes i can haha. eew the whole body just fell. couldnt the remains be compromised that way? bones broken, etc? well i'll soom find out.

    booth was being wicked funny on the phone with brennan. one of those moments where you want people to think something so you respond to the person on the phone with totaly crazy answers... lol

    brennan gets so pissed off in this ep when he calls her bones. i wonder when she finally gets used to it?

    zach cant ride a bike or drive a car? jeez where was this kid when he was little? how about 16(or whatever the driving age is where he lives).

    this case is gross. i have alwasy hated crows, and now i have another reason to haha. this school is really weird, too. although i have to say im in high school and i would like to live in a dorm. no parents woot.

    booth and brennan totally kick A$$ haha. that was some serious teamwork right there. my god.

    how kinky is that? that girl mother with the victim's roomate? sick. and not in a good way.

    this ep is wicked good, watch it.
  • dead guy in a tree .. yay

    okay, this episode was okay, but i didn't get it. i mean, the whole 'sleeping around' thing. i still don't get why they killed him ...

    then again, maybe that's just me =D but still ... the rest of the episode was pretty good. the whole 'zach sex' thing was hilarious! that and brennan ... gotta love her attitude!!
  • Sex tips & hints

    Ah, another great episode with nice twists and character development.

    The episode is about a boy who hanged himself on a tree. Or at least the school and other people are trying to make it look that way but his mother and Booth for some reason are certain that it wasn’t suicide but that the kid was murdered.

    The nice twists in the episode were for example, first he was made to believe he was a bad person by taping himself with a girl and making her mom pay money for taping her with his roommate. But eventually we learn that the girl was the bitca and she and a guy killed him and then hanged him on the three.

    The make-up was superb, I was actually horrified after seeing that guy’s face al eaten up by flesh eating birds. Yikes, I said.

    I don’t know what to think of Booth, his character has his irritating moments where I want someone to hit him with a large object, but other moments make me laugh and actually makes a point./

    I also love the writer with Zach’s sex problems, it was funny. Very funny. The only problem is that it isn’t the first time they make sex jokes and the show will seem very immature and unoriginal if they continue doing that. Hopefully they can make up others jokes besides sex tips. Though they were very nice in this episode.

    I also loved Brennan once again, her character developed and was able to say something inspiring to the victim’s family at the end. She’s a good person and a great character.

    All in all, this episode wasn’t a masterpiece, but it was a good watch with a few good twists and entertaining third episode of this excellent show.
  • A body hanging on a tree leads to a Science vs Feelings dilema.

    This was the first time i saw this show, and i got to tell, it didn't caught me at all.
    First, Bone's character is so plain. Who the hell think that a woman of science should be like that. I really, really though the girl had some physical (language) defect or something. And that act with other people! Aparently the only thing that cares for her is her bones.
    I didn't like Booth FBI model, sarcastic guy thing.
    The Jeffersonian lab crew was light headed, had good lines, they also have above average IQ, and seem to be more human.
    That part of feelings against scientific evidence was kind of boring. I thing you can use both but having in mind that alwyas have to base your argument on a scientific base.
    I won't give up on this show, yet because the antropologist investigation seems very interesting to me, and the Hi Tech involve is kind state of the art.
  • Another good-but-mind-numbingly-confusing episode! Fast-paced, Booth-Brennan banter! You gotta love it!

    I really want to love this show! It's fast-paced, has intricate storylines and characters to die for, but it's just so confusing sometimes! It may just be me, and I am willing to accept that, but sometimes it just moves so fast that I cant keep up!
    'The Boy in the Tree' is a perfect example of this! After last week's episode, I was definitely looking forward to this, as 'The Man in the SUV' got me all excited, and showed me what Bones can do to me when I understand it. I sat down to watch this week's and was determined to understand and concentrated so hard. 10 minutes into it and I was lost already! I mean I'm all for fast-moving shows but here, it's almost like the explanations for certain plot developments are blink-and-you-miss-it! I also find the fact that we are expected to just accept what Brennan tells us as true, a little irritating. Her anthropologist talk is technical already without her voice going like a machine gun! I think it would be better if they took a page out of the CSI book and explained things a little better. I know it's a different show and has different ways, but this is a factor which I think needs worked on.
    What annoys me most is that, I love the characters and I love the Brennan-Booth banter and wish I could love the rest as much! I find this rappor far more interesting than the cases themselves, although these are gripping despite my total puzzledness! Deschaniel and Boreanaz have definite chemistry and the ending of this episode was very sweet. I can definitely see this becoming a Mulder-Scully relationship with the will-they, wont-they thing going on.
    This is a show which proves that with good characters, you can go far! I will definitely keep watching and hoping I can understand each case, but ultimately I'm just along for the ride, and to see where Temperance and Seeley (what names huh?!) end up!
  • Yay! A definite improvement over the terrorist episode, which bored me.

    I usually find myself complaining about shows dealing in crime. TV is full of them and they're overrated...but I usually give some a chance, especially FOX crime shows (The Inside). I wanted very much to like "Bones" because it seemed cool and had a good cast, but the pilot was mediocre and the second episode dull. However, "A Boy in a Tree" was VERY good and blows the average "CSI" out of the water.

    The main plot of this episode was good - a boy appears to have committed suicide by hanging himself at his prep school, but it may be murder. Meanwhile, we get a bit of development with Temperance and Booth, and they start to show chemistry on-screen...which wasn'tt all there at the beginning. Meanwhile, the socially retarded "squint" has sexual trouble and tries to get some help.

    Good acting, good writing, good pacing all made this episode as interesting as a sci-fi show...which is something crime dramas rarely achieve in my eyes.
  • Still don't know...

    It seems like the episodes are gearing up towards the question "When will Bones and Booth get in on?". (note the lack of the word "if") I just cannot believe the way this Bones character is set-up... c'mon, someone can be be bit excentric, especially the top-scientists, but to actually have to learn how to behave around people... that's just unbelievable! It's not like she's autistic or something.

    Soo anyway, this episode is all about gut-feeling vs. hard cold science and facts, not surprisingly the gut-feeling wins. However, Booth seems to grow more appreciation for science each time they solve a case. Everybody wins!

    And what's the deal with Bones' ass-kicking? I can buy she's a tough lady, has gone through a lot and that she can handle herself. But to tackle a guy who is twice her size, not to mention a member of the security task force of an embassy? No *bleeping* way!

    If it weren't for the fact that Angel still rules my world...
  • South American Ambassador's son killed at Ivy League Private School. Well, it looks good on paper. However, this episode was not hitting on all cylinders.

    Witty banter is the name of the game. If this show is to rise above the level of the average show, it will be with the interaction of its two lead charaters. However, in this episode, the two were not clicking or fighting enough to generate any steam. Going through the motions does not make classic television. In any event, the story centers around an ultra private private school with something to hide. Somehow, the bad guys here should have been badder. That may be because I keep expecting a vampire or some underworld baddie to pop out. The show also had a side theme of showing how out of touch the "squints" are. It just goes to prove the old saying: The people you call "nerd" in high school are the people you call "boss" on the job. This was an attempt at character development that just didn't quite make it.
  • Solid episode but not the series' best

    I was happy about this episode because it established for me that the two that came before weren't just flukes.

    All the good "Bones" elements were there:

    - The cool dialogue and repartee. Hey, I had to look up 'absit invidia.'

    - The cast/character dynamics. I wish "Criminal Minds"'s writers would learn from this show what you can do with a large ensemble.

    - Interesting, quirky characters. Addy and Booth really made me chuckle in this episode.

    - Humor.

    The plot is where I didn't think it did so well. I thought the subplots about Bones learning the politics of investigation and how to speak to the deceased parents were great. Even the little side story about Booth's favorite Chinese restaurant and its "psychic" owner were neat.

    I just didn't think that the actual murder plot was that interesting or that well thought out.
    And I found that I could have done without the scene's with the victim's Mom, the Venezualan ambassador. "Okay, we get it," I felt like yelling," He was a real person, who was loved."

    Still, I'm looking forward to next episode.

  • Great episode.

    I am such a fan of this show. it is so entertaining and you learn so much while watching. The enteraction between Booth and the "squints" in the lab getting on each other's nerves is so funny. They enter booth's turf at his favorite resturant and he so resents it and calls his own area and they have to stay out of it.It's great. Temperance is finally beginning to show emotion with victims families, I wish they would tell us how Booth and Bones met. You can tell she has been in a lab so long she doesnt mingle much away from it and she has such a hard time with it. Watching the crows peck at the head and then it falling off was creepy. she was waiting for the crows to finish their job so she could do hers. I love how they can find clues in the smallest bit of information. I wish these shows were on when I went to school. I would have paid more attention in Science class.
  • Nice one. A little bit of shorthand and some license taken, but a very good installment which fleshes out the characters a bit more in the face of a grisly and politically sensitive death.

    First off, I really love how socially awkward Zack is. And his going to everyone for advice -- especially Booth. When Zack asks if he can ask him about girls: "If you try, I will grab my gun and shoot you between the eyes."

    I love how Zack seems like he was created in a lab.

    Also, this magical restaurant where Sid knows what you want before you ask. Nice.

    I also loved how Booth dismissed the Latin on the sign and Temp and Zach were able to translate it in unison. That was just ... fun.

    I was horribly thrown by Temp's mispronounciation of the "Angelator" -- with a long"A" rather than a short"A". Of course it's the "Ah-ngelator" because it's basically Angela's creation.

    Someone seems to have "Angel" on the brain.

    I don't blame her, though. I love watching David. His eyes are like a chipmunk's sometimes, all bright and darty, and he's just really suited to this character. I can't believe Joss just dragged him in off the street and that "Buffy" was his first gig, because he's //really// good at this.

    "Valentine" notwithstanding, as it were. :)

    The vibe between him and Temp is gelling a bit more and I like how they're supplying some of each other's needs out on cases.

    I loved how the Squints wanted so badly to solve a crime. And I //really// love how Zack said "We're like superheroes" -- so extraordinarily Andrew. :)

    The Squints all huddled around Booth in his booth (so he couldn't escape) swapping photos of death and effluvia while people are trying to eat was so wonderfully obtuse.

    And the story itself was quite good.

    Hey, I guess I did have time for a review, of sorts, although under normal circumstances I'd like to mention more about the victim than how he reminded me of Jasmine.

    Between the kid in this one and Adrian in "Nip/Tuck," we had shades of Maggoty Ann all over television last night.

    Also, Temp reaching out and catching the skull was cool.

    "I'll need an evidence bag." [the body falls with a THUD] "I'll need a bigger bag."

    Wild. :)

    Despite the quietude and somber nature of the setting, and all the trappings of security, I never got the sense that this school was all that big a deal. I guess if I'd seen a lot of regimented students and signs of an especially disciplined situation I'd have been more drawn in. Apparently people's moms can get into student dorms and shag students and there's other assorted shaggery. I was thrown by this a little because there are usually people on staff to make sure this sort of thing doesn't happen, simply because there just are. And, of course, the body hanging there for two weeks undetected by staff.

    It felt like once you passed the gate, it was basically any high school anywhere (which is probably the case).

    And they didn't really explain how the girl got him hanging up in the tree and then managed to dispose of the additional rope required in getting him up there.

    Oh well. I'm sure it made sense to someone.

    It was a good story. Just not a great story.

    But they are improving, and I'm looking forward to new episodes. Well done, people. :)
  • Good, not great

    Another "fact will tell the truth" vs "my gut knows the truth" episode. Already with the 'hunches are bad - but why are they always right' shows.

    On the upside, the humor was good and the secondary characters got to see some action.

    On the downside, they rushed the ending, made light of several important issues and added some gimmmicky sushi chef. Don't need it.

    The show is fine without all the fluff. If they focus on the main relationship and make some of the cases more interesting, eveything should be fine.

    I won't give up yet, but I don't like the changes.
  • Great Episode, but spoiler alert

    The story opens with Temperance "Bones" Brennen, PhD, Special Agent Seeley Booth and Zack Addy heading to a crime scene on a top-secret campus called Hanover Prep. They find a boy hanging from a tree, but then the skull fell and Bones caught it, then the rest of the body fell.

    At the lab the forensic anthropologist find a cochlear implant with a serial number. Bones calls Booth to give him the news. Bones declares it a homicide to buy time to find out all the facts.

    Booth & Bones tell Nestor's parents, the Venezuelan ambassador and his wife, about their son's death.

    Meanwhile Zack is trying to find out how to "please women."

    While discussing the case at a restaurant the scientists discuss how the body decomposed. Even though an email determined the time of death 7 days ago, the bugs & decomposition was 10 days ago.

    In questioning Nestor's room-mate they discover that the room-mate sent the email.

    Nestor's mother visits Bones to beg her find the truth.

    While Bones & Booth are heading to check out Nestor's room at Hanover Prep, a man runs and they catch him only to discover he is part of security at the Venezuelan Embassy.

    After questioning it was discovered that the security guard was there on instruction of the ambassador. It was also discovered that Hanover Prep told Nestor's parents that Nestor committed suicide. Bones tells them it was listed as a homicide.

    While checking out Nestor's room, Bones & Booth discover porno DVDs. They then discover that the headmaster knows about it and turns over the DVDs to the local sheriff. Bones & Booth requests all of those that were confiscated. The local sheriff complies and while viewing the porno they are led back to Nestor's room-mate.

    Nestor body was filled with a fluid that led Bones & Booth to question the girlfriend on the DVD with Nestor. It was discovered that the girl committed the murder herself and hung Nestor to make it look like a suicide. It seems she was using the DVD porno to blackmail Nestor for money, but he instead was going to turn her in so she killed him.

    This was a very good episode.