Season 1 Episode 7

A Man on Death Row

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 22, 2005 on FOX
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The attorney of a death row inmate asks for Booth's help to prove his innocence before he is executed. Booth agrees and asks Brennan and her team for assistance.

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  • Nice to meet you Howard Epps

    I saw a review saying this episode was like Bones meets 24, and I totally agree with this comparison. A 30 hour countdown to save a possibly innocent man on death row? Booth get Brennan and her team of squints to take a look at Epp's case. Questions of this man's innocence come up when Bones finds evidence and exhumes the victim's body. With such a case the discussion of the death penalty comes up. This episode is a roller coaster which keeps you guessing about the evidence and his innocence. Ultimately the twist ending leaves us with character for a later episode, but I just don't want to ruin that for you!

    {btw, i'm reviewing this 5 years later i just realized}moreless
  • Meet Howard epps, a creepy serial killer, who claims he is innocent.

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. We open with Bones, trying to get a licence to get a gun, but she is denied, because Booth charged her with a felony. Booth gets a visit from a lawyer, about a case that he worked on, and the convicted man is about to be executed. Booth soon learns about a stray pubic hair, that may prove that the convicted man is in fact innocent, and so Booth asks Bones for a favour. Soon they learn that the victim April, was meeting someone at the park, on the night that she died. She was discovered at the park, but now Bones and co believe that she was dumped there and murdered somewhere else. Soon the body of April is exhumed and Bones and co get about trying to discover what really happened to her. We soon learn that she was killed near a chemical plant and that she was sleeping with an older man, who she worked for on the weekends. With only hours to go before the execution, the team get a break through. Soon another body or at least what's left of it is discovered. And then so is another one. Both of them appear to have died in the same way, and soon Booth realises that he has been played. The man on death row, killed April, as well as the 2 new victims. And so the execution is stopped, at least for now.moreless
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of bones they must figour out did howard eps really kill the 17 year old girl . it starts off were a defence person comes and askes the fbi agent booth for help. and then booth ask bones to spend her week end helping out to see if he should really be exucuted. and they figour out that she was not really killed in the park she was killed near plant and they go there to dicover that he killed more then onegirl and he really is a serial killer. and he got what he wanted more time to live. this was a good ep i thought.moreless
  • In this episode we meet Howard Epps.

    This is the first episode that we get to meet Howard Epps. Of course when watching this episode for the first time, I ( we) didn't know yet that he would play a role in later episodes.

    While watching this episode, I didn't quite know whether Epps was really innocent, like he claims he is in this episode, or if he was in fact responsible for killing those women. I mean wow that guy can act, cause for a while he really had me convinced that he was in fact innocent.

    And even though I hate that guy, I can't say that he is stupid. He got what he wanted and his executed is proponed. And go Brennan for hurting his wrist, he totally deserves it.moreless
  • Bones meets 24!

    After the dire previous episode it's good to see the show get back to its usual top form. This time, the team race against the clock to try to prove to themselves that a man on death row is actually guilty. And just to prove to us viewers how tense the scenario is, we're aided by the help of a very 24-esque clock.

    The episode has a very nerve-wracking feel to it, epecially considering the amount of discoveries and plot twists that occur in such a short space of time.

    The outcome of the episode was a complete surprise for me, the episode turned onto its head and us viewers had obviously been led down a slippery false road.

    A brilliant episode that shows the series is hopefully getting back to its top form!moreless
David Boreanaz

David Boreanaz

Special Agent Seeley Booth

Emily Deschanel

Emily Deschanel

Dr. Temperance Brennan

Eric Millegan

Eric Millegan

Zack Addy

Michaela Conlin

Michaela Conlin

Angela Montenegro

T.J. Thyne

T.J. Thyne

Dr. Jack Hodgins

Jonathan Adams

Jonathan Adams

Dr. Daniel Goodman

John M. Jackson

John M. Jackson

Deputy Cullen

Guest Star

Heavy D

Heavy D

Sid Shapiro

Guest Star

Heath Freeman

Heath Freeman

Howard Epps

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof: When Booth is interviewing David Ross at the FBI building you can see that his gun is still in his holster. This is a violation of procedure - a weapon would never be allowed in an interview with a man suspected of killing someone.

  • QUOTES (31)

    • Amy: Amy Morton.
      Brennan: Temperance Brennan.
      Amy: You work with Booth?
      Brennan: Yes. I'm a forensic anthropologist.
      Amy: I'm a defense lawyer; I tend to work against Booth.
      Booth: If it's all the same, I'd rather you two didn't bond in any way.

    • Hodgins: (about Zack) He's weird, but he's smart.

    • Brennan: Let's pretend we are objective scientists and not indulge in conjecture.

    • (Booth and Brennan at Wuang Fu's)
      Booth: You know, I'm sorry for wrecking your weekend for nothing.
      Brennan: No, not for nothing.
      Booth: Ah, you know what I mean. You know all that running around it didn't change anything. Epps was guilty. He was always guilty.
      Brennan: There was doubt. We had an obligation to respect that doubt. We all share in the death of every human being.
      Booth: Very poetic.
      Brennan: No, very literal. We all share DNA. (very earnestly) When I look at a bone it's not some artifact that I can separate from myself. It's a part of a person who got here the same way I did. It should never be easy to take someone's life. I don't care who it is. (Booth stares at her intently for a long while) What? (he continues to stare and a smile begins to form on his lips) What?
      Booth: You know you've been practicing your Nobel prize speech just a little too much.

    • (Booth and Brennan are in a conference room in the FBI building, sitting across from each other. Booth is filling out a form.)
      Booth: Name?
      Brennan: You know my name.
      Booth: Bones, you are making an official request to the FBI to be allowed to carry a concealed weapon. I have to follow protocol.
      Brennan: It's ridiculous.
      Booth: Fine. Then we're done here. Do you want to get some coffee?
      Brennan: My name is Dr. Temperance Brennan.
      Booth: Reason for wanting a gun?
      Brennan: To shoot people.
      Booth: Not a good response.
      Brennan: It's the truth.
      Booth: You know, I'm writing self defense in the performance of my duties pursuing suspected felons as contracted out to the FBI.
      Brennan: So I can shoot them.
      Booth: (gives her a look but continues undeterred) Have you ever been charged with a felony?
      Brennan: Charged or convicted?
      Booth: Charged.
      Brennan: You know I have.
      Booth: I have to ask the questions.
      Brennan: Bureaucratic nonsense.

    • (Booth and Brennan are digging in the marsh for evidence)
      Brennan: What would you usually be doing?
      Booth: What?
      Brennan: If it were a normal weekend.
      Booth: You wanna discuss this now?
      Brennan: Compared to you with your multiple sex partners.
      Booth: You know, that's none of your business, ok? I'm not having sex with Amy and I've never, ever cheated on any woman that I've ever been with. Never!
      Brennan: I just asked what you'd normally be doing!

    • Amy: So, you seeing each other?
      Brennan: Who?
      Amy: You and Booth.
      Brennan: No. No, we're working together.
      Amy: Cause, I'm picking up a bit of a sex vibe.
      Brennan: No, that's tension. (a little frustrated) He has a girlfriend.
      Amy: Tall, blonde, beautiful?
      Brennan: (nods) Lawyer.
      Amy: Figures. Should've jumped him when I had the chance.
      Brennan: You're really interested in Booth?
      Amy: You aren't?
      Brennan: No.
      Amy: Well then why are you helping him?
      Brennan: Because he asked me, he said please.

    • Brennan: This is a personal favor you're asking.
      Booth: Not for me, for Amy.
      Brennan: Well, your personal favor would be for Amy but mine would be for you, strictly speaking.
      Booth: Please do me a favor. (he's pleading with his eyes) Please.
      (Brennan takes the file from him accepting)

    • Booth: Hey Bones, what're you doing this weekend?
      Brennan: I've got plans.
      Booth: Come on, I'm serious.
      Brennan: Between your girlfriend, the corporate lawyer, and the defense lawyer on the side your weekend must be completely booked. What is your thing with lawyers?

    • Booth: Name of arresting officer.
      Bones: You. Special Agent Seeley Booth. Do you need me to spell that for you?
      Booth: I think I can sound that out.
      Bones: So, when do I get the gun?
      (Booth stamps the application form and shows it to her. It says DENIED)
      Booth: You can't have a gun.
      Bones: Why not?
      Booth: Because you were charged with a felony.
      Bones: Write down that you were wrong to charge me.
      Booth: Oh, there is no space for that.

    • Angela: This is not the cabaret, my friend. Life is the cabaret. Come to the cabaret. (Bones looks confused) It's like explaining the moon to a mole.

    • Epps: (about death penalty) They say it's like going to sleep, but you're on fire, you're paralyzed, and you can't scream. Sometimes the scream is all you have, you know?

    • Judge Cohen: (Wearing an open robe and boxer shorts) These are not the robes I like to wear to work, Ms. Morton.
      Brennan: Sir, would you mind closing your dressing gown?
      Judge Cohen: It's one in the morning. Deal with it.

    • Judge: Dr. Brennan, if those shadows turned out to be pieces of bone, I'd be extremely angry.
      Brennan: Thank you, Judge Cohen.
      Judge: For making a veiled threat?
      Brennan: I thought you were threatening me because you had decided to sign the exhumation order.

    • Zack: (Ranting maniacally) I was out taking the pictures you needed and there was a sign and numbers on the ground and I thought, "Why assume a quasi-randomly generated function-oriented paradigm?"
      Hodgins: Zack! When you talk that fast, human beings can't hear you.

    • Zack: 1-2-4-0-2-5-1-0-2-2-1. That's the number they found on the victim.
      Hodgins: You're the one with the photographic memory. I'm the one that's good with the ladies.

    • Hodgins: (Answering the phone) Hodgins.
      Zack: Most recondite codes have a complex numerical cypher.
      Hodgins: That's a fun factoid, Zack. Thank you.

    • Bones: I'll ask the others but I won't order them. They might have plans.
      Booth: It's Friday night and they're racing beetles.

    • Angela: He's cuter than a monkey with a puppy

    • (after Brennan breaks Epps' wrist bone)
      Brennan: Are you going to arrest me for assault?
      Booth: From what I saw, purely self defense.
      Brennan: Maybe I shouldn't carry a gun after all.
      Booth: Hell, you can have mine.

    • Cullen: (to Booth) Got the squints involved. Well, if she [Brennan] shoots anybody this time, I sure the hell hope it's you.

    • Hodgins: What did you find?
      Brennan: A shard of bone. How'd they miss that?
      Hodgins: They're not as good as we are.

    • Booth: Bones, you don't need a gun. If anyone needs shooting, I'll do it.
      Brennan: But what if you're injured or dead and someone still needs shooting? I'm not hoping it will happen. I'm just stating the possibility.
      Booth: You know what, Bones? You're a professor, all right? You're not an FBI agent. Use your mutant powers...just talk people to death.

    • Brennan: Are you going to help [with the digging]?
      Booth: Well I would but, psh, this is a $1200 suit.

    • Booth: I think there are doubts when it comes to an execution. There shouldn't be any doubts.
      Prosecutor: He doesn't have doubts. He has cold feet.
      Booth: Do you think I won't pop you one just because we're standing in the judge's kitchen?

    • Troy: (Sees the exhumed body on the lab table.) Oh god!
      Angela: Don't look, sweetie.
      Troy: You're not an artist. You're a freak. You're all freaks.
      Angela: This job is so hard to describe online.

    • Booth: Why does he need a driver?
      Zack: I can't drive.
      Booth: You're a genius who can't drive?
      Zack: If you knew what I know about structural design, you wouldn't drive either.

    • Hodgins: You want in on the action?
      Angela: No thank you. I'm going to go have sex.
      Hodgins: Have a good time.
      Zack: Yeah, okay...

    • Hodgins: I demand another beetle. Jeff's got a groin pull.
      Zack: Arthropods do not possess groins. Pay up.

    • Booth: I told them not to let you in this building. I gave them your picture.
      Amy: Which is why I wore the tiny skirt.

    • Booth: You have the right to appeal.
      Brennan: To whom? Cullen? I'm pretty sure he doesn't like me.
      Booth: I'm pretty sure you're right.

  • NOTES (4)


    • Angela: This is not the cabaret, my friend. Life is the cabaret. Come to the cabaret.

      Angela is paraphrasing the opening verse of the song "Cabaret" from the musical Cabaret. The musical uses events in and around a nightclub in 1930's Berlin to discuss the rise of the Nazis. The song "Cabaret" is sung by the 19-year-old cabaret performer Sally Bowles. While it is meant to be a piece she performs at the club, it also sums up her character's philosophy of life.