Season 1 Episode 7

A Man on Death Row

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 22, 2005 on FOX

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  • Nice to meet you Howard Epps

    I saw a review saying this episode was like Bones meets 24, and I totally agree with this comparison. A 30 hour countdown to save a possibly innocent man on death row? Booth get Brennan and her team of squints to take a look at Epp's case. Questions of this man's innocence come up when Bones finds evidence and exhumes the victim's body. With such a case the discussion of the death penalty comes up. This episode is a roller coaster which keeps you guessing about the evidence and his innocence. Ultimately the twist ending leaves us with character for a later episode, but I just don't want to ruin that for you!

    {btw, i'm reviewing this 5 years later i just realized}
  • Meet Howard epps, a creepy serial killer, who claims he is innocent.

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. We open with Bones, trying to get a licence to get a gun, but she is denied, because Booth charged her with a felony. Booth gets a visit from a lawyer, about a case that he worked on, and the convicted man is about to be executed. Booth soon learns about a stray pubic hair, that may prove that the convicted man is in fact innocent, and so Booth asks Bones for a favour. Soon they learn that the victim April, was meeting someone at the park, on the night that she died. She was discovered at the park, but now Bones and co believe that she was dumped there and murdered somewhere else. Soon the body of April is exhumed and Bones and co get about trying to discover what really happened to her. We soon learn that she was killed near a chemical plant and that she was sleeping with an older man, who she worked for on the weekends. With only hours to go before the execution, the team get a break through. Soon another body or at least what's left of it is discovered. And then so is another one. Both of them appear to have died in the same way, and soon Booth realises that he has been played. The man on death row, killed April, as well as the 2 new victims. And so the execution is stopped, at least for now.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of bones they must figour out did howard eps really kill the 17 year old girl . it starts off were a defence person comes and askes the fbi agent booth for help. and then booth ask bones to spend her week end helping out to see if he should really be exucuted. and they figour out that she was not really killed in the park she was killed near plant and they go there to dicover that he killed more then onegirl and he really is a serial killer. and he got what he wanted more time to live. this was a good ep i thought.
  • In this episode we meet Howard Epps.

    This is the first episode that we get to meet Howard Epps. Of course when watching this episode for the first time, I ( we) didn't know yet that he would play a role in later episodes.

    While watching this episode, I didn't quite know whether Epps was really innocent, like he claims he is in this episode, or if he was in fact responsible for killing those women. I mean wow that guy can act, cause for a while he really had me convinced that he was in fact innocent.
    And even though I hate that guy, I can't say that he is stupid. He got what he wanted and his executed is proponed. And go Brennan for hurting his wrist, he totally deserves it.
  • Bones meets 24!

    After the dire previous episode it's good to see the show get back to its usual top form. This time, the team race against the clock to try to prove to themselves that a man on death row is actually guilty. And just to prove to us viewers how tense the scenario is, we're aided by the help of a very 24-esque clock.

    The episode has a very nerve-wracking feel to it, epecially considering the amount of discoveries and plot twists that occur in such a short space of time.

    The outcome of the episode was a complete surprise for me, the episode turned onto its head and us viewers had obviously been led down a slippery false road.

    A brilliant episode that shows the series is hopefully getting back to its top form!
  • Booth and Bones get played

    "The Man on Death Row" is another great episode of the show, even this early in its run.
    Starting out pretty light with a classic Brennan/Booth banter ( the hilarious gun application scene )it soon gets pretty ugly as the team is asked to review the case of a serial killer on death row, who was arrested by Booth some time ago. And although Booth is sure that he arrested the right guy, his innate sense of justice, something he shares with Bones, makes Brennan go over the facts one more time with her means. Soon it looks like Howard Epps may be innocent after all. But the episode keeps us guessing and takes some unexpected turns towards the end. Great one.
  • Booth gets played, and the squints along with him

    Spoilers ahead.

    Seeley Booth is a man of convictions and moral values, we've seen this so far but it's never been so clear as it was in this episode.

    He has a difficult past, it is hinted here that he used to be more angry, probably tormented by his experiences, and he apparently lives trying to wash away whatever sin he believes to have committed. This time he is confronted by the lawyer of a man he arrested and who is about to be executed.

    The lawyer, Amy, uses Booth's strong sense of justice to coerce him into trying to find evidence that might save the man, she presents him with doubts and Booth asks Brennan and her team for help.

    We see that he already trusts Brennan and her abilities as investigator ans scientific, that he has faith that she'll help him and give him a solution. Brennan as well reveals how important he's become in her life, she does everything humanly possible to help him, refusing to let him down, and her team is ready to help as well, believing this to be a good cause, which also speaks of their moral values.

    Yet at the end they find themselves cheated into helping the supposedly innocent man to postpone his death penalty when in fact, he was guilty. It was a hard blow, a deception, but they faced it together and spent the rest f the tiring day reflecting over the events. They discover new sides of themselves, they keep on developing admiration for one another.

    There were some funny lines, specially at the beginning of the episode and as always, a nice interaction between all the actors.

    And Howard Epps is introduced, and won't be the last we see of him.

    A marvelous episode.
  • Review

    Without a doubt the best written Bones episode to date. The writing in this episode was amazing, with the brillant twist at the end that Epps had played everyone so that he would be able to live for a few more years. Once Booth started questioning the lawyer that the girl worked for I felt a sense of repeatitiveness from the show. I felt for sure that the man was the one who had killed the girl and I thought the writing at that point would have been average at best. But everything about this episode was just great for me. I love to use of the count-down clock, making us for sorry for the man we all now hate for what he did to fool everyone. Another one of my favorite parts of the episode was when the numbers were disected and proven not to be a phone number, but actually a location for a meeting. Booth and Bones got back to there intense moments on camera for most of the episodes and Bones's team played the comical background that this show works off of. In the end, it was without question the best episode of the series so far, and a 9.0 average rating is not nearly what this episode deserves.
  • Epps for the first time...

    What an interesting episode. On the countdown to prove if this guy did it or if he´s innocent.

    It was great to see Booth doubt about if he did a good job when he took the case and how he relies on Brennan to verify every detail and try not to make a mistake... again?

    I love the first scene. That is the perfect example of the chemistry two people should have in order to make a show successful. Reason for wanting a gun? ... To shoot people!!! I love her answer and her logic. I love how Booth complains about her but still listens to her and somehow tries to make her angry. Amazing couple.

    The whole story is exciting. It was interesting to see all the team work and Brennan´s leadership. The way she trusts everyone can only happen after years of working together.

    Unexpected end? You decide.

  • The beginning of Howard Epps

    Brennan applying for a gun and Booth denying her of one was an amusing scene.

    I really liked this one because it was different instead of trying to examine the evidence to catch the killer they were trying to save a guy from being executed.

    Bren's comments about Booth and lawyers were very funny. And at the end where Booth didn't want to dig because he might ruin his 1200 dollar suit I loved that too, way funny.

    I didn't like Amy though she was so trying to guilt trip Booth into seeing Howard. And her and Bones arguing over their beliefs on the death penalty I would have to argee with Bones some people shoul be executed.

    The end was good even though they just found more bodies for Epps to get charged with I liked Booth and Brennan deciding on whether or not they should call. Brennan did m,ake the right choice in having Booth call because those girls deserved a voice too.

    Really amazing episode.
  • Yet another great episode of Bones. The team gets tricked into helping a man, but Bones gets revenge when she broke his arm.

    This is yet another great episode. Booth is asked by the lawyer of a man, Howard Epps, to take another look into his case before he is set to be executed. Booth still thinks he is the killer, but he asks Bones and her team to look into it. Well we discover along the way that the girl had had an affair with an older man. She had been with that man the night she was killed, but Epps had followed and killed her. And along the way they discover where the young woman was killed, the murder weapon, and the thing that saves Epps’ life, two more bodies.

    After his execution is delayed, until the other murders are investigated, Epps fires his lawyer. Both Bones and Booth are very angry that Epps won this time, but they plan to take him down.

    Bones is able to get some of her anger out when Epps tried to grab her hand, so she got to break his arm. And that has to be one of the best moments of season 1.
  • yay! eppie number 7!

    Haha that whole gun thing in the beggining was priceless. Brennan has always wanted a gun and Booth went through that entire thing, just to tell her once again that she couldnt have one. she will get one eventually, though, im sure.

    aahhh howard epps. most certainly not the last time we will see him. How can that lady possibly defend him? eew. do they have a past together? hmm maybe i\'ll find out.

    hah hah those bug races. jeff and ollie, huh? did they seriously have nothing better to do at the time?

    angela is always trying to get brennan to go out. trying and failing. miserably, i might add. did you see the look on brennan\'s face? haha priceless.

    yay brennan got to do a personal favor for booth. thats sweet. he owes her one now.

    what is hodgins\' obssession with foreign countires ways of torture and death? although i gotta admit some of them are pretty creative, and they fascinate me, too. nice ripping of the box for effect, heh heh.

    why would booth want to un-arrest someone? i hope that gets explained, \'cause im confizzled.

    angela\'s date was interrupted. during that whole conversation between her and brennan, especially when she turnded brennan\'s head, i had a grin the size of texas on my face lol.

    zach is so brilliant. all that number manipulation, i was like wow. i never in a thousand years would have thought of that haha. then exhuming the body? holy crap. thats one h*** of a task. someone\'s parents are gonna be reallyyy upset.

    haha hodgins and zach did rock paper sciaaors. they\'re just like little kids. this and oh, the playing with bugs haha.

    poor poor abgela. troy is such a jerk...

  • Booth gets Bones and her gang to help save a guy on death row ...

    Honestly, it's too bad that they guy they were trying to save was actually guilty and played them all. He owned them! And I have to admit, he had me going too. He is such a great actor in that aspect, and I think that's what made this episode so good. Also, this episode had a lot of the classic moments, like with Bones wanting to get a gun and both the guys refusing to give her one =D. And also Angela and her 'relationship' with Troy, and her classic sense of humour. It's all great. Zach had a part too in this ep, which I think was good. The numbers and the solving of the crime. I also loved the bug racing bit :P The sad part is though - besides the guy on death row being guilty and playing them - is that he killed others too, and got away with it. I think it's good that they have one of these episodes where one gets away, and then they bring it up later on in the series. It just shows you that these people aren't perfect, and get played too, just like the rest of us.
  • Bones and her team gave up their weekend to help clear a death row inmate.

    Watching tonight’s episode I couldn’t help but think that Prison Break’s Lincoln Burrows could really use the help of Bones and her crew. Sure, the guy they were trying to save from death row tonight turned out to be a guilty as sin, twisted serial killer, but if he were innocent, Bones and Booth would have been able to figure that out lickety split. They did have to give up their weekend, but aside from Angela, that didn’t seem like a hardship for anyone. I so felt for Angela (how dare her dopey date call her a freak?) Rude. I Love that Zack’s geekey genius totally came into play. Who else would connect all the weird numbers? And the dorky kid also can’t drive (too funny). The best part of this show is the underlying sexy vibe between Booth and Bones. Their whole exchange about her wanting to have a gun was just perfectly times, and the banter was great. When she was denied, he told her instead to use her “mutant powers to just talk them to death”. Nice, but she did later force him to get his $1,200 suit mussed, so I guess they are even.
  • Booth ask for Brennan's help to review an old case.

    A different episode of Bones. Instead of running after a new murderer Booth enlist Brennan in a quest for review and old and closed case in which Booth was the Agent involved which ended in the conviction and death penalty for the suspect.

    At the end of the episode they realize that the man was always guilty as Booth thought and he was manipulating them for get extra time. They found new bodies so now the death sentence is put on hold until the cases for the other remains are done.

    I liked the plot, the writers made a very good job and the actors as well.

    Also, very funny the initial scene between Bones and Booth while she is asking for a gun... that is one of my favorite show scenes.

    The development of Booth and Bones relationship is good too… he ask for a favor and she did it which means they are getting a long now.

    It was a nice thing to see something different.
  • About how the Bones team helped Booth to prove a man sentenced to death is not guilty. It turned out to be the man manipulated all of them.

    The man in the dead row, wow, he acted so well that I thought the man was innocent too, but it turned out to be the man was very good at lying! He manipulated all of them, including the defence attorney that very trust him. But as Brennan said, \'that jerk also deserved a chance, a reasonable doubt\', so they found out the doubt and cleared it out.
  • The premise of this show is so good and the way in which they solve the crimes is amazing and unseen. Very brilliant!

    I love this show, I hope it goes on for a long time. They figure out these crimes very cleverly and i love David's character and all his one line quips. I also love Angela, I would love it if she and Booth were to get together, even though Bones is gunning for that position. I hate the way the episode was resolved though, but that sometimes happens in real life.
  • Descent show, but the cause driven crap is so old.

    Descent show, but the cause driven crap is so old. I do NOT watch TV to here the cause driven crap that HollyF**KingWood thinks they need to force down our throughts, I watch TV for the entertainment. Death penalty crap almost ruined the show, take that away and it was well above average, but of course with it, bleh.. barf.. kiss my shiny metal ass.
  • Half way thru the episode you knew they were getting played.

    The murderer was very creepy and at the end when he revealed his gameplan you just had to accept it and move on. You knew half way thru the episode. It was a good attempt but it never quite got you absolutely doubting. This show keeps improving so by year two it should be great.
  • Superb show so far into the its first season could involve a bit more action!!!!!!

    Superb show so far into its first season and could involve a bit more action!!!!!!The character David Boreanaz plays should display a more realistic view of events to fit in to modern day America eg Verbal expressions etc.But overall the show should bring viewers from previously ended shows like Angel!!!!!
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