Season 5 Episode 5

A Night at the Bones Museum

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 15, 2009 on FOX

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  • I don't really know why I watch this show. It was OK in Season One but has gone down ever since.

    Again we have all the components that has contributed the show to jumping the shark.

    We have Seeley Booth investigating a crime that should have nothing to do at all with the FBI. It's not a federal crime and as such should really involve the local police force. Anyone watching Bones could be forgiven for thinking that there are no local police forces within the US.

    And again we have the staff of Jeffersonian Institution spending ALL THEIR time on the 'murder of the week' - working as experts for the FBI. They never have any work of their own to do.

    And yet again the main actors of the series put on acceptable performances but the remainder of the cast are picked from the lower ranks of the acting classes (it may be because they are cheaper to employ!).

    The plot again was cliché ridden and immediately forgotten before the final credits rolled. It was padded out (just to fill the time) with an inconsequential sub-plot, involving Sweet's (again acting with his teeth) girl friend.

    This series has now descended into a rather poor comedy love-series between Temperance Brennan and Seeley Booth. The writers should let them get on with it and forget about the forensic anthropology aspects of the original material.
  • A body is discovered on an electrical fence and Brennan discovers it is the mummy of an ancient Egyptian known as Anok. The woman preparing the mummy for an exhibit is later found murdered. The team is called in to investigate.

    This, and the premier, are my two favorite episodes of the season so far. Brennan and Booth's relationship is slowly progressing. In the end, (the final scene) Brennan is nervous to speak at the museum about her discovery of the true cause of Anok's brother's death, changing history. Booth reminds her that she's great at those kinds of things and that not many people can say that they actually changed history. Brennan reminds him that he changed history every day by making the world safer. Booth tells her that he thought she was going to take his boss to the speech because that's what he was told by him. Brennan tells him that she was but this was their case and quotes him from earlier in the episode that what goes on between them should just be theirs. By now, they are standing very close to each other and staring into each others' eyes and it's almost as though they are about to kiss when the rest of the team interrupts them laughing and reminding them that the ambassador is about to speak. the tension is nearly, but not completely broken by this and they look back to each other and Brennan is eying Booth's tie and she straightens it for him and he returns the favor by smoothing out her hair and they walk back up the stairs together. This was one of my favorite moments between them because you can clearly see something between them that they are too afraid to see themselves even though it comes out so often between them in scenes like this. I believe we are very close to having the scene we've all been waiting for in future episodes :)
  • The end was WOW!

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. When a human mummified corpse is found, Booth and Bones are called in to investigate. What follows is proof that the corpse is in fact from Egypt and was on loan to the Jeffersonian.
    Soon the curator, from the Jeffersonian who was prepping the mummy for the exhibit is found murdered, and the team try to solve her murder. Also in this episode Bones gets asked out by Booth's boss and she accepts. Soon we see that Booth is not happy about this, especially after Bones tells his boss story's from his childhood. As the episode ends and the murders have been solved, we see Booth and Bones as they are about to kiss, but get interrupted by Angela. Which is ironic since she wants them to be together, almost as much as the fans do.
  • Another snoozer.

    Man, what happened to Bones this season? Nothing is clicking for this show at all. Like a bad politician who is preaching "the same old politics" week after week we get the same old Bones. No original stories, no shocking twists or turns, just lackluster television from start to closing credits.

    Why did they have to bring Carla Gallo back? The girl is on every show these days from Californication to Mad Men to Bones. Keep her off my TV screen please.

    I'm sorry Bones, but maybe being syndicated has gotten to your heads, because this is awful television my friends.
  • Tension growns between Booth and Bones

    Maybe it was my headache because of a very long day, but I found the subplot of the Sweets/Daisy problem and relationship a little bit... too much. I like them, Sweets more than annoying Daisy, but I don't think they need that much time on screen. I wonder if they making out in front of that mummy will curse them somehow...

    Damn man who killed that poor woman for greed. It was nice to see Brennan solve two cases and actually see her nervous and not too proud to speak about one of them. It made her look like a normal person.

    Brennan going out with the AD was for me, a way of showing that Brennan cannot get her mind off of Booth. But the last scene... Totally charged with sexual tension! God, I thought something important was going to happen but well, I can take what I saw because it was good and it was enough... for now. And what a nice thing of Brennan to return the 'what is ours, should stay ours' thing.
  • Brennan tries to change history as a 3000 year old Egyptian money is found with traces of 21th century blood on it and a museum official is found murdered in her office. Also in this episode, Booth's boss's boss(played by Diedrich Bader) asks Bones out.

    Love it, loved it, loved it! The whole will they, won't they story with Booth and Brennan takes another turn as Brennan, although having told Booth she wouldn't, subconsciously mentions one of Booth's meatloaf stories on her Date with Andrew and Booth later confronts her about it by telling her "their things" should be kept theirs only. in the final scene at the museum, everything falls into place for a perfect romantic moment between our two favorite characters, however, as much as we all love to see them together something inside me kept saying, no, don't kiss her just yet! Perhaps the writers were thinking the same because as you guessed it, the moment was gone when Angela called them to join the team and celebrate and now we're left hanging for four weeks without the show to see were things will end up.

    The case itself was also exciting with all the mystery surrounding the missing treasure and the legend of the bleeding heart.

    Daisie makes an appearance too when Sweets asks Bones for a favor to give her another chance as her intern and his relationship with her develops through the episode.

    The only thing left to say is, David looked exactly the way he did when Angel looked into Buffy's eyes with that fiery passion.
  • When a mummy is found charred and chained to a chain link fence, Bones is fascinated by the archeological find.

    When a mummy is found charred and chained to a chain link fence, Bones is fascinated by the archeological find. It is a mummy called the "Bleeding Heart" and something is missing from the gaping chest cavity. When the Egyptian government gets involved, the investigation is limited as they demand the return of their famous mummy. On a romantic note, Bones is invited on a date with Booth's supervisor, and of course he is upset by this prospect. Bones responds, "It's a physical attraction," and he goes crazier as she actually goes out for dinner and drinks.

    But of course she is called away: a mummy has been stolen, a woman murdered, and something is missing from that mummy's "bleeding heart" that will break the case wide open...

    The episode "A Night in the Bones Museum" is a great episode that shows depth towards Bones and Booth's relationship. When will they finally get together? What mystery will they solve working side by side? The relationship between "squint" and FBI agent is intriguing and addicting. Bones is definitely a show you cannot miss.
  • One of my favourite episodes of the season so far.

    After the charred remains of a male are found on an electric fence Booth and Brennan find the body is that of a mummified Egyptian that was loaned to the Jeffersonian for an exhibit, on top of this the curator who was preparing the mummy for the exhibit is found murdered it's up to the team to discover who killed the curator, who stole the mummy and why plus what was missing from inside the mummy that was worth killing for.

    The episode was a favourite for a number of reasons, one being the return of scatter brain Daisy ( Sweet's girlfriend ), Daisy has always been one of my favourite interns at the Jeffersonian and was sort of sad when they let her go, so to see her return ( for how many episode's we don't know yet ) was great, add this to the fact that Sweets had put Daisy through some breathing exercise's to try and stop her being so 'scatter brained' and impulsive was fun to watch, especially when her and Brennan got so excited over the mummy and it's findings.

    The episode also introduced Booths boss whom has started dating Bones, I still think there's a strong attraction between booth and Brennan but they both don't to admit it, I did thing they where both going to kiss at the end and half of me wanted them to and the other half didn't want them to spoil there working relationship. On another note Emily Deschanel looked very hot in certain scenes during the episode, especially in the blue dress and at the end at the exhibit.
  • Really good episode with interesting case, funny moments, nice dynamic in Booth/Bones relationship and intense,thrilling last scene. An egyptian mummy found on an electric fence brings B&B to investigate the murder of a colleague from the Jefferson

    The case was great, dealing with an egyptian mummy and Bones going back to her favourite domain. Brennan and Booth actually resolve 2 cases (a 3000 years old mystery and a present murder). Maybe in the future she'll wish to stick more to ancient remains especially if she goes out with Booth.(cf "the passenger in the oven" discussion.)

    The scene where Brenan is getting so excited over ancient remains and acting like Daisy while Ange and Hodgins are staring at her was hilarious so was the one where she's impersonating the 1932 film characters. (I liked Cam's statement : "you don't know Britney Spears but you know this film")

    The main subplot in this episode is all about the evolution in B&B's relationship.Brennan going on a date with Booth's boss is causing him a lot of suffering and Brennan can prove really harsh with him sometimes like in the car. He also has to face his boss and pretend there's nothing between the two of them - playing it cool but very painful inside. Plus has to face her "betrayal"of his secret.

    I liked the scene with the egg : Booth doing as if he was quetionning her in the interrogation room, putting the evidence on the table and asking very precise, short questions and not letting her go into long and wooly answers.
    At the same time very tender scene where Booth opens his heart and for once Bones eventually gets his point - she was the only one whom he told the meatloaf story and is hurt that she revealed it to Andrew.

    Of course there was the last scene, gorgeous, full of magic and their eyes sparkling with love and we thought they were gonna kiss...but no! We still have to wait which is a bit frustrating but I suppose I have to make do with it.
  • Good one

    One episode I really loved. I loved the story - I mean, that they have mummy and the have to find the killer in case involving very closely people the know (murder in Jeffersonian). I loved Booth and Bones interaction.. but I think maybe the pearl in this episode was Daisy. I do not believe I even said it.. but yes. She brought somekind of great dynamic to the episode and the way she and Brennan got so excited with all the finds they got: it was a new layer to Bones' char and I really liked it.

    And it had really beautiful ending.
  • Damn, you Angela. If you would have waited 30 more seconds to call out.....

    WoW, it was a great chapter in the lines of Bones and Booth. I think Bones got a little be more intuned with how Booth feels when he told her she was the only one who knew about the egg story. The hurt on his face told the whole story. It was only fitting that Bones take Booth the opening.

    Daisy is my least favorite squint, but I do like the old Daisy then this new Daisy.

    As far as the story line went, it was a good story line and a great filler.

    I can't wait for the baseball break to be over with.
  • Love this ep!

    I really loved this episode, definetly one of my favorites!
    The case was very exciting! The mummy in the beginning was very scary.

    Sweets was so cute when he was asking Brennan if Daisy could come back, it's so cute how much he cares about Daisy.

    I loved the tension between Bones & Brennan in this episode. And the fact that Brennan was going out with Booth boss's boss. And how much it bothered him, he obvisiously cares about her
  • A baffling case of a murdered mummy, but when it turns out the curator at the Jeffersonian was killed and it was her blood on the mummy Bones and Booth go into action. The gangs all here including Sweet's girlfriend Daisy back as Brennan's intern.

    A witty and clever episode with some amazing discovery's and a few baffling moments. The mummy covered in blood at the beginning had to be pretty creepy. Then when they discovered that the chest cavity had housed something other than the usual wrappings that were put inside the heart and lungs cavity the story took a weird turn.

    A large ruby certainly gave someone a motive for murder, but that seemed to be the secondary story to so many plots in tonight's episode.

    We had Daisy getting another chance with Sweet's personal request. We had Sweet's and Daisy's relationship. We had Brennan being asked out by the Assistant Deputy Director. Booth's bosses boss! We had the discovery of the box in the chest cavity of a three thousand year old mummy. Then also the even more important the discovery that the one son of that Pharaoh had not killed the other through scientific means which was a major coo for the Jeffersonian and Bones. All of this because of the message left by the sons mother. Then finally we had all the suspects for the murder within the Jeffersonian who worked in the different antiquity areas. Hmmm, did I miss anything?

    There was a lot going on. The dynamics of the Bones/Assistant Director Hacker relationship was distracting from the Booth/Bones dynamic which they have tried so hard to develop for the last season or so. I personally think it would be a mistake to inject someone at this point into a relationship with either one of them. I love how Angela so plainly pointed out to Brennan that if she could consider sex with Hacker, then why not with Booth? One has to hope it is an eventuality. There is so much chemistry there and that last minute where they almost kissed was electric! An enjoyable and thoughtful episode with a lot of stuff happening. We'll have to wait a few weeks for the next episode because of the playoffs. Thanks for reading...
  • Another good episode with a fried mummy on the fence, daisy back in the lab to everyones discomfort, and bones going out with booths bosses boss.

    Good episode with a hidden gem in the mummy with a few possible suspects. Sweets talking to bones to let daisy back in was funny. You can tell he really likes her if he went to bones to ask and said he has helped her with her problems. Case was interesting with old mummy that bones and daisy got all excited about with everyone else in the lab just staring with open jaws at them. Bones watching and acting the movie that sweets and angela were watching was funny.

    Booths reactions to bones going out with his bosses boss was what i expected. Playing it cool on the outside but you could tell it was killing him on the inside. On the date on of the first things she talks about is booth and him ordering the meatloaf with no egg. Booth finds out and is upset with her telling someone else something that was a secret to them. Kinda reminded me of the Boy in the capsule episode when boots laughed at her smurfet story and she got upset. To me bones has always been very protective of booths feelings and she knew by the look on his face that when he said what he told her was just between them, she felt really bad. As always they get there suspect who excuse was he lost his money in the market. Sweets and daisy make up in the egyptian exibit was funny since hodgens and angela spent alot of time there too. Of course the ending where it was just booth and bones talking was what i expected. They are just this much closed to really hitting things off. When booth was walking in closer and closer, you could tell on the looks of their faces what was comming and of course the gang had to spoil it for the next episode.
  • Wow! An amazing episode!

    I loved this episode! It is definitely a favorite of mine. We almost got a B&B kiss, but they other squints (and Sweets) interrupted. Even though they didn't kiss, you could just feel the love dripping off of them during this whole episode. I loved how Brennan just so happened to bring up Booth while she was on a date. It proves that she always has him on her subconscious. The part where Booth's boss' boss kept asking him if there was something going on between him and Brennan cracked me up. And who knew Sweets could be such a whore! LOL, I love him! We can now add another couple to the list of people have gotten busy in the Egypt Room. This is an all time favorite of mine and I can't wait to watch it over and over again!
  • smells like Christmas... A 3000 years old mummy is founded at an electric fence!WOW

    This was one of the best episodes ever!
    It was a funny, creepy and (finally) so close to kiss episode!
    A guard finds a mummy, while he inspects an electric fence(his face was priceless),and our fav team is called to solve the case!
    I like the case even it was a little to much for me all that brain cutting!
    The interesting part was when Booth's boss asks Temperance for a date! Finally someone to help their "professional" relationship to move where we all expecting! Booth is jealous and very disappointed when he finds out that Bones told his boss a very personal information about him that he shared only with her! After the case is solved and a 3000 years old secret comes to light, B & B go to the exhibition together. As i saw them so close i thought that it was finally the MOMENT but... no we have to wait.
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