Season 2 Episode 9

Aliens in a Spaceship

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 15, 2006 on FOX
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The bodies of twin teenage boys, kidnapped five years earlier, are discovered. Booth and Brennan follow the trail of a notorious serial killer, known as the Grave Digger. His M.O. is to kidnap and bury his victims, then ask for a ransom. If the ransom isn't followed, the victims are left to die. During the investigation, Brennan and a fellow colleague become the latest victims. They are forced to solve their own kidnapping from an underground grave.moreless

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  • help im new

    im new to this, how do i watch this online please help

  • Love this episode!

    Could watch Booth running across the quarry in slow motion on a loop forever!

    Also nice to see Brennan and Hodgins interact outside the lab in an unorthodox situation
  • Can't fault this episode

    This episode shows just what a great writing/directing/producing and acting team we have on Bones.

    The serial killer The Gravedigger is brought to the attention of the Jeffersonian team and Booth with the finding of two bodies enclosed in a tank. The agent who handled the case before left the FBI with a drink problem but he didn't have the advantage Booth has - his team of squints.

    When their research begins to make progress The Gravedigger takes Brennan and also Hodgins, burying them in Brennan's car.The interaction between these two characters and the playing of them by Emile Dechanel and TJ Thyne is terrific. It must have been physically hard work in that enclosed space.

    The relationship between Cam and Booth is still on, though they are keeping it secret. Watch Booth's face when he gets the call from the killer on his cell phone. David Boreanaz has such an expressive face as he chages from lighthearted banter with Cam to grim horror at what has happened to his partner.

    Booth becomes the strong leader of the group. Quite content to be fired because he is working outside FBI rules to get the ransom. Taking over control and giving them each something to do, overriding as the squints seem at a loss. He is by turns angry, demanding and desperate. His feelings are so powerful that he promises to kill the creep who has made a living out of writing about The Gravedigger.

    He won't give up even when it seems that they must be dead.

  • A Great episode with a fatal flaw.

    First of i realy liked the character development in this episode, also the concept how the gravedigger operates. Normaly i would rate the episode between 9 and 10, but it had a major logical flaw, which disturbed me while watching. Usualy it's a cool thing if they investigate little details like the bumpersticker and such, but it becomes ridiculous if there is an obvious clue that gets overlooked. At the time when Booth and Brennan reveal to the Father of the two victims that they had had only 12 hours to live not 24 there are only 5 people in the room: Booth, Brennan, the father, the author and Assistant U.S. Attorney Kim Kurland. It is safe to assume that this kind of information is privileged and would not be made public. Also the gravedigger couldn't have "realized his mistake" as the ADA said, because he never returns to his victims. So the only way he could have realized his mistake is by either sitting in that room or have one of these 5 people leak the information to him. You can exclude Booth, Brannan and the father as highly unlikely suspects/leaker of that information.

    This leaves you with the author and the ADA as possible suspects or leakers of the information. I can understand, that during the kidnapping situation finding the victims had top priority, but it seems simply impossible that a genius like Brennan would not come to this conclusion after beeing rescued, with the added motivation to find and punish her kidnapper.moreless
  • Wow!

    This episode was amazing. It had me the moment it started, I was so into it. Yes, I love all the episodes of Bones, but this one exciting! I mean the way Bones and Hodgins came up with some of the stuff that helped them survive was great. And how Bones had "faith" in Booth that he would find them, ugh loved it! When everyone was stuck and Booth was just so passionate you can tell how much he really cares and needs Bones. I was on the verge of tears when Booth saw that poof of rocks go up and ran to pull Bones and Hodgins out. It was just such a beautiful moment for the whole group of them, showing how they all need and love each other.

    I wonder why I didn't start to watch this series from the beginning, but I'm so happy I started now. And I'm happy TNT is showing all the reruns! This is a great show, I hope it has a long run and Booth and Bones get together soon!moreless
David Boreanaz

David Boreanaz

Special Agent Seeley Booth

Emily Deschanel

Emily Deschanel

Dr. Temperance Brennan

Eric Millegan

Eric Millegan

Zack Addy

Michaela Conlin

Michaela Conlin

Angela Montenegro

T.J. Thyne

T.J. Thyne

Dr. Jack Hodgins

Tamara Taylor

Tamara Taylor

Dr. Camille Saroyan

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • Goof: Hodgins says that he figured out a text message which would take him eight keystrokes. The message, "6 7 16 M1.4" has eight characters within itself. He would need keystrokes for the additional three spaces, at least one to hit Speed Dial, and one to send. He should have hit the phone buttons at least 13 times, but you can hear him hit them 8 or 9 times.

    • Goof: The batteries in Nikon cameras are 7.4V, that would have been easier to step down with a resistor.

    • Hodgins tells Brennan (and Cam gets told) that he is filthy rich.

    • When the gang goes out to the parking garage and discovers the blood, Booth tells Zack to be Dr. Brennan, and he replies "I don't know what that means," referencing what Dr. Brennan always says.

    • Although it is suspected, we get to hear Hodgins voice his feelings for Angela that have been building up from the middle of last season. He finally admits that he loves Angela, to Dr. Brennan.

    • The book Brennan has with her in a car is titled "Bred in the Bone". However it's not the book we've seen in the Season 1 Finale (which was the manuscript of "Cross Bones").

      Note: "Bred in the Bone" is Brennan's first book. The "Cross Bones" manuscript is Brennan's manuscript for her second book.

    • The "crazy expensive" perfume which Hodgins bought for Angela is called Deep Rhapsody.

    • When watching the episode, the identity of the killer is unknown. However, around the time the episode aired, Fox's website said that the murderer was discovered to be Janine O'Connell. The website has since been updated and now follows the episode's ending as it was seen on TV.

    • The idea for this story came from an event in 1976, when 26 children and their bus driver were buried in a gravel pit. Fortunately, they escaped 16 hours later, but in the story, the Gravedigger is made much smarter.

    • Goof: When Bones and Hodgins are using the Treo phone to send a text message to Booth, Hodgins says they will have only a few seconds to send the text message before burning out the phone. The episode showed the phone burning out in a few seconds.

      A Treo (Verizon 700p tested) phone takes appropriately 45 seconds to go from no power to being ready to send a text message. This time includes power-on test, answer the time question, and finding the network. The 45 seconds doesn't include getting into the text message program, entering the data, and sending it.

  • QUOTES (32)

    • (Booth and Brennan are sitting next to each other in a church.)
      Brennan: I'm okay with you thanking God for saving me and Hodgins.
      Booth: That's not what I thanked Him for. I thanked Him for saving ... all of us. It was all of us, every single one. You take one of us away and you and Hodgins are in that hole forever. (Booth looks at Brennan whose eyes are glistening with tears.) And I'm thankful for that.
      Brennan: I knew you wouldn't give up.
      Booth: I knew you wouldn't give up.

    • Cam: How are we going to get our hands on eight million dollars?
      Zack: Hodgins is rich.
      Cam: He is?
      Zack: "Rich squared to the power of ten times four" is how he puts it.

    • Hodgins: (blurts) I'm nuts about Angela. Over the moon. Stupid in love with her. That's why I bought her that ... that crazy, expensive perfume. A man gives you a bottle of perfume like that, it says ... it says, "I love you". (Brennan nods) There. I said it out loud.

    • Booth: I need you to be Dr. Brennan.
      Zack: (quoting Brennan) I don't know what that means.

    • Booth: I got about 100 agents working that angle. What does this mean, right here. (taps monitor) What does that mean?
      Zack: You're forgetting something, Brennan and Hodgins are out of air.
      Booth: Great, you wanna give up, huh? This is Bones we're talking about and Hodgins. You really think they didn't find a way to extend their air supply? Hell, they found a way to send us a message, to ask us for help and you wanna give up because of math.

    • Booth: We're running out of time.
      Zack: Minor correction. Dr. Brennan and Hodgins will run out of air in four seconds. We are out of time.

    • Booth: Dr Brennan, she's pretty good at making dead people tell her things.

    • (Booth and Brennan are in a church. Booth has just finished praying.)
      Brennan: What did you ask for?
      Booth: That's between me and a certain Saint. Although, I did ask for a little help finding the Gravedigger.
      Brennan: Good move. What's that smell?
      Booth: Candles. And I said thanks. You should try it some time.
      Brennan: If I were going to pray, I would have done it just before we set off the explosion.
      Booth: And you didn't?
      Brennan: No, see, if there was a God, which there isn't -
      Booth: Shhhh. (looks around) Do you see where we are?
      Brennan: And if I were someone who believed He had a plan ...
      Booth: Which I do ...
      Brennan: Then I'd be tempted to think He wanted me to go through something like I went through because it might make me more open to the whole ... concept.

    • Hodgins: I can't sleep, Angela.
      Angela: I thought that they gave you something for that.
      Hodgins: No, I mean I'm afraid...that if I close my eyes, when I-- when I open them I gonna be back in that car, buried, running out of air.
      Angela: Okay. Then you should come home with me.
      Hodgins: What?
      Angela: When you open your eyes, I'll be there.
      Hodgins: Yeah?
      Angela: (nodding) Yeah.
      Hodgins: (nodding) Okay.

    • Brennan: We should get as far away from the explosion as possible.
      Hodgins: Already am. (holds out hand) Care to join me?

    • Zack: Hodgins is all about dirt and Angela.

    • Hodgins: (to Brennan) If you can perform surgery out of thin air, then I can pull a little thin air out of thin air.

    • Hodgins: This thing you found in my leg is anodized plastic film coated in metallic tape with dried out adhesive. It's a bumper sticker.
      Brennan: You mean like "If You Can Read This, You're Too Close"?

    • Zack: (coming to realization) 6, 7, 16. Carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur on the periodic table of elements. They are buried in coal-rich soil.
      Booth: You gotta narrow it down, Zack.
      Angela: Keep going, Zack.
      Zack: The mineral components in coal are all the same. It's the organic components that provide a unique fingerprint. They're called macerals. They fluoresce at different levels. A reflectance of 1.4 is quite rare, suggesting a high concentration of inertinite.
      Booth: Zack, tell me what that means.
      Angela: It means he knows where they are.

    • Thomas Vega: You just need to deal with the facts. If you can't put the ransom together in the time he gave you, your partner is dead.
      Booth: (furiously throwing Vega on the table and choking him) Here's the deal, alright? You have a relationship with this guy, what they call symbiotic. You benefit from each other. So know this, huh? That deadline comes around and my partner is still in the ground, I will end you. You understand? Three hours to live. (lets him go) Better hurry.

    • Cam: (to Angela) Hodgins seems to write everything in some kind of code. I might have to get Zack over here to break it.
      Angela: It says that the traces of aluminum found on the clothing were almost certainly from the kidnapper's vehicle. Like a box. In the back of a trunk, or a van.
      Cam: You can read that?
      Angela: Yeah, Hodgins sends me a lot of notes.

    • Cam: What do you say we go to New York for the weekend?
      Booth: (skeptical) Yeah, I don't know.
      Cam: C'mon! We're two adults with no obligations. (continues as Booth's phone rings) Let it go to voice mail. We're not cheating, we're not hurting anybody, Seeley.
      Booth: Then why are we keeping our relationship such a secret, Camille?
      Cam: Because we work together, and we're professionals, and it's nobody's business, that's all. So, come to New York. We'll go to a musical.
      Booth: (laughs) Talking and singing, and talking and dancing, and more singing… ya know? Heh. If you wanna stop what we're doing, just say so.
      Cam: You can fantasize about pulling out your gun and shooting everyone on stage, you know you like that.

    • Zack: (referring to Hodgins) You should give him a chance.
      Angela: Excuse me?
      Zack: I apologize. I didn't say anything.

    • Hodgins: (not knowing Angela is in the room) If you haven't figured out the stun-gun, then I am this week's "King of the Lab" because I found something huge.
      Angela: You compete to be "King of the Lab"?
      Hodgins: (surprised) No. (laughs nervously) Hey, Angela. I didn't know that you were ... this sucks. I'm gonna go catch Brennan, then bolt for the night.

    • Brennan: Had it occurred to you that God is a lot like the Gravedigger?
      Booth: (stammers) What? What?
      Brennan: He lays down the rules, no way to question Him or negotiate, then it's almost as though He doesn't care how it works out. Either you do as He says, make some sacrifices and are delivered, or you don't and you end up in Hell.
      Booth: You know what I'd appreciate? If you didn't say things like that, because I really don't want to get struck by lightning.
      Brennan: You go to church every Sunday?
      Booth: Yes, I do.
      Brennan: Can I come with you?
      Booth: No, you can't.
      Brennan: Why? It might help me to understand.
      Booth: I am not gonna help you disrespect God in His own house, okay? If you wanna do some kind of, you know, anthropological study, turn on the religious channel.

    • Zack: The amount of blood suggests that at least one of them bled out. Probably the one with the injuries. I've also noted a constellation of identical non-metric variants. Extraforamina.
      Booth: Does that mean they were twins?
      Brennan: How did you know?

    • Hodgins: Can this possibly work?
      Brennan: I'm not really an explosives expert, but the dash might shape the charge enough to blow out the windshield. If we're less than four feet beneath the surface, this charge could blow us to freedom.
      Hodgins: And if we're buried more than four feet deep?
      Brennan: Then the concussion will turn our brains into jelly.
      Hodgins: Well, then we can run for Congress, so it's a win-win.

    • Brennan: Booth will find us.
      Hodgins: You have a lot of faith in Booth.
      Brennan: No, faith is an irrational belief in something that is logically impossible. Over time I have seen what Booth can do. It's not faith.
      Hodgins: No offense, and I'm not just saying this because you filleted me with a knife, we are out of air. We don't know if our message got out, much less if anyone understood it, and we are buried underground. What you have is faith, baby. (Brennan laughs) Sorry, the "baby" thing is a reflex...

    • Angela: Did you try just dialing the number?
      Booth: (agitated) I tried all the dumb guy normal stuff, okay? That's why I'm talking with the brain trust, alright? (slaps monitor with text message) Think! Eggheads, work it!

    • Brennan: Four to six seconds to enter a message and hit speed dial.
      Hodgins: I figured out a text message using eight key strikes.
      Brennan: How's your text messaging?
      Hodgins: Thumbs like lightning. I can do it.

    • Booth: I liked it better when they were aliens.

    • Policeman: We called for back up on account of they are aliens.

    • Hodgins: Someone ran me down with a car.
      Brennan: We knew that already.
      Hodgins: Yeah, but now that we've proved it, I find I'm really annoyed.

    • Zack: Dr. Brennan doesn't like it when we jump to conclusions.
      Cam: I'm sure she'll appreciate we're on a deadline.

    • Booth: God does not make mistakes.
      Angela: I don't know - putting testicles on the outside doesn't seem like such a good idea.

    • Hodgins: Aluminum.
      Brennan: Aluminum?
      Hodgins: Well, the Brits say "aluminium", but that sounds so, well... British.

    • (looking at two corpses through a window)
      Booth: Are those what I think they are?
      Brennan: Yes, as long as you think they're two adolescent human males.

  • NOTES (6)

    • The German title for this episode is "Ein Totengräber und die noch Lebenden," which means "A Gravedigger and the Still Living." This hints at both sets of victims rather than just the first set that is hinted at in the English title. In addition, the German title also mentions the killer's nickname (the Gravedigger).

    • This episode was included in the Emmy Awards "For Your Consideration" DVD for this season.

    • This episode (specifically its director, Craig Ross Jr.) was nominated for the 2007 Image Award for "Outstanding Directing in a Dramatic Series."

    • International Air Dates:
      Denmark: February 27, 2007 on TV3
      Spain: April 6, 2007 on FOX TV Spain
      Finland: August 14, 2007 on MTV3
      Belgium: October 19, 2007 on RTL-TVI
      Germany: October 25, 2007 on RTL
      Australia: December 20, 2007 on 7

    • At the beginning of this episode it read "Viewer discretion is advised." In some areas of Canada it read "Due to graphic forensic content viewer discretion is advised."

    • Featured Music:
      "A light on a hill" by Margot & the Nuclear So and So's (when Brennan and Hodgins are about to blow the windshield up and Booth runs down the hill)
      "Never Know" by Amie (on the radio when Brennan wakes up in the car)
      "Next to You" by Tim Easton (in the final scene)