Season 2 Episode 9

Aliens in a Spaceship

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 15, 2006 on FOX

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  • help im new

    im new to this, how do i watch this online please help

  • Love this episode!

    Could watch Booth running across the quarry in slow motion on a loop forever!

    Also nice to see Brennan and Hodgins interact outside the lab in an unorthodox situation
  • Can't fault this episode


    This episode shows just what a great writing/directing/producing and acting team we have on Bones.

    The serial killer The Gravedigger is brought to the attention of the Jeffersonian team and Booth with the finding of two bodies enclosed in a tank. The agent who handled the case before left the FBI with a drink problem but he didn't have the advantage Booth has - his team of squints.

    When their research begins to make progress The Gravedigger takes Brennan and also Hodgins, burying them in Brennan's car.The interaction between these two characters and the playing of them by Emile Dechanel and TJ Thyne is terrific. It must have been physically hard work in that enclosed space.

    The relationship between Cam and Booth is still on, though they are keeping it secret. Watch Booth's face when he gets the call from the killer on his cell phone. David Boreanaz has such an expressive face as he chages from lighthearted banter with Cam to grim horror at what has happened to his partner.

    Booth becomes the strong leader of the group. Quite content to be fired because he is working outside FBI rules to get the ransom. Taking over control and giving them each something to do, overriding as the squints seem at a loss. He is by turns angry, demanding and desperate. His feelings are so powerful that he promises to kill the creep who has made a living out of writing about The Gravedigger.

    He won't give up even when it seems that they must be dead.

  • A Great episode with a fatal flaw.

    First of i realy liked the character development in this episode, also the concept how the gravedigger operates. Normaly i would rate the episode between 9 and 10, but it had a major logical flaw, which disturbed me while watching. Usualy it's a cool thing if they investigate little details like the bumpersticker and such, but it becomes ridiculous if there is an obvious clue that gets overlooked. At the time when Booth and Brennan reveal to the Father of the two victims that they had had only 12 hours to live not 24 there are only 5 people in the room: Booth, Brennan, the father, the author and Assistant U.S. Attorney Kim Kurland. It is safe to assume that this kind of information is privileged and would not be made public. Also the gravedigger couldn't have "realized his mistake" as the ADA said, because he never returns to his victims. So the only way he could have realized his mistake is by either sitting in that room or have one of these 5 people leak the information to him. You can exclude Booth, Brannan and the father as highly unlikely suspects/leaker of that information.

    This leaves you with the author and the ADA as possible suspects or leakers of the information. I can understand, that during the kidnapping situation finding the victims had top priority, but it seems simply impossible that a genius like Brennan would not come to this conclusion after beeing rescued, with the added motivation to find and punish her kidnapper.
  • Wow!

    This episode was amazing. It had me the moment it started, I was so into it. Yes, I love all the episodes of Bones, but this one exciting! I mean the way Bones and Hodgins came up with some of the stuff that helped them survive was great. And how Bones had "faith" in Booth that he would find them, ugh loved it! When everyone was stuck and Booth was just so passionate you can tell how much he really cares and needs Bones. I was on the verge of tears when Booth saw that poof of rocks go up and ran to pull Bones and Hodgins out. It was just such a beautiful moment for the whole group of them, showing how they all need and love each other.

    I wonder why I didn't start to watch this series from the beginning, but I'm so happy I started now. And I'm happy TNT is showing all the reruns! This is a great show, I hope it has a long run and Booth and Bones get together soon!
  • Best episode of Bones.......ever.

    Alright, I only started watching Bones a couple weeks ago, and now I am halfway through second season, and I just watched the best episode of Bones.

    On TV.COM, Aliens in a Spaceship is rated the number #1 episode so far in Bones, and I can see why. Though it shouldn't be called Aliens in a Spaceship, thats only a small part of the episode, it should be called "Scientists Underground" or something.

    Anyways, this episode was phenomenal. I am known to sometimes criticize episodes due to the unbelievability involved. But everything in this episode was absolutely believable. The feelings Bones and Hodgins expressed were real and impressive.

    I have a physical problem, I can't cry, no joke, but watching this episode, I did get a little notch in my throat here and there in the episode. I almost wanted to cry, cause the actors did an outstanding job making you feel for them, pulling you in to the episode.

    This is definitly an episode for Bones fans if they haven't seen it. Everyone involved in this episode in its entirety deserves praise.
  • An example of a classic drama episode and one of the best episodes of any show of the season. Booth and Hodgins are victins of a repeat felon, the Grave Digger and Booth and the Squints scramble to save them.

    Can there be a better last 15 minutes of a show? Brennan and Hodgins have been buried in a car and the Squints and Booth are scrambling to find their location using a code sent by the two of them, one of their many "genius" efforts to stay alive and be found. The emotions in the car by the two and the emotions by Booth and the Squints are wonderful leading to the great conclusion. The show picks a perfect character to be buried alive with Bones in Hodgins and not because of his ability to come up with ideas for escaping. The connecting and emotions the two go through in their ordeal is tremendous. We already know they extremely strong personalities and you wouldn't think they'd ever made an emotional connection with each other but something like this forces them to rely on each other and to really show how much they care about each other and it's obvious it's real. The obvious best scene supported by the perfect Tim Easton song was Booth sprinting down the hill. Even before he gets there or before anyone else starts, just him running down the hill.
  • What an AMAZING episode!

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. We open with Bones waking up inside of a car, not knowing where she is or how she got there. Soon she sees a smashed up cell phone, and tries to get out, but she can't as when she tries, dirt falls in. When she looks in the back seat she sees that Hodgins is there and he is injured. He comes round and asks her where they are and she tells him, that they are buried alive. Just what everyone wants to hear when they wake up in a strange place. She then says he must have got us, and when Hodgins asks who she says, the grave digger.
    We then jump back in time. Bones and Booth are called in, when aliens are discovered, which of course turn out to be 2 teenage bodies. Soon it is discovered that the victims are twins, and Booth reveals that they were reported missing 5 years ago and have not been heard from or seen since. We learn that a ransom was asked for the boys, but it was not paid. We learn that the same killer has kidnapped/killed 6 victims. They call him the grave digger, if you pay the ransom, then the victim is dug up and returned, alive to the family and if you dot then they are never found.....until now. We then see Bones leaving for the night and she is attacked. Hodgins sees her and races to help her, but he is hit by a car. Then see Cam and Booth together and she suggests that they go away together for the weekend. When he gets a voicemail message, it is from the grave digger saying that Hodgins and Bones have been kidnapped and buried alive. Soon they realise that the ransom is so big ($8million), because of what Hodgins is heir too. Bones and Hodgins soon realise that unless the ransom is paid, then they will both be dead in 10 hours. Soon Booth and co search the garage and find blood there, and believe that it belongs to Hodgins. Zach soon learns that the twin's case, one of the twins killed himself in order to give his brother more air in the hope that it would save his life, but it didn't. Back in the car, we see Hodgins writing a note to Angela, just in case (so sweet). We also see that he has bought her a tiny bottle of perfume which costs $3,000. Since Hodgins legs are badly damaged and he could die, Bones performs a procedure on him, which looks like it hurts like hell. Before which he admits that he is over the moon in love with Angela. Soon Angela becomes over come with emotion and we learn that Hodgins sends her notes a lot. Without proof of life, Hodgins people won't release any money for the ransom. Whilst in the car, Hodgins tells Bones about his wealth. As the clock ticks down, Booth gets more and more worried about Bones (perhaps because he is secretly in love with her!). They manage to wire up one of the cell phones and send a message, but they had to do it quickly. Booth gets the message and he shows it to the group and gets annoyed when one of them knows it straight away. With only seconds of air to go, he begins to flip out. As Bones and Hodgins know their time is running out, Bones says that Booth will find them. We then see Bones writing goodbye note to someone, but whom? Soon Zach manages to crack the code and gives Booth the location. Booth and the FBI race to the location, and find it to be a huge area, but have no leads to which part they are buried under. As Bones tries one final thing to get to freedom, it becomes too real for both f them that they may die and so they hug and cry. As Booth looks he sees a little spark of dirt and races there. He knows that she is waiting there for him. He starts to dig with his bare hands and soon he finds an arm, and it turns out to be Bones. They then pull out Hodgins, they are both alive, but only just. Hodgins takes a few breathes, Angela kisses him. We then see that Hodgins is out of the hospital, and he can't look at Angela. He tells her that he is out there and that he has to catch him. He tells her that he is afraid to sleep, as he is afraid that he will be back in the car and out of air. Then a single tear falls down his face. So she suggests that he go home with her. And he agrees. We end this episode, with Bones and Booth in church, together. She tells him that she knew he wouldn't give up. Then he tells her, I knew you wouldn't give up. Why couldn't they simple tell each other "I love you".
  • Wow - this is a real eye-opener and a brilliant way of working the characters in all their strength and their frailty.

    I so enjoy Bones as a show. I think the characters are well thought out and work so well off each other and they're never disappointing. This episode blew me away. The premise is very simple: there's a serial kidnapper and killer who buries people alive and doesn't et people know where they are unless the ransom is paid. The story is much more complex, though. Brennan and Hodgins find themselves underground in a car - the latest victims. They have a limited air supply and everyone else is desperate to find them.

    What's really good about the episode is that although it's ostensibly about a serial killer, it really comes down to relationships between characters, people having to take on different roles than they normally do and accept other conceptions of what might be going on.

    Brennan and Hodgins are terrific in the car scenes (by which I mean the actors do a great job). Brennan has to perform emergency surgery and Hodgins comes up with scientific ways of keeping their air flowing. Yet there is a very intimate interaction - not sexual or romantic - but one that really makes their relationship more than just boss and assistant. They truly respect each other and that becomes really clear - plus they reveal things to each other that they might not have done otherwise.

    The rest of the cast are also terrific; there's a whole tension going on that makes you believe in the possibility that one or other of the buried characters might not survive. I guess knowing that it's called Bones means that it's unlikely that she wouldn't get there, but it's still very tense. And Booth rushing down the quarry to find her is another indication of their mutual love for each other (again not necessarily sexual or romantic, but there's a tension there too!).

    Angela and Hodgins at the end - who wouldn't shed a tear. He's always been the conspiracy theorist and cynic and total scientist, with a nice heart, but he displays a side of him that is suddenly completely vulnerable, despite him supposedly owning half of the world.

    One of the best they've done.
  • During the process of investigating a serial killer case, Brennan and Hodgins are buried alive, causing the rest of team to be caught in a race against time in order to save them.

    Amazing. This was the most emotionally heart-wrenching episode of Bones I've ever seen, including The Verdict in the Story. The acting was beyond amazing. I particularly found T.J. Thyne (Hodgins) to be impressive, as this episode really examined his character depth even further than usual. The music was also really good. The use of Margot and The Nuclear So & So's just added to the emotional impact of the episode, and the scene during which that music was used makes me cry every time I watch it. Really, this episode was nearly perfect. The only part I did not like was that we never found out what the clue was that Hodgins discovered right before being kidnapped.
  • A brilliant episode.

    It's a horrible, sad first sight of the boys, huddled together, arms around each other. The only comfort being that when they died, at least they weren't alone, they were with the person they loved most in the world. It was a short scene but very moving.

    It's quite natural that Booth takes such a dislike to Tega, he's former FBI and it's not that he wrote a book about an open case, it's that he wrote the book with a journalist. That makes the book exploitative rather than informative. Add to that his violent reaction to Booth insulting the Grave Digger and he's my prime suspect. Either that or he's just a scumbag.

    The knowledge that there was only 12 hours of air instead of 24 will certainly relieve the father of a great deal of guilt. It's no longer his fault or the FBI's that his sons died, but the Grave Digger who had to take both brothers. He messed up from the first: taking one, hitting the second with his car then having to take the brother too which automatically meant that 1/ one brother was injured and bled out and 2/ not enough oxygen. Ryan killed himself so that his twin would have more air.

    When Brennan and Hodgins are taken, it's probably exactly how the two boys were – one sees the other down and runs to help and gets hit by the car.

    The fact that Brennan and Hodgins are scientists gives them ways to help themselves, from sending a text message to getting air from the spare tyre and extending the air supply.

    Hodgins admits he's in love with Angela, even buying her an incredibly expensive perfume not because she'll like it, but because it will tell her how he feels without having to say it. Maybe he's afraid of saying it or due to her backing off, is afraid of spooking her. After all this time, Brennan finally finds out how rich Hodgins is.

    Hodgins doesn't need the fancy perfume, he's wonderful just the way he is which he has already proved by their first date. If his vulnerability here doesn't break down her defenses, nothing will. I think she'll open up to him now. This is the turning point.

    A brilliant episode.
  • Adorable.. but something bothers me!!

    Excellent episode totally.. but why the hek is Booth still with Cam??? this part of the show is disgusting!!! it's like Brennen is deceived with such happenings and she doesn't know. He should konw better.. can't he see the signs... all over.. can't Cam see the signs??? she's an open minded scientist with big brains... how can't she see that he Loves Brennen :s..
    Hodgins broke hearts at the end, just like a small baby :"" but go Angela!!
    When will Brennen stop being a pigheaded and admit her feelings?? actually both should do that she and Booth..
    this episode is really an eye-opener!!
  • i loved it

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  • I chose the classification of "Nothing Happened" only because there isn't one called "Disappointing". This story had the potential to be much more than it was...and that was not a fault of acting, but of writing.

    IMHO, potentially this story could have offered far more than it did. More drama, waay more passion (and I'm not talking about lip mashing here), and a lot more cohesiveness.

    So we\'re talking about two people being buried alive...and yet most of what was offered were survival tips. Not that those weren\'t interesting, but where was the human angst, the terror, the desperation to live? At least the writers gave Hodgins a moment to write a letter...but I would have expected more anxiety, more emotion on the part of two people facing their last moments on earth. Ah, well... Perhaps the writers are too afraid of offending viewers by making a story "soapy", and in the process render it flat, offering MacGyver-type tricks instead of character development.

    I guess I had expected more nuances, especially after the comments producers made about what to expect this season. However, in this story Brennan came across rather one-dimensional, and Booth's scenes were very short. The camera didn't really linger long enough but to catch a glimpse of any real emotion from either of these characters. Kudos to Boreanaz that he was able to get across what he could in those fleeting seconds.

    And personally, I think the big ending should have been digging these two out of the sand. As it was, the actually ending seemed to be tacked-on, and rather anti-climatic.

    Note: I might not have been so critical if I hadn't watched a Season 1 Bones rerun episode that followed tonights show. The rerun story was more interesting and cohesive, and the characters way more 3-dimensional!
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of bones they come to a scene were kids found like a spaceship but thing is there is kids inside and they do more investgating and its the work of a man called the grave digger. and how he buries people and waits for the randsom money. and bones and the others are working hard to find out who he is. and then bones and hardgens are kidnapped and then they are buried in the car alive. and so time is running out quick but bones gets smart and sends a message through a cellphone wired to the car and then hadgens send the info about the dirt in the message and they are tring to figure it out . and they find bones and hadgens. this was a really good ep
  • WOW! This was a great episode! It was so amazing! The only thing that could have possibly topped this off was Tremprance and Booth! Or even if they would have kissed at each other in the end instead of just smiling!

    WOW! This was a great episode! It was so amazing! The only thing that could have possibly topped this off was Tremprance and Booth! Or even if they would have kissed at each other in the end instead of just smiling!

    This Sho was awsome! I loved it! It was really intense! I was really impressed with the creativity! I really wanted Booth and Brenan to at least kiss or soemthing at the end! I mean come on! lol But all the tricks and different things that Hogins and Brenan had to come up with to get out of there were well thoughtout! This show would definatly been a 10 if Booth and Brenan would have kissed they had the PERFECT opening! I can't wait for next week's show.
  • Great episode.

    I started watching this show because of David Boreanaz. Fortunately the entire cast is so important to the show. Each character and their individual quirks and virtues are human and appealing...Even my sister who is a huge Kathy Reichs fan and was afraid the show would cheapen her art loves the show as do I. Finding human, funny, brave, bright and entertaining television is a rare find these days. This episode also shows that the respect these people have for one another is something we could all aspire to. Can\\\'t wait for the Christmas show also as last season I watched it 15 times. The writers always seem to capture many of my feelings and experiences which is why an ensemble cast is so important. Thank you for intelligent, thought and feeling provoking TV.
  • Never loose faith

    "You've got faith Baby!"

    This episode is an instant classic Bones episode! Brennan and Hodgin burried alive in a car and Booth and the rest of the team looking for them, all in all a fairly well known plot but the interaction between the characters is what makes this episode stand out.

    I really think David Boreanaz gave one of his best ever performances in this episode. Not once during this episode did I doubt for a second that Booth was fighting not only for Bones' and Hodgins' lives but also for the rest of the gang's lives. Booth and Bones' discussions in Booths SUV is starting to become part of what I like the most about this show. It never stops to amaze me how Bones' mind work and how Booth keeps sticking to and explaining his own views. He has to be the most patient man ever! Bless him and his silly socks! The Jack and Angela storyline is really growing on me, and I'm happy to see that they are not just gonna leave it with the one perfect swing date. I guess there's nothing like always loosing someone for good to make you realize what you've got. The only question is how many times will Booth have to save Bones' life before the two of them wake up and smell the love in the air? A Booth and Brennan kiss after he'd pulled her out of the ground would have earned this a 10 point score, but that we just have to save for later I guess.

    Now as far as the grave digger plot goes. Oh please let them look into the case again sometime in the future! I have a sneaky feeling that Vega guy knows more than he's telling us!
  • An amazing episode that had me reaching for the tissue box.

    Brennan and Hodgins are buried alive when they become the latest victim of a serial killer called the Grave Digger. The Grave Digger’s motive is to kidnap, bury his victim and as for a ransom and if the ransom is not reached by the dead line the victim suffocates. While buried in a car Brennan and Hodgins use the wires for the horn as a power source for Brennan’s cell phone and send a text message to Booth with clues to where they are. After much taught Zack cracks Hodgins code and the crew head for their destination hoping they are not too late. Upon arriving Booth, Cam, Angela, and Zack canvas the area before seeing a small explosion rise from the ground. Booth races toward the explosion and starts digging after a little digging Booth pulls out Brennan while Angela, Cam and Zack continue to dig to pull out Hodgins. Both Brennan and Hodgins make it out alive. This was an amazing episode and one of my personal favorites. The episode was full of drama, suspense, and emotions. I just love how everyone pulled together to save Brennan and Hodgins.
  • "Aliens in a Spaceship" was one of the best episodes of this season! Two thumbs up :)

    This episode was so full of energy and life. It dealt with human life, and how precious it can be. It also touched on how we can take fragranted how little time we have here on earth. I really enjoyed watching people's true feelings come out. Boreneanz was superb. You really caught a sense of how deep his "true" feelings for Bones were. I'm also glad this tragedy was able to pull Angela's head out of her a..! It was completely obvious how she felt about Hodgins. I'm really tired of Cam pushing up on Booth. It's time for their little "work/romance" to come to an end. I wish they would hurry up and spice things up between Booth and Bones, because we all know that's were they are headed.
  • Alright, you know there is a problem when my mom comes down stairs and starts making fun of me for crying

    It was a really good episode, but it didn't go the way I imagined it. I mean they are trapped in a vehical with no way out and only Hodgins opens up about his feelings for Angela, Bones should've opened up about something. . .I mean anything-her parents, her brother, Booth, her secret love for Styx? I don't know. What really got me is that for the most part they are arguing with the book guy and that chick reporter, if Gravedigger was so consistant Why did they insist on calling a press conference asking more time.. he isn't going to listen. Ok, I know I might be the only one thinking this but Hodgins and Brennan are to smart for their own good, I mean the thing with the perfume ($3000?? WTH??) to figure out where they are, the rigging of the cellphone to the horn, the liquid O2 the tires. . Holy hannah that is WAY to smart (not that I'm complaining) and Her performing surgery on his leg, ouch** and the grand finale with the whole making an explosive out of the airbag. . where did she learn this stuff? I know and understand that she is a scientist but its genius!!! Ok Booth showed N O affection for Bones when he pulled her out, I was rather pissed by that . . dude you almost lost your partner-you are willing to die for her, but you don't even become excited when you realize that was her grabbing your arm? I wanted some action at least. . .a hug, kiss or proposal whatever, I did like the added kiss from Angela at least there was some affection shown. I should go on about Cam, What the heck is wrong with her? The look she gave Angela when they were in vegas and Booth calling Bones hot, was a look of knowing and yet she STILL invites him to New York, She is setting herself for being hurt. . .Is she being decent and trying to get Bones jealous and realize that she what she is missing? But from the looks of it, all hell will break loose. But the next episode looks iffy. . .we'll have to see. You know I would love for her to disappear, but she adds to the tension to the show.

    And what happened to the letters? I mean they could've shown something about them, we all know Hodgins wrote about how he wished that he had more time with Angela and that she'll be happy. But what about Brennan? It should've been about how Booth shouldn't blame himself, go on with his life and have more babies, I love you, their partnership ment the world. Whatever. . . oh and that she finished her last book, if he could take it the the publisher. . . whatever. . .something sappy and he was supposed to find it after he pulled her out, she was asleep in the hospital or whatever. Cheers!
  • This was a really good episode!!

    This episode starts out with Brennan in a car with Hodgins underground. Then it shows 48 hours earlier and they find twins in a device that looks like a spaceship under ground. Then the team investigates and just when Hodgins goes out to tell Brennan he figured it out he gets hit with the grave diggers car. When the ransom call for them comes in Boothh and Cam are eatiing and ahe invites him to New York. Brennan and Hodgins find a way to send a text message and Zack translates it and Booth saves them.This was a really good episode, who knew Hodgins was rich?
  • One of the best episodes this season

    When Bones and the team stumble across the remains of two teenage boys, they all learn about a vicous killer called the gravedigger. During the investingation, the gravedigger captures Bones and Hodgins. Clocks are ticking as the wole team tries to find out where they are buried or how to get 10 million dollars. So many secrets are revealed when everyone is under pressure. We can finally see how strong Bones and Booth's relationship really is, and how crazy Hodgins really is about Angela. Aliens in a spaceship is one of the best episodes this season. It is so exciting and so sweet.

    painful to watch for all the right reasons. I mean I literally couldn't sit still during this episode, it woz so good. Angela and hodgins? awwww... Oh n can i just make amends and say that in 'BtVS' buffy didn't say 'i will end u' to ben, she says it 2 caleb in season 7 - 'if u come near xander again, i wil end u'. Thanx!
  • A great episode

    I really liked this episode.

    1. Hodgins and Angela. I've been waiting for so long for those two to get together. They are so cute.

    2. Booth's reluctance to believe that Brennan was dead. That's the kind of devotion I like.

    3. Why put to squints in car together? anyone should know that they would find a way to escape.

    I didn't really like the scene where Brennan cut Hodgins' leg. That made me, my brother and my dad all cringe.

    I had been waiting to see this episode excitedly since it aired in America but since Sky One stopped showing it over Christmas I have only just seen it. And I am pleased to say that it totally lived up to my expectations. Even more so.
  • Brennan and Hodgins get buried alive...with the added bonus of Booth and Bones discussing religion...

    This is hands down my favorite episode of Bones. Everything that is good about this show is on display in this nerve-wracking episode. Booth and Brennan discuss religion, which is always entertaining. Seriously, who didn't laugh when she compared God to the Gravedigger? Plus, the squints and Booth working together is always a good thing. The supporting cast does an excellent job as usual. Cam and Zack's conversation about why it matters that one of the twins sacrificed himself so his brother would have a chance highlights why this show is so much more than a procedural. This show and, in particular, this episode demonstrate the fine balance between drama and comedy that this show manages to find almost every episode.
  • The first ever episode of Bones that i saw

    Living in England means we get stuff a couple of months or so after it's shown in the US. Bones shows on Sky One for us and the only thing i used to watch on Sky One was like Buffy and 24. Last friday night, i was slumped on my couch with nothing to do so i swithed the TV on. I couldn't find any of my usual shows and the terrestrial channels all seemed to be showing news. I had a choice of Bones or Criminal Minds. I do watch Criminal Minds sometimes but for some reason beyond me i switched to Sky One instead. Wow i was hooked. This was an amazing episode. I was completely lost in the plot and even managed to ignore the phone ringing. I liked the way the show is professional but relates to the characters aswell. And, being the drama fan that i am, was very interested. Since seeing this episode, i have sort of managed to catch up with the plot by watching random episode from earlier in the series and i will definitely be tuning in on thursdays when it shows.
  • Another very solid episode which continued to show the human side of Bones.

    Another very solid episode which continued to show the human side of Bones.

    Bones and Hodgins were buried alive in a car and they were very close to death. When both of them almost lost hope Bones cried, which isn't something normal for her.

    During this episode feelings continued to come out. Hodgins came out in public when he told Bones that he is crazy in love with Angela, and Angela showed a lot of sadness knowing that Hodgins was buried alive and they couldn't do anything to help out. It seems that they are destined to be together.

    Meanwhile Booth is showing that he has feelings towards Bones. When they arrived at the place where Bones buried, as soon as there was the explosion he was the first one running to the spot to save Bones.

    I hope that Bones and Booth get together cos they will make a very good yet strange couple.
  • not much to say, just another top notch eps. the tension felt so real, add up the reasons why they should get together.

    SMART PLOT, I bet the grave digger will be reccuring somehow on the next episode, and the bad guy will be caught. I'm quite sure, cause whoever the grave digger is, made the "TIGER" very angry, by messing with his "partner", not only messing, buried alive...!! they're only partner but, they always be there for each other, even if he had to flee from coast to coast to save her, keep her safe... time to time, if threats kep coming put her life at stake, Booth won't let her go on her own... ;) Bones leave, all leave... that's the deal...

    keep goin BONES!! can't wait to see more!!
  • When a serial killer buries people alive in demand for money to dig them back out; you know you're dealing with a devil...

    An usual beginning that leads to one of the best episodes in the entire series. From the first moment to the last is riviting and captivating. At first it's just another "serial killer" case but as the evidence is collected it becomes apparent to everyone that this is no ordinary serial killer. A secret genius who stops at nothing to get what he/she wants. Then it takes a sudden turn as two of the people who are trying to solve the case become victims themselves and the episode takes on a whole new level of drama that effects everyone working on the case. If they don't work together it could very well get people killed. As a group they pull it off but only because they are strong individually in their own ways. So it becomes very character driven and less about the person behind it all who seems to slip into the shadows. The only things left in my mind after watching this episode is "When will we see the Gravedigger again?" and "How will they catch the Gravedigger" and that keeps me eager to find out. This episode never gets boring even after watching it hundreds of times because I find new little things that were missed before. Wonderful acting by everyone and wonderful directing makes an unforgettable episode. A must watch for everyone!
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