Season 2 Episode 15

Bodies in the Book

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 14, 2007 on FOX

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  • Explanation for the murders is far-fetched.

    Not an impressive episode, the writers are borrowing from the movies again for storylines.

    Sully is certainly bringing out a surprising exhibitionist side to Brennan we've never seen before, PDA has never been something Brennan's comfortable with but she seems to be learning.

    Oliver's role-playing is pretty disturbing, he's actually physically acting out the murders. There's a pretty short step from playing with dolls to using real people. Oliver, unfortunately, faints at the sight of blood so he's a dead end suspect.

    Not a terribly original storyline or very well executed. The strangers killing each other's problems has been done before on both movies and tv and done much better. After announcing the solution to the case, it was never really explained to my satisfaction. Killing someone isn't easy and here it's premeditated murder of a complete stranger, relying on a fragile trust in your partners. If this had been expanded on, it would have worked but pretty skimpy explanation.
  • A pretty good episode of teamwork, but again, Bones and Sully's relationship is agitating me!

    The first shot.....the first shot of this episode was once again, Brennan and Sully together. I am a firm "Bully" hater, and had wishful thinking that the next episode would say that they broke up. Though, I did like the suttle hints of romance between Bones and Booth (as always). Also, Booth cracking wise jokes about Sully made their relationship more enjoyable.

    So this episode is about a killer who read Bones's new book, and thought it would be kind of funny to imitate those murders in real life. But thanks to the truly amazing teamwork of everyone involved, they figured out that there were really three different murderers in cahoots.

    Then of course, we had the retarded ending with Bones and Sully making out. Bleh
  • Life imitates fiction.

    Bones and Booth investigate a string of murders that seem to be taken right out of her latest novel.
    The victims are all killed and eaten by animals (crabs,rats,ants). Like Cam said - "cheery".
    The actual killers are a real surprise.

    Both Booth and Sully exhibit alpha-male behavior when it seems that Brennan might be in the middle of this, but of course she doesn't agree and doesn't "need to be protected".
    But only Booth' attitude is believable to me, Sully is just meh.
    I still hate the ongoing romance between Bones and Sully, seeing him and Bones up close and personal was worse than most of the rotten bodies featured on the show. The no-chemistry thing becomes once more painfully clear when Sully tries to get his "love" and concern across to Bones. I didn't feel anything.

    Despite the presence of Sully "The Bodies in the Book" is a fun episode. The best convo had to be between Hodgins and Angela. H: "Do you have any idea how tight a rat's rectum is?" A: "Please tell me, you don't." *lol*
  • this was a good ep

    this was a good ep of the show this ep of bones she learns that she is geting called for a book siging and in this they are called to the scene of three murdersn and it does more invesgating and we learn the people were killed in the same ways of the book. and bones does not want to face that fact. and her publist turns up dead and a women killed that her husband abused her and a wife that had money cheated on him. this was a good ep i thought and that is why i gave it a8.5
  • People are getting murdered, in the same ways as in Brennan's books

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. When remains are found in a marina, Booth and Bones are called in to investigate. Booth tells her that it is a lot like her new book, and that becomes even more so creepy when the victim is found and tied up the exact same way as in her book.
    Soon they believe that the killer is copycatting the ones from Bones's newest book. Soon another victim is found and is also found killed the same way as the 2nd victim in her book. Soon Booth goes through her fan mail and finds one fan they both know, her stalker Oliver. When Booth goes round to see him, he finds dolls tied up the same way as the 1st victim was. He says that he wants to see Bones, and she agrees. But it doesn't last very long. Then Bones and her new boyfriend have an argument and so Booth goes with Bones to her book signing/reading. When they get there, her publicist isn't there, and so Bones and Booth go to her home to try and find her. They soon find fire ants like in the book, and soon discover a 3rd body, meaning a 3rd victim. It turns out to be, her publicist Helen. Son they think that all 3 of the victims were killed by different killers. They also believe that all three of the main suspects, killed for each other. This becomes more concrete when we learn that all three of them belong to a fan site about Bones's books. Then all 3 of them are arrested. We end with Bones and her boyfriend making up, and as he talks to Hodgins, Booth sees the 2 of them kissing, and he looks deeply hurt.
  • "Red Tape, White Bones"

    In this episode, we first see Brennan and Sully's relationship going one large step further. We see that Brennan doesn't take their relationship seriously. Sully seems to be a nice guy, although I'd like to see Brennan and Booth together.

    A murder happens. It looks like the killer was inspired by Brennan's latest book "Red Tape, White Bones". It was the first crime described in the book. Then, the second crime happens. Again, it's like the one Brennan has written. And the third... All three like her book.

    I enjoyed the episode. It was very interesting. I didn't imagine there were three killers. They made a deal to kill each other's targets. I thought it was Oliver. He freaks me out.
  • Like Strangers On A Train... A Few Years Later.

    The plot was good and to be honest I first thought that the assistant had did it all. But it was a good surprise. Emily is getting better and better, she seems more natural than before and that makes her character more believable.

    I like Cam with every episode. She seems more relaxed now that Booth broke up with her.

    I find it annoying all the flirting between Angela and Hodgins in the lab. However, in this episode it was so funny when Hodgins whispered in her ear and then Booth did the same. Hilarious!

    So Brennan and Sullivan. He seems like a nice guy but I think he is not right for her. I dont think he will ever understand her. Brennan almost broke the man´s heart when she said they were having a fling. Talk about lack of social skills...

    Booth... I cant stop thinking how sweet the guy is. Always thinking of Brennan, on what´s best for her, there´s nothing he wouldnt do for her. The look on his face when Sullivan told him he wasnt interested. He just cant hide it!

    Favorite moment: "You guys make a great team". "That´s true" Booth says looking at her. "So true". And then the infamous scene when B&S are kissing and Booth sees them... Talk about a broken heart...

  • Booth. Is. Jealous. Wow. And let's kill Sully!

    Okay, Bones got herself a boyfriend who I am not going to either like or even accept as long as it's not Booth, but heeey--does he have to be an idiot? Because to me Sully looks that way.

    The case was nice but also a bit predictable. The first moment I heard Ellen was gone and unreachable I knew she was the third victim. I like the idea of killers from the chatroom though, didn't see it coming.

    Booth. Is. Jealous. He. So. Is. Wow.

    And Camille seems to be much nicer since she's not looking at Booth as if she wanted him more than anything. Call it the hopeless shipper's ramblings but I never gave up Boones so I am going to plan on getting rid of Sully. Maaan, he is such a jerk.

    I liked Hodges' remark about the red tape, he is in his element, isn't he? :P
  • I didn't think Bones could jump the shark.

    I didn't think Bones could jump the shark. Many other episodes are so original and exciting. This one was just sexed up, boring, and predictable. We know Brennan and Sully are having sex, we don't need to see it. Especially when our little brothers and father are in the room staring at you asking if that's an appropriate choice of programming to watch. They talked about sex a lot in this one too, which I normally don't mind it (I actually enjoy it), this just seemed so boring and they could've done so much more with the case, but they decided to talk about sex. The case was alright. A little predictable, but still interesting. They could've done so much more with it. More suspects, etc. This was a bit of a shark jumper and it was predictable, but sitll good, I guess.
  • good episode

    Ok, so I watched this episode last week, let's see if I can remember enough about it to write a review.

    So, bodies are being found and they have been killed in the exact same way as in Brennan's latest book. Can I just say, the the decmposing bodies are absolutely gross. But good gross.

    Favourite bit- the bit with the rats. That made me laugh.

    Ok, I didn't expect that it would be three people doing the killings. All through the episode I had to put up with my brother saying that everybody (even Brennan) was the killer, so at least he got it. although he didn't realise it.

    So another great episode of Bones. Bring on the next one.
  • Wish that Brennan & Booth could be together more this season.

    I hate it when Brennan and Booth aren't working together
    I like Sully don't get me wrong at all as
    He seems like a pretty good guy. But they need to Show Brennan and Booth much more. The three murders that
    The team are working on tie to the latest book of Brennan's
    Her third book ironically.
  • Amazing except for the Sully and Brennan working together thing

    I wanted to throw something at the TV in the beginning!!! Why did they have to show the Bren and Sully relationship? I don't have a problem with them being together but I really didn't want to see that! And their relationship was terrible when they had to work together.

    Okay I loved Brennan trying to make everyone believe that the same person didn't kill everyone. I loved her fighting so hard to not jump to a conclusion before all the evidence was in, while everyone said it was just like her book. I loved that Brennan was right too and that someone different committed each murder. The fact that each murderer killed someone that wasn't linked to them for someone else so they could be home free was an interesting storyline and I liked it!

    Oliver was very creepy even creepier than he was in his last appearence. I was freaked out with that guy.

    A good comeback for the show after 3 weeks but I hated Bren and Sully trying to work together after all the sex it was very wrong and made me wanna hit Sully in the head!
  • Wow, the writers almost got their old groove back!

    This one was good enough that I could ALMOST overlook that idiot Sully. The storyline was unique, and the entire team seemed wholly involved, without undue (and horribly boring) excess dialogue between Bones and Sully. I do wish it had ended differently (say with Sully getting blown up by a car bomb) but overall this one had a lot of the old "Bones" type edge. I just wish the writers would stop diluting the team chemistry with additional characters; it weakens the strength of the show. And for the record, I was a bigger fan of the "pre-therapy" Booth. Sully must die!
  • B&B or S&B?!?

    So I still have not given up hope for Bones and Booth to get together. I know that it seems like she is happy with Sully, but not everything is perfect with them. When Booth gets on her case about being too attached to a case or in danger, yeah there are some words between them, but it all works out ok. When Sully tries the same thing, it creates some issues. I have a feeling that his freestyle way of life just won’t mesh well with Bones’s “my job is my life” mentality and sooner or later it will come between them for good. I also liked the plot line of life imitating art imitating life. It was a cool idea. Although the idea of a random group of people hooking up to murder for each other has been done before (think CSI).So I still have not given up hope for Bones and Booth to get together. I know that it seems like she is happy with Sully, but not everything is perfect with them. When Booth gets on her case about being too attached to a case or in danger, yeah there are some words between them, but it all works out ok. When Sully tries the same thing, it creates some issues. I have a feeling that his freestyle way of life just won’t mesh well with Bones’s “my job is my life” mentality and sooner or later it will come between them for good. I also liked the plot line of life imitating art imitating life. It was a cool idea. Although the idea of a random group of people hooking up to murder for each other has been done before (think CSI).
  • Bones is BACK!!!!

    Missing a show when it’s not on our screens is one thing but having withdrawal symptoms is another, so how glad was I when finally after what seemed like an eternity Brennan and Booth along with the Jeffersonian team returned with yet another cracking episode.

    The story naturally has moved on since our last encounter with our fearless duo and Temperance has taken her relationship one step further with Sully though Temperance/Bones doesn’t quite see it as a relationship, Booth is taking it all in his stride but keeping his own feelings for Bones deep inside though we all know that eventually they’ll surface.

    Also since we last saw the gang Bones has written and had her third book published however someone or as we find out some persons have read and are playing out her latest writings as bodies are discovered being killed and left in the same way Brennan’s characters have been, I did find Bones stalker Oliver very creepy indeed and more so that her last nemesis Howard Epps, something tells me Michael will be rearing his stalker ways again in a future episode. But once again our marvellous Forensic anthropologist and FBI agent solved the crime with help naturally from Cam, Zack, Hodges, Angela and Sully All in all a brilliant episode and as I first wrote Bones is BACK!!!!
  • Not a bad Episode.......

    I have to say that this wasn't my favorite episode of Bones, but it was still pretty good. I loved the story line and how it went with the book but I have to say sometimes it was a little bit predictable. But those minor set backs didn't ruin the episode as a whole. The one thing that I really enjoyed was the tension between Boothe and Sully. It shows that Boothe is not only mad about the fact that he wants to get on the case but you can really see the tension that is cause by the relationship factors of Bones and Sully. It shows that Boothe still really does have feeling for her. You can defenitly see that at the end during the kiss. This relationship reminds me of a more realistic version of Clark and Lana on Smallville. But that might also mean that it will never happen.

  • Good story and great dialogue, but the camera work had me reaching for a bucket...

    I really, really think I would have loved this episode...minus the rats...if it hadn't been for the weird camera work...Maybe it was just me, but I found this episode hard to watch...I hope they were experimenting...I love the crisp, clean look of the show...This episode did not have that...despite some very witty dialogue between characters and a good case that was wrapped up very neatly, but in a satisfying manner. I also have enjoyed what Sully has added to the mix, but in this episode it felt a little forced...and while I love the tension and chemistry between Brennan and Booth, I did feel like it was being shoved in our faces...The sublte gestures and innuendo make it fun...I would also like to add that Oliver was very creepy...much more so than he was in season 1. And as usual, some of the best lines of the show were not delivered by Booth or Brennan...think Jack and Cam's conversation about books...The entire cast just adds so much to the show...This episode was long awaited because of the haitus and while it delivered a good story, I hope that next week I don't feel like Brennan has been trapped in Lilliput...she looked like a giant in some of scenes...who is freakishly tall now?
  • Bones is devastated when the murders she wrote about in her book happen.

    Ahh! what a great episode. Everything meant sooo much. I thought Oliver was real freaky, and his dolls were terryfying. On the topic of the Bones-Booth-Sully triangle, OMFG! i mean, first of all, Booth still wants brennan back and sully and her are cute! Sully was so offended when Brennan said it was "just a fling". I think Brennan and Sully are a good mix, he's helping her to open up to love, but i don't know... whilst Booth still wants Brennan, its very confusing, and when he turned around and saw them making out i felt so bad for him. I mean, he's the kind of guy that won't be sad, he'll just get distracted and upset. Mad, even. Did he get in a divorce? is that why he doesnt see his kid? i missed like, 7 epi's this season! But overall, definetly worth watching again. Awesome watching the first time.
  • Poor Booth !

    What an episode! Loved every single bit of it (not counting Sully). The story revolves around Brennan’s new book. A murderer has been killing his victims exactly how Brennan has written it in her book. The crime scenes were gruesome, one was stuck to an anchor and dropped to the bottom of the sea, another was shot and eaten by rats in a cage, and the last one was killed and had fire ants all over her body. Ewww, I Know! So Sully and Booth get overprotective over Bones and want her with them at all times. Bones and Sully get into an argument, which made me happy, because I hate Sully and want him dead! Unfortunately, they make up in the end leaving Booth alone, which breaks my heart. Hopefully, Booth and Bones will have to get together sooner or later; I mean they have to right?
  • Another spectacular episode!

    Another awesome episode from the whole cast of Bones. They
    seem to be cranking out one great episode after the other and it
    doesn't appear to be slowing down any. This episode was no different
    and really captured my attention all the way through.

    The case was quite captivating and I felt sympathy for
    Brennan, who thinks she may have been the reason for the murders, and
    the murders were quite a spectacle indeed. First of all: who doesn't
    want to read the book now that we know what it's about? The case took
    the three shocking murders from the book and they were displayed in
    quite a gruesome manner. The rats, the fire ants, and the crabs (it
    was crabs, wasn't it) all looked very frightening and unsettling. I
    loved the end of the case, where it ends up that all three of the
    suspects murdered a different person so that each of them would have an
    alibi. Awesome twist there.

    The personal stuff this week seemed to be put slightly on the
    back burner but the scenes with Sully and Brennan were...well, very
    anger inducing. They should so not be together. I love Booth's
    reaction to them kissing at the end as well as the bond that Sully and
    Booth seem to have despite him dating Brennan. You could really see
    that close bond they shared in this episode and it will probably become
    apparent and useful later in the season. Oh, and I love the
    Hodgins/Angela stuff and their chemistry is great. Don't you just love
    them as a couple?

    Hodgins: Do you have any idea how tight a rat's rectum is?
    Angela: Please tell me you don't.

    Overall, a really good episode and I can't wait for next weeks. Looks pretty
    good and Sully seems to be popping a question. Hmm. I highly doubt
    its that question, though.
  • I really love the evolution of Brennan.

    I loved this episode. Even though I knew Hank was involved from the beginning. He was way to much of a Brennan fan not to be. I liked how they linked the murders to Brennan's book and the different ties at the end. It made for a nice twist. I love the budding relationship between Sully and Brennan. She is finally allowing someone to get close - besides Booth, which is a different twist all together. Booth going to bat for Brennan, wanting her happy, warns him not to be scared off. Booth KNOWS how special she is - she just needs to realize exactly what's under her nose.
  • Bones cast and crew continue to impress

    There is nothing this show can do wrong. The series characters are wonderful. The writers continue to peel away layers of each character each week. This week was Booth and his jealousy. Well done! Bones and her fear of having a long lasting relationship. The Hodgins and Angela storyline. Keep it up!
  • Brennan has just published her book White Bones Red Tape and it is already a smash hit. As she tried to perform her novelist duties, bodies start appearing murdered just as in her new book. Bones, Booth, and Sully work together to makes the arrests.

    Booth is awesome in this episode. Although he doesn't like seeing Bones with Sully, he encourages both of them to continue the relationship. As always Booth proves he is a gentleman. I thought the 3 murders that Bones wrote about were pretty gruesome and I wished that they had some explanation for the way she chose them to die. I also thought the term Brennanites was a clever name for all her adoring sometimes stalking internet fan base. Also,I enjoyed Angela's humor, "testoserone spill in aisle 4" used for Sully's and Booth's power struggle to protect Bones(a continuing theme throughout the episode). All in all it was a great show that told an interesting story and had a lot of character building between Bones, Booth, and Sully.
  • Some killer gets the ideas from Bones' book to kill his victims...

    Bones is confused as she realises that the killer does exactly what she wrote in her book. Things get even worse because she knows there will be 3 victims and there is nothing she can do about it..

    We get to know more about the Sully/Bones relationship..actually, in this episode, we get more fighting scenes than romantic ones. Instead of being happy about the two of them fighting, Booth gives an advice to Sully about how to work things out with Bones!!

    We then all agree to say that Booth is definitely NOT jealous, but gess what? We're all wrong because at the end, as Bones and Sully make out, Booth watches the scene with a bitter, kind of a jealous look and at that precise moment, all the Booth/Bones fans can breathe again..cause there is still
  • Well

    as always, a fine episode, showing why Bones is one of my favorite shows.
    The story is interesting and the character development is exciting. I knew that the weird assistant had something to do with the murderers. This was kind of obvious.

    I like Sully. He's smart and like Booth said "one of the good guys". Brennen and him make a great couple.

    I just think that they're showing too much jealousy from Booth. Everytime Sully comes in, he get's jumpy and all sarcastic. And that look he gave them at the end of episode.. doesn't lie: he has feeling for her..
  • this show just keeps getting better i am to lazy to write a diff review when i feel the same way

    what a twist the end was amazing i loved this episode and will continue to love it it was one of the best episodes ever i laughed i cryed lol j/k but it was a very good episode and i can't believe i never saw the end coming it was crazy this episode has got be the best one so far they just keep getting better all hail this show if you have never seen it you have no clue what you are missing you must watch this show and you must watch it now i love this show and this is exactally why
  • Three people are murdered based on how characters on Brennan's new book, Red Tape, are killed: wrapped in red tape and left for animals to feed on the carcasses.

    This episode is one of my favorite episodes of the second season. I thought it was interesting that we got to see what was in Brennan's new book, Red Tape and how everything went down. It was also interesting how Kathy Reichs, who this whole series is based on, is the character in the book who catches the bad guys in the book. I was very entertained watching this episode. Each time a new suspect was suspected, I shouted "He did it! He did it!" and three out of the four times I did it, I was right, since three of them teamed up to kill someone related to one of the other two in the group. 10/10!
  • i really liked this episode!

    it feels so good to come back after yet another stupid month long break. loved this episode. i did think that maybe that opening scene with sully was a tad bit, um unessecary, but then again i liked it. just imagine that its Booth under those covers and not him. thats what i did!

    brennan seems really bothered by the fact that people were murdering people based on her book. and who can blame her?! i would have liked to read the book myslef. the fact that cam isnt gonna read it is so mean! great episode, so if you havent seen it you definatley need to.
  • Booth and Brennan find three bodies murdered the way characters were killed in Brennan's latest book

    The only problem I have is when Booth and Brennan find the third body. They walk through the stream of fire ants and even seem to stand near the ants while discussing the body. Trust me, no one stands that close to fire ants calmly! Both of them would be screaming and trying to brush ants off of themselves. Fire ants are very, very aggressive and they would have attacked both Booth and Brennan.
  • Bones never ceases to impress...

    This was a very very good episode. It played off the Booth & Brennan relationship without overdoing it AND being Sully friendly. I thought the fact that Sully went to Booth to ask about Brennan was very interesting... *wink wink* The murders this week were really interesting too! Not only were the killings from Brennan's book creepifying and interesting, but they also helped us explore Brennan's mind. Plus, the stalker characters were a great asset to the show. I can honestly say I didn't expect the ending either. Very nicely done without being unbelievable. One thing that bothered me was the whole Angela and Hodgins fling thingy. Before then the relationship had been all cute and I don't mind that they had sex in the storage locker, [whacky fun] but when angela said it was "all sex and laughter" and that the "only thought that goes into it is ordering take-out from bed,", i was a little thrown. Hodgins loves her, or so he said in "The Aliens in a Spaceship," so I thought it was a little low of good ol' Angie but overall, fantastic episode.
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