Season 2 Episode 15

Bodies in the Book

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 14, 2007 on FOX

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  • Life imitates fiction.

    Bones and Booth investigate a string of murders that seem to be taken right out of her latest novel.
    The victims are all killed and eaten by animals (crabs,rats,ants). Like Cam said - "cheery".
    The actual killers are a real surprise.

    Both Booth and Sully exhibit alpha-male behavior when it seems that Brennan might be in the middle of this, but of course she doesn't agree and doesn't "need to be protected".
    But only Booth' attitude is believable to me, Sully is just meh.
    I still hate the ongoing romance between Bones and Sully, seeing him and Bones up close and personal was worse than most of the rotten bodies featured on the show. The no-chemistry thing becomes once more painfully clear when Sully tries to get his "love" and concern across to Bones. I didn't feel anything.

    Despite the presence of Sully "The Bodies in the Book" is a fun episode. The best convo had to be between Hodgins and Angela. H: "Do you have any idea how tight a rat's rectum is?" A: "Please tell me, you don't." *lol*