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The neck bone's connected to the head bone, and the Season 9 Bones is connected to the Season 10 Bones: Fox has officially renewed the veteran crime procedural for a tenth season. Kevin Reilly, chairman of entertainment for Fox, hinted during the recent Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour that renewal was likely to happen and now it's happened, so it sounds like this was decided awhile ago and the network was just waiting to announce it until details was finalized. There's no indication that Season 10 will be the show's last, but it's widely considered by people in the biz (technical term) to be the end of the road for Booth and Brennan. 

Fox also announced that Bones will return to its former time slot of Monday nights at 8pm beginning on March 10, after Almost Human wraps its first season on Monday, March 3. The series is currently airing on Fridays, where it will air one last episode this Friday, January 31 before taking a short hiatus.

This renewal is kind of a big deal, so I did some digging (get it, because it's about bones?), because I honestly couldn't remember the last time a non-animated series on Fox lasted ten seasons. Now, I could be wrong, but according to my very thorough two-minute perusal of Wikipedia, the last Fox series to run for ten seasons was Beverly Hills, 90210. You know, the original one with Donna Martin. That went off the air in 2000. The X-Files lasted nine seasons, and 24 lasted eight (the Live Another Day miniseries that premieres in May will technically be Season 9), so this isn't just a big milestone for Bones, but also for its network. And probably David Boreanaz, too, because I feel like the dude hasn't left my TV screen since 1997 and oh my God, I just realized David Boreanaz has been on TV for nearly 20 years. I need to go lie down. 

Are you excited for Season 10? And are you shocked about the odd staying power of David Boreanaz? 

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