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Grateful for confirmation of Bones season ten but it won't be the last, it can't be because it is still a brilliant show to watch and other crimes shows have either died before now or have gone on to more than ten seasons like CSI, with only two of its original cast members it's still going. We have all the original cast members so we should at least get a couple more seasons. I love Bones and would watch it even after so long. Ten seasons is still not enough. Do we fight this or accept it because I don't want it to end after season ten.
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Mar 02, 2014
This is great. I watch the series over and over. Love it!!!
Jan 22, 2014
I really think ten is going to be it, and I was really surprised to find out it was going to be renewed again. Still, I'm thrilled that it has been because it is by far one of my favorite shows. I'm not familiar with what kind of ratings it gets, but the fact that it's on Friday nights now can't bode well. Sadly, it must not be as watched as it once was, and I'm afraid we'll soon have to say goodbye the the Brennan, Booth, and the squints.

Let's just hope they don't pull the order for season ten so we'll at least get one more. After that, let's just home Emily and David go on make new shows that will rise to prime time. Who knows, maybe a spin-off where Zack returns and teams up with Hodgins to make a crime fighting/solving duo. They could call it "Bugman and Zack" or something. Alas, as with House, all good shows must eventually end, and ten seasons is very respectable.
Jan 23, 2014
Ur logic makes sense but would hate to lose the one great show currently on but I love the idea of a spin off with Hodgins and Zack that would be unique in itself. I enjoyed house but was glad of its end, I've been a Bones fan since it first aired and have been a kathy reichs fan longer, took me a while to enjoy Bones for what it is, brilliant, CSI is still going without most of its original cast, I don't watch that now and in the same week of finding out Bones is finishing at season 10, Supernatural was given as many seasons as they wanted, as I watch that also with my mum, even we believe its starting to get boring and repetitive, yet they want it to go on even now. Bones is always going to be good and I guess if it leaves it just means that there will be one less brilliant show on the air. Bugman and Zack will have to do.
Apr 01, 2014
You know I was actually just kidding about Bugman and Zack, but it actually could work. They can ignore the whole issue of Zack being incarcerated for murder (or manslaughter, whatever), since there's so love lost from the gang. It could work the same way as Bones. Hodgins is the lovable protagonist whose mind us mostly based in reality, with his loyal sidekick Zack, the socially inept yet brilliant scientist spouting his catch phrase, "I don't know what that means". It could work, especially if Hodgins got back his money. His newly found brother could be a regular player, and Angela, Bones, and Booth could do the occasional cameo.

It will never happen though. Spin-off's never feature major characters. We could see "The Abernathy's", a show about life down on the ole farm where Finn lives when he's not interning an a forensic anthropologist. Or maybe we could tune into the new drama "Murder Afoot", followings our friendly forensic podiatrist who solves murders by looking at peoples feet.

Why did they have to give up "The Finder" so easily? I really liked it and thought it had at least enough potential for a few more seasons. It's not like anyone knew Michael Clarke Duncan was going to die.
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