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I laughed out loud at this as I paused to see what else was written on the page:

I believe there is no direct English translation for "kabastusan" but if loosely translated kabastusan may refer to anything inappropriate/naughty/perverse/lewd/vulgar. In all likelihood if that site exists, clicking on "kabastusan" would lead you to porn. =)

For all the non-Tagalog speakers out there who are wondering what else was written on the Philippine website Cam and Angela were watching, here are some translations:

"Musmos Upang Makita" - directly translated "musmos" refers to a very young child, often a baby, "upang" is "to", while "makita" means "see". Taking that together, the title of the song would probably be "Too young to See" in English.

"Patok" used here means a hit, so "Patok na Bidyo" means Hit Videos

Tahanan = Home

Account Ko = My Account

Email Bidyo = Email Video

Kontak = Contact

Mga Anunsyo = Announcements

Mag-sign up = Sign-up

Tulong = Help

Pagpipilian = Choices

"Mga" is a word to denote plurality. Think of it as an "s" at the end of the word it follows. So mga bidyo means videos, mga animation means animations, mga link means links.

Laro = Game

Katatawanan = Funny/Comedy

Magpa-sexy = magpa usually denotes "becoming" so magpa-sexy means to become sexy. This link probably leads to weight loss videos.

"Nakita si Colin Haynes! Buhay at Malakas!" - Colin Haynes has been spotted! Alive and strong!

"Tinugtog ni Colin Haynes and bagong single" = Colin Haynes plays his new single

Paborito = Favorite

Istatistika = Statistics

Ibahagi = Share
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Jan 21, 2014
"Musmos Upang Makita" actually means "A Child to Be Able To See". It's probably a reference to the Bible passages in the New Testament about being able to see with a child's eyes.
Jan 21, 2014
Good catch! =)
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