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With procedurals, the challenge is always keeping things entertaining and/or interesting. It's one reason why shows like Bones and Castle toss in character beats and arcs: Just in case the case of the week isn't great, you can at least rely on character shenanigans to carry the episode.

As last week demonstrated, a boring case with not much going for it can sink an episode just as quickly as lackluster character beats. "The Cheat in the Retreat" in pretty much the polar opposite for "The Secrets in the Proposal": we had the return of Booth and Brennan undercover as Tony and Roxy, which was a delight last time, and remained a delight this time, and kept the episode afloat. Pop in the well-sketched marriage retreat, populated by just colorful enough guest stars, including John Ratzenberger and Millicent Martin, and even if the mystery of who killed the remains of the week didn't draw you in, the premise enough was enough to keep it chugging along.

Meanwhile, new character arcs were launched with this episode as Cam became the victim of identity theft, and Sweets decided to take some time off. The identity theft issue could go either way. The show hasn't done much with Hodgins losing his family fortune, so what they intend to do with Cam's identity theft...I greet it with skepticism.

Sweets wanting time off, however, I'm game for. Along the lines of how quickly Brennan and Booth have seemed to resolve their Pelant-related angst (at least until Booth finally explains everything and Brennan still forgives him because his reasons are totally logical), Sweets is grappling with the guilt of his research being used against everyone. This, at least, is a natural and potentially character enhancing reaction to events from the finale. Even if not, the preview for next week promises some Booth and sweets silliness, and I am always game for that.

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AIRED ON 11/22/2017

Season 13 : Episode 1

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Sep 24, 2013
I think Bones has kinda stagnated in recent seasons. At times the case of the week has become tiring. I just wish they would dedicate 3 episodes just to clearing up the mess that is Pelant and then move on to a new big bad with a few case of the week episodes.
I still like the characters, but my disinterest in their particular case of the week formula is starting to become a problem. The problem I have now, is the fact that the writers are not giving me a reason to care about the bad guy. I'm really only tuning in for the character interactions at this point
Sep 24, 2013
I love it when Boreanaz puts on his fake South Philly Sicilian accent.
Sep 24, 2013
I think this episode was an improvement from the premiere however I do kind of wish they spent more time at the retreat (cause that was the best part of this episode for me) instead of focusing on the whole identity theft thing and Sweets taking some time off b/c really this episode could have been a really good stand alone "goofy" episode. I have a feeling this whole id theft thing is Pelant related and will somehow be resolved somewhat fast and I didn't really care for it.
I also spent the whole episode trying to figure out where I knew John Ratzenberger and Millicent Martin from....
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