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I won't do this every week, but considering that we opted not to do a review of the premiere (for reasons that'll be clear in a moment), I thought I would kick off a discussion of "The Secrets in the Proposal" with some thoughts of mine own.

The episode suffered from being, well, boring (dull corpse of the week, Freddie Prinze, Jr.'s guest turn aside) but also being in the horrible position of being damned if it did and damned if it didn't.

Booth pulling out of the engagement in the last season finale was so much manufactured drama, and so was just a dumb idea. But which is worse? Following through that dumb idea to showcase Booth and Temperance on the rocks, or resolving in your very first episode back, with all the tension that that decision happening over the break, off-screen?

I don't have an answer to this because both options are horrible. There's no commitment to the showing how Booth's decision caused a strain with it fixed at the end of this episode (though according to Hart Hanson, Angela's going to be bitter about things for a while) and that undermines what little dramatic tension the finale stirred up.

Letting that all play out, however, I wonder how productive that would have been given that it's taken the characters 8 seasons to get to the point where they were finally together, and so having them at odds would've seemed like oh-so-very-much a stalling tactic.

And that was all I had to say about the episode, hence the lack of a full review.

What did you all think? It seemed like those of you who commented about the finale were feeling pretty burnt out on/tired of the show? Still feeling that way? Do you think Bones can turn itself around?
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