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has been one of my favorite shows since the pilot, and it could probably go on forever the same way Law & Order does. However, it has lost all it's dynamic by following the exact same formula every week. Don't get me wrong; I still love the show but it's become almost silly. The writers seem to have gotten lazy and just developed the model below, so that now episodes just have a few interchangeable elements, written using the same system used to to play Mad Libs.

1. Remains are discovered in an unusual place by people whom are never seen again.
2. The squints arrive at the scene and do their squinting, while there is some bantering between Bones and Booth.
3. Everything is moved back to the Jeffersonian.
4. A minor personal story relating to a character unrelated to the crime occurs.
5. The remains are easily identified, and next of kin is notified to become suspect 1.
6. Angela, an intern, or one of Hodgins bugs lead to suspects 2 through 5, all of whom volunteer for interrogation in a weird black room at FBI headquarters. Short scenes are shown in inserted in between all this depicting #4.
7. The wrong suspect is deemed at the killer and brought back at least once.
8. Bones has epiphany who true killer is from something she did't see in the first 50 minutes.
9. Random suspect that Bones discovered to be real killer is revisited, and immediately confesses upon presented with the new finding.
10. Personal problem from #4 is resolved in some fashion, or occasionally continues as a minor plot element.

Does it bother anyone else that the FBI/Jeffersonian seems to investigate whatever murder comes their way without any involvement from the D.C. Police...ever? Not to mention that about 90% of the series Booth is the top legal authority, who is always in charge of all the law enforcement (with the exception of Caroline, who left the the U.S. Attorney's Office to work for Geico).
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