Season 4 Episode 12

Double Trouble in the Panhandle

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 22, 2009 on FOX

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  • Booth and Bones join the circus to find out what happened to a pair of conjoined twin jugglers. Wow. You don't see that every day!

    I'm usually pretty hard on the writers, but I have to give them mad props on this one. I loved it, start to finish. The idea was very original. Sending Booth and Bones undercover as a sex-crazy, knife throwing act with a struggling circus was just about pure genius. The Booth-Bones chemistry was top notch (arguing about Booth's underwear in the small trailer was really funny), and even the rotating intern provided amusement. Overall the episode was light and funny, and while probably not all the realistic, I have enough reality in my own life. I watch TV for fun, and this episode was about as good as Bones gets.
  • Painful to watch, this is not why I watch this series. The writers need to get back on track.

    I hate episodes like this. This is blatantly not the show's strength which is supposed to be forensics and investigation, not playing dress up with ridiculous accents. Booth is fine but Brennan is so over the top that it is sometimes painful to watch. The knife throwing act was very good, Booth is scary.

    I do like seeing Vincent again, he's delightful in a vaguely pointless sort of way. Speaking of pointless – why do the writers insist on doing these sessions with Sweets?! It is so annoying, stopped being funny by the second session and just makes Sweets look like an overqualified idiot.

    An okay episode but several episodes recently have felt off, the beginning of the season was good.
  • Still waiting for Bones to be back...

    I have not really clicked with season 4 yet. I find Bones annoying, her pas-de-deux with Booth is not so great anymore and the cases are a bit boring...

    What I enjoy most in the end is the supporting roles (I think Cam is getting more and more funny), especially the assistants who change every week. The British one is hilarious.

    I was expecting a lot from Bone's return, especially the circus episode but I got slightly bored. Their circus act is almost ludicrous, Bones goes completely overboard and sounds ridiculous too and the case is stupid. 42 minutes of story and 1 minute to find out that it was actually an accident. Stupid. I can't wait for the show to get it together. It has potential but at the moment it's going nowhere IMO.
  • An amazing episode that has become one of my favorites.

    I thought this was an awesome episode. I admit, it was a tad bit unrealistic, but that is what made it all the more amazing. I'm not a very big fan of Nigel the intern, but his random and annoying trivia and Angela encouraging him was pretty funny. I thought Booth and Brennan's circus act was so funny. Emily and David pulled off the knife throwing scene perfectly! Hodgins curiosity about how the girls were able to "have fun" with the doctor cracked me up. Sweets comment on why Brennan kept the act going was hilarious and, in my opinion, totally true. Cam asking to see the act, and her reaction to Brennan agreeing to set up the web cams was brilliant. This episode had me cracking up the whole time, and it is definitely a favorite of mine.
  • Booth and Bones go the circus!

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. When the bodies of conjoined twins are found, Booth and Bones are called in to investigate. Soon they believe that they were last at the circus, and this proves true, when they find out that the missing twins worked for the circus. Soon realising that no-one in the circus community will talk to them, Booth and Bones decide to go undercover, to try and find out what happened to the victims. They go undercover as Buck and Wanda, a Canadian knife-throwing act. Soon it is time for their act, and a webcam is set up so that everyone back in the lab can watch the act. Luckily the act goes well and Bones doesn't get injured. Soon they get a suspect as to who could have killed the girls, but when they go to question him, he runs. Bones then wants to go back on the hire wire, which she used to do as a child. When she falls off, she realises that is what happened to the twins and that is how they died. We soon learn that their main suspect buried their bodies. They call for the local police to pick him up in the morning, and head off to bed. When Booth gets up in the morning, he sees that the whole circus has gone and so has the man who was going to be arrested.
  • Following the murder of conjoined twins, Booth and Brennan go undercover as circus folks to discover the truth about the case.

    Since there is usually one undercover episode in every season for our heroes, they have to make the one episode count and boy did they! It was outstanding,in my opinion, the way they acted as if they were born to work in a circus and the fact that Temperance got carried away showed another fascinating side to her curious character. The case itself and the atmosphere of the circus life was also very riveting. It was great to see how close circus families are and the measures they take to protect that family.
    The actors did a wonderful job playing their roles and their undercover roles and made an exceptional episode.
  • So cute!

    I thought this episode was really cute and fun. It was a little silly at times, so if that's not your thing you might not enjoy this one so much. But I just love it when Bones & Booth go undercover! So this episode was definitely one of my favourites. The costumes, the act, and even the story line itself were all so cute and charming. If Booth & Bones ever decide on a career change, they should definitely join the circus!

    On another note, I'm Canadian and was born in the city of Regina, Saskatchewan, which is just a 30-minute drive from Moose Jaw. Hilarious!
  • In my eyes I thought this was a really funny episode.

    Booth and Brennan join the circus as an undercover knife throwing act when the body of conjoined female twins are found dead and whom once worked for the circus. Whilst the team Angela, Cam and Hodgins work on the forensic side of things Booth and Brennan have to don there disguise and act out the part, Brennan get's really into the whole circus part whilst Booth is more concerned at catching who killed the twins.

    For me the whole Brennan and Booth act was hilarious, Booth with hi s knife throwing skills that he learnt in his special forces days and Brennan trying to become a bonafide carnie, then playing out there act as Russian knife throwers, the pair really are funny together in those types of scenarios.

    All in all a great episode which I thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish.
  • Comic relief at it's dumbest.

    A sandstorm unearths the skeleton remains of conjoined twins. They learn that the victims are with a traveling circus and in order to investigate the deaths, Bones and Boothe decide that it's time to go undercover as a Russian knife-throwing act. As they begin to check out the twins, it's learned that one of the twins wanted to go through and have the surgery that would separate them. They stumble upon the fact that the twins' unethical doctor was having romantic relationships with both of the twins but he didn't kill them. The trail leads them back to someone within the circus, but all they learn is that it was an accident. Nigel Murray's back…. Sweets is adopted and his biological mother is a carnie.

    it was great episode I enjoyed so much,Booth is really knife skill master,I liked their undercover,but I want some more romance between them,that would be jus great for TVshow,it was exciting episode,I liked scene with knives,it was good,humor was more than enough,but again romance in this kind of TVshow is unavoidable,I hope in the nex episode will something happen,they kissed only once in 3rd season and it wasn't even real kiss,also I liked miniman in this episode :d he was funny....funnier than clowns,I don't know what else to say about this episode,producers can make this TVshow better than it is now ;)...(it's my opinion)
  • Welcome back!

    I was worried the undercover thing but all I can say now is that is was well executed.
    So Sweets is adopted? Wow, that was a shocker. I never would've thought about it. However, talking about his personal life helped a lot to get the undercover started. Brennan and Booth, in their classic chemistry, completed each other's thoughts and easily came up with an idea.
    Things in the lab were excellent. Well written dialogs between Cam and Nigel-Murray, the know-it-all grad student. Hodgins had it with him and Angela was clueless at first but she had it too.
    It was impressive to see Brennan trust Booth so much. He was right, he could've killed her. But that shows how much faith she has in him. Their chemistry was amazing as always and even Cam couldn't help say something about it. I have to say that I was quite nervous during their act and Brennan kept asking for more. Sexy scene when Booth comes too close to her.
    The case was sad. Sad fate. I didn't like Brennan realizing all of a sudden what had happened to him. I like it when she states a cause of death based on the evidence.
    Good to have the show back, great episode. Hope they can keep up the good stories the rest of the season.
  • Episode I liked it..

    This was really entertaining and good episode - I like the whole circus thing not that in real life I almost hate it.. but on the screen - it looked so glamorous and the case, the costumes, the act - it was dangerous and really nailed me to screen on those seconds.. and then the walk on the highwire.. it was a great story they told there and how the solved the case - that it was not murder after all, that positive tune in the end, the way people there stick together, stand up for each other.. A really liked this one.
  • Booth and Bones undercover, always a good idea to do...

    Awesome epi!
    I was looool when Booth was driving the motorcycle and Brennan had to answer the phone...
    and during their act...
    David totally nailed the 'surprised face'! He was like *omg!* when Brennan started to pull out more and more props for their act...! The only thing that annoyed me a bit was the grad student. He's my least favorite! Don't know why they force that whole 'I know a lot of trivia' like it's funny. It's not. Anymore.
    It was a good idea to put a webcam that the rest of the crew can see, I loved Cams face when she tricked Brennan to put the webcam... That was funny.
  • Bones and Booth must go undercover and work in a circus in order to discover how died two female conjoined twins!

    OMG...what a great episode!
    I love it! After the discovery of a skeleton who belongs to a conjoined twins at the borders of Texas and Oklahoma (the two officers were hilarius) Bones & Booth must join the circus! They go undercover as Borris and Wanda doing a knife throwing act.

    When they did their act i couldn't breath. Great idea to have the webcam so and the rest team could watch them. I like Dr Sweets comments about the sexual meaning of the act.
    Also when they riding the bike and rang Booth's phone
    and Bones start searching...hilarius.
    I wish they saw us more of the life in the trailer when Booth and Brennan had to pass the night together with only bed available.
    Things like that could take their relationship to the next level, but it looks like that won't happen any time soon. I missed them after so many weeks and that was a great episode!
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