Season 4 Episode 13

Fire in the Ice

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 22, 2009 on FOX
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Episode Summary

When a volunteer fireman is murdered at an ice rink, Booth and Brennan begin the investigation, but Booth must recuse himself due to a conflict of interest. When details come to light, Booth becomes a suspect in the homicide.

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  • Both sides of Seeley Booth

    This was a great episode. It had everything: drama, funny scenes and of course, romantic moments.

    First, I have to say that I don't like how Booth reacts when his father is brought up in a conversation. He should know by now that he will not become his father and that his rage has probably nothing to do with it. I'd say that is not rage, it's passion. Booth is a very passionate man.

    Cam is becoming one of my favorites, leaving Angela in the last place. Her remarks, her reactions, the way she defends "her people" are from a person who is intelligent, because she has found a way to fit in this team and she knew that being mean wasn't going to take her anywhere.

    The case was very good. It was nice to see Booth step down and be more relaxed as he wasn't a part of the investigation. Wendell is back and gets along well with him (and Hodgins) and that strengthes the team. I liked that Brennan was very worried about Booth and that she even took care of him. I never thought Agent Perotta was going to be a threat for B&B and it was confirmed...

    ... by the last scene. What a beautiful moment. I had never watched a scene over and over again to enjoy it. Brennan talks about her fear of change and Booth gets, once again, the reassurance he needs when it comes to his father. Brennan is the only one Booth listens to and he takes her comments very seriously. And she knows he'd rather be with her than with anyone anytime.moreless
  • Booth becomes the suspect after a hockey fight breaks out between himself and the victim whose body is found sometime later frozen in a pond. When a new agent is brought in to help, Bones reveals a slight jealous side when Booth openingly flirts with her.moreless

    This episode, in my opinion was one of the best of this season.

    I enjoyed the action of the hockey. Though I don't know much about the sport, it was fun to see Booth in a recreational setting. I appreciate the gentleman in Booth when talking about certain things. How he can go from amused one second to extremely angry in the next and still keep his cool, unless he's pushed to far that is and then it's on. It shows his humanity. Sweets obviously hit a sore spot with Booth in bringing up his father. I would love to see more on that storyline.

    I love how Bones and Booth are always there for each other in or outside of work. Even when they go through personal issues.

    The ending was great with Booth and Bones alone out on the rink. How gentle he was with her guiding her on the ice. How he assures her nothing is going to change between them. Their relationship took a nice believable step forward in this episode which left me with a huge smile on my face in the end.moreless
  • Booth the ice hockey player.

    The story starts with Booth playing hockey for his local team, when one of his players is technically fouled and the ref doe's nothing Booth takes matter in to his own hands with a good old slug fest on the ice, split apart from the offending player Booth wants to take the matter out onto the car park which never happens, a few months later a body is found under an ice covered lake, the body is the same guy who Booth fought during the hockey match, Booth must now relinquish himself from the case and becomes the prime suspect.

    Whilst Brennan and the team examine the body for clues Booth tags along with the investigating detective to find who really killed the guy and clear his name.

    So our team are back with another excellent episode, the show though missed for a few months is still on top form.moreless
  • Great hockey episode, an example of the best aspects of the series, a delicate mix of both professional and personal.

    I'm not one for sports, especially not the more violent ones, but I make the exception for ice hockey. I love ice skating too so it's probably something about the skating itself that appeals to me. Loved all the hockey scenes and watching David Boreanaz on the ice was great. Some really great hockey which fit nicely into the storyline.

    Rotation of the interns goes round again and we've got the charming Wendell again. He really would make a great replacement for Zack. Plus he's fitting in beautifully, the whole fish thing with Hodgins was great.

    Liked the end, with Booth teaching Brennan to skate, very sweet.

    Great episode and not just because of the hockey.moreless
  • A big step for booth and bones relationship...

    In this eppisode bones and booth investagate the death of a hockey player, when it turn out that because booth beat him up that he is a prime suspect. To step in for and to assist bones is agent(i forget her name). It mad me made when booth and her where flirting...any way it was an ordinary episode, booth getting that dream and all. But the best part had to be when booth and bones where ice skating together and when booth told bones that his dream told him that he's not like his old man. That is one of the most memerable moment for booth and bones(behind 3x9,14,15) Great episode!!!!!!moreless
David Boreanaz

David Boreanaz

Special Agent Seeley Booth

Michaela Conlin

Michaela Conlin

Angela Montenegro

T.J. Thyne

T.J. Thyne

Dr. Jack Hodgins

Tamara Taylor

Tamara Taylor

Dr. Camille Saroyan

John Francis Daley

John Francis Daley

Dr. Lance Sweets

Emily Deschanel

Emily Deschanel

Dr. Temperance Brennan

Michael Grant Terry

Michael Grant Terry

Wendell Bray

Guest Star

Luc Robitaille

Luc Robitaille


Guest Star

Marisa Coughlan

Marisa Coughlan

Agent Payton Perotta

Guest Star

Patricia Belcher

Patricia Belcher

Assistant U.S. Attorney Caroline Julian

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Booth's plaster cast has "I love daddy" on it and the emblem of the Philadelphia Flyers, whose shirt he wears in the hallucination scene.

    • Booth wears a number 24 jersey when playing for his team, but during his fantasy with Luc Robitaille Booth is wearing the retired number 16 of Philadelphia Flyers superstar captain Bobby Clarke. Philadelphia is the hometown of both the character Booth and the actor who plays him (David Boreanaz), and both are admitted Flyers fans. Clarke, a Flyers hero, would presumably be one of their favorite players. In fact, one of the photographs which hangs behind Booth's desk depicts Bobby Clarke and the Flyers in a 1971 game against the Los Angeles Kings.

    • Booth is allowed to become an advisor on the case at hand ... but while he is still considered the case's prime suspect, which does not quite make sense.

    • Booth is shown wearing a plaster cast. Plaster is rarely used anymore, as fiberglass is the preferred casting material in modern American orthopedics.

    • Hodgins: They should've gone at each other like a Peruvian soccer team stranded in the Andes.

      Hodgins is almost surely talking about Flight 571 from the Fuerza Aerea Uruguaya that crashed in the Andes on Friday, October 13th, 1972. Several passengers survived and when they ran out of food and were faced with starvation, they decided that the only way to survive was to feed on the passengers who had died. However, they were not from Peru. They were from Uruguay. This is the second time that Hodgins has made this incorrect reference on the show. In addition, the stranded passengers were on a rugby team, not a soccer team as Hodgins states.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Agent Perotta: (interviewing Booth as a murder suspect) You work out much?
      Booth: Yeah, I'm pretty consistant.
      Agent Perotta: You look like you are taking excellent care of yourself. (Booth nods and smiles)
      Sweets: (watching from the surveillance room) Okay, this is useless.

    • Cam: (examining remains) Well he was a hockey player.
      Brennan: So basically we're talking about gladiators.
      Cam: And I love it.
      Brennan: Perhaps the sight of males battling stimulates the part of your brain which has so far failed to find a suitable mate. (Hodgins enters the room)
      Cam: (to Hodgins) And thank God you're here.

    • Booth: (sees the hockey stick necklace on the dead body) Bones I- Remember that guy I punched out last month during my hockey game? Pete Carlson?
      Brennan: Yes, when you broke your hand.
      Booth: That's him. I'm a suspect.

    • Bones: (watching Booth fight another hockey player) Booth seems to be winning.
      Cam: It's not Booth I'm worried about.

    • (Booth body-checks someone into the glass during a hockey game)
      Brennan: What did he do that for?
      Cam: It's what Booth does. Keeps the other team honest. He's what you call an enforcer.
      Brennan: Well, like law enforcement?
      Cam: Yeah, okay. Well let's go with that.

    • Alex Pina: Well, mattress really isn't uh, Chloe's style, no offense.
      Agent Perotta: None taken, favor backseats myself.

    • Agent Perotta: So where did you go after the game?
      Booth: Uh Bones drove me and Wendell to the hospital.
      Agent Perotta: So no alibi that night or the next?
      Booth: Bones and I are just partners.
      Agent Perotta: Okay, now you're answering questions I had no intention of asking.

    • Wendell: If Booth is a suspect then I should be too -- this guy scrambled my brains.
      Cam: Your alibi is that you were seeing double and being taken care of by your mother.

    • Booth: Bones, what are you doing in the ice?
      Brennan: Well I get nervous when you fall down and don't get up.

    • Hodgins: Could be the vic was drowned somewhere else and then dumped in the lake.
      Cam: No drowning's not the way Booth would kill someone. (Wendell and Hodgins stare at her) Not ... that I actually suspect Booth. At all. (pauses)Quit ... staring at me.

    • Sweets: Underneath your affable exterior, is a deep reservoir of rage ... my question is: You always have that under control?
      Booth: You know if I didn't you'd be dead right now instead of just wincing.
      Sweets: I'm not wincing.
      Booth: Don't ever bring my old man up again. (Booth turns around and leaves the room.)
      Sweets: Rats, I winced!

    • Brennan: (referring to Booth scratching his cast) It's kind of gross what you're doing.
      Booth: Gross? You've got your finger in some guy's maxillary orbit.
      Brennan: I don't think there's anything else to be learned here so, let's get this popsicle back to the lab.
      Booth: Hey! Look at that. (chuckles) Bones, you made a joke.
      Brennan: I can be quite amusing.

    • Brennan: (after seeing Booth hit a guy during a hockey game) I do not know how I feel about this.
      Sweets: It's very primal.
      Cam: I like it. Just a little too much.

    • Agent Perotta: Hmm ... my people were right.
      Caroline and Cam: Your people?!
      Hodgins and Wendell: We're Booth's people.

    • Brennan: That Agent Perotta she really ... enjoyed working with us.
      Booth: Yeah.
      Brennan: But um ... you're the only FBI Agent I wanna work with. (Booth smiles) Will you tell me what the, Lucky Luciano told you?
      Booth: He's not an Italian opera singer. Bones, why do you always say that wrong? You do it on purpose, don't you?
      Brennan: (interrupting Booth) I would like to know what he said.
      Booth: He said that I'm not like, my old man. He said I'm made of better stuff.
      Brennan: Well, I don't know your old man, your father but, I think you're made of very, very good stuff.

    • (Booth and Brennan are ice skating.)
      Booth: Hey, you know what? Forget about Agent Perotta. Alright? Nothing's gonna to change between me and you.
      Brennan: Well, entropy is a natural force that pulls everything apart at a subatomic level. Everything changes.
      Booth: Not everything Bones. Not everything. (Booth pulls Brennan by her hand and she goes faster)
      Brennan: (laughing) You're gonna make me fall.
      Booth: I'm never gonna make you fall. I'm always here.

  • NOTES (6)

    • Bianca Lawson (Albie) played a role in a 2001 movie that was coincidentally also titled "Bones."

    • David Boreanaz and Bianca Lawson previously worked together on Season 2 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, when Boreanaz starred as Angel and Lawson played the role of Kendra the Vampire Slayer.

    • International Air Dates:
      New Zealand: February 22nd, 2009 on TV3
      Sweden: March 1st, 2009 on TV3
      Spain: May 8th, 2009 on Fox
      Australia: May 31st, 2009 on Channel 7
      Finland: June 12th, 2009 on Sub
      Norway: October 8th, 2009 on TV3
      Germany: October 29th, 2009 on RTL
      Slovakia: November 25th, 2009 on JOJ
      Czech Republic: November 8th, 2010 on Prima

    • Featured Music:
      "Double Down Under" by The Crystal Method

    • Luc Robitaille is credited as "Special Appearance by."

    • This episode had a special air time of 9:00 p.m.