Season 4 Episode 13

Fire in the Ice

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 22, 2009 on FOX

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  • Both sides of Seeley Booth

    This was a great episode. It had everything: drama, funny scenes and of course, romantic moments.
    First, I have to say that I don't like how Booth reacts when his father is brought up in a conversation. He should know by now that he will not become his father and that his rage has probably nothing to do with it. I'd say that is not rage, it's passion. Booth is a very passionate man.
    Cam is becoming one of my favorites, leaving Angela in the last place. Her remarks, her reactions, the way she defends "her people" are from a person who is intelligent, because she has found a way to fit in this team and she knew that being mean wasn't going to take her anywhere.
    The case was very good. It was nice to see Booth step down and be more relaxed as he wasn't a part of the investigation. Wendell is back and gets along well with him (and Hodgins) and that strengthes the team. I liked that Brennan was very worried about Booth and that she even took care of him. I never thought Agent Perotta was going to be a threat for B&B and it was confirmed...
    ... by the last scene. What a beautiful moment. I had never watched a scene over and over again to enjoy it. Brennan talks about her fear of change and Booth gets, once again, the reassurance he needs when it comes to his father. Brennan is the only one Booth listens to and he takes her comments very seriously. And she knows he'd rather be with her than with anyone anytime.
  • Booth becomes the suspect after a hockey fight breaks out between himself and the victim whose body is found sometime later frozen in a pond. When a new agent is brought in to help, Bones reveals a slight jealous side when Booth openingly flirts with her.

    This episode, in my opinion was one of the best of this season.
    I enjoyed the action of the hockey. Though I don't know much about the sport, it was fun to see Booth in a recreational setting. I appreciate the gentleman in Booth when talking about certain things. How he can go from amused one second to extremely angry in the next and still keep his cool, unless he's pushed to far that is and then it's on. It shows his humanity. Sweets obviously hit a sore spot with Booth in bringing up his father. I would love to see more on that storyline.

    I love how Bones and Booth are always there for each other in or outside of work. Even when they go through personal issues.

    The ending was great with Booth and Bones alone out on the rink. How gentle he was with her guiding her on the ice. How he assures her nothing is going to change between them. Their relationship took a nice believable step forward in this episode which left me with a huge smile on my face in the end.
  • Booth the ice hockey player.

    The story starts with Booth playing hockey for his local team, when one of his players is technically fouled and the ref doe's nothing Booth takes matter in to his own hands with a good old slug fest on the ice, split apart from the offending player Booth wants to take the matter out onto the car park which never happens, a few months later a body is found under an ice covered lake, the body is the same guy who Booth fought during the hockey match, Booth must now relinquish himself from the case and becomes the prime suspect.
    Whilst Brennan and the team examine the body for clues Booth tags along with the investigating detective to find who really killed the guy and clear his name.

    So our team are back with another excellent episode, the show though missed for a few months is still on top form.
  • Great hockey episode, an example of the best aspects of the series, a delicate mix of both professional and personal.

    I'm not one for sports, especially not the more violent ones, but I make the exception for ice hockey. I love ice skating too so it's probably something about the skating itself that appeals to me. Loved all the hockey scenes and watching David Boreanaz on the ice was great. Some really great hockey which fit nicely into the storyline.

    Rotation of the interns goes round again and we've got the charming Wendell again. He really would make a great replacement for Zack. Plus he's fitting in beautifully, the whole fish thing with Hodgins was great.

    Liked the end, with Booth teaching Brennan to skate, very sweet.

    Great episode and not just because of the hockey.
  • A big step for booth and bones relationship...

    In this eppisode bones and booth investagate the death of a hockey player, when it turn out that because booth beat him up that he is a prime suspect. To step in for and to assist bones is agent(i forget her name). It mad me made when booth and her where flirting...any way it was an ordinary episode, booth getting that dream and all. But the best part had to be when booth and bones where ice skating together and when booth told bones that his dream told him that he's not like his old man. That is one of the most memerable moment for booth and bones(behind 3x9,14,15) Great episode!!!!!!
  • Such a sweet episode

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. We open this episode with Booth playing a game of hockey, and with Bones, Cam and Sweets all watching. Soon a fight breaks out between Booth and a member of the other team. When a father and son go ice fishing, they discover a dead body under the ice. Booth and Bones are called in to investigate, during which we learn that Booth injured his hand during the fight and so it is in plaster. Booth discovers a piece of jewellery on the victim that matches that of the guy he had the fight with. Booth then himself says "I'm a suspect".
    And since Booth is the prime suspect another agent, Agent Payton Perotta, is assigned to the case with Bones. During the integration, the new agent brings up Booth's father and he flips on Sweets about it and tells him to never speak about it again. During another game of hockey, Booth gets badly hit and gets knocked unconscious, by another player. We learn that he has a concussion, but otherwise will be ok. Soon evidence points back to the victim's own team, as one of the player may have killed him. When questioned one of them confesses to the crime. When he learnt that the victim was stealing jewellery form house fires, he told him to stop and when he wouldn't he attacked him and killed him.
    We end with Booth and Bones back out on the ice together, with Booth teaching Bones how to skate.
  • You gotta love hockey.

    During a hockey game, Boothe mixes things up a little bit too much with a player that ends up dead and he finds himself a suspect. Pete Carlson seemed to make enemies on the ice as well as off, especially with the ladies. Unfortunately, all the evidence keeps pointing them in Boothe's direction. It's finally uncovered that Carlson was a thief trying to cover his tracks. But thanks to a vision in the midst of suffering a concussion, he's pointed in the right direction, Carlson's teammates. Sweets at a hockey game and loving the fights, that's funny. I'm not surprised that Booth's on the goon squad. But I really appreciated Sweets going toe to toe with Boothe. He really showed some backbone.
  • A wonderful example of a show that just gets better with every episode.

    The trusting relationship between Bones and Booth that is the bedrock dynamic of this series is on display in this episode. In terms of character development, we see Booth dealing with his childhood experience with having a violent father, and it is handled beautifully by some highly skilled writers. Ice skating is used in various ways, from the ice-hockey scenes illustrating the male approach to forgivable competitive violence, to the lovely ice-skating scenes between Booth and Bones at the end, where Booth is her teacher and protector. It also features a wonderful "dream" sequence (actually a passed-out-in-a-concussion sequence) where a hockey star gives Booth the somewhat obscure key to the case. Overall, an excellent entry in a fine series.
  • Booth is a murder suspect

    I love this episode!!!especially because I'm a Booth-Bones shipper!!! and this episode show Bones loyalty to Booth (well, so did the rest of team "no we Booth's people'..THATS AMAZING!!!)
    ok...before I talk about Booth and Bones...first I'm going to talk about other cast...
    Cam...I like her...she so funny,esp when she examine the remains and said that drowning its not the way Booth would kill someone and her expression through Wendell and Hodgins reactions "quit staring at me"...
    Hodgins and usual I love them...although Angela didn't show her character much...
    Sweets...for this episode I have to say I didn't like him...
    Agent Perota...despite her flirting with Booth, I don't have problem with him...
    and Wendell!!! I love him...he's got my vote for new Bones's Assistant...I always like him since the first time...
    and Booth and Brennan moments...
    the chemistry between them is unbelievable...
    my favorite moment actually at the first scene when Brennan wave at him, I love the smile, its sort of like a girlfriend waves at her boyfriend...and the way he respond it...awwww......he's really fall in love with her (well, everybody can see it except Brennan :P...)
    I love how she tried to take care of Booth...
    and the final scene...its so cutee...its so sweet...the sweetish final scene I've ever seen on Bones...
    cant wait for another episode (aarrrggg!!! two weeks!!!)...

    I love this season, on the season we got more proof that Booth and Brennan is fall in love each other (well, everyone can see it except them selves)...
  • Booth is the prime suspect in a murder case while the team works with a new agent and tries to find the real killer.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this episode except for one teensy tiny almost nit picky little legal detail which I won't include in my review because if I did I'd probably ramble on for several pages.
    Anyway, as I said I did have fun watching this ep. What's not to love? You got Hockey, Murder, flirting and forensics - nuf said. What started out as a hockey game ended up with a guy that Booth dropped gloves with dead under ice and Booth as a prime suspect. Another FBI agent is brought in to work the case with Brennan and her team, but because Brennan refuses to work with another agent unless Booth has some sort of involvement in the case he gets to stay on as a consultant (this is where I am using all of my willpower not to start ranting.)
    Where was I? Ok, so they work the case and solve it with an extra agent and there is a bit of a cute ending.
    I liked seeing Wendell with the team again. He is the only intern that seems to understand that they function as a team and doesn't spout out bizarre and arcane trivia in order to demonstrate their intelligence over the others. The others also appear to be so obnoxious and pompous in the presence of the other team members but whenever Brennan's around they kiss her but so hard they leave prints. I like that he wants to be a part of the team not just Brennan's intern and he already has loyalty to Booth and Brennan. He also works well with Hodgins and it was nice to see that mischievous side (like when he and Zack used to do experiments) again when they went back to the apartment. He gets my vote for new intern.
    The spare agent Perotta was...just a spare. Didn't hate her, didn't like her either and I think that Booth flirted with her because she's attractive and he's a red blooded male and the possibility that she was a shiny new partner to play with. In the end though he realized how good he had it with Brennan and that he would choose her over anyone else. It was funny though how Perotta barely had any contact with the Squint Squad and suddenly they were her people and they corrected her. Even Wendell knew where his loyalties lay.
    There were enough cute little moments for any B/B fan to be happy, but the best bit was at the skating rink. There was so much subtext there that if you like deconstructing episodes down to every little detail and gesture this one will keep you busy for a bit.
    Great episode but I'm going to be on pins and needles for the next one!

    It was good episode I liked it a lot,Booth is real man,Hokey is for real men,kicking,punching,bleeding and so on,I like Hokey it's not the point,I liked his rage he was very angry at ice he kicked a guy with helmet :D and broke hand.....i can't belive that he was suspect in killing :-s it was ridiculous,what was motive of killing,they thought that Booth was able to kill a man because of hokey match? I said ridiculous and again I wanted to see more romance,but he was flurting with Agent "I don't remember her name",she was hot but :-s...I hope nex episode will be better
  • Booth as a suspect...

    A lovely winter mood episode - hokey and skating. What more to ask. I think the great twist in this episode was that Booth finds himself as a suspect.. but noone seems to be take that seriously as noone believes that.

    So, there is a new agent who have to work with Bones and she is not good in her work and when Booth goes with him to follow some leads, they do get into some comical situation like when they marched into the poker game.

    And then ofcourse the labboys, if you can call them so, following dead fish lead what gave very strong link to the right direction.

    Good episode.
  • Tiresome…dull…monotonous…

    Not my favorite… basically, after a very dull fight, Booth becomes a murder suspect when the guy he punched turns up dead a few weeks later. Subsequently, Brennan is teamed up with a new FBI agent, who in turn invites Booth to investigate with them unofficially.
    This episode was very anticlimactic. First, Booth breaks his hand in the most unexciting fight of the century, and then just as dully becomes a murder suspect. The actors seemed like they were only barely trying, and many of their actions were very out of character. Booth and Brennan ice-skating at the end, for example, as they giggled their way around the ice rink. And Booth's vision of the famous hockey player was very short and not all that impressive of a guest performance.
    Normally, I love Bones, but this episode was just a tedious experience.
  • Booth and Brennan gain a coworker when Booth becomes a suspect in death of a man he had altercations with during a hockey game.

    I loved everything about this episode and it reminded me again why I love Bones so much. The case was better than recent ones have been, the ending was beyond sweet and it was about can you go wrong. The dynamic between Booth and Brennan, as usual, was my favourite part of the episode. They were so comfortable with each other in her office and in his apartment. And the Everything they said to each other and the way that they looked at each other. Suffice it to say that that scene brought up the corny romantic in me.
  • A well-writen, unique episode that I'll probably end up watching over and over again.

    The writer's strike had it's affect on the flow and the continuity of the show which was evident in the first few episodes. But the latest installments including this one have consistently impressed and the chemistry betwen David and Emily seems to be even stronger if that's possible.

    To be honest I was a little scared about the character of Agent Perotta. In my head I thought that there was a chance that there would be more than flirting between her and Booth, and it made me think as to what Brennan's reaction might be. And how it could hurt her ability to trust people, especially Booth, after he worked so hard to allow her to trust him. I'll admit the interrogation was a little difficult to watch. But the ending made me forget about it.

    Wendell has always been one of my favourite interns, and he and Hodgins make a great team. If they really wanted to just pick one intern, I wouldn't mind if it was him. He and Booth also had some very good scenes together. I enjoyed their brother-like chemistry.

    The episode had fewer BB moments that some, but when they occured, they were some of the best moments between the two in the series. Scenes that particularly come to mind are when Booth is sitting in the penalty box at the beginning of the episode, and Brennan shyly waves to him. Although he's irritated he manages a smile and waves back. Then of course there's the ending of the two of them linked arms and skating. Simply perfect. Easily one of the best endings to a Bones episode. Ever.
  • Booth is a murder suspect when a fireman he punched out at a hockey game turns up dead.

    Wow, two good episodes in a row! Another original story line, plenty of good one liners, and a cameo appearance by Luc Robitaile. What more could you want? Seriously, on the reality scale, this one isn't that great, but for pure Bones/Booth fans, it's top notch. The duo spends a lot of time together, there are laughs, awkwardness, and finally a resolution to the case. The resolution fell just a bit flat (seemed too easy), but overall, this was another fun episode. The ending, where Bones and Booth are on a skate date, really caps off the episode nicely. Seems like the series is really hitting a groove.