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Discussion 8x23 The Pathos in the Pathogens

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    I thought this was another very strong episode, with all characters showing a lot of strength & getting their chance to shine.

    Thought it was very much action packed, which added to the intensity of the episode.

    I find it interesting that although Cam is the boss, it seemed like Brennan was the one calling most of the shots, with Cam going right along. This was also another episode where I liked Cam's character ( I usually don't). As professional as she likes to remain it also seemed like a huge strain for her to remain that way, given that Arastoo was the one infected. She displayed that struggle very convincingly.

    While it was a very serious & intense episode, there were a few more humorous parts, mainly with Brennan showing the humor. That was very different for her character. When she was rushing Angela for an identification of the victim, & ultimately identifying the victim herself. Angela wanted to know why the Jeffersonian pays 8 zillion dollars for the software program when they have Brennan. Her answer was great " under normal circumstances it allows me to take a longer lunch". Loved it!!

    It seemed like the CDC guy, Dr. Jacobs, was kind of flirting with Brennan, Even after Brennan gave him what he called an eloquent insult.

    Enjoyed seeing Brennan & Hodgins working together with the folk medicines. Brennan saw the value in such things, especially when the vaccine the CDC had was ineffective. Hodgins character was really outstanding with his emotions. He felt so bad for Aristoo & for Cam, tried desperately to help. He's such a great actor.

    You could tell the anxiety in Booth all thru the episode. He seemed to be feeling very protective of Brennan & everyone else at the lab, but, wasn't allowed inside. There were also many good scenes with sweets & he was great with the interrogations.

    Brennan's reactions to the murderer when he refused to admit to it & not willing to provide an antitdote was all over the place. She was angry that he was refusing to help, & felt Cam's pain at the prospect of loosing Arastoo. ( such a great actress ). Her take charge attitude when she attacked him with the syringe was incredible. Reminded me of how she was in the beginning of the series. loved it!!

    Sweet part at the end too. When the CDC man told Booth he was a lucky man. Afterwards Booth saying to Brennan " guy has no idea how lucky I am, really lucky".

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