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Forum Guidelines (updated 10/24/07)

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    I've been discussing the goings on in the Bones forum with Dhomp, the glamorous retired editor of the Bones guide. It's a nice forum, but it could use a good clean up. She asked me to write up some simple rules and pointers to keep the forum tidy and running smoothly. The new editor agrees with these and hopes they continue to be followed, as they will be enforced.


    1. This is a Bones duscussion board. Please stay on topic! You can use your blog to discuss all other things, the board is NOT the place for this!

    2. Keep the forum tidy! Do not open double threads, they will be either locked or completely removed. So have a look if the topic you want to discuss is already there.

    3. Be specific in your thread titles. It has to be clear what a thread is about from reading the title. You're not writing prose here, so it does not have to be suspenseful to lure people in. It has to be like a headline so people know what to expect in the thread.

    4. Episode discussion. There will be official discussion threads for the most recent and the upcoming episodes. Use these for discussions about the episodes. However important you think your opinion about an episode is, it does not warrant an own thread!

    5. Q&A thread. There is an Q&A thread pinned at the top of the forum. Here you can ask your Bones questions so there will not be question threads all over the place.

    6. No spoilers without due warning!! Please try to keep all spoilers in spoiler-designated threads. These would be any threads that mention in the thread title that they contain spoilers.It you absolutely must place spoilers in a non-spoiler thread, either put a nice big noticeablewarning in your post followed by a couple of blank lines ordon't bother placing them in non-spoiler threads. No spoilers in thread titles! There are people out there who want to stay spoilerfree, give them a chance to do so. Failure tofollow spoiler rules in thisforumwill result in thedeletion of those posts.

    7. Quoting. Keep quoting other users to the minimum: only quote the part of the post that you want to respond to. Quoting complete posts makes the forum difficult to read. Someone who follows the thread will have read it anyway.

    8. Do not feed trolls! It will only keep them coming back for more. If you see a troll, report them, ignore them. Do not start a flame war with a troll this is both useless and annoying!

    9. Last but not least: be nice to each other. Discuss, but do not be rude. We are all here because we love Bones, so let's keep it nice.


    ***Also, if anyone sees any problems with the forum (a user making random/useless/offensive posts, duplicate topics, topics I should pin or forgot to add, or anything of the sort) feel free to PM me and tell me what's up because I'll definitely need help managing this forum as it seems to be quite active. Thanks!


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