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Official Discussion - 6x18 - The truth in the myth

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    It was okay I enjoyed the case Booth trying to expand Breenans mind was fun and I'm not a B&B shipper so could care less about any un-made moves you guys are talking about.

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    Hirundine wrote:

    I'm starting to get really uncomfortable about the lighthearted "LOL killing people" moments at the end of some of these eps ... I mean, it would make sense for the characters to come at things from a humorous perspective, but the scenes themselves are just treated too lightheartedly for my taste.

    Hahaha "LOL killing people" -- exactly!! Didn't this show used to be a drama? I'll never forget that stupid episode where they stole the body from a funeral. And this week we get yet another annoying myth episode...come on, how unprofessional can these people get? It seems like the writers are just like, "whatever, ratings are good, our jobs are safe, let's just write some half-baked crap and throw in some funny lines here and there."

    I also agree with the comment about how Nigel-Murray's AA stuff is a bunch of crap. We've had nothing to suggest he drinks a lot or parties, so this revelation was totally out of character (and dumb). I think I'll stop now...and obviously if I didn't like the show I wouldn't care this much, right? But I honestly have to say, I'm only giving it until the finale and then I'm done for good if it doesn't get any better.

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    carioca22 wrote:

    What is it? What is off I wonder?

    I guess I'm picking this vibe from him... something like: Bones... either you change your ways or you and me... not happening, babe...

    He doesn't have that "i love you" look anymore, it's more like a condescending look now. Like "I'm soo much more cool than you..."

    Is that it?

    Idk, I just don't like him they way I used too. What a bummer...

    agree completely. I really don't like the condescending attitude towards brennan either. season 6 Booth is way off, bring back the sweet lovable Booth. Brennan seems to really be growing emotionally, Booth seems to be regressing.
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