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OFFICIAL DISCUSSION 8x20 - The Blood from the Stones

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    Please use this thread for all discussion of the episode "The Blood from the Stones."
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    I thought this was another strong episode, really liked it.

    So many things going on in this one. The filmmaker Andrew Jursic ( Dave Thomas) I thought was a bit of a jerk, & kind of full of himself. He played a famous filmmaker, there to do a documentary on the Jeffersonian. He wore a camera on his head to capture all the moments of the case as they played out. Hodgins was very funny, he was really hamming it up for the camera. Brennan was just trying to do her usual professional job, but, was being insulted by her lack of personality by Jursic. To add insult to Brennan the Jeffersonian decided they needed Clark there to try to smooth out Brennan's sharp edges. Clark started out the episode as being a bit of an jerk himself, laughing about needing to manage Brennan's abrasive personality basically. The only one really standing up for Brennan was Angela, she was great at being very protective of Brennan's feelings.

    The case had a lot of twists & I thought was very interesting. Once Booth found out it was an undercover cop who was killed you could see how bad he really wanted to catch the person responsible. I remember in the episode " Judas on a pole" Booth said he'd take a stand-up crook over a crooked cop any day. When he started to suspect that the victim was a crooked cop he was really struggling & wanted answers. excellant acting on Booth's part.

    The whole conversation between B&B & the jewelry store owner was priceless!! Kind of felt for Brennan, not knowing what to refer to Booth as; her boyfriend, father of her child, was he her fiance, etc. really funny!! great scene there!! wondering if the writers are trying to set us up for something similiar in the future.

    Something about Brennan I also noticed a lot was a big change in her personality. She was very concerned about what everybody thought about her. More so than I've ever noticed before. I know in " hole in the heart" she was upset that Vincent thought she was going to make him leave, wondered what kind of a person she was. This seemed different though. With several people implying that Clark was needed & more likeable it really seemed to upset her. She even asked Cam if she wasn't likeable. I thought that showed a lot of growth in her character.

    Clark kind of redeemed himself towards the end when he admitted that to him it was the pure science that he enjoyed, more than being in the lime light. Made Brennan happy, & gave a cute kind of insult to Jursic. loved that part.

    Happy to see Caroline find a happy relationship, even if it is with Jursic.

    Of course all the loving parts, which were initiated more by Brennan than by Booth, were great. She almost seemed a bit insecure with him a few times; smelling the perfume on him, kissing him at the crime scene & saying she didn't care that they were working because she loves him. I thought most of the effort was started by her. At the end she even seemed a little worried that he might want to trade her in for a nice person. Really different to see her more insecure.

    All in all I thought this was a great episode!!Laughing

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