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OFFICIAL DISCUSSION 8x24 - The Secret in the Siege

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    Please use this thread for all discussion of the season finale "The Secret in the Siege."
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    Oh my heart. I really have Pelant now, that son of a @#$%.

    Booth and Bones were so happy the entire ep, so in sync, you could tell there was going to be a spanner thrown into the works. Part of me thought Booths would get badly injured, so the actual outcome is a little better, but I wanted to cry for them.

    Okay so onto a more positive note... I actually think this could be great for the next season if handled well. Angst for a good reason is great to watch, and with the acting chops both DB and ED have brought this season, I think season 9 will bring some great angst moments to enjoy.

    This is a way to bring back the longing looks that are gone now that they're together. Think about it, for years Booth has wanted nothing more than to marry Bones, it's literally a dream come true. Because of Pelants threat, that dream is ripped away... hence the longing looks.

    The biggest reason I personally hated season 6 was because all the angst was a placeholder for the relationship, a pointless and unnecessary way to postpone getting the two characters together, were as angst this time around, is a part of the relationship, and there's a real reason for it, a reason in character for Booth.

    I think Sweets will be the first to figure it out, 1 because he saw it coming when he warned Booth, and two, he saw how happy Booth was, there's no way he's going to believe that Booth changed his mind. I've seen on other boards that people believe that Bones will figure it out, but I actually think that in this case she won't. Booth and her feelings for him are the few things she cant be rational about, so I think she won't see the truth, until Booth tells her.

    As long as they don't break up, or if they do, don't see other people and we have another Hannah on our hands, I'm okay.

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    angst for angst sake is flipping stupid,

    we had it before it worked in someways but not in others now it's just a tangled mess will they won't they ....

    why retcon stuff so late in the game...'if done right' a big if !

    since they decided to have a major villain effectively through a hissy fit with the most tired old plot line ' i'll kill them if you don't do this and i'll know if you do'

    nah they are going to drive this show in the ground on it's 'final season'

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    I can't believe how this season ended. We all know how much Booth loves Brennen and visa versa. So why would the writers make it so that Booth ends up breaking her heart? Enough with Pelant already 3 seasons is enough for us to get the picture, let Booth be the hero not the bad guy as that is so out of his character. I understand that we needed to have a cliffhanger so that we would return for next season but why leave it on a bad note?

    It would have been better if Booth got a call from an unknown source telling him where Pelant is located, and then the next episode Booth could arrive only to find out that Pelant was gone, that way the viewers get the suspence we crave and the writers get the cliffhanger they want. I love this show and no matter what i will be watching season 9, but is it worth the risk of having viewers/fans be unhappy?

    Personally I can't wait to see how this unfolds as in the end I know that Booth will get his man as he always does and that Pelant will get what he deserves and that is death. So I look forward to the beginning of season 9.

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    I was a little disappointed in the way this season ender happened, several things really bother me but I am probably over analyzing everything. Anyway, with all the brains being in one place why dont the get some help with computer and get a brainiac to locatePelant. also, bones and Booth must have someplace quiet that Pelant cannot reach them and be able to tell each other what is going on,

    You would thinkDr. Jack Hodgins would be trying to get someone to track down Pelant thru the computer to get his money back.

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    One thing I noticed once I calmed down over the whole engagement take back, is Pelant has a partner. In the opening shots of the ep, it shows him playing chess in his secret lair.

    So who is his partner? It would never happen, but how about Zack.

    Pelant would have the access to have him let out, erase his identity. It would also explain why Pelant has succeeded for so long. With Zack's knowledge of the team not to mention the fact that the guys a uber genius, combined with Pelents own intelligence, they'd be tough to match.

    It also answers the question as to why Pelant targeted them in the first place? From Zack's perspective, the team left him to rot, hardly even fought for him when they might have done more.

    It's an interesting idea.

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    Zack? i doubt it, yes he messed up in season 3 and we know how that ended. but the thing is he later i think regretted it. and i don't think he ever wanted to kill his friends, but a parter i do buy. also i agree they should just kill this guy already! with the exception of "The Mentalist' and Red John. which has always been the main villian. even though that story line isn't in every episode.

    some tv shows get carried away with how long the serial killer is on. CSI did it with that Dr. Jeykll in Seasons 10 & 11! 2 seasons is i think far to long for a serial killer. with Bones since last season was only 13 episodes i believe or 18 i forget how many? ok i can buy that. but let's face it

    they just need to kill this guy and do another serial killer. i loved the finale but like you both i didn't like the ending either. i do think that Sweets pretty much gave us a warning on how it was going to end. SPOILER

    but it was a stupid threat. don't marry her cause if you do i'll kill these people

    sorry about spoiling it. but let's face it folks here already saw. but i just warned just in case nobody has seen it yet, just to be safe.

    i didn't want to be yelled at for not putting that in there. anyways.

    that threat was stupid that was him i think being childish. i want you to be scared of me is what he was saying. i have all the power. well maybe but didn't he also try to frame bones last year and that did end up failing. it would not surprise me if he did have a partner though.

    but the guy is nuts and i'm not a serial killer and he is so i'm just using my own logic and not his. though i do gotta give them props for NOT killing another cast member. i am so tired of tv shows killing characters in tv shows just to get ratings. if the actor or actress doesn't want to come back to the show that doesn't mean they have to be killed off!

    one thing i DO want is next season to have Russ come back on the show. he hasn't been seen since what season 3 or 4 right? right have Max got the not guilty verdict i believe. you would think he'd want to meet his niece. and see how Bones is NOW compared to how she was than.

    bring him back dammit! it's been far to long since we last saw him!

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    I HATE Pelant with a passion. He needs to be taken care of ASAP next season, along whomever he has helping him out in any way shape or form. Tired of the angst and the drama lol. He's one BIG fly in the ointment . Here's to hoping that this season will be good and that Booth and Brennan will be ok both personally and professionally.

    Hopefully the boat won't be rocked that much by that so and so. And that everyone else won't be hurt by him either.
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    I thought the finale was well done until the last scene. I also agree that Pelant probably has a partner, but, don't think it's Zack. I disagree with an earlier comment that the team just left him to rot. None of them wanted to believe it was him & he did confess. I believe Zack felt sure that he would be sent to prison as an accomplice if he didn't confess & plead to his mental state. Zack did tell Sweets as much when he told him he never killed anyone, in " the perfect pieces in the purple pond". And he said that Hodgins assured him he would not do well in prison.

    Stephen Nathan teased a while back to watch the remaining episodes very carefully for clues to the finale, and he was right. I've been seeing the big changes in Brennan leading up to this, being much more open & taking risks in regards to her feelings. She was much more open & less clinical in this episode. You could also really see the stress she was feeling when she thought Booth was the target. She clearly looked in distress.

    About the proposal, I thought it was one of the sweetest proposals I've ever seen!! And the look on Booth's face was priceless!! He's great with expressions; seemed to go through annoyed, confused, emotional, and extremely happy. All in a short period of time!! Brennan saying " I've been scared, I've been stubborn, and I've been in love". That was great!!

    I loved how Brennan casually told Angela where she had been, " I was asking Booth to marry me". And when a shocked Cam said What? It was like Brennan thought she didn't hear what she had said!! priceless!! Then she quickly tries to give her rational reason for asking the question, instead of just saying it felt right. That was a little more like typical Brennan, just great!!

    When Sweets ran into Booth after the proposal I swear it actually looked like Booth was so happy that he was practically skipping!! And that huge happy grin on Booth's face!! loved it!! Someone else here said they thought Sweets would be the one to figure this out, and I agree. When Booth told Sweets " I've been waiting for this moment for a long, long, time & it's finally here. There's no way Pelant is going to take that away from me". You could tell how serious Booth was about that statement, and there's no way that Sweets is going to believe that Booth just changed his mind. Sweets is way smarter than that. Also, Sweets warned Booth that Pelant wouldn't be able to accept being replaced if they got engaged. I think he'll figure out that somehow Pelant threatened Booth with a loss of life if he went through with it.

    Brennan is very smart, but, not always when it comes to matters of the heart. I think going into season 9 she'll be putting up a lot of walls & maybe some internal distance between her & Booth ( unfortunately). In the episode " intern in the incinerator" at the end of the episode, when she & Booth were drinking shots, she asked Booth if he was going to betray her. I think, at least in the beginning of season 9, that's exactly how she's going to feel. That she really opened herself up to Booth emotionally, and he betrayed her. I just hope that dilemma doesn't take too long to resolve itself.

    As far as the bad ending, you could really see the look of hurt & betrayal on Brennan's face. She was tearing up, shaking her head in disbelief, telling him he was wrong, that she does want to get married. I don't see how he could feel that she bought his act by her behavior. Also, her distance immediately from him after that; not wanting to eat & wanting to just go upstairs and read? He had to know how much that hurt her. I thought he might have wanted to at least give her a hug after that huge let down.

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    Agree - they TOTALLY overuse Pelant, who is everywhere, sees everything, hears everything, can do anything. Booth believes he cannot speak freely to Bones at their home? So he is sure there are bugs or secret cameras there? Doesn't it bother him? Why doesn't he look for them before being a heartless idiot? Do they have cameras in their bed? Cannot he just write everything down and let Bones read it under blanket? In Jeffersonian? In FBI? Pelant is not THAT omnipotent, he is not Lucifer and the show is not "Supernatural". Instead of being thrilled I am actually getting bored and annoyed because I do not believe it anymore.

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