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Submission Guidelines

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    These guidelines are to make clear any specific requirements/guidelines I may have for submissions. I assume that everyone already knows how to format general submissions, as improper submissions with excessive mistakes will be rejected.

    Adding a new episode

    You must include a definite airdate from a reliable source, and no, you can't just assume an episode will air a week after the one before it aired because repeats and schedule changes do exist and happen quite frequently. That's my only rule. Most of the time though, an episode title will be available with the airdate, so please also add that. Feel free to also add an episode summary (not plagiarized of course) if one is available.

    Summaries and Recaps

    I will accept episode summaries as soon as they are known, but they must be from an official/reliable source (and not plagiarized) or they will be rejected. Episode recaps are of course welcome and would be a much-appreciated contribution.


    When adding in an episode's stars, please remove any delimiters (i.e. season/episode limitations such as "Season 1"). They only exist so they can be seen on the show's main page for clarity; they are a clutter in individual episode pages.

    Guest Stars

    I will accept guest star submissions as soon as they are known, as long as they are from an official/reliable source. Also, I do not consider a guest star as recurring until their fifth appearance on the show. When someone becomes recurring, their first 4 appearances do not change to recurring, they stay as guest stars because that's what they were when those episodes aired (and there are also site limitations related to the display of recurring characters on person guides). The exception to this is: if someone is previously announced to be recurring (such as Tamara Taylor was) they may be credited as recurring from their first appearance. In addition, guest stars with insignificant/minor unnamed roles such as "Officer 2" never become recurring, no matter how many episodes they have been in. If someone is both a recurring character and a special guest star (such as Ryan O'Neal) please add them as recurring, then mention in a Note that they were credited as a Special Guest Star.

    Notes and Trivia

    The notes section is for anything that does not happen on screen during an episode. Yes, music is included in notes although it is technically playing during the episode. Most commonly found in this section (along with music) are relations/links between stars and guest stars, and international airdates. In addition, an announcement after an episode, or an episode dedication, or something along those lines would fall under notes, not trivia. If possible/relevant, also include a source for notes (an example of a note that would need a source would be "Emily Deschanel walked off the set and almost quit after a paint can fell on her head during the taping of this episode"). Also, I don't consider two actors working together Note-worthy unless they at some point were both at the Star-level on the same show (for example, if Sarah Michelle Gellar guest starred on Bones).

    The trivia section is for anything that happens on screen, during an episode, that users (reasonably) think other users will find interesting. To think of it another way, Trivia is for things inside the world of the show. If submitting a goof (an error made either by an actor or part of the production team), please begin with "Goof:" (obviously don't include the quotations). In addition, do not submit any forensic definitions (unless they pertain to a goof or pun or something similar); if someone really wants to know the definitions of words they can consult a dictionary.


    Try to only include quotes that are funny or are important to the story line. If a quote sucks, or makes no sense out of its context, it will most likely be rejected. I will not accept quotes from commercials/promos as they're often just snippets of dialogue pieced together solely for that commercial/promo, which end up not taking place in the same order during the actual airing of the episode (i.e. promos are not a reliable source for quotes). Also, a quote that has way more background information/explanation (stuff in italics) than actual dialogue may also be rejected, as that defeats the purpose of it being a quote rather than an explanation of actions.


    If an allusion comes from a quote from the episode, include the quote that contains that allusion. Also, only include real allusions; vague allusions in which one thing probably doesn't even relate to another will not be accepted. Example of a vague allusion: The guest star Jack is an allusion to Jack from Titanic because both of them died in the ocean.


    These are my personal preferences for formatting various media:

    TV Shows: Italics
    TV Episodes: Quotes
    Movies: Quotes
    Bands: Italics
    Albums/Singles: Italics
    Songs: Quotes
    Music Videos: Quotes
    DVD's/Videos: Quotes
    Tours: Italics
    Books: Italics
    Magazines: Italics
    Musicals/Plays: Italics
    Poems: Quotes
    Documentaries: Italics

    Please try your best to follow these formats and keep my guides as consistent as possible.

    **If anyone is ever unsure of whether their submission will be accepted or not, feel free to just PM me to ask. That way you'll avoid a possible rejection and the frustration that may go along with it. This may seem like tons of rules, but I'm really not that horrible and I hope everyone submits and helps make the guide look great!

    E. Nigma

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    To maintain consistency with the guide continue to use these submission guidelines, only now please PM me with any questions. Thanks!

    Edited on 09/07/2010 7:43am
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