Season 5 Episode 1

Harbingers in the Fountain

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 17, 2009 on FOX

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  • Booth is back? ...Not quite. But season five brings the show back with a great episode.

    I took notes as I watched episode 5x01 for the third time. Here they are:

    I loved Cindy Lauper! Having her on the show was a great idea. Avalon Harmonia is a great character. It would definitely be cool to have her back in future episodes.

    I liked that for Angela and Cam, the fact that Booth is in love with Bones is obvious.

    I liked the sequence where Brennan arrives at the lab. I'm sure all of us know that she isn't very outwardly affectionate, but the scene creates a nice build up towards Booth and Brennan's first meeting. First, she rejects Cam's offer to hug, then she gets hugged by Hodgins, and while she appreciates the gesture, she doesn't really return the hug. But with Booth, she jumps almost impulsively at the chance. It was sweet.

    I thought it was so cute the way Boreanaz delivered the line "Don't worry, nothing's wrong with me. I'm 110 percent."

    It figures it would be a tumor that was keeping Booth from going forward with Brennan. In my opinion, any man with a healthy brain would have already made a move in a relationship like that one. The tumor is the only explanation I can accept.

    Loved the Booth and Cam scene at the bar. Finally, it is spoken out loud that Booth loves Temperance. Can't take it back, now. It's an admission that finally, clearly establishes Booth's feelings for Brennan. What this does is tell me that Booth will spend the rest of the season figuring out that he really loves Temperance, and how and when to tell her. Obviously, I don't expect this to happen until the season's final episode, and I hope it doesn't take longer than that because it just can't be extended any further. But I'm allowing myself to keep my hopes up because Hanson and the relevant execs have stated that Booth and Brennan will be in a committed relationship by the end of the season (I'm pretty sure it's cited somewhere. Please correct me if I'm wrong). All through season four I asked myself why I kept watching this show. This particular scene convinced me to keep watching because it gave me a good reason to do so.

    Cam's advice to Booth about Brennan was priceless. And it was very touching to know how much she cares for Brennan.

    Ok, the scene with B & B in the pit under the fountain…I've watched it three times and I still don't know what exactly happens here. I see Booth enter with one intention, and then leave with another, but I don't see the transition from one to the other. I don't see what made him suddenly become so anxious to leave after being so driven to go and be there with Brennan. I can deduce a couple of reasons, but my point is that it wasn't clear in the scene.

    Caroline's line in the meeting room "What is that, a graph of Russian wheat production…"etc. This line seemed too arbitrary to be funny. Or, maybe I missed something, I don't know.

    When Brennan asks Booth if he would also like her to kiss him on the forehead, and then laughs and walks away…It seemed kind of mean. That was mean, Bones.

    Somehow, Sweets seems a little too enthusiastic about pointing out that Booth is not really in love with Brennan. I understand his evidence justifying it, but he seems a bit too fundamentalist with the science. I used to think Sweets had a little more heart. Having said that, I also understand the need for a counterpoint to the characters believing Booth and Bones are in love and should be together. It would be too simple otherwise. Yin yang, I suppose. Also, Sweets' point of view is important because it triggers an internal dilemma in Booth. It will require time to solve this dilemma, and it provides the space to slowly work towards the solution, which would be Booth declaring his love to Bones (the real kind, not the 'atta girl' kind) and emotionally committing to each other.

    I loved Temperance's moment of enlightenment with Avalon, when the psychic says, "He knows the truth of you and he's dazzled by that truth." Finally, she hears it from someone.

    I'm not liking Emily's wardrobe very much. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

    I really hated Booth's reaction to the clown. I thought it was overdone and I didn't feel it at all. A more believable reaction would have been a more neutral response to the clown…like it didn't bother Booth one way or the other. All that scene needed to accomplish was to communicate that Booth no longer had a phobia towards clowns. Going bipolar was completely unnecessary. However, regardless of how believable the clown scene was, the fact that Booth's phobia is gone reinforces the dilemma introduced by Sweets. Is Booth really himself yet?

    So, something I haven't quite figured out yet: why does Booth tell Brennan that he loves her, if he is having doubts? Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about this, I just wonder why he would decide to tell her something like that when he's obviously being compelled to doubt his feelings.

    I thought that Brennan confessing to Avalon that she had an irrational feeling (about feeling bad for using Avalon to attack the Harbinger Group guy, even though it was a rational idea) is a big step forward. Bones has to learn to be a little irrational, and it looks like she's making progress.

    And also, I wanted to mention that at the end, when Avalon tells Booth that 'this' all works out in the end, it reinforces my conviction to keep watching the show because I'm glad I know where it's going.

    I really liked this episode. The case was interesting, Cindy Lauper was great, and we got the revelation we were dying for.

    I'm very glad that HH and the relevant execs shared the focus of this season with us. I don't know about everyone else, but I was losing my belief in the show. Now I know why I watch it and it's comforting to know that the show is heading towards a clear and much expected goal.
  • What cliffhanger?

    This episode illustrates why I am not a fan of season-ending cliffhangers. The big climax of last season, with Booth in critical danger with a brain tumor, and seemingly have lost his memory and identity, was blown off in the first 10 minutes of the episode, albeit with a few references in later parts of the show.

    Dr. Brennan, so concerned for Booth at the end of the season, left Booth to convalesce on his own, while she traveled to another country to do body identifications.

    The episode story was OK, but they never explained how the "psychic" knew that there were bodies buried under the fountain, leaving the impression that psychic powers might actually exist.

    Of course, we know that Booth and Brennan will eventually hook up, but apparently they will continue to do their kabuki dance for the foreseeable future.

    If Brennan is so vulnerable to having her heart broken, how is it she was able to recover from her affair with her professor?
  • Wow, what an ingenious teaser.

    Very clever to begin this season with a reprise of 'The critic in the Cabernet' and 'The end in the Beginning' through a reading of Tarot. It summed up beautifully what had happened to Booth and also opened up the question of whether he was the same guy after, as he puts it, 'putting his brain box through the blender'.
    This theme of uncertainty for Booth is continued throughout. He has forgotten many things and things have changed. He loves Brennan but is advised both by Cam directly and Sweets indirectly to be very careful what he says to her.So that when he finally tells her he turns it into a pals thing.
    The forensic plot is sound and even though they don't get the bad guy for murder he is, with Caroline's help, brought to justice.
  • The gang is back with 50% more hugging. Yay!

    I have to gush about this episode because it has everything a season starter should have: a simple explanation to a cliffhanger, a roll of new doubts and plot twists and a new dynamic of characters. The old players are still in place but the family dynamic seems to be set on a tighter leash.

    I especially enjoyed the interlude of things to come by Cyndi Lauper, who played the psychic that acts like cupid to Brennan fully knowing that is what she really wanted to hear for the last few seasons but was too naive to notice. I really enjoy the theme of belief and science a heartwarming reoccuring thing in the show, and I love the dance being continued between Brennan and Booth. It's my Mulder and Scully all over again...*sigh*
  • Exactly why I love this show so much!

    This is exactly why I love this show. I mean, it's definitely not something like 'Glee' another great show I love that you can guess what is going to happen - the whole show seems obvious but Bones, no way!

    This episode had us continually guessing and had so many amazing twists - we couldn't of guessed who did it even if we tried so hard.

    The whole Booth thing was quite sad and confusing, but not due to a fault, it was more confusing because it was meant to be and I liked that. We don't know what is going to happen and we don't know what is going on but hopefully we will find out soon enough!

    I love the psychic! She was awesome and the twists even revolving her where awesome!

    I know this may be a bit of a spoiler but I love how they dealt with the ending. It was a really great that sometimes it doesn't always end with the perfect arrest or they don't get them and there is a different way other than the obvious. The way Bones does this always makes me put a high standard on other shows because they always come up with something new or a twist on something done a million times, or even handling it newly.
  • Angela has a psychic that later tells Angela that there are 11 bodies buried underneath a fountain and she ends up being correct. Meanwhile, Booth is recovering from his brain surgery and needs to be re certified with the FBI.

    one of my all time favorites so far! This episode totally lived up to it's expectations for a season premier. Starting with the introduction of Angela's Psychic really gave the show a new refreshing taste and a totally crazy twist that was very successful. (adding that Cindy Lauper was the perfect person to cast for the psychic's role). The fact that she was correct about everything she laid out made the episode very exciting and gave me (and most likely, most of the show's audience) a strong hope for the progression of the Brennan/Booth relationship. Also in this episode we get to see Brennan in a vulnerable state where she depends on Booth to protect her (which we get to see pretty rarely) after she goes to see the doctor (one of the suspects) by herself and ends up getting stabbed in the arm. Booth is there before the doc can do any more damage and shoots him down. he then immediately gets to floor with a distraught/somewhat unaware Brennan and cradles her letting her know that he's got her and he'll take care of her. And that kiss on the head and calling her baby was just the cherry on top to that perfect scene.
    This episode also marks the very first episode where the whole Brennan/Booth love relationship is plainly set out on the table and talked about freely with Booth flat out confessing that he has real feelings for her as a result of his coma-dream. We also get a sort-of confession from Booth to Brennan about the fact although he ends up mostly chickening out and telling her that he loves her in a professional/"atta-girl" kind of way. But it just added more tension that the writers will get to play with throughout the rest of the season. In the end the psychic reveals that her cards say "this all works out eventually" referring to Brennan and Booth's love relationship giving me the hope for their relationship I was talking about before. Great episode, easy perfect 10, can't wait for the rest of the season!
  • If Booth calls Bones "baby" one more time, I'll melt. A kick of a season premiere.

    Booth admitting he loves Bones, Cyndi Lauper as a guest star, and the team back in action? Who could ask for more. We start out with Booth and Brennen away from each other for about six weeks, she's in another country bodies, and he's getting reinstated. Cyndi stars as a psychic who tells the team that there are bodies under a fountain. Booth and Bones won't even talk about the dream except in passing. And Booth keeps forgetting little things: his tie, socks, belt buckle, and his hatred of clowns. He tells Cam that he's in love with Bones, and she tells him he better be sure or Bones'll shut down forever. They discover the killer but can't charge him with the murders, so he's charged on lesser charges and caught. At one part Bones confronts a doctor who helped kill the fountain victims and he attacks her with a scalpel. Luckily the psychic warns Booth in time and he gets there just in time to shoot the doctor and save Brennen before she possibly bleeds to death or gets killed. As he's holding her on the floor waiting for the ambulance he keeps reassuring her she'll be okay and at one point says "I got you baby". Instant melt. A major step towards both of them finally realizing their feelings.
  • We're back baby.....and in love!

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. We open seeing that it has been 6 weeks since Booth's brain surgery, and that Sweets has finally certified him as mentally fit to return to duty. He goes to tell Bones the good news and wait for her to return from her trip, as she has been in Guatemala working for a couple of weeks. Angela's psychic tells her that bodies are buried under a fountain and so Booth says that they should check it out. Soon bodies are found and so it seems that the psychic was right, about this at least. They need a warrant to start digging and they manage to get one quickly. Booth brings the psychic in for questioning, during which she tells Booth that he gained things whilst he was in the coma. We then see Booth and Cam together, having drinks at a bar. They discuss his feeling for Bones and Cam tells him that before he tells Bones anything, he should make sure of them before he tells her. At the crime scene, when Bones asks Booth if he wants to grab breakfast, he makes an excuse and leaves. After Angela does a reconstruction of what the first skull looks like, we can see that it looks exactly the same as the psychic. The psychic claims the victim to be her sister. Booth gives Angela work to do, and as she leaves he apologises for being so prompt and so she kisses him on the forehead. Then Bones asks if he wants her to kiss him as well, and he says yes but she walks away. But he wasn't joking; you can see it on his face. We learn that the psychic and her sister were part of a cult and the psychic was kicked out for going to see an outside doctor, which was a big no no. Sweets goes to see booth and confronts him about his feelings for Bones. He claims it's a side effect from the surgery and that his feelings for Bones won't last. Hodgins soon learns that 11 of the victim died from drinking anti-freeze. Whilst with the psychic she tells Booth that Bones is in great danger and so he rushes to go and see her. We then see Bones at the office of the doctor who treated everyone the cut, and when she gets there he is shredding all of the files. He then attacks her and cuts her arm, before Booth shoes up to save the day. As he holds her until the ambulance arrives, he tells her that he will take care of her and he kisses her on the head. Thus adding to the fact that he loves her. We then see Booth in his office, with his shirt covered on Bones's blood. We learn that she is ok and at home resting. Bones then goes to see the psychic and she tells her things about her past and that she doesn't understand why someone loves her. Soon the leader of the cult is tracked down and brought in for questioning. But they can't arrest him without more evidence. So Booth has some other agents called in, to help track down the murder weapon and the stolen van from 10 years ago and they only have 12 hours to do so, before their suspect is released. Soon Booth finds the moment to tell Bones the truth about his feelings, and a clown shows up. He doesn't react in his normal way. He tells Bones that he loves her, and plays it off in a casual way. As the episode ends the suspect is arrested for another crime.
  • brilliant start into the new season

    Of course I would have loved to hear Booth tell Brennan FINALLY that he loves her and for her to shed tears of happiness and to reciprocate loudly - but we all knew that wasn't going to happen...not yet at least :)
    But as Avalon, the psychic - wonderfuly literary device by the way - told Booth, "it", referring to Booth and Brennan, "will work out eventually". That didn't just reassure us fans but it also reassured Booth, who from now on is rooting right along with us for him and Brennan to get together, eventually. The fact that they both share a deep emotional connection that surpases Booth's dream was pointed out again and while Sweets tried to convince Booth that it was only his brain making him believe that he's in love with Brennan, Avalon and Booth knew that it's not just a mind trick - he is in lovewith her. That is some huge progress and I was very happy with it!
    However, Sweets was right, as was Cam, in telling Booth that he had to be absolutely sure about his feelings before proclaiming them to Bones and breaking her shell, all the walls she's pulled up so carefully in order to protect herself from being is a very big deal and Booth knows - but the episode gave me the impression that he would have told her anyway had he not realized - after laughing at and with a clown instead of shooting at him - that he's not himself yet.
  • Great, sneaky and very familiar.. loved it!

    It felt just like home, i liked it very much because they manage to stay in a familiar way... witch they didn't last season, that was akward and weird until the middle. They invented a very creative manner of not getting them together, but it won't old up much... so... i hope they solve it right... thought i still don't know a show, with this amount of unresolved sexual tension, that has.
    I liked also because they didn't stick in the amnesia thing and kind of moved on. Loved Cindy Lauper and the role, hope she comes back.
    I didn't like much the case, they spend a lot of time in the booth/brennan relation, so they kind of left that out, it almost solved it self, like the one with the family guy kid.
  • The real beginning for Booth/Brennan.

    Over the years Bones has been filled with tension, will they-won't they elements and banter galore but they never made it really clear if Booth/Brennan were something they would ever really explore. At least in the way all of us Bones/Brennan shippers knew they should. I had my hopes, wishes and doubts but it finally looks like they are actually doing something with it! Thank goodness!

    For the first three years though there was plenty of Booth/Brennan moments and scenes to pick apart and dissect all the sexual tension, mixed messages, metaphors and so on and so on but they never really made it clear if it would be ever be anything more then that. I mean for those first three years I thought they were going to just leave us twisting in the wind for the entire series and then pull the old at the last minute/series finale cliche so many shows seem to adore. And while I understand their hesitation and really appreciated that they waited and more importantly that B/B have never ever been treated like any other tv couple I adored when they started truly skirting around the issue in season 4. But that would just be to easy and though a lot of us originally saw the season finale as a bottom drawer cop out it looks like it may be the best thing they've ever done in terms of actually manuvering B/B together. It served its purpose thank goodness and it looks like now after three years of no clear path and one year of piece-y hints that it was coming they are finally going to porpose the idea of B/B actually becoming a couple.

    Knew it would be Booth! I mean it would have to be wouldn't it? We've seen before that Booth is a heart on the sleeve type and whether a life or death situation happened or not it was going to take a big big manuver for something to even get Booth to realize he loves Brennan but now that he does he seems latched on. Not quite locked and loaded yet, who wouldn't be after a brain surgery with such weird complications and everyone from psychics to your closest friends coming at you with diverse convoluded opinions. The boy is bound to be a little gun shy but I really think that...before the season is out we'll have something substantial from the two of them and the premiere was a great start.

    Only critic, where is the focus on the supporting cast we were promised? It's only one episode though and B/B sucked up the bulk of it considering they had a lot of elaborate on from last season, the tie in to the psychic and the fact that Cyndi Lauper (Wasn't she so funny and cute! Perfect part for her too, a psychic.) was carving out some scene stealing chunks. Still I want me Sweets, Ang, Hodgins and the ever rotating sea of interns.
  • When are we going to see another kiss?!?!!? Dr Brennan's character is too much sometimes....

    It s good to watch the show again, but I think the writers overdid it this time with the logical thought process of Dr Brennan!! It's too much in this episode! It reminded me the final season of Friends where the characteristics of each character were exaggerated and it stopped being so funny… It needs to be a bit more effortless. And enough is enough! When are we gonna see another kiss between Booth and Bones? Or are they afraid that it s going to be like the Moonlighting when Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd finally hooked up the show lost its touch?! And I want to see Angella and the "King of the lab" get back together….
  • Ohhh Bones, how I've missed you. Spoiler alert.

    Bones is back, and with a vengeance. Whilst watching the episode I was so excited and glad to be watching every minute of it. It did not disappoint, I really enjoyed it. Booth is recovering from his operation and thinks he's in love with Bones until sweets puts some doubt in his mind when he explains about how the part of his brain associated with romantic feelings was lit up on his PET scan which could mean that his feelings are not real.

    You can feel that the Bones and Booth relationship is pushing forward and I love it. One question though, I thought Ange & Hodgins were together? or was that just me? Cyndi Lauper guest starred aswell, and she was cool. I am so happy it's back and cannot wait for the rest of the series! :D
  • Its Back! And Better Than Ever

    Bones is back and is starting out better than ever. I am so excited that this season is starting off with a BANG! It was very good and I loved how the fortune teller kept trying to convince Booth that he should be honest and tell Bones how he really felt. And then, what a chicken he backed out and changed what he said. What a chicken, oh well, I guess we have the whole year so he has more chances and he better not blow it this time. Anyway, an awesome episode, as always and I can't wait for more!!!
  • Bones is back.

    We welcome Brennan, Booth and the bones team back for another season and we join them were we left off last season with Booth recovering from his brain surgery then returning to FBI duty, and Brennan returning from holiday.
    Cyndi Lauper guest stars as Angela's psychic who after reading Brennan her cards informing her of some insight to Booths dreams ( see season 4 finale ) she informs Angela through her cards of several bodies buried under a fountain, Booth and Brennan are naturally sceptical but decide to investigate anyway, astonished they discover the psychic is correct and our investigation is underway with the normal twist and turns a Bones episode normally conjures up.
    Loved the interaction of Booth and Brennan especially when Booth told Brennan he loved her then changed it to 'in a friendship, work colleague way' and there was lots of arm punching and playful banter between them. I'm so looking forward to how this season turns out and if we will get any romance between the two leading characters, will this spoil the show?!?!? Some will think so, some will want the romance to happen finally, others will want them to keep there platonic relationship going, either way if it does or does not happen it will be another great Bones season all the way.
  • After recovering from his surgery, Booth is reassigned, "coincidentally" the same day as Brennan's return, and Angela's psychic friend tips the team on the location of a mass grave besides telling her about she and Booth's feelings, despite her denial.

    The episode was definitely a strong comeback for the series since it was straight forward as well as not being too dependent on the finale. The murder case entwined perfectly with the side plot in which the psychic(played by Cyndi Lauper) tries to convince our to favorite leads to admit their true feelings to one another. Moreover, on that subject we hear the "l" word a couple of times which is admittedly a bold step for the show, perhaps since their return is secure for next season, although it isn't quite what everyone is so desperately waiting for. The fact that Booth rescues Bones and the way he comforts her sheds a narrow ray of hope for romantic fools like me. There was also another small alteration in the episode ( although it had seldom occurred before) which was the way the case was solved; normally the murderer is revealed in the end but last night we saw the team's effort to prove a suspect's involvement rather than his identification.
    In a nutshell, it was a triumphant return for team Bones and I as a fan await more and more.
  • For weeks Booth has been recovering from his brain surgery and Sweets has declared him fit for duty. Cyndi Lauper stars as Angela's psychic who tells them that there's several bodies buried under a fountain.

    Overall I really enjoyed this episode, I was actually excited watching it. Sad but true. I felt the investigation was put on the backburner but I didn't mind in the least. Brennan and Booth's struggle with their relationship and feelings was brilliant to watch. Booth is now acknowledging his romantic feelings for Brennan though he is extremely confused by them because of several character's conflicting advice. This confusion gave the audience some entertaining scenes like the "Atta girl" moment after Booth's failed attempt at confessing his love. This episode has me really looking forward to the rest of the season.
  • Looks like Bones is getting its groove back!

    Finally! The season 4 was so disappointed that my hopes weren't really high for this premiere. I'm glad the writers proved me wrong.

    I can't say it was good as the first two seasons but the basics are here.
    We get to see an investigation that doesn't seem to be completely unrealistic, the intereaction between the whole team is still there and a good sense of humour is back.

    Booth almost confessing his feelings to Bones was just bonus points because I gave up on them getting together a long time ago. But the chemistry is still there so that's great.

    Now the writers have to confirm that it wasn't just a one-time miracle and keep the pace for the whole season.

    Bones still has a lot of potential, I just hope it will be nicely explored.
  • Different kind of Booth..

    Mm.. I am sure some people do not like what I write. I loved the show, do not get me wrong and I think this episode was very sweet and there were many of those awww moments but.. I am not sure where they are going with it. I really liked the way Booth is different after the operation. That adds mystery and things not known are always good. And for sure, there will be more to come from that than just a clone.

    I think I even enjoyed those Sweets Booth conversations about the brain and how everything what has been affected from the brain surgery will pass, including those feelings he is having towards Bones.

    And now the thing I have tried to avoid.. talking about the romance and what is coming of those two main char relationship. I really liked that Booth finally said it out.. I think we all know and guessed it long before but I never actually thought it will go for it.. at least not before the show is ending. But who knows.. maybe it is the right thing as many of my friends have said, they watch it see if those two ever get involved. I actually watch it for many other reasons (I really liked first season and the way Bones acted there. that kind of out of context, little bit weird but very bright..). I have seen shows who manage to keep main chars involved and continue and I have seen shows that lose every bit of story they had after they go that way.. so.. There comes my fear but the only thing I can say: let's wait and see and hope the best
  • "You never lost anything in that coma Agent Booth. You gained something."

    I loved loved loved this episode. I will agree with other reviewers that there were some problems with it. Sweets saying that Booth's feelings for Bones were a temporary result of his brain surgery just made me want to slap him! That he of all people would talk Booth out of sharing his feelings did seem totally out of character. Also, I was annoyed with Brennan a few times when she was talking to the psychic. She was just acting so conceited! But I don't think this hubris goes against her character at all-I was just annoyed by it. The accuracy of the psychic was only a mild issue for me. I've had someone read my cards before and be dead-on accurate, despite not knowing the first thing about me (and not even asking any leading questions), so I am a believer, but Cindi Lauper's character (Avalon) was almost too good. That said, I was willing to suspend my disbelief. Lastly, I had an issue with the clown. Why was that clown there? What are the odds? It was just a very contrived moment, but I forgive the writers for it, because there was so much to love in this episode. Let me enumerate: 1). Booth admits to Cam that he's in love with Brennan. Though there was a snippet of this scene in the commercials, I still just could not believe it until I saw it in context. David Boreanaz is just perfect in this episode. He made me really feel for Booth and believe the intensity of his love for her. 2). I really enjoyed seeing Booth and Brennan take in what the psychic was telling them,and the little clues their facial expressions gave away. Like in the end, when Avalon tells Brennan, "The answer to the question that you're afraid to say out loud is ... yes. He knows the truth of you, and he is dazzled by that truth," Brennan's expression is clearly one of surprise but also of understanding. She knows and feels more than she wants to admit to herself or anyone else. Then at the end, Avalon tells Booth and Brennan that "sometimes you have to settle for second best" but adds that things will work out eventually, thus continuing the tension that makes this show so engrossing, while also giving hope to the legions of people that want to see them together (myself included!) The writers are just total geniuses. I do hope that more of this plot line unfolds during this season though! I would be pissed if Booth ended up deciding he wasn't in love with her after all.

    3). This part was the best of all--when Bones is injured and in shock, Booth holds her and says the following: "I got it. I got it. Just relax. Just trust me, alright? I'll take care of you. Shhh, I got you. Breathe. I'll take care of you I'm right here. I'm not going anywhere. (kisses the top of her head; she pulls his arm tighter around her) I got you baby." OH MY GOD!!! I had to rewind my DVR ten times to make sure he really said that. So so adorable! It was perhaps my favorite Booth moment of all time.

    These three elements make this show a 10 for me.
  • A good start to the season despite some minor glitches in the episode. This episode had a mix of everything in it as well as a good tense, moment.

    First of all Brennan only went to Guatamala because the doctors told her Booth was okay even though he actually had some recovery left (I wonder if Booth told the doctors to tell her that so she would go and not have to worry about him) otherwise Brennan would have stayed. Secondly, the card readings I hope are to help up stay positve and keep us thinking throughout season 5. The denial Brennan has for her feelings towards Booth are as strong as ever but Booth on the otherhand not only has been made aware of his feelings for Brennan but he is told conflicting warnings from people around him about not telling his feeling to Brennan. Cyndi Lauper makes a nice guest appearance and does a good job acting as the psychic.

    I really liked the tense action moment where Brennan is attacked all though some people may disagree and think she wasn't fighting back enough. In my opinion she was thrown off guard, had no weapon to defend herself and hadn't fought with martial arts in a real long time. I loved the little scene with Brennan and Booth in the aftermath of the attack. The only real complaints come from Brennan when after she's attacked her injuries seem to magically disappear and her comments to the Psychic about her feelings making her sound stuck-up. Finally with the case ending in disappointment. Brennan seems to be torn between "Old Booth" and "New Booth" and she is in more denial than ever but of course things have to be complicated somewhere to keep the tension up for the rest of the season. I just hope it really does work out in a positive way for the both of them. All in all it was a good season premiere and makes me excited to see the next episode
  • Booth is just returning from six weeks of rest after recovering from his coma. Bones just returns to DC after spending the summer in Guatemala. They return to work after they discover twelve bodies under a fountain after a tip from Angela's psychic.

    Cyndi Lauper guest stars as the psychic Avalon. She manages to read both Brennan and Booth and really hits the mark with both. Booth still shaky from his coma is unsure of himself and his feelings. Avalon tells him to trust his feelings and go for what he wants. Bones meanwhile is her same old perfect self in everything but relationships.

    Avalon tells Angela that twelve bodies are buried under a certain fountain in DC. When Bones and Booth investigate sure enough twelve bodies buried for about ten years. Now Booth and Bones get back into the swing of things. Booth is convinced that he is in love with Bones, but everyone including Camille and Sweets tells him to be careful because if it is just a phase he will destroy Bones confidence.

    When the bodies are identified one of them is Avalon's younger sister. After a number of incidents including Bones being attacked and stabbed and Booth shooting and killing her attacker they manage to catch the killer.

    A wonderful return of Bones for another season. Complete with Booth telling Bones that he loves her (as a buddy!) when he chickens out. I can see we are going to be frustrated for another season but this is one show worth the angst. Thanks for reading...
  • The best season premiere in a while for Bones. Almost makes up for the season ender. Yep, there will be spoilers in this review.

    Boy oh boy was I anxious for this episode. I was one of those people who were still vexed over last year's finale. It's been dubbed in my household as the episode that shall not be named. I really wanted this episode to be good, and for the most part, it was. I liked Cyndi Lauper in the episode, just the right amount of kooky and like some have already mentioned I hope that she makes a repeat appearance. I liked the case, it was interesting enough, but not so complex that it didn't take away from the real focus of the episode which was basically what was going to happen between Booth and Brennan.
    Loved their reunion! Brennan accidentally sitting on Booth was hilarious! Note that she didn't see the point in hugging Cam, when Hodgins hugged her it was kind of like she was hugging him because he was hugging her. When she saw Booth, she reached out to hug him, and he looked like he didn't want to let go. The chemistry between them was more evident than before; like when he visited her at the crime seen and she wondered why he didn't want to go to breakfast with her, when she flirted with him and offered to kiss him on the forehead after Angela did (although I thought that Angela was going to say something along the lines of "I already kissed his forehead sweetie, you'll have to pick another body part."), when Avalon told him that Brennan is in trouble and after Brennan got stabbed and he was trying to reassure her (I totally screamed when I heard him call her Baby! Sorry to all those who experienced temporary hearing loss). There was also the scene where Avalon told Brennan that the question she's too afraid to ask was how someone can love her, and Avalon told her that he knows about her and is dazzled by her. Funny how Brennan didn't even ask what she was talking about or who. She just had this tiny smile on her face. To me it showed that she isn't as clueless as everyone thinks she is. When Booth said the words that we've all been waiting to hear and then chickened out, was it just me, or when Brennan punched him in the shoulder did she look frustrated? I liked in the end when Booth was willing to settle for second best and Avalon told him that it happens eventually. I'm hoping that eventually happens soon.
    What I didn't like:
    It made sense that Cam told Booth to follow his heart but to be sure about his feelings for Brennan before making his confession, but for Sweets to tell Booth that his feelings for Brennan aren't real and that they're going to fade and when it does Booth Booth will break her heart? The kid has been trying to get them to confess their feelings for one another practically since their first session! It's one thing to tell him that he needs to give himself some time to get into the rhythm of things before telling her, or even point out that if he is going to tell her that it will affect their partnership so he has to figure out if its worth the risk. Even cautioning him that Brennan might not be able to accept his feelings for her might make sense. The thing of it is that he's seen them together, the looks, the touches, the way that they communicate, their "surrogate relationship". He's seen the emotional duress that they each undergo when the other is in physical danger. I mean, even if he didn't, that scene in his office at the end of Mayhem on the Cross should have tipped him off that they are much more connected than partners would be. Just when I was starting to like the kid, he has to do something like this. And that whole thing about the brain scans? Really? He, of all people should have known that the hallucinations that Booth had been undergoing along with the stress could have affected the activity in that part of his brain during that first scan. On top of that, his concern about what was going on between Booth and Brennan stemmed from a chat with a psychic? Avalon has been spouting how right for each other Brennan and Booth are from the beginning of the episode, wouldn't she have told Sweets that it was meant to be or whatever? And if she did, does it make sense that he takes all of the other stuff that she says to be true except that Booth loves Brennan? I really want Angela to find out and rip him a new one. A new very large one. And then there was the whole thing about continuity. The more I think about it the more it bugged me that Brennan didn't so much as get a band aid after they made such a big deal about her arm. She's bleeding everywhere, Booth is scared enough that as he grabs a hold of her arm and holds her he calls her baby as her reassures her, and later he's in his office brooding and his shirt's got blood all over it. She gets stabbed with a scalpel and, ok, so I'm not expecting her arm to be in a sling, but it didn't even look like she was injured at all. It was bad enough in Pain in the Heart that Booth had a band aid over his gunshot wound, but to not have any indication of any injury on Brennan was a WTF moment for me. All in all, the things I liked about this episode outweighed what I didn't like. I liked it better than both of the Yanks in the UK parts. Hope that the momentum continues if not picks up just a tad.
  • The premiere episode of Season 5 of Bones. Bones and Booth find many human remains after being guided by Angela's psychic, played by Cynid Lauper.

    Well, I guess I will first start out by saying, Welcome back Bones! It's been a long couple of weeks, and I am so happy to have this show back on air. So, this episode, entitled Harbingers in the Fountain is a perfect example of the mastery to this show. Bones has been known to be more about the characters and less about the crime drama. One of the many creative twists on Bones, that I feel only works because the actors and the directors/producers have such great chemistry. Saying that, I must say, I was a little disappointed to where the writers started this episode. I was expecting the episode to pick up where the finale left off. I guess though, the story line would not move as quickly if they had started in the hospital bed, with Agent Booth starting blankly into the tearing eyes of Dr. Brennan. However, I must say this. What a surprising episode this was! I feel like the dialog was perfect for the characters. I love the fact that they are making Dr. Brennan's lines a little less, how do I say this, stupid. Acting dumb for a laugh is never a plus. Angela and Hodgins were great. I'm sensing a little "sexual tension" between them again. Hodgins, king of the lab speech always makes me smile. Cam and Sweets were playing devil's advocate to Booth's emotions. They both claimed they knew his love for Dr. Brennan, but they advised him not to express it out of impulse. But c'mon Bones fans, we all know the Booth is definitely in love with Brennan, before and after the coma. Or is he?
    Last season Gordon Wyatt said that one of them was madly in love with the other, and the other was oblivious to this love. I always expected Booth loved Brennan but maybe Brennan was indeed the "romantic genius" and was in love with him. I want to say they are both in love with each other, but this show keeps me guessing. Ok, how sweet was the rescue scene. I'm not gonna lie, I was expecting a little more motive for wanting to kill Brennan, and a little bit more danger with the actual fight scene. Shooting wise the scene was very captivating, and the actors were very convincing, but I feel like something was missing. Oh, I remember, Booth. SPOILER: But he saves her. Thank god. How adorable was that embrace they shared! The comfort, the releving look on Brennan's face (kudos to Emily). And GOD! BOOTH"S face! His eyes just screamed anger and empathy. (Kudos David). All in all, I must say, I really liked this episode. Despite the few episode flaws, such as Brennan gets stabbed and is put in the hospital, but then later we see her arm, without a bandage, or any stab wounds. Great job Bones. Keep the great work! Can't wait for more awesome episodes!
  • Good to have it back! Booth is confused...

    I'm so happy to have Bones back!

    I found the case very interesting with the psychic putting some of the members to the test. Brennan was the first one. She obviously feels something for Booth, she might actually love him but since she still believes that loving someone might push them away from her, it's hard for her to believe. Cam and Sweets were right, that's why they go and warn Booth about it. Booth is confused about his own person but he was so sure to tell Brennan about his feelings, that when he finds the clown funny instead of scary he immediately backs out and tells her something else.

    I missed Hodgins so much and it was just great to see his funny remarks again... I got goosebumps in the scene when Brennan gets hurt and she is about to cry and how she looks for safety in Booth's arms. I don't mind having Booth and Brennan distant and careful about their feeling towards the other, however, I hope the network (because, let's be honest, they make most of the decisions) doesn't have them like this for 2 more seasons because it would get boring and old.
  • sandra

    The best show on tv. congratulations to the cast.Great job, can't wait for next week .keep up the good work.The only thing is Zack. I miss him.I wish there was a way to bring him back.I can't wait to see how or if the writers develop the relashionship between Bones and Booth.What about Angela and Hodgens are they going to get back? One more time, please bring Zack back. he is the nly one missing to have a complete and perfect team.Whoever brought Kim character to the show is a genius.She and sweets completed the team.just,big mistake loosing Zack.
  • great start

    after what I would consider a poor last eppisode in the season before the writers have started back strong and I look forward to them teasing us with the idea of Bones and booth finally getting together. I loved the idea of there being a psychic on the show. It just seemed like a interesting blend into the existing character myriad and although it is a reoccuring role I think it will be interesting.

    They have started off with a good start showing the quirk behavior of all the characters and the relationship between super intelligent jeffersonian scientists and intuitive booth. three thumbs up
  • Good start to the season. Loved it. :)

    This was an amazing start to what I hope will be a great season. It was great to see that Booth was okay after his coma and that he seemed almost to terms with his normal life. I loved seeing all of the squints again. Hodgins was my favorite. I just wish we could have seen more of him. Caroline was amazing. I love seeing her on cases, just because she's so funny! Sweets was pretty good too, and I loved seeing him partly freaked out over Avalon's readings.

    Speaking of Avalon, I thought that Cyndi Lauper's role as a psychic was perfect. She played the part so well in my opinion.

    Now lets be honest. Did we really care about the murders? I was way more interested in the BxB action going on. I was a little bummed that there was no diner scene, but I think I can handle it. I loved the scene with Booth and Brennan at the hospital. It was so sweet, and I could tell that he really did care about Brennan (as if we didn't know that already, of course...)

    All in all, a great episode for a season starter. Not the best I've seen, but definitley worth it.
  • New season, mediocre start.

    The fourth season of Bones ended in extreme controversy and fascinating intrigue. We saw Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) enter a coma because of the fact that he saw Family Guy's Stewie Griffin and had a dream that he was married to Dr. Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and the couple ran a night club together. But the hospital part of this show is done when the new season begins. Booth is out of the hospital and back at work. Meanwhile, Temperance is seeing a fortune teller per Angela's (Michaela Conlin) advice. While the woman predicts certain events that either are true or turn out to be true Temperance dismisses her as a fraud. Think the classic science vs. faith argument that every show eventually discusses.

    It is clear that Bones is trying to capitalize on the popularity of The Mentalist and Lie to Me that became breakout hits last year for their unique approach to crime solving, but the actress they cast to play the fortune teller could not be more irritating.

    But on a less trivial note, the actual plot of this episode is pretty generic. It can be seen as a "back to basics" approach for Bones, but after some very innovative and creative storylines last year (involving circuses, comic conventions, zoo-themed car dealerships and much more) this is about as standard and hackneyed as they come. To add more fuel to the fire, the actual arrest is not even shown in the hour long broadcast, nor are the perpetrator's rights read. I thought that was mandatory for cop shows?

    There is a kind of big development in the Booth/Brennan relationship though. Without giving too much away, three words are spoken by each to the other, but not exactly with the kind of meaning one of them anticipates. I will leave it at that.

    The show's signature charming and fast-moving dialogue is still there, but there is just not the kind of energy or effort displayed here that you would expect coming back from summer vacation.
  • Bones starts new season kicking ass!!

    Well, the season premiere was a very interesting story. Booth is feeling the love for Bones but Camille and Sweets warn him that a misplaced and misguided discussion about his feelings towards Bones could be dangerous, if he were to change his mind earlier.

    After Sweets gave his opinion, I was already thinking that it was just to get our hopes up but nothing would happen in the end.. the scene after the clown was a turn off after so many well done scenes and a intriguing plot..

    And the psychic esoteric stuff was great. We got to see all Booth at first but then after Bones was injured and go see her, the psy woman tell Brennan that "yes, he knows the truth of you and he's dazzled by that truth"..

    Anyways another great installment with a wonderful cast, great chemistry and interesting plot enough to refrain you from letting the predictable Booth and Bones "still friends" outcome..

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