Season 2 Episode 11

Judas on a Pole

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 13, 2006 on FOX

Episode Recap

A shot is fired and a man wearing a suit hits the ground dead. A hooded figure ties him to a post and stands him up like a scarecrow. The hooded figure then douses the body with gasoline. The man sets the body on fire and it burns on the building's rooftop.
Zack is defending his dissertation, "Analysis of Bone Trauma," to the board, which includes Dr. Brennan. As Zack is explaining his technique, Booth interrupts and tells Bones that they have a case. Booth greets Zack and asks him how it is going. Zack responds that they don't like him. Booth isn't surprised. He tells Brennan they have to go. Brennan tells Zack to just answer the questions as she is herded out by Booth. The next question the committee asks Zack is how he expects anyone to take him seriously when he looks the way he looks.
At the crime scene, Bones is examining the burned skeleton. It's male and middle-aged. Booth asks what was going on with Zack. Brennan explains that his dissertation is the last step to completing his doctorate. While talking, Bones picks burned intestines and Booth deduces that the man was killed because he spilled his guts. Booth asks if he is going to make it, and Brennan jokes that the man is very dead. Booth was referring to Zack, who Brennan gives 50-50 odds. The rooftop where the body was burned is where the FBI would house witnesses. Brennan sees something in the victim's throat. Booth says the killing was a warning.
Back at the Jeffersonian, Zack is telling Cam and Hodgins about his dissertation as they examine the remains. Cam pulls something out of the throat and hands it Hodgins. Hodgins is surprised Zack corrected the committee, but Zack claims he only did it when they were wrong. Cam says maybe they will get lucky and be able to identify the victim by x-raying him. Hodgins says they just got lucky. Written on the piece of paper Cam pulled out of the victim's throat is "My name is Garrett Delaney." Then Cam finds a coin in the victim's throat. She then says that this is going to turn out to be some freaky, weird, ritualistic thing, to which Hodgins replies that he hopes so. Zack notices that the coin is inscribed with Christopher Columbus. Cam then asks where Brennan is. Zack responds that her brother came for a visit.
Russ and Brennan are in her office. Brennan is questioning Russ. He claims that their father called him and told him that he and Brennan are in danger. Brennan responds that she spends half her time with a sniper-trained FBI agent and that she feels safe. Russ claims that he knows someone is watching him. To her claim that he has no evidence, Russ says he can feel it on the back of his neck---that after being in jail he has developed a sixth sense. Brennan then offers for Russ to stay with her for a few days. Russ says he has to work and that he has Amy and the girls. Brennan then asks him about his sixth sense. He responds that she can't not believe in something one second and then use it against him the next. She tells him to just stay overnight, so that he can get a fresh start in the morning. She sweetens the deal with cold beer in the fridge.
Booth walks in and tells Russ not to drink the Moroccan beer because it tastes like earwax. He greets Russ. They shake hands and Brennan throws Russ her keys. As Russ leaves, Booth says to Brennan that he still makes Russ nervous. Booth than takes Brennan by the arm and tells her they need to go. Brennan asks why she always feels like Booth is abducting her. She gives him a playful swat on the back.
In Booth's SUV, Booth shares that the corpse is a former FBI agent. Then the scene cuts to an apartment. Delaney left the FBI 15 years ago. He was the head of security for a K-Street company. Brennan asks why he ended up a human torch. Booth responds that is what they are here to find out. Brennan observes that Delaney's place is better than Booth's, like ten times better. Booth responds that he left public service and he makes more money. As Booth is looking around the kitchen, he asks about what Brennan's father said. Brennan finds a locked door and tries to open it with a credit card. Booth notices and asks her what she is doing. She is practicing some of the black ops stuff he showed her. Booth tells her to let him show her. Brennan says that every FBI agent in the country is looking for her father and maybe this is his way of scaring them off. Booth says they haven't had a break in the case in months and that he isn't going to be nervous. Brennan maintains that her father is a career criminal and that just because he says that Russ is in danger doesn't mean that he is. Booth takes the credit card from Brennan and kicks in the door with his foot. Brennan turns on the light and they find the room covered in photos of Russ. The two take in the room and look disturbed.
Booth, Brennan, and Russ are examining the photos. Russ says his father was right, someone was watching him. Booth says it is more than watching, they are hunting. The lines on some of the photos are ranges and he is picking out a spot to shoot him. Russ asks what he is supposed to do. Brennan says that the hunter is dead, so it should be over. Booth asks if anyone else knows if Russ is here. He responds that only his girlfriend Amy knows. Booth tells him to call and tell her that if anyone calls, she doesn't know where he is. Brennan tells Russ that he should stay with her until they figure out why Delaney wanted to kill him. Russ asks how they are going to do that. Booth responds by figuring out who killed him.
Angela is running tests on the paper pulled from Delaney's throat. It was dated and initialed on the bottom of both sides of the page. The date is February 19th, 1978. Hodgins says it sounds like a cop's notebook, which makes sense, except for what is written. It is a declaration stating "I will not put an innocent man in prison because he is a political threat. Marvin Beckett hasn't broken any laws." Hodgins recognizes the name. Beckettt was a civil rights leader in the 60's who was sent to prison for killing an FBI agent named Gus Harper. Angela recognizes that name, August Harp signed the notebook, so Delaney's murder has something to do with Beckett going to prison. Hodgins tells Angela that she is good, very, very good.
Booth is reading the report in the hallway. Hodgins keeps interrupting him as he is reading. A taskforce made up of FBI, state police, and local cops goes bad and starts taking a cut from the same bank robbers they are supposed to be investigating. He keeps jabbing at the report and Booth keeps pushing his hand away. Then they decide to plant stolen money on Beckett, but Harper decides he can't live with that and decides to blow the whistle, posits Hodgins. He continues that the same guy who was going to blow the whistle for framing Beckett then gets murdered by Beckett. Hodgins isn't buying it. Booth asks who else knows about this. Hodgins says just us and you. Booth tells him to keep it that way. Hodgins then says that he has seen this movie and that he gets killed on the way home. Booth tells him not to go home. As Booth walks away, Hodgins asks if he is serious.
Booth and Brennan are interviewing Gus Harper's widow. She was only married to him for eight months so she is not sure how she can help. Booth asks about the contents of the note. Mrs. Harper wants to know what they want. Brennan responds that they want the truth, to which she responds that the last time the FBI talked to her they told her to keep her mouth shut or she wouldn't get her husband's death benefits. Booth tells her that her husband was a good man who tried to do the right thing and that he ended up dead, and that he can't let that stand. The widow then says that the FBI murdered Gus and then had a state funeral for him complete with the grieving widow. Brennan asks if the note is in her husband's handwriting. She says yes, that he was compiling evidence. Booth asks if there was more. There was a diary, a dozen tapes, field notes that he kept in a safety deposit box at Ohio First Savings and Loan in Dayton. Booth looks at Brennan who walks out of the room. Booth excuses himself and follows. Brennan says that her parents robbed that exact bank just days after Gus Harper was killed. They were looking for that evidence, which is why Delaney was stalking Russ. Booth tells Brennan to go home and to be with her brother while he finishes questioning Mrs. Harper. She agrees.
Angela shows Zack a picture of Delaney to compare to the skull and asks if it is him. Zack says definitely. He continues that he hopes to continue working at the Jeffersonian after he receives his doctorate. Angela says that they would all like that. Zack asks her about the question of people taking him seriously looking the way he looks. Angela responds that it is a comment on his deportment. Zack responds that Dr. Brennan doesn't care about deportment. Angela agrees, but points out that once he receives his doctorate he won't be Brennan's grad student anymore and that Cam will be his boss. Zack asks if deportment matters to Cam. Angela responds that Cam is not the type of woman that you catch with crusties in the corner of her eye.
At Brennan's apartment, Russ is telling Brennan about Hailey and Emma, Amy's daughters, but she really isn't paying attention. Russ tells her that if he plays his cards right these girls could be her nieces in a few months, so she should take the time to learn their names. Brennan looks at the pictures and says they are cute. Russ tells her that Hailey has lung trouble and they are trying to figure it out. He asks if she has ever dealt with an HMO. Brennan offers money, which Russ refuses. He says that if he is going to become their daddy he has to man up for the job. Brennan tells him that is not rational as she goes to answer the door. He says he is a good mechanic and that he will be fine on his own. Booth is at the door. He has Gus Harper's service history. He graduated in the top half of his at Quantico and was assigned to a joint state and federal bank robbery taskforce. Brennan looks at the photo Booth hands her of Harper. Delaney was his supervisor. Booth also has a list of bank robbers with FBI codenames. They are named after explorers. Max Keenan's codename was Columbus. Booth has photos of a few as he names them. The last two are Brennan's parents. Booth says every one of them is deceased. Brennan says except for her dad. Booth tells them that Delaney was killed to send a message to the FBI. He pulls the Columbus coin that was pulled from Delaney's throat out of his pocket and hands it to Brennan. She says, "Columbus shot a man in the head, hung him from a pole, gutted him, and then set him on fire ... and Columbus is our father."
The next morning in Brennan's apartment, she and Russ are talking. He says that for 15 years everything was fine and under control until ... Brennan interrupts and asks until what? Russ responds that he called and left her a message to stop looking and that she didn't. Brennan asks if it is her fault, to which Russ responds that consequences aren't the same as fault. His parole officer is very philosophical. Brennan then says that all they have is a voice tape of dad saying back off and a little silver dolphin that she found at her mom's grave and that is as far as the investigation has gone. Russ tells her that Booth is FBI and she isn't and that she is the daughter of a career criminal and the sister of a loser on parole. She responds that she wouldn't let anyone call him a loser and asks him why he thinks she would let him call himself a loser. Russ smiles at her and tells her he loves her too.
Caroline and Booth are at the diner. Caroline is telling Booth that what he is asking is the kind of thing that destroys careers. From the time she was a little girl she dreamed of putting bad men in jail. She interrupts herself to hit Booth's hand as he tries to take one of her donut holes. She continues that this desire is why she became an Assistant US Attorney. Booth tells her she doesn't have to help him. She says of course she does because Beckett is still a hero to a lot of African-Americans who never believed he killed that FBI agent. She tells Booth that he bought her breakfast and that he found a way to clear Beckett's name and get him out of jail after 30 years, so she can't walk away, which Booth knew. Booth tells her she should have some more coffee. Of course, she wants more coffee. They need to figure out a plan. Booth has an idea about which judge to use. Caroline says they should exhume Gus Harper and let Booth's "genius scientist partner" figure out if he really died the way the FBI said he died. Caroline says they want Judge Kemper. Booth is skeptical, but Caroline says that if she is ruining her career she is doing it her way. She tells Booth to take a donut hole, since now she is offering. He does.
Zack is telling Brennan about a 22-caliber bullet that was lodged in Delaney's sinus cavity. Dimples in the skull indicate that the bullet ricocheted inside the cranium. Brennan asks Zack if he is worried about his doctorate. He says no, because Dr. Grayson touched him with an open hand on the shoulder. Brennan asks if it was inappropriate. Zack explains that he read a book on body language and that when an older male lays an open hand on the shoulder of a younger male it conveys approval, but if the older male bumps the younger male with a closed fist it conveys doubt. He then demonstrates three firm pats on the shoulder versus three hits in the shoulder and repeats it. Brennan offers that Dr. Grayson is elderly and arthritic and perhaps he just needed assistance getting up. She demonstrates using Zack as a crutch to stand. A guard interrupts and tells Brennan that she has a visitor in her office. Before turning to go, Brennan pats Zack on the shoulder.
Russ is in the hallway with a priest who he introduces as a friend of dad's, Father Toby Coulter-the train guy. Brennan shakes his hand and says that she remembers that story, when dad and his friend accidentally blew up a train trestle. Booth joins them and asks how you accidentally blow up a train trestle. Father Coulter answers that they were hired by a farmer to blow up the ice from a stock pond and they started competing to see who could slide the dynamite further across the ice before it blew up. Booth comments that it is a federal offense to blow up a train trestle, even if it is accidental. Brennan then introduces Father Coulter to Booth. Russ warns the Father that Booth is FBI. As they shake hands, Father Coulter says he is innocent and that it was Max's toss that brought the trestle down. Booth comments on the irony that Max Keenan's best friend grows up to be a priest. Father Coulter says he is sure that Booth's people have that on file somewhere. Russ tells Brennan that Father Coulter has a message from their dad. The Father adds that it is a private message. Brennan tells him to come to her office. Booth starts to follow as Father Coulter starts to close the door on him. Russ stops him and tells Father Coulter that Brennan is just going to tell him everything anyway, so he might as well let him listen. They are all seated in Brennan's office. Father Coulter tells her Max's message is to back off and that she'd understand. Booth asks where he saw Max. The Father answers in confession. Brennan says they aren't Catholic. Before Father Coulter can answer, Booth responds that the sanctity of the confessional is extended to all. He then asks Coulter if Max ever called him on his cell phone. Coulter responds two days ago. Booth asks for the phone so that he can trace the number. Then he asks if Max Keenan came to Coulter for absolution. He responds that Booth knows the requirements for confession. Contrition and intent not to repeat the sin, Booth responds. Coulter says Max doesn't have either and that as a priest he failed Max. Brennan asks if there is anything else he can tell them. Coulter says Max was angry and felt that his hand had been forced. Brennan asks where they can reach him. Russ tells them that Father Coulter will be staying at the St. Augustine Seminary for the next few days before heading back to Ohio. Booth gives Coulter back his cell phone. Coulter tells Brennan that her father loves her. Brennan asks if that was part of the message. Coulter responds that it is a personal observation. Brennan doesn't have a response.
At the FBI headquarters, Booth explains to Brennan that Delaney's murder and the threats on Russ's life are happening now because of the dolphin Brennan found at her mother's grave. A field unit in Denver tracked the dolphin to a local artist who identified Max Keenan as the buyer. Brennan replies that Delaney left the FBI fifteen years ago, to which Booth responds that someone told him. Brennan adds, "and didn't tell you?" Booth says, "They are part of a conspiracy." Brennan says to Booth, "You must be annoyed." Booth says he is and that he doesn't like finding out there is a dirty FBI agent in this building. He closes the door to his office before continuing and then tells Brennan what he thinks happened. Delaney went to Max and asked him to hand over the evidence or he would kill Brennan or Russ. Max calls Russ to warn him and then kills Delaney - guts him and burns him as a warning not to mess with Max Keenan's kids. Brennan asks if she is supposed to like that. Booth says he will take a stand-up crook over a dirty cop any day of the week. Brennan nods her understanding, and then Caroline walks in and tells Booth she got them a meeting with the judge and they need to go. She tells Brennan to get back to the lab in case they are successful. Booth tells Brennan that he finds it better to do what she says. Brennan says "okay" kind of meekly.
Judge Kemper is questioning them about wanting to exhume the body of the young FBI agent that Marvin Beckett was convicted of killing. He says it is a big, noisy mess in the making. Booth says that the FBI has credible evidence that the homicide case against Beckett was manufactured. Assistant Attorney Dan Burridge walks into the office and says he is arguing against this writ. Kemper asks on behalf of whom? Burridge responds the FBI. Kemper says he thought Booth was FBI. Booth says he is. Kemper says he told them: big, noisy mess. He then asks for Burridge's reason against exhuming Harper. Burridge says they are acting rashly in a highly visible case and that the evidence has not been authenticated. Booth interrupts and says it has been authenticated by the Jeffersonian. Burridge says that the FBI would like to do its own in-house authentication. Caroline says of course they would, they are the ones that did the framing 30 years ago. Burgde takes exception to that. Caroline asks him why, since he wasn't alive 30 years ago, like she and Judge Kemper, who got to see firsthand what Marvin Beckett was really like. Kemper asks Caroline if she brought the writ to him because he personally knew Beckett. Caroline acts surprised and says she didn't know that. She asks Booth if he knew that. Booth shakes his head no. Burridge says the FBI would like to do this slowly and carefully. Caroline says, "We want to exhume Gus Harper so we can makes sure he was murdered in exactly the way the damn FBI said he was murdered, Your Honor."
The casket of Harper is brought to the Jeffersonian. Cam is doing the autopsy with Brennan and Zack. The original autopsy said Harper was killed when he was shot three times at close range by a .38 colt detective special revolver. Harper's remains are put on the table and they remove his shirt. Cam identifies three shots: one piercing the heart, one in the left lung, and the third a shot to the frontal bone. As Cam removes the bullet lodged in the front of the head, she stops. Brennan asks her what's wrong. Cam says the bullet from the head is from a .38, but the bullets in the chest are from something a lot bigger than a snub-nosed revolver. She says the holes are from something more like a bullet a sniper would use. Brennan tells Zack to get a full set of x-rays before Cam re-opens. Cam says they are going to do this like the whole world is watching.
Booth is sitting and eating pie at a table by the window in the diner. Russ joins him. Booth tells Russ he is an idiot, that he likes him, but he is a real idiot. Russ asks what he did. Booth says he got a call from his parole officer because Russ crossed state lines without informing anyone and that he covered for Russ by saying he was assisting with an FBI investigation. Russ says thanks. Booth responds that Russ is slipping. Russ says that he wants to marry Amy and raise her kids, one of whom is sick, which costs money. He is a felon on parole who works part-time as a mechanic. He asks Booth what job he is going to get to allow him to be the man he needs to be to raise a family. Booth says he gets that Russ has a sick little girl depending on him, but that if Russ ends up back inside, he won't be helping anyone. Russ starts to get up from the table when a shot is fired through the window. Booth throws Russ to the ground and hits the deck while yelling for everyone to get down. Booth pulls his weapon and tries to get a visual on the shooter. Russ puts his hand to his neck and comes away with blood.
In Booth's office, the news is reporting that Marvin Beckett was released after a second autopsy showed inconsistencies with the details of his trail. Booth is watching. Father Coulter asks what kind of inconsistencies. Booth says Coulter has his confidences to keep and so does he. Brennan is sitting with Russ, who has a bandage on his neck. She says it is over now, that it's out and that there is no reason to kill Russ. Booth says the men behind this don't care about Marvin Beckett. They care about being exposed. Brennan says it was lucky they were together and then asks why they were together. Booth says a man's gotta eat, glancing at Russ. Coulter hits Russ in the shoulder (with a closed fist) a few times and says it is amazing to think that some people still refuse to believe in guardian angels. A man appears at Booth's office door and points to the conference room. Russ asks who that is. It is Deputy Director Kirby, his boss's boss's boss. Booth straightens his tie and goes.
Booth is seated at the table while Kirby paces behind him in the conference room. He tells Booth he is what's known as a real pain in the ass. Booth agrees. Kirby says he just had his testicles handed to him by the Attorney General of the United States of America, who wanted to know why the Marvin Beckett issue was not handled slowly and carefully with greater forethought and tact. Kirby told him he did not know. Booth says he had to do it because the FBI ... Kirby interrupts him and tells Booth it is not his decision. Then he tells Booth he is suspended without pay. He asks for Booth's gun, ID, and security card. Booth asks what the charges are since it is his right to know. Kirby says the charges against Booth are that Kirby was pissed upon from a very great height. He tells Booth to be out in ten minutes. Booth puts his gun, ID, and security card on the table.
Back at the Jeffersonian, the team and Booth in civilian clothes are discussing his suspension. Brennan asks if they can do that. Booth says the two guys standing behind him with guns seemed to think so. Zack, at a computer, says Harper's ribs and sternum were practically obliterated by the two shots to his torso. Angela interrupts him and says Booth got fired. Brennan says suspended not fired. Cam says suspended is FBI-speak for fired. Booth says what hurts the most is that they took the car and that he has no wheels. Zack continues that the bullets themselves were removed from the body, but that Hodgins found some very small fragments - copper, lead polymer. Hodgins says this is conspiracy. Cam says what we are dealing with is that Booth won't be working with them anymore. Booth says he has his own gun, but he is still upset that they took the car. Zack explains that he assumed the only way Booth would get his car back is if he solved the case on his own and that they would help. Booth starts to say he can't let them do that when Brennan asks anyone who wants to help Booth to raise their hands. All of them raise their hands. Booth gives a slight smile in response. Zack explains that he reverse-engineered to find the most likely design of the bullets. On the computer he demonstrates that after the bullet spread, lead pellets were released like buckshot. Booth says it is a homemade round invented back in the 70s. Hodgins says it is a military issue M-40a sniper rifle. Booth is impressed. Hodgins says what Booth calls being a conspiracy theorist, he calls being well informed. Angela asks if Gus Harper was murdered by a military sniper. Booth nods and says by one that makes his own rounds. Brennan says maybe they can compare it to the bullet that grazed Russ. Booth says he is a civilian and doesn't have access to that round, but that maybe Caroline can help them. Booth and Brennan leave the lab platform.
Booth is talking to Caroline on her cell phone as she drives. He asks her if she still has a job. She responds not for long because she is under performance review. Booth tells her that none of the FBI members assigned to the FBI bank robbery taskforce had sniper training in the 70s. He needs to know who else was on the taskforce. In the background Brennan jogs up to him calling his name and telling him that she has figured out a way to get his job back. Booth tells Caroline he needs to know who on the taskforce had sniper training and that once she finds out she needs to keep her head down. Caroline says, "Taskforce, sniper training in the 70s, duck. Got it." Booth hangs up on her and then Brennan tells him she's figured out how to solve the case and get his job back. Booth, semi-sarcastically, says that would be great. Brennan ignores him and says that they need her father to give them the rest of the evidence he stole from the safety deposit box. She takes Booth's arm and says she'll drive.
Back on the lab platform, Zack approaches Cam and tells her that he would like to continue working at the Jeffersonian once he receives his doctorate. Cam responds by telling him that he is an excellent scientist, but that an important part of the job is appearing as an expert witness in court. Angela makes a sound. Zack asks what it means. Cam says that jurors have to take him seriously and that he looks like the weekend fill-in at the local college radio station. Cam leaves the platform and Hodgins says the truth hurts and he should learn from it and grow. Angela looks sympathetically at Zack.
Coulter, Brennan, and Booth are at the seminary. Coulter asks if they were able to find Max by tracing the cell phone call he made to him. Booth says that call was made via the internet and is untraceable. Coulter says Max always did things his way. Booth says Coulter's being a priest didn't really have much of an effect on Max. Coulter responds that he spent his whole life trying to turn Max's life to Jesus, but Max only knows one Bible verse. Numbers 35:19: "The revenger of blood himself shall slay the murderer, when he meeteth him he shall slay him." Brennan asks what it means. Booth tells her it is the law of the jungle. Brennan turns to Coulter and tells him that if her father makes contact with him to tell Max that he needs to trust her. His way got her mother murdered and almost got Russ killed. It is time he tried her way. Coulter tells Brennan that Max won't contact him again. Brennan asks how he knows. Coulter tells her to ask Booth, since he is the one who put Coulter under surveillance. Booth tells Brennan that if a parish priest can figure out that he is being watched, so can an experienced fugitive like her father.
At the Jeffersonian, Zack goes to Angela for help. He tells her he needs a makeover. Angela says she is a big believer in people being themselves and that he is actually kind of cute. Zack says he has been told that many times, usually followed by the word "but." In this case, "but no one takes you seriously." He tells her he needs help. Angela gets up from her desk and examines him. Zack asks what he should do first. She tells him to lose the floppy hair. Zack grimaces in response.
In Brennan's office, Booth is sitting on the couch, while she is at the computer. He wants to know why Brennan is mad at him. She says she needs a gun. Booth tells her she doesn't because she has him. He is her gun. If she wants equipment, she can have the handcuffs. They have a new division of labor - he shoots them, she cuffs them. Brennan asks Booth why he didn't tell her he had Father Coulter under surveillance. Booth says it is his job to find her dad and put him into prison. Brennan asks if he doesn't think she will help. Booth responds that Max is her father and that he really doesn't think he should have to ask her to help. Brennan says her father abandoned her and that is the best thing you can say about him. Booth tells her that her father lives by a certain code and that part of that code is defending his family by whatever means necessary. Brennan responds that he means killing people and setting corpses on fire. Booth says that any means necessary sort of covers that. Brennan stands up and asks if Booth respects him. Booth stands too and says that in his world he is a very honorable man. Brennan says that is ridiculous, there is only one world - this one. Booth approaches her and asks if that is the one where she's mad at him for trying to catch her father or the other one where she actually wants him caught. They continue bickering until Caroline enters and interrupts. Caroline says she thought they would like to meet the reason they are all losing their jobs and getting shot at. She introduces Marvin Beckett. Beckett says that he wanted to thank them personally and assure them that he did not do the things he was accused of doing and that they freed an innocent man. Then he warns them that the people who did this to him are not just a bunch of corrupt cops. They serve masters of much greater influence and Booth and Brennan are looking to bring their world down around their ears. He says they will strike at Booth and Brennan and that they need to watch themselves. Beckett walks out of Brennan's office, while Caroline hands Booth the "list of snipers from the decade of disco." She tells him to duck this time. Brennan asks if he knows anyone. Booth says that the ATF liaison on the taskforce was a Marine sniper, Robert Kirby. Brennan asks if it is FBI Deputy Director Robert Kirby who just suspended Booth. Booth tells Brennan to call Russ and tell him to get out of the house. Brennan wants to know why as she dials. Booth tells her that seconds after Caroline pulled this list, Kirby knew about it. Brennan says Russ isn't answering and that she doesn't understand. Booth says it is not them that Kirby is afraid of, it is her father and that the only way to strike at him is through you or Russ. Booth tells Brennan that Kirby is the one that took a shot at Russ. Brennan says there is still no answer.
Booth breaks down the door to Brennan's apartment, gun drawn. They call for Russ and Booth tells Brennan to stay back as they check the apartment. Booth says there is no sign of a break-in and that he will check the back. Brennan stops when she sees a large pool of blood on the floor. She calls for Booth. She thinks it is Russ's blood. She is distraught. Booth tells her take it easy, they don't know for sure that it is Russ's blood. Brennan says it is too much blood, no one could survive that amount of blood loss. Then she kind of collapses into Booth's arms, while he tells her it's alright. Booth holds her.
Booth is driving Brennan's car. She says it is against the law, not calling in the murder. Booth says it wasn't murder, it was a bloodstain. Brennan says that much blood is murder. Booth says if they call it in they will be arrested. Brennan says it has to be Russ's blood. She is upset. Booth tells her she got a sample and they will check the DNA at the lab. He reminds her that she is the one that always says don't jump to conclusions. Brennan agrees and gives him a half-smile. She thanks him and then tells him that she wishes he would stop letting her hug him every time she gets scared. He tells her that if he gets scared, he will hug her and they will call it even.
At the lab, Booth asks Cam for results. She says it's not Russ's. Booth says even she can't do a DNA test that fast. Cam says she didn't have to, because both Brennan and her brother are O-type blood, as was their mother. The blood sample they brought her was AB. Booth says okay, let's go tell Bones. Cam says she just saw Brennan on her way to see the priest. Booth wants to know why. Cam says the priest said he had something for Brennan. Booth says, "She can't be going places without me, not when it is open season on Brennans." As he walks away his cell phone rings and he thinks it is Bones. Caroline says not even close and tells him they need to talk.
In the seminary courtyard, Father Coulter, Bible in hand, tells Brennan that Russ is with her father. Brennan asks if that means with God. Coulter tells her no, Russ is with his earthly father, her father. Brennan asks if he is sure. Coulter says he saw it with his own eyes. Brennan says "Thank God, which I use only as a figure of speech." They start walking and Coulter says you have to start somewhere. Then he tells her she is very much like her father, which Brennan denies. Coulter says the two of them see the world in black and white, but that her mother wasn't like that and neither is Russ. Brennan pauses and looks at Coulter as he continues to walk.
Booth goes to the diner to meet Caroline. She tells him that as she was clearing out her desk, her phone rang and it was an FBI agent named Carlson, who tells her that she and Booth are wasting his time with this damn priest. Caroline then told him to mind his mushy mouth. Booth interrupts to say he has to find Bones and keep her from getting killed. Caroline tells him that Father Coulter is 90 years old and confined to bed with Alzheimer's at the seminary, which does not sound like the priest he told her about. Before she can finish, Booth gets up.
Back at the seminary, Brennan and Father Coulter are walking. Coulter takes Brennan's arm as he tells her a story about when she was four and Russ was nine. Russ hid behind a door and jumped out at Brennan. (Cut to Booth asking for the keys to Caroline's car.) Coulter says Russ hollered out "boo" to try and scare her. He continues that Brennan had this doll with a string in the back. A Chatty Cathy doll Brennan tells him. (Cut to Caroline throwing Booth her keys.) Coulter tells Brennan she hit Russ so hard with the doll she knocked him flat as a pancake. Then Coulter says he told her mother that no one will ever jump out at that girl again. As he sits, he tells Brennan that her mother said, "Just like you, Max. She's just like you." Brennan stares at him and then says she should have seen through the hair color, plastic surgery, colored contact lenses, chin and cheek implants, and 15 years. She says she should have seen it, as she sits down next to her father on the bench. (Cut to Booth weaving through traffic and trying to get Bones on her cell phone, which is going directly to voice mail.) On the bench, Brennan asks if Russ knew it was him all along. Max says yes. Brennan looks pained. She says he talked to Russ, but not to her. Max tells her that she does better without him, but Russ does worse. He tries to hand Brennan the Bible he has been holding. She says she is not religious. Max says he knows and that they are going to do this her way. Brennan takes the Bible and flips through it. She finds the pages of Gus Harper's journal and key. Max tells her that the key is to a safety deposit box and that all of the evidence is in the box. Brennan asks why he didn't give it to them back in 1978. Max responds that her mother looked at the evidence and said that if they turn it in, they'll be killed along with their kids. Brennan says they got her mother anyway. Max says there is not a day that goes by that his heart is not broken. Behind them, Russ pulls up in an SUV and calls for Max to get in. Max tells Brennan that he has to go. He stands, so does she. She hugs him and tells him that she can't let him go. Max hugs her back and tells her he loves her too. Brennan says no, she can't let him go, and then kicks his leg out from under him. She says she is sorry as she tries to get the handcuffs Booth gave her out. Russ gets out of the truck, but Max signals him to stay where he is. Max says he must be getting old since he let her get the drop on him. Brennan keeps saying she is sorry, but she can't let him get away. She tries to put the cuffs on him, but Max reverses the move and cuffs one of her wrists and then the other to the metal bench. Then he says, "I'm sorry. Listen to me, if you find somebody that you can trust, you hang on to him. Remember that." Russ tells Max they have to go. Max hugs Brennan again and tells her he is proud of her and that he loves her. Booth drives up in Caroline's car. Max is standing by the side of the truck door, as Russ urges him to get in. Booth gets out of the car and sees Max and Russ and then Brennan handcuffed to the bench. Max tells Booth to take care of Brennan and then gets into the truck, as does Russ. Booth then pulls his gun and identifies himself as FBI and tells Max to stop or he will shoot. Brennan calls out his name. Max closes the door. Booth still has his gun trained on Max, but Brennan keeps calling his name as she struggles against the handcuffs. Booth finally lowers his gun and runs to where Brennan is. Russ starts the truck. Booth and Brennan watch as Russ reverses and plows into Caroline's car, putting it out of commission. The two watch as Russ and Max drive off. Booth asks if he really had to do that, it wasn't like he was going to chase them. Brennan sits down on the bench. Booth does too. Booth puts his hand on Brennan's shoulder and asks if she is okay. She just nods.
On a rooftop, a hooded figure puts the body of Kirby on a pole like a scarecrow. Then Max pulls off the hood. He looks at the body and then walks over and shoves a Columbus coin in his mouth. Then he sets the body on fire and watches it burn. The scene cuts to Booth standing exactly where Max watched the body burn as he looks at the remains.
At the Jeffersonian, Brennan puts Zack's doctorate in front of Cam. Brennan says she would like to recommend him for a job. Cam says she can't put him in front of a jury, but she will put in a good word in pure research so that he can come visit once in a while. Hodgins scoffs at the word visit. Angela interrupts and says she would like to present their colleague, Dr. Zachary Uriah Addy. She steps aside and Zack, with short hair and in a business suit, is standing behind her. Hodgins walks over to Zack and ruffles his hair, telling Zack he is all grown up. Cam says wow, very impressive. Zack says he can learn how to be effective in front of juries. Brennan vouches for him and says that Zack can learn anything. Brennan, Zack, Angela, and Hodgins look at her hopefully. Cam nods and says he is hired and who is she to break up this team. Angela tells Dr. Addy that lunch is on her, wherever he wants to go. Zack says he wants to go the diner. Angela tells him anywhere, but Zack says he likes the diner. He gestures for Cam to join them when she looks hesitant. Hodgins walks over to Zack and places a ridiculous hat on his head saying he needs time to adjust to his fascist haircut. Hodgins walks out. Angela follows after kissing Zack on the cheek. Cam pats him on the arm as she walks by. Zack starts to follow, but Brennan grabs his arm and gives him a hug, telling him congratulations. Zack thanks her and then she pats him with an open hand on the shoulder.
At the diner, the team is celebrating. Booth is outside and catches Brennan's eye, signaling for her to join him outside. Brennan puts down her drink and goes to him. She asks what happened. Booth tells her that the Attorney General took one look at the evidence and reinstated him. They share a smile and Brennan says she is glad. Then Booth tells her that they found another burned body, same place, same setup. Brennan asks if it was Kirby. Booth says he is pretty sure and then holds up a Columbus coin. He tells her it was Kirby's blood in her apartment. Brennan says that her father is still trying to warn people to leave her and Russ alone. Booth corrects her. He tells her that Russ is safe with her father. They are warning people to stay away from her. Booth tells Brennan that he is sorry that she had to go through it again - watching her family drive off and leave her. Brennan starts to say something about her father, but Booth cuts her off. He tells her Max is her father and he loves her. Meeting Booth's eyes, Brennan responds, "You know, I'm just ... I'm just one of those people who doesn't get to be in a family." She looks down at the ground. Booth tilts her chin back up to him and looks her in the eye. He says, "Listen, Bones, hey ... there's more than one kind of family." They share a moment, and then Zack in his hat knocks on the window and gestures for them to come into the diner. Booth deduces that Zack got the job. Brennan tells him to come in and congratulate him. Booth says no, that Zack is her squint, not his squint. Brennan takes his arm and pulls him towards the entrance and says, "No, we are all of us your squints." Then she asks Booth to do her a favor and to pat Zack on the shoulder with an open hand. Booth asks her, "Why? Does it mean something?" Brennan laughs as they enter the diner.
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