Season 4 Episode 3

Man in the Outhouse

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 10, 2008 on FOX

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  • Opinions and observations about "Man in the Outhouse" and of the show in general.

    I, too, was one of those who was terribly disappointed with "Yanks in the UK" and I did expect more from "Man in the Outhouse". Fortunately, it did deliver more and it was a lot more pleasant to watch than the previous episode.

    There was sexual tension during the two first scenes with Brennan and Booth. It's good that it's evident.

    Bedhead Brennan was cute. It's a touch that allows us a look at our characters during more personal moments.

    Although Booth almost always projects himself as obnoxious(in varying degrees), his expressions while meeting Mark were comical and the dialogue made me laugh.

    It's nice to notice the intimacy between Temperance and Seeley. It solidifies the relationship to where it is comfortable enough to give way to the next reasonable step. And that's what we find attractive about the B&B relationship.

    I've noticed that the show itself has a musical score that is really light and perky and goofy, and it just accentuates the silliness in the script way too much.

    Also, the show tends to stay on the surface of too many of the heavier issues. It doesn't follow through on events impacting enough to leave behind pieces to pick up. For example, the emotional effects of the near-death of Booth (when he took a bullet for T) in both of them, and what that would have revealed to them about their feelings for each other; The amnesia about the would be nice to have heard them talk about it by now. The more recent events: Zach, what he did and him not being around anymore; the breakup of A&H (which was quite simplistic in my opinion) and Cam's involvement...there's a lot to deal with right there.

    The general feeling of the show is light and silly, and yet the whole point of the show is that it deals with dark, intellectual, sinister and intimate situations like death, murder, and all the things that lead to that. I think that is a main weakness because there's no balance there.

    The show needs to mature more quickly because it's becoming monotonous. I have a feeling this is the intention with this 4th season, but I think it will make it only if the writing starts taking responsibility for the situations in which they put the characters, and if it starts picking up the pieces of those situations.

    Good work on the the storyline about Brennan's Dad and family. That was a nice arch to follow.
    The Gormogon arch was great too.

    Back to "Man in the Outhouse". Emily looks beautiful the whole time. She appears more fluid in her tone and less quick to react defensively. You can also see how her experiences are enlightening her about the non-rational part of life.

    Booth has to stop being so in-your-face all the time.

    The new assistant is just too fake with the annoying angle she plays.

    Ok, Booth whipes his mouth with his caveman can he be? One more of those details that are totally out of character. It's unrealistic behaviour for a guy that looks like Booth and carries himself the way he does. Unrealistic behaviour is not always funny. It has to be done right. I think Boreanaz plays darker characters a lot better. Booth should be more melancholic...

    Lately, Sweets has been the guy delivering the most sincere interpretation of his character. When he's funny, he's funny (most of the time), and he has the best lines.

    Sweets: "Let me guess...that one's the botanist."

    Sweets: "What? Did they go into a bar?"

    Noel, the stalker. Funny guy.

    I liked the girl talk between Temperance, Cam and Angela (although unrealistic to me because there should be tension between Cam and Angela, since Cam is moderately responsible for Angela's breakup with Hodgins) I thought the final scene was good. It was really pleasant to see Booth being sincere. He needs to be sincere more often. It reminds you that he isn't a neanderthal. He's unattractive when he tries so hard to be an obnoxious, flag waving bully. Also, it doesn't seem like Temperance would be attracted to a guy that thinks that acting dumb is attractive so, when he acts dumb, it's disappointing. I really love it when Booth says and does things that get Temperance to look up to him. That's when things move forward and it's wonderful to watch.
  • Filming order

    Although some plot points in the past few episodes were filmed out of order, this particular episode was filmed BEFORE "Yanks in the UK" which may explain why there was no mention of the Angela-Hodgins breakup.
  • Derivative crap

    I am absolutely sick of where the producers have taken this once-great show, and it's clear to me that the shark didn't just jump, it's in geosynchronous orbit. The storylines are contrived and just feel old, as if we're back in season one. It all points to the BS season finale last year, and they're SCRAMBLING to regain a foothold. I don't see it happening and the network should have the common sense to pull this crap before it turns into Dallas and they pawn it all off as a dream just to bring back some semblance of a coherent story. I used to enjoy these characters; now Booth is just a pitiable buffoon and Bones is an unsympathetic carboard caricature that's sleeping her way through the 203 area code just so she can be made to appear an edgy, "original" character. I kick myself every day for ever expecting better out of FOX, the network that managed to destroy Firefox and X Files, which takes a lot of destructive talent.
  • Bones and Booth investigate the murder of a man found in an outhouse. It turns out that the man was killed by his girlfriend's jealous ex-girlfriend. Brennan dates two men simultaneously and winds up being dumped by both. Booth comforts her.

    All I can say is, it was okay, but a bit unusual for bones. There were a few too many tacky poop jokes and the murderer was kind of easy to guess. But the writers made up for their predictability and tackiness by giving the Bones fans a few words from Booth that they had been waiting a long time to hear. His little speech about there being someone for Brennan to spend the rest of her life with combined with his obvious jealousy at Brennan's relationship with two men simultaneously made many Booth/Brennan fans very happy, while others thought of it as overdone and a little soap-opera-ish. The level of obvioiusness of some of the things the writers have kept carefully veiled for a long time has left fans reeling and wondering if this season is going to be the same Bones they have grown to love and if it isn't, if the change is for the better or worse.
  • You die like you live.

    Talk about dying the way you live, the guy digs up dirt for a living and look where he ended up. Quite poetic actually, even somewhat inspired. I hate reality shows.

    The new intern is a nightmare - fawning, shallow, boastful and just a complete pain. Did laugh when Brennan told her to turn Sweets upside down and he holds out the palm against her forehead to keep her away. Clark was a good replacement for Zach, it's not going to be easy finding another one.

    Brennan's sex life is certainly complicated, or at least it was. It's so sweet that Booth again proves he's an old fashioned romantic.

    Good episode but not brilliant, it was different though, sometimes the series can be a little unoriginal.
  • Daisy is the most annoying character and I hope they get rid of her soon!

    As mentioned, Daisy is just annoying and does nothing to further the storyline.

    Bones and Booth seem out of character and the entire storyline for this season is leaving me confused as if I missed something.

    Characters doing this like dating two guys at once - what the? That's not what I thought Bones would go out and do. And why can't the writers just make up their minds about Booth and Bones - either go out of stop all the comments and looks across the room. Overall if this season doesn't pull its socks up, inclusive of the storyline, then I am going to start watching something else because this is becoming a waste of time.
  • Unsubtle, but better than the premiere.

    Although better than the dissapointment of the premiere, this episode wasn't anything special. The B/B moment was cheesy, and the tension we were expecting regarding Hodgins and Angela...wasn't there. After such a ridiculous plot twist, you would think the writers would at least maintain the continuity. Instead, they act as if it didn't even happen, which comes off as unrealistic. Daisy was supremely irritating and although she induced a bit of the humour it was obvious they were going for, I'm not sure it was enough to put up with her. The case was handled circuitously, and the murderer was obvious by halfway through. Brennan's "I know who it is" wouldn't have put a fourth-grader on the edge of his seat, and just made me roll my eyes, say "Get on with it". The subtlety Bones is known for was really lacking in this episode, and I'm crossing my fingers that the writers figure out what they're doing soon, before this wonderful show becomes just another boring sitcom.
  • What happened??

    Don't get me wrong...I am an avid Bones fan. I have seen every single episode... There was just a lot missing in this episode. For instance..I am so sick of the run around Booth and Brennan are doing with each this point I think it would do the show a great favor if they got together. It's been 4 years and it's the same exact scenario each episode. They talk to each other as if they were the ones meant to be together...and yet they are not together. I hope the season gets better b/c so far I am not impressed and think something more should have happened at this point. I wasn't fond of the murder either. It was very flat and not very exciting.
  • Lame episode containing too much teenager level sexual talk and antics. Please tell me it will get better in upcoming weeks!

    First time doing review so bear with me. Bones is the only TV show I watch because most everything on TV is lame. I only stumbled upon this show via youtube of all places.. Anyhow, I was drawn to this show because of the characters - mainly Bones and Booth and their wonderful interaction and attraction to each other. I do not know WHAT the HECK the writers are doing so far this season. Please do me a favor and STOP with the immature sexual referances and sexual overload in general with all the characters. Nobody in a working environment would act or talk like these characters! A little bit of realism would be appreciated. I think all the hard work the actors have put into developing their characters is going to waste - especially B&B. I dont know how they turned on the chemistry for 3 seasons and I dont know how they could shut it down just as fast. It doesn't look right so far this season. Bones is over the top in the sex talk and pursuit of men. Booth, while at times showing a bit of jealousy seems more disappointed - as if he is almost glad he did not pursue her as he discovers what kind of person she really is. Thinking back to previous seasons - the way they looked at each other... not there... Please get it back. Some side notes.... Getting rid of Zack was a mistake.. Please get him in some episodes. Please keep Sweets - who I think is a great addition to the cast; out of the lab and in the therapy room. He is not needed for comic relief such as saying 'pooh' 12 times and sneezing into his mask. Stupid stuff writers. The cast on this show should go on strike and force you to write the material they deserve. Don't know how many episodes have been filmed so far but if these first two are any indication as what is to come, I dont see this show getting picked up for another season. And that would be a BIG shame.
  • Another good one!

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. When a truck driver stops to use an outhouse, he gets a shock when it explodes sending him high into the sky. We then jump to the morning and see Booth going to pick Bones up at her apartment finds that there is a man there, who obviously spent the night. Bones is shocked when she sees where the body is locked and what is actually left of it. We also meet Bones's new intern Daisy, who seems a little weird. We soon learn that the victim was a TV presenter, of a popular reality TV show. Booth soon learns that Bones is dating 2 guys at the same time. Having found at a suspect, Booth and Sweets interrupt Bones's date in order to inform her of their break through. Soon Bones's dating becomes a bigger problem, when both of them meet. Soon their prime suspect confesses to the murder. As the episode ends, we see Bones and Booth going to see Sweets. During which we learn that both of Bones's boyfriends have broken up with her. And so Booth offers to take Bones out for a meal, and so they go out for a meal together. As they leave, we see Sweets calling Daisy and they talk, during which w learn that she was fired (Thank God!).
  • Nothing original...

    First, I hate the new scoring system - only full and half points and that somehow makes you be more critical - I think that is the reason I gave this mark.

    The second thing is that honestly, nothing happened there. We have had episodes were Booth and Brennan fight about man (men this time) who Brennan sees. So nothing intriguing on that storyline.

    The case itself was nothing superb either. I do not know. They try to bring humor what does not work for me.

    The only thing that i think really added little shine was the new girl who was just awful. But even that awful char for short time was better than nothing.
  • Follows the pattern of Bones episodes

    This episode develops in pretty much the same way every Bones case develops. Body is found, evidence is recolected and everybody starts doing their job. The case was just like any other, with someone comitting a crime for reasons they can't control.
    New grad student and God was she annoying! I hated the sweet little voice and the ego. There's nothing more annoying (besides her voice) than giving yourself that much credit. And I think Cam was very good to her, considering how hard she can be sometimes.
    I love Sweets. I love how he enjoys being part of this group of people and he loves all the B&B banter. Brennan. I don't understand why the writers make her take her two steps forward and then the next episode three steps back. If Booth has influenced her so much (and I think he has) why doesn't she get it? Maybe it's very Brennan to date two men at the same time, but her dates seemed forced. Instead of seeing a jealous Booth I saw an understanding, supportive Booth that was very right when said those things to her in the end scene. And she knows Booth is right and I hope she pays attention. I have to say that my favorite moments are the end scene (what is a friend for?) and the "you're hot" comment by Sweets. He just spoke his mind.
  • This episode was a dissapointment. The plot was weak and sadly, there wasn't enough Bones style in this episode.

    I can't really say what the case was about, cause in this episode the case was "in the background". Except There wasn't much going on "in the front". Subject of Angelas and Hodgins breakup wasn't picked up, as well as the tension between Angela and Cam. Both Emily and David looked lost in their lines. The new assistant wasn't convincing at all. She was annoyng, all right. But personally I found her annoyng mostly for the way she was trying to hard to be funny. Overall, nothing happened in this episode, that would be worth mentioning. Even the idea of Bones dating two guys seemed out of character.
  • Slighty better than last weeks.

    Bones and Booth are sent to investigate the remains of a decomposed body found in an outhouse, they discover the body is a popular reality TV show host and now need to find the killer, naturally we have 3 or 4 prime suspects until eventually the real killer is caught and charged.
    Bones also has her hands full when it's discovered she's dating two men, one stimulates her mentally the other sexually and she doe's not have a problem, whereas Booth doe's, naturally this all come's to a head when the two men turn up at Brennan's work place and discover each other.

    At the Jeffersonian a new forensic assistant starts who tries too hard to please and she becomes slightly annoying, only Sweets takes a shine to her but she's let go before long.

    Another good episode and a slight improvement on the season start, gald to see Jill Wagner back on our screens after her roles in Blade and SG Atlantis, the only problem I have was why introduce a new character and then get rid after one episode, bit of a waste in my eyes and are we going to have a new assistant each episode to replace Zach?!?!?.
  • At Last a 'BONES' episode.

    At last we actually have a 'Bones' episode. After the not so great double opener, we finally get back to what 'Bones' is all about: (1) The sexual flirtation between the two main characters, Brennan having two men on the go was great it posed a real challenge for Booth to handle and made for some great comic writing ( he can hold his breath for 3 minutes for example). (2) The comic moments in the lab, having a body that has been dumped in a pool of pooh makes for some light jokes as well as the new intern there is always someone for the squints to mock. (3) Last but by no means least the cruel but comic murder to investigate, even though someone has been murderd they still find comic value by having the body found in pooh, and having the victim a host of a tacky reality show. Thank you writers 'Bones' is back!
  • What is happening to the show??

    Brennan is a cyborg, Booth is a walking punchline, the team is from a soap opera, story is an Ich factor! What were they thinking??? Seems the episode was designed to gross people out only! Could not finish watching it! I used to love the actors and how human they made the characters. But Brennan was spewing a thesaurus and Booth was a hillbilly in this episode.
    Hope they change their writers and get back to where it all started. Oh and Sweets in a hasmat suit?? since when?? I thought he was a psychiatrist, not a bone/crap analyzer. So disapointed
  • A dead body found in an outhouse, but this is less interesting than the interaction between our favorite non-couple Booth and Brennan..

    The Booth and Brennan saga continues. This may be the year that the couple actually get together, but it seems the series only has room for one couple at a time, as demonstrated by the Angela/Hodgins break up and their non-interaction in this episode.. Booth's speech to Bones highlighted his feelings for her, and hopefully this will be fully explored this season. After all they have known each other for 4 years, its about time the writers got them together. Before falling ratings cause the axe to fall on this show, although I'm hoping this doesn't happen.. An improvement on last week, lets hope this continues..
  • Hodgela, man salad(s), pointed looks, sweet Sweets.

    After the break up of Hodgins and Angela I was so hoping they wouldn't address it at all, give us any closure, have there be any repercussions or even any awkward moments between them or heck even any acknowledgements of any kind that they were a couple only a week ago and now aren't even acknowledging that one another exists. I so, so hoped that they would be destroyed and then ignored, really just aces. What on earth has happened to his show? I mean this episode was an improvement over last week but I still don't think it was totall up to snuff. I mean the case was far more interesting, though I tend to breeze when things get super technical (that's nothing new) and Bones and Brennan were a hoot and half through out. Poor Brennan, her man salad(s) dumped her but it sure was fun watching the ride down. Did anyone else get a serious Booth/Bones vibe from this episode, especially that last moment or so with Sweets when Booth was saying that there's someone for everyone and Bones just needs to be open to the idea and she just sort of looked at him...pointedly....

    And how cutes was Sweets calling up overly-chipper-never gonna work out in a million years-lab girl. He was lonely, so sweet. I always find that when I watch him I think he's not Zach, even though I know I shouldn't compare, but I love him none the less in a very different way. He's a nerdy sweetie pie, hence the name I suppose.
  • Very good episode! I was not very intrigued by the case, dunno why... Corps in the poop should trigger anyones imagination, oh, well...

    Definite bright sides were:
    -Brennans handling the situation between 2 guys
    -Booths interfering (some of it)
    -Sweets winking to Daisy
    -Daisy and Sweets getting ditched... they r so meant to be lol

    Not so bright sides were:
    -2 much Sweets, i.e. in the suits when the squints r examining the body
    What is he doing, except sneezing?I'm fine with him profiling people,
    but there he has no use, he's a shrink, for gods sake...
    -Booth interrupting Brennans date in the restaurant, that was too much.
    and why did he brought Sweets with him?
    that he feels less uncomfortable interrupting them...?
    -not a word about Hodgela break up. A man would expect to at least, her talking to Brennan about that, since in the last episode she did informed her about it
  • An explosion in an outhouse leads to the discovery of the body of a reality show host.

    It all starts with a trucker making an ill advised pit stop. He picks out the wrong outhouse to use and goes flying when it blows up. Then the fun really starts.
    I really enjoyed this episode. It felt like Bones was getting back to where it was supposed to be after The Wannabe in the Weeds.
    Booth and Brennan are tasked to uncover the identity of the body that was found. Turns out to be a celebrity of sorts-the host of a show that revolves around uncovering cheaters. It was actually an interesting case with some believable alternate suspects. I have to say that I figured out who it was early on, but I liked how they got to the perp though.
    At the same time, Brennan finds herself explaining why she happens to be dating two men at once, to Booth's consternation. Throughout the episode it seemed to me that she was constantly defending herself to Booth, quoting statistics on relationships and bringing it up even when they were interviewing suspects. It was if she didn't want Booth to be disappointed in her or something like that. There were a few moments of jealousy on Booth's part, like his commenting on how cold it was in the apartment to Mark, and finding an excuse to interrupt her date with Jason (I think that was his name. Also why did she take him to the diner where she and Booth usually go?) But the best B/B moment was the one in Sweets office. I loved that he stopped teasing her when she admitted that she was dumped by both men when they couldn't deal with the fact that she was using each of them for separate needs. And of course there was the first real sincere moment between them since "wannabe"-the monogamy speech that Booth gave her. Of course he meant him, and judging by the way that she looked at him I think that deep down she knew that he was talking about himself. It was also funny how Sweets tried to invite himself and they just sort of dismissed him. Sweets was pretty funny in this one, although having him witness the examination of the body, especially since they had to wear hazmat suits kinda felt like they put him in the scene to set up the whole "sneeze" joke.
    Daisy - the newest assistant was irritating, but I liked that she was desperately trying to gain acceptance from the team while last week Clark was avoiding getting personally involved with them. She was also maniacally devoted to Brennan and I giggled a bit when she tried to get closer to Brennan and she just sort of blew Daisy off saying something about not getting involved with her assistants or something like that. Maybe I'm stretching it but to me that was sort of a subtle reference to Zack-her no longer wanting to get close to an assistant. It was also funny how Daisy was willing to upend Sweets because Brennan told her to. Hodgela - I know that a lot of people are chaffing at the fact that there was little interaction between them since the big break. To me, it would have just been a rehash of what happened after their first date. After Angela decided that she wasn't going to give their relationship a chance to get screwed up it was really awkward between them at the lab. Maybe the fact that in this episode they weren't alone in the same room together nor did they make an attempt to sit together was a subtle reaction. I do agree that the reaction should be more obvious though-maybe they should talk and congratulate themselves for being so mature about their breakup.
    All in all it was an excellent episode and most of the things that I have found missing in previous episodes were here. Hope that it keeps getting better.
  • Booth and Bones along with the rest of the squint squad try to solve a murder mystery involving a man found dead in an outhouse. In the background, Booth finds out Bones is dating two different men.

    The first 55 minutes of this were pretty average. Decent murder, with the normal twists and turns, and Zach's replacement provided some humor (though I still say BRING BACK ZACH!). But it was the ending that was both funny and a bit touching. When Bones gets dumped by the two men she is dating (because they run into each other when picking up Bones) she and Booth share an interesting session with Sweets (who I am glad is still around, becuase he definately brings something tot he show). The last five minutes, and the way Booth and Bones look and interact with each other, make me keep coming back to the show (despite the writers' best efforts to screw it up). And will someone please explain to me how only one week after the breakup of the century (Hodgins and Angela) there is no tension and no ANYTHING between them?
  • A television show host of a show that exposes cheaters is murdered and dumped into an outhouse. Meanwhile Booth tries to explain the importance of monogamy to Temperance.

    Once again we see a good deal of sexual tension and repartee between not only Booth and Brennan, but the rest of the cast as well. While the sexual comments in this episode provide ample comic relief, the plot is somewhat dry. I do admire the parallels the writers draw between the case and Brennan's personal life, but I think that the case story could have been written differently and more dramatically (yes, shooting someone, shoving a picture down their throat and dropping their corpse down an outhouse could be construed as dramatic) but the case seemed to lack the excitement of the previous seasons.
  • Looks like Bones has bounced back from the less-than-gripping Yanks... now, this episode is more like it!

    Last week's "Yanks" was... okay. Nothing interesting, a little too panache-y, whatever. I actually wondered if everyone was right about the show having jumped the shark after last season's finale.

    Well, now I'm not going to worry about that anymore - Hart Hanson, we love you and it's great to have the real Bones back!

    Starting the episode is an extremely interesting exploding outhouse. Booth knocks on Brennan's door at 6:30 in the morning to tell her about their new case... and - anyone remember that season 1 scene with Tessa's first appearance? - finds that she is not alone. Enter Brennan's new love interest, who has some tattoos. :D

    At the lab, Brennan and her team are examining the body. They're wearing those "Glowing Bones" blue rubber suit things, and Sweets, who has joined them (and... he's really tall!!) and promptly sneezes. Inside the helmet. This is pure Bones, exactly what I've been waiting to see for five months.

    So the case continues. B&B ride out to the crime scene - not in their normal SUV, but in a smaller-ish SUV! Gas prices, maybe? - and the case proceeds.

    And back to the lab... where a new assistant awaits. Daisy is like the season 4 Oliver... remember him? Daisy is squeaky, excited, and worships Brennan. She's obviously rubbing the other team members the wrong way, but even so - I couldn't help liking her. She also reminds me of April, Sweets' one-episode girlfriend. Good character, bad environment for her to be in!

    So while the team tries to tolerate Daisy... I find that, despite the random break-up last episode, there is no emotion between Angela and Hodgins. I don't think they had a conversation the entire episode! There must be something up with that. Even if they weren't mad at each other, there must be some emotional fallout for ending a relationship that was so involved as theirs was! Hopefully we'll get some angsty awkwardness before too long.

    And Brennan has another surprise - she happens to be sleeping with the first dude, but dating another man purely for his intellect, which the first one apparently lacks. Booth seems to have had a nerve struck somewhere...

    So eventually, both of these guys meet Brennan at the lab, but unfortunately at the same time. The first guy brings two drinks for him and Brennan. After a brief confrontation, Booth shoos Brennan out for the case, and grabs one of the drinks on his way out. Genius.

    And... the biggest moment was: Sweets and Daisy!!! I didn't see that coming until about a second before the d'oh moment.

    Sweets: *something analytical about the case*
    Daisy: *joins in with his train of thought*
    Sweets: *impressed* ...
    Daisy: I minored in psychology.
    Sweets: Really...


    It was the most adorable thing ever!! They even shared a glance... I about died of happiness.

    The episode ends with Booth and Brennan - who has just been broken up with by both guys, who apparently weren't as understanding of each other as she had thought they would be - paying a visit to Sweets.

    Booth gives a speech! This one is right up there with the making-love speech of last season - the meaningful looks, the attentiveness of Brennan, the complete forgetting of anyone else in the room... you just can't help but cheer those two on!

    And in the last scene, Sweets is alone after B&B leave to bicker about where to get dinner. He sits down on his couch and dials a number...

    "Hey, is this Daisy? ... It's Lance, the shrink..."

    Bones, it's great to see you again. Can't wait for next week! :D
  • I think I speak for everyone when I say that grad student chick was annoying.

    I must say that was a rather comical episode! I loved Booth just appearing at Brennan's apartment at 6:30 in the morning that was just funny as anything! And Mark half naked was also very comical! I can't believe she was juggling two guys though that was crazyness! Thankfully she was gonna go with Booth on monogamy at the end.

    Angela and Hodgins interaction oh wait there was NONE!!!! I think they needed to have some type of interaction especially after last week and I was disappointed not to see that! And Angela was like barely in the episode at all!

    The new grad student was um painful to watch! I wanted her to shut up the moment she appeared on screen, but I'm sure that was the point! She had like some serious obsession with Brennan and it was boderline creepy I'm glad she's gone from the lab and not asking Cam befroe doing something is just stupid!! Cam looked like she wanted to kill her right away and I did find that rather entertaining!

    Mark and the other guy whose name I cannot remember meeting at the end was kinda funny. I loved the fact that they each wanted the relationship with Brennan that the other had and she was so in character when they met each other.

    Hodgins so should have been happier with all the waste to sift through!! I would have thought he'd be more excited but it was fun to see him with Daisy telling her she'd have to sift through it!

    I'd say an improvement over last week but the show could still do much better. I do look forward to seeing what happens next!
  • A reality host is killed.

    Another great installment from the crew at Bones. Aside from the enticing murder plotline, we also had some great comedy from Booth and Bones as the latter attempted to date two men at the same time (only for it to blow up in her face). As usual David Boreanaz was excellent in trying to foil Bones' plans and being as funny as ever. Many fans had been waiting for Booth and Bones to take their relationship to the next level, and it was hinted here, but unfortunately it did not happen.

    The reality host thing has been done on a few shows, but most Bones' stories have been utilized, yet they always keep things fresh. Hats off to another fine showing.
  • The body of a host of a popular reality TV show is found partially decomposed in an outhouse. Brennan and Booth must identify the killer from a large group of suspects; Booth discovers that Brennan is juggling two relationships.

    It wasn't bad enough that they have Sweets becoming more and more annoying by making him more stupid. Now they introduced another person - a girl who doesn't know when to shut up. Annoying everyone and trying to get Brennans attention by claiming she found the answers for everything. I was pleased to see that Angela and hodgins have laid back some what, the hint of their relationship was still there but that was all. Thought it was interesting they felt the need to introduce not one but two lovers for Brennan. Instead of continuing the affair with Booth. I was hoping that they would get together I'm hoping for some great things I really like the cast of this show