Season 4 Episode 21

Mayhem on a Cross

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 16, 2009 on FOX

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  • Why I loved the episode...

    I am a Norwegian girl who really love Bones!
    When I found out that Bones was airing an episode based on a body found on an Norwegian Black Metal concert, I admit I was a little scared. Normally when American TV shows mention Norway, it all goes wrong. I remember the X-Files': Død Kalm, where the Norwegian language was poor and sounded a lot like a Finnish immigrant living in Norway. Seriously! And the dudes name was Trondheim! That is not a normal Norwegian name. If you believe that, you probably believe that there are polar bears wandering around the streets of Oslo (our capital town, if you wondered ;P) A common name for a Norwegian is Olsen or Jensen, or Larsen.
    Though the Norwegian "Dr. Brennan" sounded more Swedish than Norwegian, the language was better that expected! Especially the police guy at the beginning of the episode.
    Norwegian black metal is one of the things Norway is famous for. But how they managed to mix up Norwegian black metal with black metal and death metal, I really don't know. That was poor research! But the episode was saved because of Gordon Gordon, the confessions of Brennan, Booths reaction to her confessions and sweets and his background and reason for being so clingy. All in all, I really loved it! But then again, I love all Bones episodes...
  • Always a joy to see Gordon Gordon

    Great episode if somewhat dark.
    More character development again adding to their depth and backgounds.
    Sweets also has had childhood problems and Brennan conributes a little more to hers. Booth, though he prefers to be tight-lipped about his past problems, does give us yet another insight into his backgound.
    We even learn something about Gordon Gordon's wild youth - Noddy Comet! Wow. Gordon Gordon also gives Sweets much food for thought over the relationship between Booth and Brennan, whose partnership is the subject of his book. So which one is struggling with sexual attraction on a daly basis then? Guess!
    Not a lover of the music but, hey, it fitted the scenario.
  • By far one of the best of season four. Gordon Gordon is back, Sweets past is reviled and the sweet moments between Booth and Brennan. My oh my!

    It was a nice pick to bring back Dr. Wyatt for this episode, I disliked most of the horrifying music that came along with this episode, however with Dr. Wyatt being there, Dr. Sweets past reviled and the moments between Booth and Bones, made me forget about the music.

    A moment I loved was at the end, when they went to go get sweets and Dr. Brennan opens herself up to Sweets and tells both him and Booth that her foster parents locked her in a trunk for two days. When Booth handed her the handkerchief and then she put it back, I think I realized what Dr. Wyatt meant when he said something about one knowing about the attraction. I absolutely adored the part, when Brennan gives booth that look, and he opens up a tiny bit about his past.

    The entire concept, that both Dr. Wyatt and Sweets liked death metal (or whatever kind of metal it was) was an interesting idea. Sweets was so funny looking when he was dressed up, I loved it. While Dr. Wyatt played the air guitar.

    The writing and plot-line to this episode were stellar in my opinion. I have never seen an episode of any show that included death metal. A must watch in my opinion!
  • The case deals with death metal bands and Gordon Gordon returns with some very interesting information on Sweets.

    The episode starts off really great. I wasn't even sure it was a Bones episode I was watching! It starts off with a death metal concert in which a skeleton hangs from a cross. The Norway police come in, this woman inspects it and confirms it's human. It's sent back to the USA, because the woman said it was American.

    Bones, Clark Edison and Cam examine the skeleton and it's really funny watching Bones/Brennan correct their pronunciation of the band. Ska-la. The case proceeds as usual. Dr Gordon Wyatt reappears (apparently he's been reading Sweets book on Brennan and Booth. He also plans to quit psychiatry and go to a culinary school) and Sweets and him backup interrogation for Booth and Brennan. It was during this that Gordon revealed he knew of Sweets past. That was a real shock to me. Like: wow. Booth shoots his gun at an inanimate object again, which brings about more humor into the episode. With Booth absent in the interrogation of the suspect, Brennan was funny to watch. Good writing on the writer's part.

    I thought the lighting in the concert and death metal bands scenes were a bit too dark; you can't really see what's happening. But the dialogue helped. And the end was another shock, with Brennan and Booth revealing a bit about themselves, about their damaged past. It was a really great episode in all.
  • Good to learn something about Sweets... and sad.

    Poor Sweets. How hard it must've been for him to lose his parents, people who have given him safety and love in a short time.

    It was very nice to see him interact with Gordon and exchange points of view. I loved that conversation he had with Sweets in the interrogation room, about his parents because he was right.

    Bones interrogating the suspect was very funny. I liked that she wanted to be like Booth and tried to use his 'techniques'. I bet she must've looked very sexy to Booth! And Booth shooting that speaker was nice, considering that he had a reason now.

    The last scene was very touching. Emily is an excellent actress, she really delivered. Her confession was very sad, but I was shocked by Booth's confession. It was nice of them to share that with Sweets. The connection Booth and Brennan have is amazingly shown here. Subtle but effective.
  • Riveting psychological episode, who would have thought from the original investigation?

    This could be hands-down one of the finest episodes ever done. Powerful, touching, character development, bonding – excellent.

    Now that's a party! Chainsaws, black metal and a skeleton! Very cool scene. Sweets is the biggest shocker – he looks amazing in costume, he really is as built as he claims to be but disturbing is the deep scars on his back. Seems Sweets might not be as clean-cut as he appears to be. Could explain a great deal – why he became a psychologist and his interest in Brennan & Booth's childhoods.

    Nice to see Wyatt again. I love his scenes, as always, and I loved where Wyatt pointed out how Booth was playing dumb and Booth just smirked. Wyatt's insight into Sweets was fascinating. "He imprinted on us… like a baby duck?" Lovely moment with the handkerchief.

    For the first time, Brennan actually is impressive in the interrogation. Not entire convincing but she had her moments.

    Very psychological episode, excellent.
  • Another great episode

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. We open in Norway at a heavy metal concert, where we see a skeleton hanging from a cross. Police are there, to see if it is in fact human, and when they look closer we learn that it is. Soon the skeleton is IDed as being American (how I don't know) and so the body is sent back to America and to Bones and her team. Sweets is working on the book he's writing about Brennan and Booth, and asks Dr. Gordon Wyatt for some input. When he asks him to write the intro to the book, we learn that Gordon is in fact retiring. We soon learn that the victim was part of a heavy metal group. We soon learn that Sweets "used" to be into music known as Black Metal music. Soon the location of where the victim's band practices is located and so Gordon, Bones and Booth all head there. But when they won't turn off the music and one of them spits onto Booth's FBI badge, he shots the bands speakers out, in order to stop them playing. And so Booth is again put on desk duty, and so Bones and Sweets have to question the victim's band and Booth talks Bones through it through an ear piece. We then see Bones at a concert, with Sweets who comes dressed in black, like everyone else who is at the concert. We then see the lead singer of the band, slit his own throat, but it isn't fake, and soon he collapses onto the floor. Bone rushes to help him and rips off Sweets top in order to try and save his life. When she then looks at Sweets' back she sees scars, which show he was abused. We then see the singer in an interrogation room being questioned. We learn that he often slit his throat with a prop knife, which was swapped out for a real one. Soon Booth is cleared by Gordon and so is given his badge and gun back. Soon Bones discusses with Booth and Gordon about the marks that she saw on Sweets' back during the concert. Later when talking to Gordon, we learn that Sweets was adopted when he was 6 years old. We also learn that both of his adoptive parents died within weeks of each other, not long before he came to work at the FBI. Soon they believe a member f the band killed the victim and soon they manage to get him to confess. As the episode ends, we see Booth and Bones together having a meal with Gordon. He tells them about Sweet's parents and so he sends both of them off to go and see Sweets. They go to his office and see him sitting there. They invite him to diner with them and Gordon. Bones then reveals that her foster parents locked her in the trunk of a car for 2 days when she dropped a plate. She then gets upset about it and explains the story behind it. Booth gives her a tissue, and she reveals that she saw Sweets' scars on his back. Then Booth admits that if it wasn't for his grandfather that he would have killed himself as a kid, but doesn't want to talk about it. As Bones hands back Booths' tissue, she seems to be ok.
  • Bones: The Heart of the Matter

    Sweets is a part of the team (Zach's unoffical replacement actually), the surrogate dysfunctional lost sad duck family. They have slowly been sneaking that up on us since last season and culminated it with one the best episodes of the season (though season 4 has had a few).

    Thursdays episode was my favorite kind of Bones epiode, the kind where the emotion the shows taps into in these kinds of episodes if the best kind. The kind that feels real. When Gordan Gordan (Fun return cameo!) revealed that Sweets was abused as a kid I saw him in such a different way. I mean I can't imagine the kind of scars that childhood abuse can leave, not just physically, but that Sweets came out the other side as such a good person...tearing up right now thinking about it...

    Well he fits right into Booth and Brennan's clan. They also gave us insight into why he's a psychologist/therapist, made me really understand his character on a level they hadn't given Sweets yet, but the best of the episode was of course the very last one.

    I know Bones and Booth were going to invite Sweets to joing them for dinner that much was obvious but when Bones just kind of spilled that story out of nowhere....I mean that was touching a really rare level, particularly for her character. She never even really talks to Booth about the terrible things that happened to her after her brother left her. We don't even know that much about it but as soon as Gordan revealed that Sweets was abused it was what I was waiting for, Bones to just spill over with emotion.

    And that story, Bones had me in tears. I love the boys reactions too. Sweets seems of course touched but more importnatly and god bless him for this he's not as analytical as he usually is, just sympathetic (this was a great episode for Sweets, they really constructed his character more then they ever have before). Whether Bones and Sweets will ever agree about psychology and all that is a big mystery but when it comes to the kind of childhood they both had they understand eachother perfectly. They connected, I tell ya Bones never needs to worry about being unfeeling. She may come of that way sometimes but that's not her.

    And Booth, I sometimes forget that he had a similarly trouble childhood mostly because they didn't even reveal it till earlier this season. His reaction was amaingly touching too. He wouldn't be Booth if he didn't get a little defensive but he did share. Needless to say his story totally got me too. And that was a big moment for him as well, he's an open kind of guy but he does internalize a lot too. And the title of Sweets book! That was kismit or something, Sweets changing the title like that just before all of that happened. Loved the new title, very appropriate and sweet. No pun intended.

    As for Gordan's observation about B&B my guess is of course Booth, he gave Bones his hanky but who the hell knows anymore. There's dozens of facots to consider. Previous episodes both recent and ancient, their individual personalities and many other things. Besides all that, who's to say Sweets even saw the same thing as Gordan. Differents minds (even if they have alike minds), Sweets might have seen something totally different. They're going to keep us guessing with this one right up until the moment...
  • The world of death metal.

    You have to love how adventurous and creative Bones is with their backstories for every episode. For most shows this is a mere formality, but the FOX drama always has an exciting way to introduce new characters to their universe.

    I also like how Bones is showing us more and more of the inner workings of Lance Sweets, who is one of the better supporting characters on the program. While it produced some good comedy moments, it also led to one of the rare signs of emotion from Temperance as she opened up her past to him. And we can't forget Temperance going all crazy detective-cop show on one of the rockers, trying to break him for a confession. Now that's good TV.
  • When a skeleton is being used as a stage pop for a death metal band in Norway it's up to the team to find out whom he/she is and for Booth and Brennan to catch the killer(s).

    Now usually I go into what happened in the episode ( a run down ) but to be honest this was one of them episodes I wasn't too keen on, in others words it wasn't my favourite storyline and I would have marked it lower than I did but for the fact it had Stephen Fry's return as Dr Gordon Wyatt and quiet a lot of Dr Sweet's who as I've pointed out before is fast becoming one of my favourite characters close behind a tired first of Booth and Brennan.

    I thought it was great that Dr Wyatt and Sweets teamed up we also found out a bit of Sweets childhood, now is it me or is there a pattern developing here, I mean we know Brennan and Booth have had bad childhoods and now we find Sweets had, from what we can gather from snippets Angela's childhood wasn't the best growing up and I have a feeling Hodgins didn't have the greatest even though he was born into money.
  • A episode I really enjoyed

    Ok, I do not get into the music they had.. but anything else - I enjoyed this episode. I loved that they had Stephen Fry back and his way of acting.. his char, it added quite much for the show.

    I most say most of all, I loved the episode for char development. It was very sweet episode about Sweets, but.. mostly I adored Brennan - she interrogating was just brilliant. To manage to play so many diverse sides of her role.. amazing. And ofcourse the moments where they shared their stories. Overall, It was really good episode.. great acting, great story.. great moments.
  • A skeleton hung behind a black metal band in Norway is suspected to be real and is found to be the remains of a member of another band in America. The team investigates as Gordon Gordon makes an appearance to comment on Sweets's book on Brennan & Booth

    Although differnet types of metal music are not my cup of tea, the episode was exciting enough to keep me interested. The psychology in this part was very well researched and the murderer was caught using an awesome technic offered by Gordon. The development of Sweets's character was well placed andanswered alot of questions regarding his behavior and his particular interest in this case. His undercover role was the high point of the show so much that at first I could not believe it. His realization of the similarities between Bones and Booth was touching and the attention the two gave him was realistic.No diownsides for me, just that it wasn't my favorite music.
  • Is it safe to say that I've fallen in love with this series? Or will I be too emotional when I say so.

    Honestly, I've never liked detective or police series at all. Was never a fan of and I thought I would never be a fan of either. That was of course when I heard about this show called Bones. I've watched so many episodes, and really the show just keeps getting better and better after every episode. I mean it should be a serious series concerning there is always death and so on, but it's really comedic on a lot of terms. Character development is awesome, and they really get into their roles. I know I should be reviewing the episode but yeah, all my reviews would be the same, so I took time out to review that this is really an awesome show, and I do hope it remains for some times and they continue to get fresh new ideas to conjure up great episodes.
  • With Gorden Wyatt making a final appearance on the show, this episode was made to be great! It wasn't really the case itself that made it a good and rememberable episode but emphasizing the people who's lives swirl around each other to solve these cases.

    It starts off interesting with a case involving Black Metal but it starts to become more of the lives between Brennan, Booth and Sweets... Gordon serves as a sort of mediator to make them become something more than just "Pyshcologist and his patients". Brennan and Booth work together not only to just solve the case but also find themselves trying to keep Gordon from retiring and trying to help Sweets. One of the most standout performance and scene of the episode was when Gordon and Sweets were talking going over their impressions of Brennan and Booth's relationship. Sweets believing them to be opposites attracting is bewildered when Gorden dismisses it as wrong. He believes they are very similiar in important ways not only that but he makes an observation wich leaves the audience guessing "who is it?". Which I assume was the goal of the writer to have the audience thinking deeper about Brennan and Booth. The other remarkable scene was when Sweet's harsh past revealed Gordon tried to make Brennan and Booth aware of how Sweet's pain is reflected in his determination to stick with Brennan and Booth. So in the end, Brennan and Booth decide to open up to Sweets to show him he's not the only one with scars.
  • i don't get why people say they hate this ep cuz of they say that they confused death metal black metal and whatever this was the best ep this season. if you could combine character developement with tearjurker it would definately describe this ep.

    this is probably the best episode of bones ever. it had great character developement and was so sad to hear about brennens and booths past and hear what sweets went through. i could never imagine what it must of felt like to go through all that. i swear it made me all teary eyed. i love how they brought up the clown thing which is the only ep i have missed and still have not seen yet. i saw the other one where the clown was a murderer on holloween. I felt bad for the guy brennen was choking lmao poor guy it'd be hilarius if he became her permanent assistant XD. i also want the other 3 white guys to be her assistant to she should just have four assistants itd be way cooler kinda like how house has 4 well had 4. i felt horrible for the guy who got killed his death must of been awfully painful DX. i gotta give the actor who plays brennen props for being able to speak the other languages so well. i still can't believe that the old guy is retiring i hope they don't kill his character or sweets cuz their both pretty cool. lmao at the king of the lab part XD he should of said it party pooper
  • Death and heavy metal, just a regular day at the Jeffersonian

    We have a Norwegian death metal band with a real skeleton on a cross as a stage prop. The Norwegian team determines that as the skeleton is American it should be sent to them to work at thus setting the stage for Booth and Bones to go underground into the death metal music scene to uncover who killed and shipped the body off to Norway. Turns out that we have multiple suspects (Yay...). Before we go into the interrogation room however, we have Dr. Gordon Gordon Wyatt back in DC to speak with Dr. Sweets. Why? Sweets has written a book on B&B and wants Wyatt's opinion on the manuscript. Two parallel storylines, which this time around were in a 65:35 ratio. The writers had them strongly woven together which was brought to perfection on screen by this amazing cast. We find out (finally) why Sweets is so keen to be included in B&B's plans (may i call you Bones?, I like Chinese, i could join you?) and always seems sad when B&B treat him with certain disdain. There was also some insight from Dr. Wyatt on B&B as well as on Sweets himself. The ending was simply amazing. I had always felt that they never explored on Brennan's past in the Foster care system and a little insight into it today after 3 seasons was welcomed. Overall, this was one of the best episodes on character development we have had this season.
  • Bones is just getting better and better this season!

    How i loved this episode! I am in to the whole metal thing, so that was very nice to see. (i don't like the whole face painting thing.)

    And then Gordon Gordon, it was nice to have him back, i love british accent en he is just, wel he goes back to old days. (did anyone else noticed his wierd nose?)

    I really like the dynamic of this episode between case en character this. I felt so sad for sweets! We already new he was adopted, but the scares, i could cry.

    It was verry funny to see him in metal style, it made me laugh even more then when he went star trek in the princess in the pear.

    I did not like clark in this episode, i think he is boring. I prefer wendell of nigel. I hope we will see one of those become a regular.

    The baby duck scene was cute. How booth en brennan decided that sweets was family en how brennen decided to share something awfull from her past. They crying felt a bit ooc, But the whole scence was beautifull, you can really see how they are working towards the critic in the cabernet. I can't wait for that episode to air!
  • Finally a show where a Scandinavian language is actually spoken by Scandinavian people! And for the first time an American actor could actually pronounce a Scandinavian word really well! Good job Emily!

    Thanks to those who decided to actually use Norwegian people to speak Norwegian. As a native Swedish speaker, so similar to Norwegian that I understand Norwegian fluently and have even on occasion mistaken it for an odd Swedish access, it was very refreshing to not hear our languages being mutilated in another American TV show! Well done, especially Thanks to Emily and Eugene for a great pronunciation of the word "Skalle". Other than that I think the episode was great. Defiantly one of my favourites. The ending was exceptionally good. I love how all of the characters are getting in touch with their past. In all it was a very good story line, with just enough drama around the characters but what really set it apart in my book was the obvious effort that went into the foreign language. Thank you!
  • A skeleton on a cross at a heavy metal death concert turns out to be real and the Norwegian authorities pass it off on the FBI and The Jeffersonian. Dr. Wyatt makes a cameo and reveals a lot about Sweets, Bones, and Booth and Sweets is writing a book.

    Interesting episode that really is set up to deal with the dynamic of Bones and Booths relationship and how they perceive each other. Dr. Wyatt through a discussion with Sweets reveals what Sweets already knows but is burying about the two of them. Without coming right out and saying it we are led to believe that there behavior shows that one of them cares very deeply about the other and it is somewhat revealed who it is with the change in Sweets title shown at the end of the episode.

    The other important development revealed during the investigation is that Sweets had a very tragic early childhood and that both his foster parents had died recently. This is something that creates a bond between him and both Bones and Booth as they both had similar related problems as children.

    The plot to find the murder though interesting was sort of a let down as it was revealed that the man was killed because he didn't want to be in a Death Metal band anymore and wanted to be with his girlfriend. Not a terrible thing to want, but he was killed because in the psychology of these people you can't leave the music scene, it's forbidden. Overall it sort of takes away from the plot, but the characters and situations were certainly interesting so I dropped it half a point from last nights and give it a 8.5.

    Still entertaining but a little stiff and slow in places. Nice emotion from Bones at the end. Very believable and the performances from the cast were all great. I'm looking forward to the doubled up episodes again next week on Monday and Thursday.

    Thanks for reading...
  • Murder and Metal.

    Bones and Boothe dive into the world of heavy metal music in efforts to find a killer. I was amused that Boothe thought he could conduct a proper interview from behind his desk. As the team investigates their suspects we see a few members channel their inner head banger personsas. Dr. Wyatt's return definitely has a purpose and it's a good one. It turns out that he's aware of something most weren't, Sweets needs them more than they realize. But I loved that it was shown that Boothe, Bones as well as sweets have more in common than they ever thought. It was a nice moment, for all of them.
  • Booth and Brennan delve into the world of death metal to find a killer.

    Two great episodes one right after another. I really liked the character development in this one. Who knew that always smiling Sweets had such a dark history? It made me like him all the more though. I also liked the moments between Brennan and Booth, especially at the end with Sweets. Brennan was hilarious in the interrogation room, and as good as Clark is, he just doesn't seem to want to be part of the team. Who wouldn't want to be "King of the Lab"? Loved seeing Gordon again, but I found it strange that the things that Sweets was saying about their attraction being sublimated into the importance of their working relationship or something like that. It was kind of like what Gordon was saying when Booth and Bones were having trouble finding their groove after Sully left. This time Gordon said that there is a palpable attraction between the two of them but only one of them is aware of it. My money's on Booth.
    The case itself was gruesome but interesting, although there wasn't really a wide range of credible suspects. Like the previous episode I guess that it was more of a tool for character development.
    I really enjoyed the episode and I kind of wish that there was a new Bones episode every day.