Season 4 Episode 21

Mayhem on a Cross

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 16, 2009 on FOX



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    • Booth: (watching and listening to Bones' interrogation from his office) Okay listen Bones, you just tell him you don't care if he did it or not, you'll just throw his ass in jail. (Bones scoffs) Look it's all right to lie during an interrogation Bones. It's a technique.
      Bones: The evidence is inconclusive regarding your guilt. (gets out of her chair, slams the table, and starts yelling) But I will damn well make sure it's conclusive.
      Sweets: Whoa, what?
      Booth: 'Atta girl, give it to him.
      Bones: I will perjure myself if I have to because you ... make ... me ... sick, punk!

    • Gordon: (after Booth shoots an amplifier) Yes, now if you recall, it was shooting at inanimate objects that had you brought to me for therapy in the first place.
      Booth: I thought it was a justifiable shooting.
      Bones: I agree.
      Booth: She agrees. See?

    • Sweets: (talking about Bones and Booth) Okay, what about the sexual component in their relationship?
      Gordon: Ah.
      Sweets: Would you agree that they have both uh, sublimated their attraction to each other, out of fear of endangering their working relationship because their working relationship is paramount to both of them?
      Gordon: Alas, I'm afraid I wouldn't agree with that, no.
      Sweets: Wow ... which part?
      Gordon: With everything you just said. Yes, one of them is acutely aware of that attraction, struggles with it daily, as a matter of fact.

    • Cam: This is definitely murder.
      Bones: There are other possibilities.
      Clark: I have to admit none spring to mind.
      Bones: One possibility: drunken death-obsessed Satan-worshiping drug-abusing teens rob a grave and reenact an ancient torture.
      Cam: Ah, just another Saturday night.

    • Gordon: (after tricking Pinworm into confessing) I think the correct term is "gotcha".

    • Cam: We don't have enough crucified corpses of our own, now the Vikings are sending them?
      Clark: The annual murder rate in Norway is 0.7.
      Bones: Less than one murder a year?
      Cam: In that case they should solve the ones they have or they'll never get any practice.

    • Booth: Bones, what are you doing?
      Bones: You said that scars on the back was a metaphor. Isn't it that's why we are here to metaphorically compare scars?
      Booth: I came to bring Sweets back to my place for dinner, that's all.
      Sweets: Scars on the back?
      Bones: I saw them, Sweets.
      Sweets: So ... (sighs) what? You decided to just share something, from your past? That is so, unlike you.
      Bones: I still hate psychology.

    • Booth: Sweets is just fine.
      Gordon: He most definitely is not fine. I've read his book.
      Bones: W- does he say something mean about us?
      Gordon: On the contrary. You might as well know that he lost both his adoptive parents just before he came to work for your ... de facto crime fighting unit.
      Booth: Geez. What are we? The Land of Misfits Toys?
      Gordon: Well he's a good lad, Sweets. But this book he's writing, he's using it as the vehicle to get what he actually wants which is ... a family.
      Bones: So he ... imprinted on us, like a baby duck? So what do we do?
      Booth: Nothing. Okay Sweets is not a baby duck.

    • Sweets: I'm hearing a caveat.
      Gordon: It's ... a small one. It's just that, Brennan and Booth aren't in any way opposites.
      Sweets: Wow, small? (laughs sarcastically) What is that? British understatement?
      Gordon: Well yes, he's a man, ah she's a woman. He's instinctual, she's empirical.
      Sweets: Opposites.
      Gordon: Superficial ephemera Dr. Sweets.

  • Notes

    • Featured Music:
      "Turn to Dust" by Tondra Soul (song performed by the band as the skeleton is discovered)
      "God of Anger" by Droid (Angela uses the song to get in the "right space")
      "Get to the Choppah" by Jameson ("played" by Zorch at the concert Bones attends)
      "Better" by Blue Shoes (the song by fictional band "Noddy Comet" that Booth plays while Gordon fixes dinner)

    • International Air Dates:
      Sweden: May 31st, 2009 on TV3
      Spain: July 3rd, 2009 on Fox
      Australia: July 26th, 2009 on Channel Seven
      Finland: October 17th, 2009 on Sub
      Norway: December 3rd, 2009 on TV3
      Slovakia: March 31st, 2010 on JOJ
      Germany: April 15th, 2010 on RTL
      Czech Republic: January 17th, 2011 on Prima

    • Stephen Fry (Dr. Wyatt) is credited as a Special Guest Star.

  • Allusions

    • Cam: Let's have Hodgins swab for trace evidence. God knows what he'll find ... maybe a little piece of Norway.

      "A small piece of Norway" or "Et lite stykke Norge" is the slogan of the Norwegian chocolate company Freia. It has become a well-known saying and used to reference anything that is "typically Norwegian."

    • Booth: What are we, the Land of Misfit Toys?

      The Island of Misfit Toys is home to several unwanted and defective toys in the 1964 Christmas television special Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

    • Episode Title: Mayhem on a Cross

      This is an allusion to the Norwegian black metal band Mayhem. One of the things Mayhem is most famous for is the murder of their guitar player Euronymous by their bass guitar player Varg Vikernes.