Season 8 Episode 5

Method to the Madness

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 05, 2012 on FOX

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  • Too dumbed down

    Too dumbed down. Looking at the perfect angle of the cuts in all the bones, I knew right from the start it was a machine, and so would Bones and the gang. When they make the team appear so dumb it takes the main appeal of the show away. The murder victim was struggling for money and yet was selling apple sauce at $9 a jar? She wouldn't be broke, she'd be the next Bill Gates.
  • 8x05 - Method to the Madness

    The only reason I enjoyed this episode was because of the Booth and Sweet shenanigans. Otherwise I didn't care one whit for the mystery and the finding of the killer.
  • Fun, but no surprises

    This was a very predictable episode. From the beginning it was clear who the murderer was and what was used to kill the victim. If I had to judge on the case only it would be a solid F. Here we have these smart people who insist that the murderer must be very strong and precise instead of drawing the logical conclusion.

    What made it fun to watch and thus influenced my grading, was the fact that it was fun and sweet to watch the gang interact. Creepy and gloomy Colin is always great to watch especially when he and Cam have their special moments. These two have a very solid platonic chemistry, I love how Cam has learned how to deal with his quirks.

    Then there's the group being protective of Angela, it's too sweet. And finally the Booth, Brennan and Sweets bond, I have to agree with Angela they have adopted Sweets eons ago.

    This episode was fun to watch but not up to ols standards.
  • The magic is gone

    I'm sorry to say it, but Booth and Brennan have lost their sizzle. They are that boring couple now and everybody hates that boring couple. They barely touch each other or gaze at each other the way they used to. I might give this one more season....Maybe.

  • Great story line

    Love the story line and hummor. Bones and booth need to spice it up, however the interaction of all the cast kept the story moving.
  • dafuq?

    Oh nooo!! Jessica Pearson (from Suits??) is dead in this episode!! :)
  • kind of a weird episode

    I don't know why but this episode was weird. The irritating scene with Sweets coming out the tub and the intern (I don't know his name any more) showing Bones the Bones on the nice I-Pad and the distressed Booth, and then the weird dancing scene at the end ... hm ... and is it only me or was the Bones' screen time less than usual? Perhaps we have finally reached the jump shark with no chemistry left between Booth and Bones. Oh, and I forgot, why the hell show three fat spiders besides all the disgusting corpse stuff this time? Brrrrr.