Season 8 Episode 5

Method to the Madness

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 05, 2012 on FOX



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    • Sweets: Sorry, Booth. I should have locked the door, huh?
      Brennan: Because you played on so many sports teams and spent a lot of time in the army, I assumed you were comfortable with male nudity.
      Sweets: You know, fear of nudity is called gymnophobia?
      Booth: Okay, listen, psychology and anthropology, I liked it better when you two were fighting, all right?

    • Brennan: In order to appease Huehueteotl, the fire god, the Aztecs would burn their captives alive. Moments before death, the human sacrifices were pulled from the fire to have their still-beating hearts ripped out of their chests.
      Fisher: Those were the good old days.
      Hodgins: Those were the bad days. What-what kind of freak feels nostalgic over human sacrifices?
      Fisher: I'm gonna go ahead and plead the Fifth on that.

    • (Brennan and her team discuss the injuries that eviscerated the victim.)
      Angela: Okay, just please tell me that this poor thing was dead before any of this happened.
      Cam: I'm sure she was.
      Hodgins: Definitely.
      Angela: Great.
      Brennan: Hodgins and Cam are lying to Angela to spare her feelings.
      Fisher: Yeah, I got that.

  • Notes

    • Featured Music:
      "20th Century Boy" by T. Rex (Sweets and Brennan celebrate his freedom)

    • Additional Crew Credits: Jan DeWitt (Produced by), Kathy Reichs (Inspired by the Life of Forensic Anthropologist and Author), Rick Millikan (Casting by), Pamella Phillips (Make-Up Department Head), Bernie Gough (Hair Department Head), Katie Barnard (Insert Coordinator), Mike Grasso (Police Technical Advisor), Mark Marcum (Video Playback).

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: November 5th, 2012 on Global
      Slovakia: March 27th, 2013 on JOJ

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