Season 2 Episode 2

Mother and Child in the Bay

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 06, 2006 on FOX

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  • Yet another cracking episode


    although the crime was rather gruesome. It wouldn't have been solved without the Angelator.

    The linking of the crime to Booth's feelings about fatherhood and his constant anxiety over his son really filled out his character even more. At the same time his debates with Bones and her remarks about relationships, marriage and children reveal her total scientific logic and apparent coldness. Is she really so cold, or does she have some feelings for her partner? Surely she must have. After all she was upset when he was blown up and injured in Season 1.

    You have to feel for Booth, threatened by Rebecca that he will never have access to Parker again if he goes on doing things like checking on her boyfriends. Thank goodness that the boyfriend suggested the meeting in the diner and that Booth relented a little. Rebecca seems very attractive physically - wonder why she and Booth never married? Will this be revealed sometime? Was she, like Parker always worried that when Daddy went to work he might get shot or killed?

    Watch this space.

  • A woman's body, a baby's remains, and Booth's ex show up.

    Sorry if this is going to be one scatter-brained review. I'm tired, but I can't wait to write. ^_^

    Cam and Bones' on-going tension. Ah yes, mental cat-fight. Meowr. I kinda liked the exchange they had in the lab about having children. It's like they somehow switched personalities; Cam became the empirical scientist and brushed the topic off, while Bones' more "human" side shone through. ^_^ Frankly, I am having a hard time picturing Bones having a baby, but the sight of her awkwardly holding her child would be soooooo cute.

    Booth's ex. "Seeley, you SOB." Woosh, what an entrance. But yeah, she had every right to be angry. I sure as hell wouldn't appreciate my ex doing a background check on my current boyfriend like he's some sort of criminal. Hmmm, at least now I know I will never date an FBI agent. :)

    The stabbing test. Bones was cute. Hodgins was okay. Cam and Zack were funny. Booth and Angela were hilarious.

    Booth and Brennan car conversations. It just goes to show how completely opposite those two are from each other, but they get along extremely well albeit the endless debating.

    Parker. He's gotten really big since the last time we saw him.

    Oh yeah, the case. It was pretty interesting. That twist with the baby was a real surprise for me. But when they ruled out the husband's girlfriend as a suspect, I already suspected one of the women with the babies in the playground, particularly the vet. She was a little too cooperative.

    Great episode! Hooray for Bones! I'm glad I stuck to watching this series. ^_^
  • An already difficult case of a mother and foetus found in a river takes ever more disturbing turns.

    I particularly like this episode (if 'like' is the right word, given the subject matter) because it very cleverly links the story with the characters. Bones is good at doing this normally anyway, but the way the story of a mother killed links with Booth's love for his son, the way Brennan feels about motherhood, and a fabulous scene talking about the Bible story of Abraham is very well done.

    The story itself is disturbing in the extreme - the lengths to which people will go for a baby, and post-natal depression - and it's sad all round, because the reasons for murder are horrible but not motivated purely by greed or revenge, which makes them bizarrely understandable if not forgivable. So two very different storylines - the episode focus and Booth himself - about 'loss' of a child meld together really well.

    A great episode.
  • A great complicated murder and kidnapping case.

    The stuff of gossip magazines – pregnant woman mysteriously disappears and while the husband was arrested, had to be released due to no body being found. Could not have been easy being him – everyone would believe he was guilty and he would suffer all the stigma attached thereto.

    The whole switched baby storyline was very interesting, not to mention twisted. A psycho accidentally kills her own child then decides that since the victim didn't want her baby, she would take it (killing her in the process), leaving her own dead baby behind. To top it all off, said psycho (upon being arrested) insists what a wonderful mother she is, completely ignoring the part where she murdered the boy's mother, not to mention her own child. Sorry, but murder trumps great mothering every time.

    Thankfully the child is only a year old and will hopefully suffer no emotional or psychological trauma from being the reason for his mother's brutal murder but also from being raised for a year by her killer. Then again, how will the child not know about it, once he is old enough, his father will have to tell him something about his mother and even if his father lies or minimizes the whole thing, the child can probably find out the rest from newspapers or the internet.

    Very well written, very interesting.
  • this was a good ep i thought

    in this ep of bones it was a sad one. they are called to the water because a body washed up on shore and it seems to be a body of a old case booth had to process. and they think it was the boyfriend richards. and they do some investagating and find out that he was cheating on his girlfriend who was pregnant.meanwhile in this ep booth is having some issues with his ex and its about his kid. and so he has the new boyfriend she is seeing investgated. but the ex finds out and she is mad at him . and back to the case they find out that she floated from another area down stream due to some heavy rain that night and they found out that her baby was cut right out of her . and taken and the dead baby was placed with her. which was very sad and shocked to find out. and they arest one of the other mothers. and booth gets to spend a happy moment with his kid and meets the boyfriend and they go out to eat later. this was a very sad ep and it had a good moment at the end
  • Another good episode

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. When a body is discovered, Booth and Bones go to the scene, as well as Camille and Zach. When they get the body out of the water, we see that the woman was pregnant, and that the fetus could have survived. Booth believes that the victim is that of a missing woman, Carlie, who went missing on her wedding day, and she was pregnant. They believe that the husband, Kyle is the one, who killed her, but they needed a body to arrest him, and now that they have one, they go to arrest him.
    But when they get to his house, he has already gone. When they search the body they find a locket around the neck that says the name Kenny. We also see that Booth is upset in this episode, as his son Parker is spending a lot of time with his mother's new boyfriend. We soon learn that Kenny is the name of her dog. Soon the evidence reveals that the body was in fresh water for 6 months and then put into salt water. Thus making it less likely that Kyle killed his wife. Parker's mother goes to see Booth after learning that he has had her new boyfriend, Drew investigated. After an experiment we learn that Kyle's new girlfriend maybe the killer. When the DNA from under the fingernails comes back it matches that of Kyle. On they realise where the body was dumped, and how it floated down to where it was found. Once there they find a bag hidden that belonged to the victim. When they re-examine the baby's skull, we learn that the child was in fact 2 weeks old when it died, and Bones believed that the baby was cut out of the victim stomach and that this baby replaced it. We also learn that the baby that was found with the victim was dead before the victim was killed. They also believe that the baby died when it was shaken to death. They believe that the other had post-natal depression and that may have lead to the child's death. They also believe that the killer has been passing off the victim's child as her own. Kyle is then found and brought in for questioning. And when they speak to him, we see that he blames himself for what happened to his wife. When Angela does a mock up of what the dead baby would have looked like at age 10, Booth and Bones quickly realise whose child it is. It turns out to be the vet who was friends with the victim before her death. They go to see her and Booth takes the child off of her. Then she is arrested. We then see the little boy being reunited with his father. We then see Booth and Bones in the diner and we see Parker being dropped off by his mother and her new boyfriend. As Bones leaves she watches Booth with Parker and we see a smile on her face.
  • This case really got to me!

    I enjoyed watching this episode, cause it was all just very cleverly plotted. In the beginning I really thought the husband was guilty, but soon afterwards I wasn't so sure anymore. I was really confused about who did it, cause when I was pretty sure the husband didn't do it, I still didn't know who did do it. And when we/I finally learned who did it and why, I was in shock. I mean honestly who does something like that, that's just sick. And of course the interaction between everyone on the team was great, but then again it pretty much always is.
  • Interesting...

    Well, the plot is similar to the Laci Peterson case, which was very tragic. But the plot has a twist. What a woman can do to get what she wants.

    Cam and Brennan, competing with each other for what is going to be done first. It was interesting to see two strong women trying to do what they thought was the best.

    Favorite moment: Though it was sad for me, the last scene was my favorite. So Brennan is talking with Booth about family and love and everything and then the ex comes in with their child. So I guess she thought she had to leave. The look on her face when she was leaving was sweet but sad.

  • As good as the first season...

    In this episode the best thing was the case and how each character dealt with it.
    Brennan is still the same from the first season, seeking for the truth no matter what. And that will make her confront her new boss because Cam is just looking for evidences to convict the main suspect. Gladly Brennan wins. Cam has a lot to learn from the squints, she just needs time to adapt to her new team.
    Booth is insecure about his ex new relationship and how it affects his place as a dad since he has so little time with his kid but he manages at the end.
    Brennan doesn't want a kid but we can see in the end that she misses being on a family.
  • Well Bones is back :3

    I still don't like Dr. Camille Saroyan but this episode got me hooked again. It was brilliant. I like it when the murderers change during an episode so that you can't be sure until the ending.

    I thought it was funny that Rachel and the Girlfriend of the husband of the murderer looked pretty much alike though Rachel was dressed up better IMO.

    Another point why I liked that episode was that Brennan was right. While Saroyan was searching for evidence to get a man into jail she hoped was the murderer Brennan looked for evidence to find the real murderer. I like it that she does the work for the victims and not out of revenge. The plot around Booths son was a little bit sad because he loves his son so much but can hardly ever see him. And now there is this new guy that looks really nice. So it's good for Parker that he has a nice guy around him but sad for Booth because there really is another nice guy watching over his kid from a lot closer point than he can.
  • Well written with a surprise ending

    When i first read the spoiler to this episode i thought sounds familiar, and though I’m not from the U.S i still remember the shocking events of the Peterson murder trial.

    This episode ran along the same lines, young mother and unborn child found washed up along the bank of a river brutally murdered, the prime suspect her husband who is having an affair but runs as soon as the police want to question him.

    Booth and Brennan follow the case along with Hodgins and Zach to find all is not what it seems.

    I didn’t find the eventual murderer as surprising but the way the story was written it had you guessing until the end.
  • Great case. Cam and Bones not going well. We get to meet Booth's ex. Rebecca and his son.

    It was a very good episode. I loved the storyline, although I didn't like what the women did. It was a good twist. Booth and Bones were good, I wouldn't say great because we don't get to see much chemistry between them in this episode. They do have little, but it's not at its best. I love how they talk about kids. Cam and Bones were in competition with each other, it was very good. I loved to see that Bones has a little competition, but I think that besides that Cam isn't really needed. She actually puts a wedge between Bones and Booth.

    We get to meet Booth's son and ex. We also get to see how much Booth cares for his son. It's great to see this personal side to him. It was a great episode and I can't wait how things are going to along.
  • Great episode - maintains complex plot and an overarching theme through plot and subplots. Excellently done.

    This was an amazing improvement over the season opener. The new character, Cam, is still pretty obviously a character they added for all the wrong reasons, but this episode was much better at portraying her as a human being rather than a caricature of the "overbearing boss." Nine shows out of ten would have had her tell Brennan to ignore the scraps of evidence that might clear the original suspect, but this show chose not to follow the obvious path. If Cam continues to evince respect for justice, she might come to fit in on the team despite her continuing battle with Brennan for supremacy.

    Speaking of excellent character choices, I like that Brennan doesn't want kids. It fits in perfectly with her personality.

    The plot was excellent, too, and had some lovely twists in it. Best of all, the side plots tied in thematically with the main plot, which is the hallmark of really well-done television. Kudos to the writing team!
  • Really well plotted and written. Some similarities with Tim Minear's The Inside Episode "Aidan".

    I really liked the writing and the development of all characters. Even Cam is being developed in a clever way, and her function in the show is pretty obvious.
    The fact that the investigation involved all the characters and not only tempe is now a signature feature of this serie.
    The final twist of the plot is really similar to the plot of Tim Minear's The Inside "Aidan", and I don't know if the writers were going to do a citation or it is a coincidence. In both cases I see these similarities as indicative of the high quality of these show. Infact I think The Inside is written well as Bones is written. They are different but both really good.
  • This is an exiting episode in which once again, justice is served, but we also get to learn more about our favorite FBI guy, Special Agent Seeley Booth.

    This episode (as all others) was the reason why i watch this show. It was exiting, and you got to know the characters even better, which is always a plus. I love how in the beggining, it shows a little bit of Booth losing his cool when Rebecca calls him. Its also cool and somewhat humorous how Brennan really wants to get to the site before Cam does. She really does hate her, and for good reasons. The action in the episode wasn't as much as usual, but i always love the way they try to solve the whole "whodunnit" thing. The fact that the woman's friend killed her for her son, was rediculous. I'm glad she was put away. Now what's left for next week? Oh so much more.
  • Excellent episode we want more

    Well another suberb episode, this series is going from strength to strength. Cam is turning out to be a great character i am really enjoying the back and forth banter with her and Temp. I am expecting a big bust up any time soon as the temperatures seam to be rising allready. It appears Cam is starting to make Temp show some feeling towards people and show she actually does care in her own way about people.

    The plot of the episode was very good and gross at the same time it did disturb me to think anyone could do something like this to another person. I also wondered how that women could live with herself after doing that, wouldnt seeing the child knowing it isn't yours be too traumatic.

    The effect the case has on Booth's final decision was expected really and good on him trying to get along with people. Then again Temp shows some emotion be it only small but she does smile.

    I have a good feeling about this series as it is showing great promise and i hope they use Cam to bring out more emotion in Temp. More of the same please and i will be happy
  • Nicely Done!

    This season is just getting better as it goes. I'm very impressed on how clever the plots are written and developed. Keeps us guessing right until the end. Everyone is involved in the investegations and not just centered on one character. I really enjoy that aspect. There was a good twist in this episode with the dead baby. Very well thought of. It is to say, I really enjoyed this episode.But I didn't care much on the writters breaking down Booths personality showing his protectiveness and jealously like they did in this episode. He's suppose to be the tough guy of the show and not the person that you can break. Otherwise, very very well written!
  • Twists and turns and more of Booth's personal life - good episode.

    I never thought that it was the husband - but for a few minutes I thought it may have been the girlfriend. Didn;t see the twist that the child was not the one the mother gave birth to until way late in the episode. What really made me enjoy this episode was Booth & Rebecca & their son & her boyfriend. I could see where Booth was coming from - he just wants to protect his son, and he's jealous that this guy gets to spend more time with his child than he does. But I could also see Rebecca's point, she just wants to find love again, that's difficult when her ex is having her lovers followed and running background checks. I loved the ending where he realizes that he has to play nice for the sake of his son.
  • Excellent plot and more of Booth's life!

    We are starting to see a different side of Booth: his personal problems with Rebecca and the way he have to deal with them. It seems like she uses their child to get him do whatever she likes and that in the bottom she doesn't really care if he gets to spend time with him or not so it was nice to see that at the end she made the effort of making things right and that actually his boyfriend played like the sense of reason in all this. The plot? OMG! They really kept me wondering who was until they showed me the answer. It was one of those times that I really have no idea of who might be. We also got to see a lot of Booth/Bones interaction in this episode so it was nice.

    Cam? Do I have to say again that I don't like her? This time it makes me hate her even more. How she can really think that her weekend is more important that keeping a innocent man out of jail and convict the right one? You don't have to be workaholic but you can't either rush into conclusions just to keep going with your life.
  • An amazing episode.

    Ok so the show didn't disappoint me I have to say. It was cleverly plotted and you didn't know what to expect until it was solved. As for Cam I keep hating her and I think that with each one of the episodes that will keep growing. I don't see how I will ever get to like her. She is so arrogant for me! thinking she is better than Bones... she is so wrong!

    Finally we are seeing more about Booth's life. I hated how Rebecca blackmailed him with his son, that's not right! And I kinda liked when her boyfriend told Booth about he having a son that doesn't get to see a lot, I think that it showed that he was a good man and he is not going to try to "steal" Parker from his father.

    And Bones have to learn someday a little bit of been cautious: she has to stop trying to interrupt Booth while he is having important calls! But that why we love her so...
  • Best episode yet(Beside the season fenale)! Loved it! ( :

    OMG, besides last seasons finale, this was my favorite episode! I loved it!

    I loved the scene were Brennan, Booth and cam were in the exacm. room and Bones just sais rendomly to Cam "Do you want children" then after a few lines Cam is like "Why? Are you pregnant?" And then she just looks at Booth then back to Bones. Bones in like "No!" And Booth is like "Hey why are you looking at me?"
    It was so funny!

    And the murder story was awsome! I never expected it!

    And we got to see Parker again! the last scene was so good!
  • Another great episode with a gripping mystery and more depth into our characters

    I liked the mistery with every focused on the husband as being suspect one - even though - as with most mysteries - suspect one is never guilty. I also loved the new aspects of Booth's life and Temperence's views about children (such as her dead pan mention of how the child was eating sand).

    Booth's love of his son is touching and is another revealing aspect of him (besides his gambling and absolute devotion to his 'people' (such as the squints)). I loved both his and Temperence's views as to the 'fable' (as Temperence put it) of Abraham.

    Great story - I hope this is a foretelling of what's in store this season.
  • When I first saw the previews I went oh no! I can happily say I was surprised and impressed with this episode.

    I didn't have warm fuzzies when I saw the preview. The last thing I wanted to see was a fictional version of the real life case. However what we got sent us down one path, up another and down yet a new one. It took our assumptions and crushed them...tore them up...made us all look silly for thinking they'd take the easy way out when writing this episode.

    I liked the twist. Each new peice of evidence took was was assumed and made us think twice. Clever plotting and story telling indeed!

    I love the characters on Bones. Temperance is amazing. She's brilliant, yet ignorant at the same time. She understands the most complicated and indepth parts of the scientific world, yet she doesn't have a clue about who (for example) some actor is. She has broken her world down to pure the point that she has convinced herself children, marriage and love are things one can't count on, that don't fall into the logic of science. She doesn't understand them. She doesn't know how to deal with the emotions.

    Booth wins my heart more with each episode. He's the tough guy with a soft heart. His love for his child clouds his judgement, but he has the best of intentions. He doesn't get along with his ex, but I think they come to an understanding. I'm sure there will be more bumps along the way, but he'll weather them. And theirs no denying he loves his son unconditionally.

    Great episode. These are some of the best type eps...they ones you expect to be bad and turn out to be so well done.
  • Trying to find the murderer proves to be a very difficult task when it's who you would least suspect.

    Gotta say two things right now Cam needs to be smacked really hard accross the face and I totally loved them stabbing the fake person it was so super funny.

    I offically HATE Cam hate her so much. She was acting like she owned the entire team and pointing out every two seconds that she's the boss. Which brings me to the two things I really wanted to see last night which were Booth getting a hug 'cause he totally needed one throughout most of the episode and Cam get wacked in the face. If those two things had happened the episode would have been better than perfect.

    I loved seeing more into Booth and his relationship with Rebecca and how he got a background check on her Boyfriend (That is sooooo Boooth). And also we saw more of why Brennan says she doesn't want kids.

    Overall it was an interesting episode I just wanna see Cam get smacked and I'll be overcome with joy. Can't wait for next week!
  • Again a very good show!

    No wonder I want these two together but not yet
    Though as they work on finding a murdered mother to
    Be as the fetus is thrown out. While the husband, reminds
    Me of Scott Peterson, is the prime suspect and missing. Meanwhile, on the personal front, Booth is enraged when his former ex won't let him see his son and her new jerky boyfriend. Great show again!
  • Awesome episode! This is a classic example of "good TV," one of those episodes that pushed the boundaries and rubbed the nerves raw.

    I won't give out any spoilers, but I guess I should throw a caveat up on this review. I'm a parent of a one-year-old, so a lot of stuff in this episode really hit me hard. The whole idea behind the murder really made me sick to my stomach, but Bones has been really good at taking these crimes right out of the headlines. It serves as a reminder as to how twisted people really are.

    While Doctor Brennan is still hopelessly naive about some things, in this episode that detachment from the world is really underlined by her misunderstanding of the desire for a family. She meets with mothers, but can't understand wanting to have a child herself. She witnesses Booth's struggle with his ex-girlfriend and can't relate to the child helplessly caught in the middle. And yet, she's not completely emotionless. She was really disturbed by the revelations contained within the examined fetus; it's always good to be reminded that she's not heartless.

    This episode really did an excellent job of stroking the emotions. If the murder itself wasn't enough to get you choked up, seeing the deceased body and the probing investigation the team had to do to uncover evidence surely should have prompted an emotional response. It was very interesting to see Camille act as if uncovering the truth wasn't important to her; she just wanted a quick answer. I know the team has had to come up with quick solutions before, but they've never been willing to ignore the truth. I have this feeling that Camille's character will soon lead the team into a bad place.
  • "The Mother and Child in the Bay"

    Great episode! I especially loved the beginning when there was some Booth and Bones interaction. I felt that the last episode did not have as much as all the others. I loved the little twist that they threw in there. I thought that they were going to do an exact replica of the Scott Peterson story but as it turns out it had a totally different outcome. The end was sweet with Booth, Brennan and Parker. I loved the way that Booth looked at Tempe as she turned to leave. I hope that they continue to have great episodes that are just as mysterious and tension filled as this one.
  • An episode that tells more of the friction between Cam and Bones.

    This was a well-written episode. It took a headline case and twisted it into something else. Good stuff. This second episode of the new season of "Bones" was really telling about the relationship between Cam and Bones. Cam is a by the book, trying to please forensic scientist, while Bones wants to go one step further to make sure who is right. The story about the dead pregnant woman was straight from the Scott Petersen case. But the writers changed it a little, with one of the mothers that the victim had befriended being the culprit to steal her baby to replace the one that she had killed. That scenario was a shock. I thought all along that one of the husband's girlfriends had done it. The only drawback is that I would basically get rid of Cam. She is not needed.