Season 3 Episode 5

Mummy in the Maze

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 30, 2007 on FOX

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  • For a Halloween episode this one was actually pretty cool. Not many Halloween episodes have the appeal that this one has. And the killer, well I am sure that I was not the only one who didn't see this one coming.

    And Hodge's PI chick is really good. We get more insight on the life of Angela Montenegro. So this episode was very difficult to actually classify; because it was well written, Informative, Revealing, & Full of Character Development, in other words just plain great.
    I figured that it somehow would come full circle back to the boyfriend and girlfriend duo that like to beat up the girls. Oh and Booth being scared of Clowns was a nice touch. After all if is a fact that a lot of people are actually scared of Clowns. But I was extremely surprised that they let Brennan be scared of snakes. But it did serve the purpose of getting her and Booth a little closer.
    So often they don't get to save a live person, it was nice that the girl was found alive. And she looked great as Wonder Woman & I think Booth looked more like Clark Kent and not a squint. As usual this episode of Bones is a terrific show.
    And I also want to add that T.J. Thyne is absolutely gorgeous in his Captain uniform. Those blue eyes are so wonderful to look at.
  • Halloween – complete with torture, murder and mummies.

    Loved the maze, very cool. Booth's method of 'navigating' the maze was awesome – both the flashlight and the car alarm.

    Despite that I don't like fundamentalists, the idea of the 'Hell House' is actually a rather creative idea, not to mention that some of the rooms had cool themes.

    Booth is afraid of clowns. Everyone I know hates clowns, including me, they're just so evil. How anyone can subject a child to that is beyond me, great way to scar a kid for life. It was utterly brilliant when the clown moved, I would have been running for the exit!

    What an ugly way to die – tarantulas/snakes, stimulants and claustrophobia.

    Love the costumes: Hodgins is gorgeous as Captain Anderson, Cam beautiful as Catwoman. Cute for Booth to dress as a 'squint'.

    Very cool episode.
  • It's Halloween time!

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. We open this episode with a dead body being found in a Halloween maze. And so Booth and Bones are called in to investigate. Soon a mother and father come into the office, and say that the remains are that of their daughter. But soon, they realise that this cannot be true. Then they get a phone call that another mummy body has been found.
    Soon the 1st victim is IDed and we learn that she disappeared from where the 2nd body is and that she disappeared one year ago to the day she was found. We also learn that Booth is afraid of clowns. Soon the 2nd victim is IDed and we learn that she also vanished from the fair, 2 years ago to the day. Soon the team believe that they are dealing with the same killer. Soon the team get a suspect, who has been at both crime scenes. We learn that he is a registered sex offender, and that his girlfriend, Lola, likes to watch him with teenage girls. The P.I. manages to track down Angela's husband, but he doesn't want to get divorced. We also learn that he has built a house for her. And still Angela says that she wants a divorce, and the only person she wants to build a house with is Hodgins. Soon they learn that the victims have been killed by their fears, spiders and chrostophobic so far. We then jump to Halloween and see everyone in the lab dressed up for the occasion. We then see Booth has dressed up as a Squint and that Bones has dressed up as Wonder Woman. Soon they believe that the missing girl will be killed by snakes and that a store recently sold out of them, thus leading them to believe that she is still alive.
    They work out a location where she may be held and so bones and Booth head there (still in costume). And as they enter, Bones pulls out her huge gun and Booth asks her where she kept it, since she is in costume. Soon Booth realises who the killer, and before they can talk about it, they hear the girl screaming. Bones shots the door to open it, and ends up shooting Booth in the leg. They open the door, and on seeing the snakes Bones jumps up onto a box, and so has to go on Booths back.
    They enter the room where the girl is and see that the whole floor is covered in snakes. As Bones turns round, she sees the killer, in a clown mask firing a shot. She shoots back at him and by doing so Booth drops her on the floor. Booth goes after the killer, but swaps guns with Bones first as she says her gun is too big for her. Booth chases after him, and after being shot a few times he, Booth kills the killer. And ends the scene with "Now do you see why I don't like clowns?"
  • LOVE it!

    Brilliant,compleley sums up the reason I watch this show!The costumes suited everyone so perfectly-well done whoever picked them!
    Also I totally empathise with Booths fear of clowns-the most unnatural thing ever!!
    I found all the scenes with the PI to be hilarious,shes really rounded it off,and was slightly creepy in a funny way!
    As for the debate between Catwoman and Wonderwoman,well come on!Wonderwoman wins hands down!All the former can do is hiss like one of her stupid feline namesakes,Wonderwoman has all that super strength and rope of truth and amazonian armbands going on!
    Booth as a nerd-brilliant I can totally imagine him as Superman all those super powers (and tight costume-yum!).
    Absoulute perfection!
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show bones they are called to the halloween maze were a boy found a body and fainted. and they start to investgate and learn that kid dressed as the grim reaper was at both scenes they think its him and his girlfriend but thing is it was the emt guy that was the killer and they saved a girl that was about to die from snakes. this was a very interesting ep and we learn things and a new charater was introduced that is why i gave the show ep a 8.5 and i thought it was really good
  • Pick your's haloween!

    Nice! Ok, details...
    Booth making his own way through the maze was very fun and a very Booth thing to do.
    This Angela's husband thing is getting a little too much... the guy is still madly in love with her and built a shack? Besides being incredibly handsome and strong... this I could work with but the love thing is a little too much.
    Booth little screams about the clown was so funny. So he does have a thing against clowns. :P
    Brennan eager to slapping and shooting after Booth and Booth dressing as a squint. They are totally trying to get into each other's life.
    Brennan and Cam measuring superpowers was hilarious. They are quite competitive this season... It's probably about Booth. Cam knows Booth is totally into Brennan and Brennan knows that Cam knows Booth in ways she doesn't and has more social skills therefore the little competitions.
    Ok, the black dress in Vegas leaves Booth speechless but the WW outfit doesn't?! Humm...
    Very fun episode to watch. :)
  • Bones does Halloween.

    When a young boy finds a Mummy (with that icky spider jumping him, I would have fainted,too)Bones is called in to verify that it is indeed a human corpse. While they are still trying to figure out the identity of this victim, another corpse is found and a young girl has vanished.

    Turns out Booth did not just shoot the Clown last year because it was annoying him, but that he seems to be afraid of clowns in general. Very funny as Booth utters to distinct girlie screams in one of the rides when confronted with clowns. Manly man that he is, he of course denies his fears to Bones.

    The murderer turns out to be an EMT who liked to torture young girls by scaring them to death.

    A funny contradiction to the gruesome case are the Squints dressing up for a Halloween party. Zack as the back of a cow (including an utter), Ange as Cher and Cam as CatWoman.
    Big surprise is Brennan dressed up as WonderWoman. But the most hilarious must be Booth dressed up as Nerd and boy - he really got that one down!

    Another subplot involves Angela and Hodgins working with a PI to find her husband in order to divorce him.
  • I was laughing all the way through.

    Yeah, I really was. This is possibly the funniest episode of Bones that I have ever seen, as well as having a fairly interesting case and it even left room for plenty of BoothxBrennan love as well. The case was interesting; a girl goes missing every year, at Halloween and the bodies are mummified. It had just the right amount of fanciful horror to make it seem like a scary story, without straying too far from the usual path of Bones episodes. The main storyline for our familiar characters is the impending "Jeffersonian Halloween Ball", for which we are promised Brennan dressed as Wonderwoman and Cam dressed as Catwoman. Their rivalry becomes apparent again when they argue over which female superhero is better; I can't help wondering if they are trying to better each-others costumes in an attempt to impress a certain FBI agent that will be attending the ball, dressed as a Squint. It is clear from his expression, however, that Booth prefers Wonderwoman when she steps out of Brennan's office. Unfortunately, she and Booth are prevented from strutting their stuff at the ball when they attend a shoot-out, at which we find out that Brennan holds a totally irrational fear of snakes. When the perp has been apprehended and the case has been solved, the dynamic duo return to the museum, in too much of a mess to go to the ball, so decide to go out and eat together, but not before Brennan embarasses herself with an allusion to the pair of them having been out on a bad date and then tries to fly by spinning on the spot; I'm curious to know how Brennan knew about all of Wonderwoman's moves, with her inability to process popular culture and all, but it still made for a sweet end to the episode.
  • my first review about this eppie of bones. It's my point of view of some of the things that happened and what i'm looking forward as the show goes on.

    i love this episode and i enjoy a lot watching it. It cracked me up in every scene. It WAS fantastic. Since the moment i knew that they were going to get costumes for this eppie i knew it was going to be a great one. The last scene is very nice when Booth keeps talking about the date analogy that brennan said...and she tries to convince herself that it wasn't a real date and they are just brennan and booth, they can't date. they are partners. besides i like those moments of freakness of brennan, like when she hited greg after booth gave him a couple of smacks and after that when they were leaving the FBI she tells him sth about not going to hit a suspect again without his permission hahahaha.
    I'm worried about how things are going to end with Angela and Hodgins, it's becoming more and more complicated with each and every episode. I hope that "barimbau" finally accepts the divorce. We have to see the real wedding and it's party, they owe us that.
  • Bones is a show that I love to watch and this episode has all the elements that bring me back to the show time after time.

    The mummified remains of a young girl are found in a halloween maze to start the investigation setting in motion all of this series staple investigative processes.

    The pacing of the episode is fine but once it's all over your left wanting more answers. Like why did the killer decide to start dumping the bodies at this time? It didn't make sense for him to start now unless something was changing in his life (like relocating to another city - which would mean no more bodies this year but there was one). Why would the team dress up for the haloween party whilst they worked on an active case? Add to this that the minute I saw the medic guy treating the woman I knew he was the killer.

    Still enjoyed watching it however.
  • The new dynamic duo: Wonder Woman and Clark Kent... after a really bad date.

    I loved this episode!!
    Since I knew there would be an Halloween episode, I knew that I'd like it, but it sure lived up to all the hype.
    It was really awesome.
    The case was good. The whole mummy thing and hiding the bodies with other fake bodies was a pretty good idea. I would've done the same thing... LOL
    Did you guys hear Booth screaming when the clown moved? OMG!! I was laughing so hard at him!! LOL
    Booth in a lab coat and Brennan dressed as Wonder Woman... like she said, they could be Wonder Woman and Clark Kent.
    But then again, it wasn't a real date and they were not Wonder Woman and Clark Kent. They're Brennan and Booth. Our beloved B&B.
    I felt bad for Booth... he was shot twice and then he had to kill the stupid clown.
    "Now, can you see why I hate clowns?"
    And Booth's the official-unofficial FBI liaison to the Jeffersonian. Pretty cool, huh? LOL
  • this one was really funny!!! Halloween!!

    I loved this one!
    Real mummies found in public places in Halloween makes the gang work hard. I have to say, I want to meet Angela's husband! lol So many talk about him that I think he should show up! He still loves Angela and he even built a house for her. I know that she is staying with Hodgins but it would be fun to see them dispute her heart. It would be a great scene.

    Important thing first, terrifying young kids to death with their fears is really bad. And I'm with Booth that's a good reason not to like clowns lol.
    How could Bones carry that gun? It is huge!

    This was a good one, funny, with action and it ended well.
    And even Bones likes costumes, she seemed to love wonder woman, those spins at the end of the episode...
  • Absolutely fantastic!

    This was a terrific episode and all of the costumes were perfect! Great opener in the maze. I was feeling the scared kid. And then they had to bring out the spider. The mummy didn't bother me so much, what happened with the spider did me in. ::shudder:: Enter our favorite team. Excellent guest characters - pediatrician/coroner - perfect! As someone who has used the panic button on my car remote more than once to figure out where I've parked at the mall, I was totally with Booth on his method of getting out of maze. Totally cracked me up. There was great dialogue through out. Loved the private investigator's assistant. And the final scene where Brennan and Booth run off in custome to save the girl. Just wonderful. Awesome episode!
  • Clowns Squints and Wonder Woman - OH MY

    I loved this episode. A fainting kid followed by Booth tackling hay bales to negotiate the maze was an excellent beginning. The squints were wonderful in this episode -- Hodgins and Zach at their geeky best refusing to guess about anything and having to kick Booth, Angela and Cam out the room in order to solve this case without their interference. Loved it.

    Loved all the costumes -- Captain of the Titanic, Back end of a cow, Catwoman, Cher, Wonder Woman and a Squint. The whole Wonder Woman versus Catwoman was classic. But the show never lost sight of the case and the dramatic impact it needed with the girls death and Booth and Brennan trying to save her life. Even the wondeful conversation between Brennan and Booth after Booth had to kill the bad guy and how it was affecting him.

    Highlight of the episode: Booth screaming/wimpering like a girl over the killer clown in the funhouse.
  • My favorite season 3 episode, so far! The case was very interesting, and all this Halloween atmosphere, so great!

    I loved how Brennan sometimes copies Booth ("there's no coincidences in a murder investigation").

    Booth was very funny in this episode, at the beginning when he "destroys" the maze, when he's dressed like a squint and tries to act as one, and of course, when he's screaming like a girl because he's afraid of the clown.

    By the way, I loved how they wrote them equal for this episode. I mean, booth is afraid of clowns, bones of snakes. She shoots him accidentally, he drops her. He blows the guy, she does the same, and he compliments her.

    Oh, and I laughed a lot at the very beginning, with the child who's running and screaming in his bear costume (the one who discovers the first body and faints), he was so stupid!!

    And to conclude, the BB moment at the end. I love how Booth always seems to give her hints, using what she's doing/saying against her, as if trying to tell her there could be more between them. It's funny and cute.
  • Wow! Just when you think Bones could not get any better the writers come up with another gem.

    This show is the greatest, each week after an episode I think how brilliant that episode was, what with the thrilling storyline, the characters, and the added humour the episode can not be surpassed and then I'm proved wrong.

    Outstanding storyline this week to tie in with Halloween, not only do we have two grizzly murders for the dynamic duo to investigate but also a kidnapping, wilst all this is going on and things are going bump in the night Angela and Hodgins are tracking down Angela's estranged husband to finally get a divorce and there's a Halloween party to enjoy.

    The comic banter between Bones and Booths characters are hilarious with the added duo of Zack and Hodgins, plus having them all dress up at the end for Halloween was another brilliant piece of creative thinking on the writers part.
  • Halloween episode!

    A corn maze isn't what it is meant to be. Especially when it involves a murder. As a young girl who died a year ago as Booth and Bones find out that the corn maze is indeed a corn maze of secrets as they try to get through to the bottom of this. While the two also go undercover to expose the maze for what it is in order to prevent any other murders from happening. Loved it when at the end, everybody dresses up into costume. Didn't you love to see Bones in her Wonder Woman costume. In which Booth was really shocked to see her dressed like this. As he is a comic book fan.
  • Creepy but...

    It was not my favorite "Bones" episode, that is what i feel first. It started really well and the case was catching - the humor the had, that detective around them... those missing kids, running with time - it all was fantastic and it would have been but those costumes - I was quite chocked when I saw Saroyan as Cat woman but Brennan in her superwoman costume - it was ... it did not fit for her... and that she wore it so long.. it quite ruin a much.

    I did like that idea that they used fears... it was original and for a while I did enjoyed the start.. the maze.. the way Booth acted there.. but the ending.. it ruined it for me, sorry.
  • Another wonderful episode. Mummies are found in Halloween spooky facilities and the team has to decide who, of all the creepy people workiing there, had the chance and knowledge to develop the mummification. The team wears costumes for a Halloween party.

    A great episode. Interesting case plot,good characters, and an extra fun element, the costumes. I didn't figure out who the killer was until they mentioned the artificial mummicication process and the fact that some medical or drug knowledge was needed. It had to be him, but I had almost forgot about him because he didn't appear but at the beginning and at the end.
    I also liked the side-plot on Angela's husband findings. The lawyer is tottally and funnily unprofessional. She looks and speaks so seriously but it's not the way she says thing but the fact that they are completely inappropriate. By the way , funny coincidence, I've just seen that actress in an episode of House (6th season). The costumes were great, Wonder woman, the cow, Cher, Catwoman, the captain, the nerd... Should we find any personality-revealing meaning in them? Oh, and it seems B. & B. are advancing in their 'relatioship'. They almost admitted they were on a date, maybe showing what they really want. Ha, ha.
  • This is my favorite episode of the season!

    Its about darn time the writers gave us an awesome Halloween episode! And what a good one it was! Let me just say I loved everyone's costumes. Booth was a squint! Hhahah his impersonation had me practically rolling on the floor laughing. Cam, wow. Cat women. In a festive, non-lesbian manner, let me say that her actress really has a great body :) Good for her. Hodgins looks incredibly hot in uniform, he should wear that every day. And I love how they brought back Naiomi from paleantology! Its been a loong time since we've heard about her! Brennan jumping on Booth's back earned a huge squee from me, as usual. Booth's fear of clown was awesome! I love his scream its so cute :P And lets just say that we found out he isnt too fond of mazes lol. Angela and Hodgins' situation is getting tough. How are they gonna get Grayson to divorce her? Did you guys notice that their new PI is from last weeks epsiode of House? Oh yeah, and when was the last time anybody saw Shaun from Boy Meets World???

    awesome episode, cant wait until next week, looks like we have a miniseries of epsidodes going on in this season as well :)
  • Great, great, great....

    First when Booth Jumped the Maze to get through it, hilarious. And then jumping to get back out, also funny. We start off with a boy going through the maze and passing out after spotting a Mummy. Booth and Bones get lost in the Maze and then he has the officer throw his flashlight in the air to be spotted. He knocks over the maze wall and they find the body. Next we have a family who feels the girl could be their daughter, but are discouraged to find out it isn't. Twice we see booth have issues with clowns in this episode. In the maze and at the end. Then we have the other body found in the house of 1000 corpses. Also not the daughter of that previously mentioned family. The costumes were great. Angela as Cher, Booth as a squint (hilarious by the way), Cam as Cat woman, Zack as the rear end of a cow, Jack Hodgins as the captain of the Titanic, and of course Brennan as Wonder Woman. The only part I didn't like was the EMT dressed as a clown and that he was the killer. I don't like clowns at all. I really expected there to be a moment between Booth and Bones this time, but no. So many great things about this episode, but I can't remember everything. Definitely a 10 to me.
  • Booth and Bones get a very creepy case in tune with Halloween, a real corpse mized into the fake bodies of a Halloween attraction.

    I'm a late fan to the series, but each new episode keeps me watching the next new episode, but this one is my favorite on several levels. For one, it's a Halloween episode, single out the Halloween episodes out of ever series. Two, it's the first appearance of Lynsey Bartilson since "Grounded For Life" was unjustly cancelled. I like seeing her spread her acting chops as a responsible young adult. three, Emily Deschanel gets to wear the Wonder Woman bustier for the last fifteen minutes of the show. It's only a knock-off loosely modeled on the true costume since DC Comics has rights to the original. The plot is excellant; it seems loosely based on the true story of a real body found at the old Pike Amusement Park found back in the 1970s that turned out to be the mummified remains of a old west outlaw once carried through carnival sideshows. However, this body is tied to a serial killer holding a third girl captive, but in order to rush to an ending, Bones and Booth use some very fuzzy logic and a leap of faith to invade the killer's location without a warrant and take him out, rescuing his captive. Over all, it's a great episode even with the rushed ending.
  • A great Halloween episode and Bones episode in general. Focusing more on comedy and the personal dramas that have been building all season. The episode was a great success starting with Booths fear of clowns bringing a little more clarity to

    A great Halloween episode and Bones episode in general. Focusing more on comedy and the personal dramas that have been building all season. The episode was a great success starting with Booths fear of clowns bringing a little more clarity to his clown shooting last season. Next we have the drama with Angela and Hodgins trying to get her spur of the moment marriage dissolved. With a weird PI informing them that fantasy island man is still madly in love with her. Finally we have Breenan in her Wonder Woman suit for Halloween and doing her best Wonder Woman moves it appears Breenan has some pop culture in her after all. Good episode with the case not being that engaging but the characters making up for the done already elements of the plot.
  • ...the outfits. classic. Booth jumping twice over seeing the clown in the beginning. Bones shooting her gun and the bullet hitting Booth. Bones screaming over the snakes and Booth caring her....

    How funny was this episode, and the mystery wow. A young boy faints at a maze in after seeing a mummy. When a man came to help he finds out the mummy is actually a real young girl. Well you all know that. What totally shocked me was that the murderer was only seen twice through the whole show. Once in the beginning and barely a scene and then the end. Booth figured it out before Brennan, way to go, must be the squint outfit. lol With Angela and Hodgins still trying to get the husband to sign divorce papers, there is no doubt in my mind now, that he will probably show up on the show, in search for her. The funny moments, I would have to say are the outfits. classic. Booth jumping twice over seeing the clown in the beginning. Bones shooting her gun and the bullet hitting Booth. Bones screaming over the snakes and Booth caring her. lol funny moments I have to admit. I also love the ending when Bones slips up saying that they were on a date. I love this show and can't wait for more up coming episodes.
  • A mummy shows up in a Halloween maze. Then another shows up in another Halloween attraction, and Booth and Bones Race to save a third victim they believe will soon suffer the same fate.

    Well, finally! I loved this one from start to finish. The content was original, the one-liners were entertaining, the sub-plot (Angela and Hodgins' search for her husband) was interesting, and the chemistry between Bones and Booth was top-notch. On top of all that, it was an exciting ending that had me literally on the edge of my seat. And on top of THAT, Bones' "Wonder Woman" outfit was beyond words. The writers returned to exactly what made this series so special in the first place--character chemistry of dissimilar characters working together--and it really paid off with this episode. And I LOVE the way they worked in clowns! Bravo!