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  • I Wish

    I wish we could actually watch these episodes.
  • Sound start promising excellence to come.

    This was a great way to go. Establishing character and giving hints to back story as well. Possible spoilers here.
    Our two main characters - FBI agent Seely Booth and forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan- have met before, as he is offering an olive branch to get her to work with him again. His boss is wary.
    Their partnership has tension, she is sometimes a bit of a smoking gun and doesn't have the people skills he has. He works intuitively, she is very rational, almost too rational. She loses him a promotion he wanted and thinks he is afraid of fingering their main suspect because he is a senator.

    He is revealed as someone who cares deeply for the murdered girl and is very sympathetic with her family. She is relatively cold, scientific and awkward.

    The lab team of squints are also fleshed out -the artist, Angela who is Brennan's best (and only) friend - Hodgins, bugs and slime man a conspiracy theorist - Zack Addy the brilliant, geeky assistant.

    Then too, we are given a feeling for the way this series might go. After the funeral Booth and Brennan engage in some light hearted banter which then turns into a very serious statement, initiated by him, of how he wants to put away at least as many murderers as the people he killed when he was a sniper. She will go along with that.

    If you get the DVD listen to the commentary for this episode which reveals how the producers and creator came to cast the main roles and the strengths they bring to the series.
  • A great pilot!

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. We open this episode with Bones returning home and being stopped by Homeland Security in the airport. When they open her bag they find a skull inside of her bag. She is taken in for questioning. Then in walks Booth, he gets Bones let out. We soon learn that the whole thing was staged, so that Booth could ask Bones for help on a case. He tells her about the case he needs her help on and she agrees to go with him. Soon the bones are identified as that of a young girl named, Cleo Eller who was having an affair with a senator. We soon learn that Cleo was pregnant at the time of her murder. We also learn that Bones lost both of her parents when she was 15 years old as they both disappeared. Soon her killer is found and arrested. We end with her funeral, and a special moment between Bones and Booth.
  • Meh, there's been better

    Not great, not completely horrible. It seems to me that the scientific stuff doesn't reach the level of other shows, and all of it (as well as the rest of the show) was very rushed and had a feeling that it didn't know where it was going. I would definitely say that, with the exception of the two leads, the rest of the show should be recast. I suspect that a lot of characters will be dropped anyway, as tends to happen in shows like this. Three kooky assistants is one or two too many.

    And come on. The Jeffersonian? That's just lame. There was also a big goof right in the very first shot of the show. A plane flys in front of the Capitol building, and there's a caption that says "Dulles International Airport: Washington DC." Anyone who lives in this area knows that even if you were on top of the control tower at Dulles, you won't be able to see half way to the city. Interesting trade-off. Flights from Guatemala wouldn't fly into Reagan National, but the city isn't visible from Dulles.

    Nit-picking aside, David Borneaz is definitely the highlight of the show, and Emily Deschanel grew on me as the show went on.

    Decent, but it had better improve over the next couple episodes or I won't watch anymore.
  • a really good ep to start the show

    in this pilot of bones you get to know her alest part of her to start the show and what she does. and how she gets to work with the fbi agent to solve cases that has to do with by studying the bones of the body and who knew that can really tell alot from the bones. well i did but you who knew you can learn alot. this show for the start came out with a big ep about bones works with the fbi about a sticky politcal ep about women that worked with there person but no one knew what happen to her till her body was discoverd. this was a good ep and i liked the show
  • A slick, solid debut.

    First time I watched this Pilot episode I considered it promising but not overwhelmingly so, but I recently watched it again, with the benefit of a few more series' viewing under my belt, and found much to admire. What impressed me most was the skillful manner in which the core characters and the show's chief premise was firmly established from the outset - and, excepting natural development over the succeeding years - has remained pretty consistent ever since.

    This has been chiefly due to tight writing, snappy dialogue, and some superb acting, most particularly from David Boreanaz. The pilot was no exception. There is instant tension between Agent Booth and the squints; a clash of different mindsets and worldviews. Dr Brennan is archly pedantic, emotionally wooden, intensely intellectual and super-focused; an exquisitely drawn character and played well by Emily Deschanel. Agent Booth (Boreanaz) is an archetypal rugged Alpha Male reliant on his gut instinct over empirical evidence, but his character is relieved by sardonic wit and a palpable sense of a powerful yet guarded emotional inner life.

    Typical of most Bones episodes, the case itself is less engaging than the characters inhabiting this storyworld. But the forensic investigations remain intriguing all the same. The identity of the killer was all too obvious. It is a preferred route in much US TV drama I feel, to shift 'criminal' blame away from a corrupt political onto one of his conniving minions instead.
  • I should start watching at the beginning!

    I had to play catch up with this series because I did not start watching it from the get-go, and the ONLY episode I did not see during my "catch-up" was the pilot.

    So, albeit late, I can say that aside from a well done pilot, which would have grabbed me had I started watching from the beginning by the way, it also guest starred John M. Jackson ("Adm. Chegwidden" from JAG) as Booth's Director. Loved the admiral...and too bad he was not, and is not, a continuing character.

    Also guest starred True Blood's Sam Trammell as the bad guy murderer. He did slimy really well, too!

    At any rate, the genesis of the Booth/Brennan relationship hit the mark right in this pilot episode, and that's something that shows don't often accomplish. The case, the characters and the well and rapidly established back stories set the standard for what has become a viewing regular and a favourite.
  • Great pilot – Casting and writing well done.

    Love Kathy Reichs' books so of course I'd watch this. Though much has been changed, the story for the series is still compelling and fascinating.

    The casting is great, like everyone. David Boreanaz did what Sarah Michelle Gellar should have done – immediately find another series so as not to get typecast. He is well cast as Booth. Emily DesChanel is also perfect as Brennan, getting across how socially awkward Brennan is but also her passion for her work.

    The writers effortlessly established the dynamic between Booth and Brennan, their encounters are both funny and believable.

    Fantastic soundtrack.

    The only thing I thought was far-fetched is Brennan running around with a gun and shooting the guy, surely the writers could have done something better?

    A great pilot, establishing all the necessary information and characters quickly.
  • In this first episode of Bones, Booth, with Brennan and her squint-squad, solves the murder of Cleo Eller, a depressed, pregnant girl, who had an affair with a senator.

    I love this episode. I mean, it's the first - how is it posibble not to love it ? :- D
    I know that a Pilot ep. must have something that really catches your attention, that get's you hooked, and I think they succeded with that. I have watched the episode with a lot of my friends, and now they are hooked too. Quite proud of that :- D
    Ha ha, the part where they are leaving the airport, and she says she's going to scream 'kidnap' out of the window, and all the bickering, the shooting scene.. etc. An amazing Pilot in my eyes :- D
  • First episode of bones ever!What could anyone expect more? *may contain hints for later episodes*

    well one of the best pilots I've ever watched, actually i re-watched it to write the review so i'm sure my opinion is affected by the fact that i'm an avid bones fan. But for me it had everything you would ask for when watching any first episode of any show: a proper introduction to the characters and their personalities.Also we get to see what each of their jobs is about and why they help the FBI.
    since the beginning we see a glimpse of the crazy Angela, then at the lab the human and caring Angela and we learn how her machine works to reconstruct the face of the victims and the murder scenes etc..
    we also meet Dr Hodgins, " the bug & slime" guy and the conspiracy theorist.
    We Also meet Zack Addy Dr Brennan's assistant who is working on his two doctorates and who insists that he's not a virgin :p.
    What we learn about Dr Brennan is that she's one of the best forensic anthropologists and a famous writer who understands bones better than people, she has a " disturbingly steep learning curve" which can make us anticipate her progress later on in the show. We also hear several times the famous " i don't know what that means" and we learn that she doesn't like to be called " bones" by Booth (so far:p).Plus we get an insight on her martial arts skills and her direct and not-so-subtle way of talking and handling people. Finally we meet agent Booth who is an FBI agent who is a kind and dramatic person, who deals very delicately with people's feelings and does the right thing even under political pressure. He is fascinated by Dr Brennan's skills and the way she can know so much through just bones and yet he's still skeptical about the methods that she and the squints use to determine certain results and doesn't trust that they can solve a murder like the FBI can. But in order to get her to help him solve his case and future cases he had to promise her, reluctantly though, full access to the case and full participation in the field.
    we also learn bits about their pasts:
    Dr Brennan's family disappearance when she was 15 and her intimacy and trust issues with people because of that, plus Booth's past career as a Sniper and how he's affected by the fact that he had killed so many people,and we learn that he intends to catch at least as many murderers(i love this idea btw).
    the case overall was not interesting to me i think it was structured to give us a little of everything about the characters and their potential/possible interaction in different situations and with each other.
    Great way to start the show. :)
  • A great way to start a great new show!

    This is the first episode where we get to meet FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth, Dr. Temperance Brennan and of course the rest of Brennans' brain front. For me this has to be like almost a perfect pilot. I watched it and was right away hooked to this show, and with some other show I first have to see a couple of episode before I get hooked. But with this show I was hooked right away.

    What really attracted me to this show, has to be the chemistry between all the characters. Not just the chemistry between Brennen and Booth, though I am a huge fan of their chemistry, but the chemistry between all the characters is just so fun to watch, it really caught my attention. And the storyline was also very fascinating, I had no idea what kind of information you could get out of just skeletons, absolutely amazing.
  • I was scepitacal, but this turned out to be a great first episode.

    About a year ago I attempted to watch Bones and I'm not sure what's changed but now I like it! This first episode is certainly a good start to the series: it's got a great storyline to it, a case that actually keeps my guessing (and if it can do that, then it is a worthy series) and likeable characters.

    The main stars of Booth and Brenman clearly work well together and have some good onscreen chemistry. It'll be interesting to see how their relationship spans out throughout the course of the series.

    However, there are a few parts of the show (or this episode at least) that I didn't like. Namely that the show could be a walking cliche! Literally, about 3/4 of the show's aspects has been overused. For example, Booth is presented as an alpha male "gets the job done" kinda guy: haven't we all seen this character before? The two protagonsits "don't play by the rules, but still fight crime", I mean come on! And the whole hologram is completely unrealistic: I'm no police scientist but I've never seen or heard of any computer programme that can do such amazing things as the one presented here!

    But if you can get past these little indescripencies (spelt wrong!) you can see a really great show. This ep's case was a good one I felt and had some great twists (which always good). The revelation at the end was a particular shock.

    All in all, this series shows a lot of promise and I'll certainly keep watching to see how it pans out. The preview for the next episode certainly looks appealing and I look forward to seeing it.
  • A good beginning!

    I've watched this first episode of Bones and I didn't even know what it was about. But I really liked it. A good pilot episode that leads you inside the story from the very beginning. Great characters that I'm sure I'm going to love soon, and that could bring to very interesting stories. This show is different from the others crime shows, because it is a new way of investigation for the tv: find killers and criminals by the anthropological study of human bones. It was an amazing first case and I'm sure that even the following episodes will be good as well.
  • This is a pilot(Crappy review im sorry)

    This was the first episode I saw I forget alot about it so his show is excellent. A little dark and spooky but it and House beat the hell out of those useless reality shows.

    Bones and House show that Hollywood has decided to think and produce quality TV again.

    Bones has a future.

    It makes you think and wonder about what happens out there in the real world. Only thing is I wish Bones and House were still on same night.

    Made for one great evening of REAL TV. I wish they'd shown more of Bones this summer even if they had to only show one House per week. Emily is truly a good actress. The entire cast of Bones work well together. I cannot wait for the new season of Bones. Yes watch
  • Promising start..

    I really most say it - I love the episode. And now, some years later when it was first shown.. and I have seen all the episodes and rewatch it - it has even more value - the way the magic is still there. Somehow more pure science, the chars what have so much to go and develop, the story, mysteries unsolved - the way Bones is still somehow so .. stranger to the outside world.. on her own little world and the passion she uses to solve the cases - somehow the magic what gets later losts as she starts more and more being out. Anyway, it is a brilliant serie and brilliant start.
  • Great way to start the show :)

    I completely loved it. Put directly in "Bones" universe, we are met with the Jeffersonian's Squints, along with Tempe Brennan and her immortal "I don't know what that means" . Well, what else could we ask for? The bickering starts almost immediately, there's directly that feeling of chemistry between the main characters (Booth and Brennan) that is just impossible to miss. Watching this episode, you can only get to know the two of them. They're touching, and the forensic stuff isn't always too hard to understand, since Booth (which is always around) permanently needs a "translation" XD . This episode mixes brilliantly both friendship and crime investigation. We get to know them, the way they work, in my POV, there couldn't have been a better way to start the show. Not to mention the great quotes all along :)
  • The debut of the chracters and how they came together. Great start.

    First of all, no spoilers in this review. Just personal impression on Bones' pilot episode.

    In this first episode, it develops slowly but clearly. We see how Booth gets Bones (Dr Temperance Brennan) to help out in solving crime. Introduction to the rest of 'her people'.

    There's also glimpses of their characters like the brains and fighting skills of Bones and the very obvious 'intelligence' of her crew. And the bossiness and neanderthal side of FBI agent Seeley Booth.

    The focus of this episode is more on the character than the story. Nevertheless, it's interesting and you'll be thinking wonder what's up in episode two.
  • Great start

    I loved how this episode was made... scene wise. I liked the fact that The first thing we saw was not a crime scene. I felt like there was a lot of character history that seemed to be especially for the viewers. Brennan and Booth have bickering down to a fine art that is amazing and truly entertaining to watch. I bet all the guys liked the airport scene with Angela at the beginning of the episode. It was nice to see John M Jackson ... haven't seen him since his JAG days. I liked that Booth got Homeland Security to hold and question Brennan just so he could look like a hero. That is classic Booth.
  • brennan is back from studying human remains in Guatemala...Booth is trying to gain her trust again...a senate intern has been killed and eveyrthing leads to the senator until they find new shocking evidence (while having a drink)

    this was an awesome ep..of course it was the ep that got me hooked to the show..i remember that there was something else on that nite 2 that i desperately wanted 2 watch but it just turned out boring so i got into bones after 15 mins and im like i love this show...i had 2 watch it again 2 catch some stuff...the characters are introduced off the bat..i love angela...she tells it like it is and when she opened her shirt in the airport that was so funny...i love her so much...hodgins is paranoid but it is so funny..brennan can kick butt and should not have a gun lol...but she is a good shot...i love how booth took 2 her right away and loved being her partner hes hot...but hes got the whole fbi look 2 him and hes so serious...hes so lovable 2...zach is just silly and i miss goodman...he was an awesome character...this was an awesome ep and i love how they finally figured out who had done it..the storylines are amazing and the characters just make the show
  • Did not make me a fan of the series

    I admit I did not become a fan of Bones with this episode. I started watching again after catching a few of the later episodes and then re-watching everything else -- now I can't get enough of the series.

    So after watching the first episode again, I am still not a big fan of the episode. It may be because the chemistry between Booth and Bones wasn't fully developed. I also thought the story was too "ripped" from the headlines. I did like the character of Angela in this episode and she continues to be my favorite character on the show. The "Squints" were great in this episode and I realize that I miss their little conversations in the lab at the end of the episode like from this episode and from the holiday episodes.
  • While there was a strong focus on character development, they also allowed room for the case the team was investigating and gave each character a well rounded feeling.

    The episode centered around the murder of a woman who had worked for Senator Bethlehem, and had been dating his secretary. Dr. Jack Hodgins was introduced as a conspiracy theorist who was convinced (and was correct) that the victim was having a sexual relationship with the Senator. It introduced all of the characters and made them all seem real. It also gave us insight into how all of the characters interacted in the past and what kind of histories they have. Dr. Brennan (a.k.a. Bones) is a very driven and work oriented woman who has worked with her soon-to-be best male friend Special Agent Seeley Booth of the FBI. Despite her obvious dislike of him, she gives him a chance, and they become partners (after she blackmails him). They solve the crime in the end, and the writers, directors, actors, and everyone else did a wonderful job introducing each of the characters both individually as well as their interactions with one another.
  • Booth and Bones on their first case.

    While there are certainly more liked and better episodes of the show around, this one is still special as it is the first time we meet all of the characters and the background for all following episodes it established exremely well.
    While we don't learn all the intricate details of the people, we are shown enough to be reeled in and to want more.
    The case in this episode is quite average but interesting anyway. From the very first moment FBI Agent Seeley Booth teams up with Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan sparks fly and are barely contained. This is also thanks to the terrific onscreen chemistry between David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel.
    The rest of the Squints are equally on fire and lined out very well.
    One of the most memorable line of the show is already established here : "Don't call me Bones". Unfortunately the good doctor never manages to stop Booth from calling her that. Much to her chagrin and our amusement.

    Bottom line :
    Absolutely well written and played out start that makes me want to see more.
  • Agent meets doctor and sparks fly.

    More often than not, a series must not be judged by their pilot because the writers/producers try to show everything a series is supposed to be into a single episode of 45 minutes in order to gain a spot in the channel/network.

    Something like this happened with Bones' pilot. there seems to be a lot going on, many characters traits were thrown in and it suddenly seemed too much. Dr. Brennan seemed too perfect, even her flaws seemed endearing and Booth gave the impression that he was too cocky for his own good.

    I got a bit worried about its quality at the very beginning of the show, when Angela Montenegro boob-flashed a man in order to get information. Now I rationalize it and I understand they attempted to show her as a free spirited, inhibited and confident person and they might have made their point but probably they could have figured out a better way to do it.

    We also get a scene where Brennan deals with an intruder in her apartment and there is an obvious intend to show her figure, focusing on her bosom and giving male viewers a gratuitous eye-candy moment. It could have bothered me as well but later the producers commented how they had to promise Emily Deschanel (Brennan) that she would not have to do those kinds of scenes again (as they promised Michaela Conlin -angela- )and that it was only for the sake of the pilot's acceptance into the demographic male area. Again, that's why I say never judge a book by its cover, or a show by its pilot.

    Another eye candy scene I found, though more tastefully done and interesting, is when Brennan starts reconstructing a fragmented skull. She leans on a table and starts dragging pieces of bone along its surface in a rather... eh... sexy manner, altogether with a slow song as soundtrack. It is a weird scene...

    However, the pilot had more positive points than negative: The interaction between Brennan and Booth is catching, their chemistry is incredible and their dynamic is established from the very beginning; the bickering, the constant mutual challenge, their ability to cooperate and of course, their sexual attraction.

    the way in which the crimes are solved set apart the series form other procedural dramas, the fact of relying on bones rather than on a less decomposed body make it very interesting and it obliges the writers to come up with clever and more creative ways to find a solution.

    I recommend watching this episode with an open mind and watch it more than once. I'm sure most people will find it enjoyable.
  • absolutly had me hooked

    so i did nt watch this episode till after i had watched the rest of the season but i have to say if i had of watched it first i would of become hooked instantly
    my favourite sence when brennan takes down that homeland security man and angela flashes the man totally funny

    booth agrees to let brennan come out on feildwork and participate fully in the cases otherwise brennan does nt want to work with the fbi any more let alone special agent seeley booth ( who looked totally yummy) all the roles are looked at zach the grad student, angela the reconstructive art person and hodgins the bugs and slime guy and dr temperance brennan the foresnsic anthropologist
  • brennan and bones come to a mutal agreement to is that the will work together to save lives and catch the bad guy.

    This is the first episode of this series and it was well written. It starts out as angela picking brennan up at the airport it appears Brennan was in guatamala working on bones. They both work in forensics. Angela is the facial reconstructor and Brennan is the Forensic anthropologist. While walking through the airport they're stopped by homeland security. A plan activated by agent seely booth. An FBI agent that brennan had worked with before and had ended up getting burned by him. He wishes to put that aside and asks for her help on a new case. She is reluctant but finally agrees with some conditions. They arive at the national cemetary and use a underwater camera to scan the floor to only come across the body of a young girl.
  • The battle lines are drawn...

    Okay picture this.

    Sassy but uncultured female Anthropologist meets world wise slightly cynical handsome FBI agent. Together they go round solving crimes and pretending not to like each other. This about covers the main points of Bones even though its a new twist on an old story and format it is so well put together you don't really care that much. Coming across as the love child of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Law & Order with NCIS and Numbers as their Aunt and Uncle this show has a great deal going for it. David Boreanaz shows he can do more than play a tortured blood sucking immortal heartthrob whilst Emily Deschanel is excellent as the driven Temperance. The supporting cast are given plenty of well deserved screen time.

    For a first episode it is surprisingly sure of itself establishing characters quickly without skipping on the details sweeping into the case with considerable twists and turns. The ending was a tad predictable but the story between the case promises to be just as engaging aas the murder mystery.
  • This, is without a doubt the worst pilot in the history of television. Some pilots are bad, but this one turns you off so bad you will desperately want to forget the memory of watching it.

    The characters dialog insult your intelligence as a viewer expecting something more mature of a show about the remains of murder victims. It seems like another teen drama, except it's with adults who haven't matured since their 18th birthday. Dr. Temperance Brennan, the heroine, martial arts expertise seems ridiculous. She attacked a man unprovoked in the airport scene, twisted a senator's intern (or aide, my mind was too numb too recall) presumably within a government building and in the end of the pilot breaks into a suspect's home as he is destroying evidence and shoots him in the leg without precedence. TV crime shows have thought us enough that none of this actions can be done without consequence. There is no way in hell that the evidence can be submitted into court since there was no warrant and the suspect could probably sue her into oblivion. But I suppose that would not be enjoyable to anybody the silly people who enjoy this sort of show.

    In conclusion, run away from this show. Far, far away and watch something that has been made that doesn't require mental illness to enjoy.
  • A brilliantly written pilot episode establishing all the dynamics and cemistry of the Brennan-Booth relationship

    The Pilot episode of Bones is a wonderful example of a great pilot, the best I've ever seen.
    In several very well written dialogues between Booth and Brennan, brilliantly executed by David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel, all they dynamics between tem become visible: the fun, the banter and the moments of truth. We get to know who those two are and why they are such a great team: Brennan is a head person, Booth a heart person, she goes with logic, he with his gut, she reads bones, he reads people.
    And he reads her as well and explains to her something very important that she takes seriously and foreshadows everything she'll learn from him: in dealing with alive people in order to get close to them you have to offer up a little bit of yourself, it bilds trust. The fact that she chooses Booth to be that person to whom she offers up a part of herself shows how much she respects him, in spite of their different world views - "Please, you don't really believe that there is a cosmic balance sheet?" - and the special bond that is there between them from the beginning.

    In a very well written final scene that perfectly expresses who Booth and Brennan are and what they'll become to each other, Brennan offers up a part of herself - something she's never done before - to Booth by telling her about her parents' disappearance when she was 15, something Booth knew only from reading the report and the case file but had never heard from Brennan herself. In return, in order to show her how much he appreciates her trust, Both offers up a part of himself to her by telling her that having taken many lives as a sniper he's like to try to catch at least as many murderers. And while Brennan does not understand his reasoning she knows enough of Booth and feels their unique connection to tell him that she'd like to help him with that and their partnership is born. They've told each other what drives them to do what they're doing, and in spite - or because - of their differences they become the perfect team.
  • My new cup of tea, as they say.

    It's refreshing to see an actor like David Boreanaz whose been playing a darkly, broodin' figure for five years in 'Angel', being so appealing and 'normal' in this "Mulder & Scully" type of show, where the role of the skeptic and the believer somewhat change.
    Anthropologistic "fun" is hereby leveled by much wanted humor, and for an ensemble cast, these guys just have an instant bond from the start. It's like I came during mid-season and came to know them. This review also refers to some later episodes.
  • Great characters with great chemistry and relationships. The stories are good, I like a mystery to solve, but its the characters individually and their relationships that keeps me watching.

    I started watching in the second season and was hooked. after a couple of episodes I went out and bought Season DVD and have totally enjoyed "catching-up".

    This was a great pilot. It has all the elements of a show that I find entertaining. A crime to solve and evolving characters who are interesting on their own but even more fun as you see their individual relationships and the collective relationship. While the crime plot was ok, to me it was more of how the characters responded to it and were affected by it that I was interested in. For a Drama you wouldn't expect the humor in the show. The humour comes from the fact that Booth is firmly ground in the real world, in touch with people and feelings, but with a quick wit (love those facial expressions). Bones is brilliant and focused but lacks social intelligence...she's not much into pop culture and can get lost in casual conversations...but she is nobodys fool and never will be. I love that she can and will kick your ass in a hearbeat if she thinks she needs to. With respect to the rest of the squint squad, Zack is more like Bones, Angela is more like Booth and Hodgkins can fit easily into either world, but chooses the squints. What the pilot does a great job in introducing is that both sides begin to appreciate what the other has to offer and the fact that together they are better than alone.
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