Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 13, 2005 on FOX

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  • A slick, solid debut.

    First time I watched this Pilot episode I considered it promising but not overwhelmingly so, but I recently watched it again, with the benefit of a few more series' viewing under my belt, and found much to admire. What impressed me most was the skillful manner in which the core characters and the show's chief premise was firmly established from the outset - and, excepting natural development over the succeeding years - has remained pretty consistent ever since.

    This has been chiefly due to tight writing, snappy dialogue, and some superb acting, most particularly from David Boreanaz. The pilot was no exception. There is instant tension between Agent Booth and the squints; a clash of different mindsets and worldviews. Dr Brennan is archly pedantic, emotionally wooden, intensely intellectual and super-focused; an exquisitely drawn character and played well by Emily Deschanel. Agent Booth (Boreanaz) is an archetypal rugged Alpha Male reliant on his gut instinct over empirical evidence, but his character is relieved by sardonic wit and a palpable sense of a powerful yet guarded emotional inner life.

    Typical of most Bones episodes, the case itself is less engaging than the characters inhabiting this storyworld. But the forensic investigations remain intriguing all the same. The identity of the killer was all too obvious. It is a preferred route in much US TV drama I feel, to shift 'criminal' blame away from a corrupt political onto one of his conniving minions instead.