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  • Was a great show until...

    As watchers of NCIS and the CSI's my wife and I started watching Bones and thoroughly enjoyed it until Angela's character went "bi-sexual". Maybe the agenda is to desensitize the public towards that type of lifestyle, but for us this crosses the line. I understand this might be the wave of the future, but frankly it's offensive to us and many of our friends. We are tolerant of that lifestyle but that doesn't mean we have to agree with it. Unless things change soon we will cease to watch your show. Too bad, because it was getting to be one of our favorites.
  • Looks good, love the premise! Finally Anthropology gets its big break!

    As an Anthropology student I always wondered why there weren't more of us on TV. Now Emily Deschanel is going to be there! She is my hero! This show looks good from what I can tell. I can't wait until fall for it. I am also glad to see David Boreanaz returning to TV this quickly. Not many Buffy/Angel alums have made it back so far, so I hope that this show works out for him. Deschanel and Boreanaz look like an interesting (if difficult to spell) team. I hear that this show is based off of the writings of Kathy Reichs who is the author of popular book such as Deja Dead and Fatal Voyage. Her forensic anthropologist is realistic, because the author herself is one! Hopefully this won't go the way of The Inside, another show killed off too quickly by Fox the Ax. Good Luck Bones! I'll be watching!
  • A bit disappointing, but I'll have to watch a couple more to make a final decision.

    I'm a huge David Boreanaz fan, so I was really looking forward to this. But unfortunately, I was sorely disappointed. I understand he's not the lead, and I'm not griping about that, however, the story seemed like anything else on TV, but with bones. And the quality of acting was pretty bad. I will watch a couple more episodes before I make a final position.
  • Bones operates on a simple formula that has been perfected over a couple dozen other crime shows. That isn't bad in and of itself, but you will be disappointed if you expect originality in this. Check your expectations and you'll be entertained.


    Humour and pseudo science are the bread and butter of this show.

    Bones is your average run of the mill Hollywood genius who has written several books by the age of thirty and has mastered all human knowledge except social interaction. She has surrounded herself with other loyal geniuses who form her dysfunctional genius league. Luckily there is Booth, the down to Earth FBI agent, to provide a comedic counterweight.

    Bones' particular field is identifying the bones of murder-victims to establish their identities, time and method of death, etc. It's fairly impressive if made slightly ridiculous by the fact they threw in a giant holographic projector to display their theories with. Other then that it is a field you will be largely unfamiliar with, so if you like science talk it will certainly hold your attention.

    Bones will of course only consent to help the FBI if she gets to visit the crime scenes, which brings her and Booth into nice situations and decomposed bodies to exchange quips over.

    Voilà, you have yourself a crime show.

  • Guest spots with Ryan O'Neal brighten up the show and I can't wait to see more of him.


    I never saw this show until I spotted Ryan O'Neal on an episode. I am now a fan and I look forward to seeing more of Ryan. I also think that Booth and Brennan as a couple is a good story line. I will continue to watch this show because Ryan is in it and the personal story lines.

  • I like the show but I can't wait for Bones and Booth to be a couple anymore.

    Good show but they keep draging on and on Bones and Booth as a couple that I just quit after 4 seasons of chasins around when they are not even making an effort to nget them to at least admit that they like each other. I like the show but I can't stand that the tention is so intense between those two but nothing happens. It's annoying because they should either let igt go or just go with it instead of pretenting there isn't an elephant in the room. Anyways, cop show are a little bit to unrealistic for my taste and I don't like that every show has their resident FBI agent, like guys the FBI really has nothing else to do than little crimes at a very specific institute in D.C.?
  • A definite best on television. Bones is the crime show junkies best friend in my opinion, the murder cases are different with odd elements, but the atmosphere has a light playful feel through the interaction with the different characters.

    When watching a show that deals with murders, I feel that Bones does a much better job compared with any other criminal investigation show at having a light atmosphere, and happy side to it.. there is more comedy and personal interaction through the characters. Also, another element that is not found in most crime shows, nor shown as much, is solving the crime through investigation of the victims remains and other particulates that are found, which is brought through by the combined working relationship of the FBI and the Jeffersonian scientists. Bones has the whole package, personal interaction, relationships, and growth, forensic/ scientific investigation, and interrogation along with detective work. Enjoyable to watch, lovable characters, each possessing a completely unique and divers personality, and intriguing plots and cases.
  • The Hole in the Heart was one of the BEST Bones episodes ever!

    My husband and I were glued to the set for the entire episode (not even taking our ice cream break)! This show was one of finest ever, heart-breaking sadness, amazing humor, pulse-pounding action and....gasp...romance at last! (We think). Angela's face did say it all after we were ripped away from what Bones told her about the night with Booth. This is our number one favorite show and we cannot wait for next weeks finale...the summer to season!

    Bones and Booth are the best team ever on TV since Mulder and Scully were around.

    This is the most entertaining show on television.
  • Bones. 206 in the human body to be exact.

    Dr. Temperance Brennan believes in rational thinking, logic and reasoning. Her along with her partner, Special Agent Sealey Booth, fight crimes and catch the bad guys. It may seem like just work, but work isn't the only thing in the lab. Love slithers through, like a snake, ready to get its next victim. Love so strong that the Squint Squad gets it. Everything that happens, happens in weird ways. Thats just it, you never know what'll happen next. One Minute Zach worked there the next he was in a Mental Institute. Windell was with Angela but now she's married to Hodgins and they have a kid. Nigel worked there but now he's watching us from the sky. So With Bones you don't know what will happen or what'll be the next truth. But the one thing you can't deny is that People have bones. 206 in the human body to be exact.
  • Bones is a genius show.

    I just love it! The chemistry between everybody is absolutely perfect, and the actors are superb! I just love how adorably weird Brennan is!
    I would've given the show a 10 if it wasn't for the B&B relationship-thing. It really needs to happen really soon, cause the fans have been waiting way to long. I think the writers are geniuses, I really don't understand how they can come up with all the hilarious lines for Brennan! You just have to love her!
    Another character I'm really starting to love is Cam. She's starting to really show her personality and she finally has a real love! And btw: She is, without any doubt, the most beautiful woman on TV. She's absolutely gorgeous!
  • Love the show!

    The show is full of talented actors and actresses. They each personally embody some of the average person. The captivating interaction between the characters is enough reason alone for me to want to watch the show! For those who care less about personal interaction and more the action or adventure, no problem! There is mystery in each case and a gory first scene that never leaves you feeling let down! You never want to miss the body finding scene! Some crime shows are not believable, but that is not an issue with Bones. The show uses plausible methods and facts to break the case. I Love the show!
  • Doctor in the photo brought much of the prior seasons side plots full circle.

    Well, it had to happen and its about time! Bones finally met a mind she couldn't out logic... Her own! Even though it was in the persona of the dead woman, Bones finally had to face her own realities, fears and the truth that she loves Booth. And, that she not only missed her chance, she threw it away.
    Although I was disappointed at the writers throwing Bones so brazenly to Booth in that way. Like Bones would ever expect Booth to head for the closest hotel? That scene could have been written much classier and still left everyone in tears remembering 'the one that got away or could have been'.
    The night guard Mika (mike-ah)is a most interesting character. Wise beyond his station yet humble and intuitive. And he always seems to show up just when Bones needs his 'good ole boy' version of critical thought. BTW, there are a couple of things about Mika that bugs me. He always seems to appear from and disappear into thin air. Granted Bones unknowingly spoke with Booth's spotter's ghost at Arlington. And Who knows given the nature and contents of the Jeffersonian, that the house ghost would be fully able to show up with snacks in hand. Or, be ectoplasmicly capable of calling a cab and sending Bones home. Not to mention explaining how a night guard has the time and ability to attend every intellectual & scientific lecture presented.
    Of course with Bones not believing in God or ghosts, might there come a time when Bones is faced with the decision to ask Mika who or what he really is? Say after Booth finds out there is no night guard by that name? Or, if Bones while eating lunch were to notice an honorary plaque on a bench bearing Mika's name?
    Or, seeing how the writers like to intermingle shows... Perhaps Bones and Booth could run up against a team of "ghost hunters" on a case that leads Bones to re-evaluate her true beliefs? But then... Perhaps that might be just what "they" WANT you to think!!!
  • Good show when you have not a favorite one to see

    It's a good show when you don't know what to see on TV, where the best asset is in the two main characters (their relationship and humoristic situations sometimes, not the best actors on tv but they can handle it and the duo works pretty well).

    The secondary character's are not so good for me, seem to be here only for a usefull purpose.

    Unlike other I feel episodes as they are a little repetitive, but it keeps some fun as the investigation is always based on bones (or a squeleton).

    Like the show Numbers it's a pleasant mix of science and crime investigation that is not always realistic (but enough entertaining).

    Well in order to resume, a decent show.
  • Personal drama and character posturing has pushed science and investigation to the background. The show has become more of a soap opera than an interesting crime-solving show.

    The cases Bones and Booth investigate have become secondary to all the cast's personal issues. I liked this show very much in the early seasons but now it seems way too impressed with itself. Bones is aggressively righteous in her cluelessness and that aspect of her character is losing its charm. Booth is smug and blustery and seems more interested in creating a disturbance than working a case. Angela has pushed her drama queen persona to the point of being tiresome and Hodgins just lets her blather on. Sweets is a totally extraneous character and adds nothing to solving anything except personal problems. Daisy was intended to be annoying (and succeeded), but is a good example of how the show is leaving problem-solving behind in favor of getting viewer reaction. I really don't care about any of the characters' personal issues. I watch the show to see them solve baffling problems. I think I may follow the example of the intern who quit because science had taken a back seat to love and goofing around.
  • Bones is a decent show, nothing more.

    Bones is a decent show, nothing more. It is in some ways very similar to NCIS (same structure of chapters and emphasis on character interation), so I can't review it without comparing.
    The stongest point of the serie is the motivation, which is nicely done, and by the way it's the biggest flaw in NCIS.
    But the rest is not so good. The history lacks coherence more than any other investigative police serie, the acting is just average and the characters are single-minded and not captivating.
    In other words, Bones is just a good show. You can have a good time watching it, but it's not a serie that will linger in your memory much time.
  • Sad to say but is Bones really becoming 'old and mundane'?

    I love 'Bones' - Don't get me wrong. I love the fact that it's based on a true person (Kathy Reichs) and that she is an active participant in keeping the show + facts within the show real and 'dirty'.
    But like all great shows, the storylines have become secondary to the character-based story lines. It's no longer 'Who killed that person', it's 'When will Booth and Brennan finally admit they love/want each other'?
    Character-based shows only go so far as giving satisfactory comfort and relief to us viewers but the actual show becomes forgotten and suffers in ratings.
    I do love the element of the altering interns though. I think this brings out the best in the main characters as they are ever-loyal to Zack. And I do hope Brennan realises that Sweets is a smart, endearing person and lets up on him because psychology, although considered a 'soft science' is still a science, and one that has helped them in many circumstances.
  • This is one of the best show i have ever seen in my entire 14yrs of living!!!

    A few years ago my Mom was watching the show and i never really paid much attention to it but just a few months ago i really started watching it, first episode to last and i have become completely and totally addicted to it!!! I love how cute Angela and Hodgens are together!! and i can't wait until Booth and Bones get together!!! they are so perfect for each other but at the same time they're not its really really fun and funny to watch!! I love the humor in it and i just hope that Cam is able to get a guy in the series, i also hope that Bones hires Wendel as her full time assistant rather the Clark, i don't really like Clark. anyway i love this show!!! i hope it never stops running!!!! ever!! Lol :)
  • Yikes! Boy does this show need fine tuning. The writing comes short as does the acting. Sorry folks, I really tried but the glib dialogue was extremely unfunny and the constant music irritating. I don't think this show will be around very long if there i

    A huge disappointment, I was jazzed about the show and let down big time. Hopefully they will try and do a few improvements. I can't even find one redeeming thing to compliment about this series. My advice turn the channel or hope for a miracle. Why beat a dead horse.
  • Not everyone squees.

    Okay, so i liked this show since the beginning. I thought the pilot was good enough for me to keep watching. Then i was impressed at how it got better, that is until season 4 came along. I mean, what happened to the action, what happened to the suspense, what happened to the involving story arc? We've seen these things from season 1 to 3, and i mean frequently.
    Season 4 was pretty dull most of the time, the only thing i remember to be engaging was the Gravedigger coming back for Booth. Season 5 so far is doing the same thing, i almost forgot that scene where Brennan is being attacked, and with a
    Yeah, i understand you guys who do the "squee" thing is getting the time of your life. Maybe this season is turning out the best for you, because there seem to be awfully lots of flirting lately(which is kinda tiring). How about us who liked Bones for its science & fast paced crime-solving action? Is it too hard to develop their relationships in an exciting edge-of-your seat manner?
    Another thing is it's filming. I dont know if im the only one noticing it, but the overall feel & atmosphere of the show have changed. Take the first Gravedigger episode for example,or Skull in the Desert.
    Don't get me wrong, i still like the show and im still watching, but pretty much disappointed at how they're handling the show. It's pretty much find bones, flirt, talk to people involved, say a funny line, make suspect confess without resisting arrest, crime solved, flirt, end. talk Somebody talk to this Hart Hanson guy.
  • Focus of current episode not on main characters of Brennan and Booth. Very disappointing. Almost turned it off.

    The writing of past episodes of Bones has been flawless - until now. The focus has always been on Brennan and Booth solving the problem with support from other characters. Current episode began with Sweets in Subway and it didn't work. Too much focus on him and his girl friend. Proposal at end was ludicrous. These characters not developed enough to care about. The Japanese reporter was distracting, annoying and did absolutely nothing for plot unfoldment. Her obsession with sex in Brennan's book didn't work.

    It's the writing - what happened? It appears to me that new writers were invovled. Hope the next 7 episodes are better then this one or you are in real trouble.
  • For crime drama lovers who are sick of the usual "Ripped From the Headlines" .....

    Totally unique with characters almost as twisted as the a good way! The stories are as much gross-out fun as the characters are well written and acted.
    Although it was hard watching Zac leave, the actors are so good in their respective roles, it's hard to imagine anyone else replacing them, thus no real replacement for Zac is brilliant.
    Just when you think they cannot outdo themselves, they're bouncing a frozen "corpse" off a squint's head or shoving a frozen pig through a woodchipper!
    Although not much of a television watcher, this and House are forever in my DVR and hope they never "Jump the Shark"
  • Good character interaction and lots of action. It moved a little fast but I got used to it rather quickly. It needs more character development, but I suspect that will happen soon. Overall, it’s a great show.

    I enjoyed this show and think it has a lot of potential. I like the chemestry between Boreanaz and Deschanel. I thought the other characters mumbled a bit and lost bits of dialogue because of that, but that is easily fixed. I think this show has a strong chance to make it if Fox doesn't get rid of it too quickly.
  • ok i had not been a fan of this show tell this season (the one where bones and booth go the funeral and still the body) but after that i catching up on the show on hulu so i have seen them all but i am a dead heart fan now

    now for the season finale when it first came on i was totally lost for the first 10 mins because it just jumps right in to the (spoiler) dream world and i was like WTF but as the story does in its not really easy to follow it was nice to see all the people past and current in odd roles but the story didnt keep me in like all the others and it keep jumping all over the place to make sure to get everyone some lines but once it got to the end and the case was closed it still didnt make that much since and then the last 30secs to find out it was all a book Bones was writing and booth was just dreaming as she wrote out loud! then after reading all the these review i had lost interst in the show so much i didnt even heard he asked her who she was so the season premier better kick butt but Shame on u Fox for making us fans think they really sleep together Shame Shame
  • Tonight's pig chipper show was extremely discusting! It is not suitable for the young viewers who may be up at 6:30 PM.

    What is wrong with you? I have 2 pot belly pigs as pets and thought this show was horrible. They are intelligent animals and very loving. Your show was in extremely poor taste and you have lost me as a viewer. Tonight's pig chipper show was extremely discusting! It is not suitable for the young viewers who may be up at 6:30 PM. What is wrong with you? I have 2 pot belly pigs as pets and thought this show was horrible. They are intelligent animals and very loving. Your show was in extremely poor taste and you have lost me as a viewer. I will no longer watch any show with any of the actors/ actresses in this show. Animal cruelty has to stop. This show involvess cruelty to animals, it does not belong on the air. Your writers were way off base on this one, viewers do not need to see this garbage. Any show that shows this type of grossness should not be on when children are awake, I can not ever imagine whatever made you act this grossness out!
  • Looks like the writers of Bones have trouble wrapping up "big" cases in a logical fashion.

    I am really disappointed where Bones is headed these days. Especially with the stories running across more than one episode. Season three's more than weird Gormogon finale and now this Gravedigger business that gets solved as if it's nothing. Plot holes galore (And that woman of whom we've never heard before dragged Booth where? And without being seen? Put*that* idea back in the box where it came from, please) and a hurried ending that makes me start to wonder about who's giving the green light to ideas like that. Seriously, guys, you need to do better than this. I'm not asking for buckets of blood, pouring out of people's heads, far from it. Instead go for *some* common sense, even if it IS fiction we're watching. Bones can be *really* good, but sadly, this episode is far from being anything but poor.
  • Love it!

    I've always been a huge fan of forensic crime shows, and Bones is no exception! What attracts me the most to this show is that it is slightly different from the other forensic dramas. I never knew one could find so much by just looking at human bones. When it was first aired I was rather skeptic about the whole idea of a forensic anthropologist and her FBI buddy solving the cases but now the show has really grown on me. Brennan's personal drama just adds a lot of the human factor to the series which others shows sometimes lack. Also the chemistry between Booth and Brennan is just amusing :) Really looking forward to the new season!
  • Aweful

    just watched this show for the first time. it is by far the worst show I have seen for a while. Terrible acting and cheesy lines makes this a definate miss.

    I think that guy should have stuck with doing more seasons of angel. There are way better programs than this on the tv that demand our attention, why can ones like this go on without anyone noticing but something like firefly gets cancelled. I dont understand it at all.

    We can live in hope that it will get cancelled I suppose, I would rather watch another episode of Blade the series than live through another episode of this.
  • I do not understand how this show can be so highly rated by viewers.

    I signed up for this site just so I could write a review for this show. I was dumbfounded by the amount of perfect scores and lack of actual intelligent reviews.
    I have seen this show on a few occasions and every time I do I never finish watching the episode. The acting by David Boreanaz is hopeless, it's c-grade. At least Emily Deschanel brings something decent to the table. She is the only reason I give this show a 2 out of 10 (Her sister Zooey is a fantastic actress and Emily has the same capability).
    The story lines are what really brings me to wonder how so many people can give this show a 10 out of 10. They are idiotic and not even slightly believable. Maybe there have been a few well written episodes but I don't want to sit through another second of this show just to find out.
  • The Best Show On FOX

    I love this show! I haven´t enjoyed watching a show with such excitement since The X-Files.

    I have to admit that the show started a little bit weak, but now that I´ve been watching episode by episode in order I have to say that the stories get better and better with each episode.

    Every character is excelent. Each has its own personality, obssessions, likes and fears. I also like the way the characters have developed, especially Brennan. She has gone from being the cold, insensitive doctor from the first episodes to being a little more understanding. Once you get to know her you understand why she is the way she is.

    The same happens with Booth, although he is Brennan opposite when it comes to feelings, but with his peculiar personality he has made of Brennan a better person, a more sensitive one.

    What I love about the show is the relationship between the main characters. Brennan and Booth set the screen on fire with their sexual tension and their bickering and arguments about everything in every episode (I also like that the share the credits, since they´re both the main stars). Many people compare their relationship with Mulder and Scully, but there is more to it. Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz do an amazing job playing these characters, their chemistry is unique. There´s not another couple on TV right now that look so good together.

    You can´t miss this show. I has a little bit of everything and I like it that you can learn something about the characters, you know, they´re human beings, it´s not always about work.

    For me, 10 out of 10.

  • FBI agent Seely Booth, and Forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperence Brennan aka Bones solve cases together.

    When I first reviewed Bones back on Oct 4, 2006 I gave it a 7.5 because I thought it had potential to be great. It was good not great. Since then I've changed my mind, the show is in fact getting worse. I like when dramas mix romance and comedy into their shows, but this is going over the top. Who in their right mind would believe this is going on. Over the last few months I've watched some of the most ridiculus story lines I've seen. Then there are the characters. Besides David Boreanaz they bring nothing to the show. They can't act show real emotion, and have no comedy timing. David Boreanaz is they one actor on Bones who seems to know what he's doing. He mixes in Drama/comedy beautifully, experience from his Buffy and Angle days.

    I'm going to give Bones till they end of their second season to at least start changing my mind for the better. Otherwise I'm have a feeling I'm going to give this show a 1 and give up on it.

    Below is my first review Bones is a good show. Above average, not great, not excellent, but good. I'm comparing it to the best cop show on tv CSI. It's better than the CSI: New York, CSI: Miami, all the Law & Order shows, and Without a Trace. Bones, just doesn't have the emotional impact that CSI does. The stories don't have the intense feel to them. Besides the two main characters I just don't care about anyone else. First is David Boreanaz. He is great, I loved him from Angle, and he can play humor and series great. The second is Emily Deschanel, she's attractive, plays the character really well. I hope they try to bring more impact to the show. It's not quiet on the level of CSI. Mabye by the end of the season, and I'll have to edit my review.
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