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  • From the novels of a true life anthropologist, comes the crime drama about Dr. Temperance Brennan(Emily Deschanel) and her team of experts who solve murders mostly involving human remains with the help of special agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz).

    The show has an outstanding ensemble of characters and actors who marvelously make every episode an hour well spent in from of the small screen. Emily portraits a highly logical intelligent woman who accepts nothing out of her area of reasoning which is her comfort zone and she does it the best way possible as an actress. David also performs brilliantly as the catholic, macho hero who has a clear soft spot for his partner. The romantic angle of the show is well written and keeps everyone in anticipation for a romantic relationship between the main characters as well as others such as Angela(Michaela Conlin) and Jack Hodgins(TJ Thyne).

    Last but not least,such crime dramas are not expected to have comedy as an element, but for bones being often funny is one of its major strengths.
  • Special Agent Seeley Booth teams up with Dr. Temperance Brennan to solve murders with only their decomposed bodies as clues. She teaches about science and the human skeleton, while he teaches her about "life" and how to exist outside of pure science.

    Special Agent Seeley Booth, a former Army sniper, now works for the FBI, while forensic anthropologist and writer Dr. Temperance Brennan works at the Jeffersion Institute identifying human remains.
    Brennan has the scientific skills and Booth has the people and street skills to make them an unlikely partnership, but an unbeatable one. And together, they specialize in solving murders where only the victims' bones are left.
    The cases they solve quickly put them on the map as top investigators and on killers' lists to watch out for.
    Their partnership has had its ups, like dancing to songs and eating at their favorite diner and also its downs, like Booth having to arrest her dad, him getting shot, and being buried alive. But in the end they have a deep bond and they would do almost anything to help each other.
  • Bones is a cutting edge crime show that combines the use of science and good old detective work.

    Inspired by Kathy Reichs, a real-life anthropologist and novelist; this show follows the life and work of Dr. Temperance Brennan who consults for the FBI as a forensic anthropologists. Special Agent Seeley Both consults with Brennan and her colleagues from the Jeffersonian Institution, and utilizes there expertise to help solve crimes. Their relationships add a unique and quirky dynamic to the show, drawing you in and leaving you wanting more.

    Overall the show takes you into a world of forensic science that sparks imagination, creativity, and interest. Each episode is new and refreshing. I have never felt like "seen it" after watching.
  • Bones is a drama show focused in the life of Temperance Brennan, a forensic anthropologist who helps Special Agent Seeley Booth to solve murder cases. it shows through great cases how she adapts to social life, making logic and reasoning aside.

    There is an episode of Bones for each one of human being needs!!!
    There is drama, which is obtained from great cases involving deeply internal conections among the characters.
    There is humor, of the smart and the classic one. So after each episode you can be sure, some great quotes will be left behind.
    While all these things are happening, polemics appear to make the show even smarter and complex. Main characters, Booth And Brennan reflect the opposites as clearly as possible, so the audience knows there is always something to discuss or to think about.
    AND OBVIOUSLY... the B/B chemistry going on!!
  • The show follows Temperance Brennan, a forensic anthropologist, and her team through a series of cases which is dramatic, suspenseful, and even romantic. There is something for everyone in this show wether it be interesting information or drama

    Bones is personally my favorite of shows. It has every appeal that t.v. should have if you like drama or a informational type of show or a crime thriller every topic is persented. There are many relationships that the fans can love and analyze and each character is different and relatable. The spectator always finds themselves captivated and unwilling to change the channel and each case is filled with twists and turns that are plausable and not unpredictable-yet at the same time they don't fall into routine. The acting is amazing as well as graphics and set design and everything is brought together harmoniously. Even if you miss a show or a season you can jump right in without feeling lost; although you may miss a little fact ehre or there.
  • Dramatic, Suspenseful, and Funny (:

    This show is the best! The chemistry is great between the characters. And it is hysterically funny and serious together! I miss Zack terribly. He was always so cute and innocent. . Well, I am very excited to know that Bones & Booth will be in bed together in the season 4 finale (: Also, I think we need to see more Angel, Hodgins, and Cam! They are the best squints ever. And Sweets just bring comedy and love between Booth and Bones. Ahh, Emily Deshchanel is hot too! So is Michaela Conlin . . . . . . .
  • Bones is seriously the best show! each episode is different and entertaining. there really is no other show out there like Bones.

    Bones is seriously the best show! each episode is different and entertaining. there really is no other show out there like Bones. the final episodes of season three were the most powerful episodes of any television. this show has all the elements needed for a successful show. great characters, great plots, and the part that i love the most. . . great relationships. Booths love for Dr Brennan (Whether he knows it or not) is the sort of love we all dream about. the relationship that the two of them have is what makes this show so captivating! ive watched every episode.. season one and two 3 times.. some episodes more than 4times and i plan to re watch season three and four multiple times!
  • This show is about Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennnan, a forensic anthropoligist and best-selling novelist, and her fellow co-workers who work at the Jeffersonian Institute in Washington, D.C. It is based on the life of real life anthropoligist Kathy Reichs.

    I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! This show shows the very strong bond between "Bones" and Booth. Booth helps Bones interact with the people around her because of her complete lack of social skills, but she is extremely intelligent, and him, not so much. It shows a really good work relationship and I can't wait until Bones and Booth finally get together!It is really hard to get episodes over here in Ireland fast so I love to catch up on all the news and then watch and find out it's not at all what I thought it would be like! Enjoy all future episodes of Bones!! XxX Siofra XxX
  • Simply the best x

    Bones is sooo the best show on TV x Cant wait for them to finally hook up soo exited x The way they have little moments i almost every episode is so cut like they will just be standin there staring into each others eyes almost like they are about to kiss then someone will interupt them its soo sweet x i cant wait for next season apparently Bones will be pregnant coz of the sex with booth after she asked him to be the father of her child i dont think she ment for it to happen that way though lolx
  • great show

    I was so excited when I found out they were makeing a show based on my fave books.I have been reading the Temperance Brennan stories and I think everyone should check out Deja Dead.Kathy Reichs is my inspiration and this show was just what her fans needed. This show is great to watch because you want to be in the lab working with them to help solve the murder. I cant think of a better pair to play the main chars and the chem between theis is so electric that you cant help but want them to get together.I watch this show everytime it comes on and I am never disapointed.
  • Bottom Line....I love this show....I can't get enough Bones.

    I'm not really sure where to start....The characters are lovable...the stories are great....the chemistry is perfect...You really can't ask for more out of a crime drama..throw in the sexual tension between Bones and Booth and you've got CSI Miami meets Angel with no demons or sunglasses...I think it's safe to say that good old fashioned enjoyable television is starting to make a comeback and reality TV is on it's way out and I couldn't be happier. Bones is a breath of fresh air among forensic dramas and TV in general. More than just a personal favorite but in my opinion and all around great show.
  • Love this show...The characters mesh so well together i just want to know when Boothe and Bones are going to kiss it has to happen

    First of all as I said above Boothe and Bones need to kiss and be together it just is the right thing to do. Also I kind of miss Zack as a character and hope they bring him back for an episode here and there. Angela is awesome and hot as hell along with Bones of course. I hope this show continues for a long time because the characters mesh well together. I'm hoping they also have a lot more episodes with booth and Bones in the middle of the action it def makes things more exciting and helps the fans to connect. Can't wait to see what they have coming and hope this show continues for a long time
  • I love the balance between solving the murders, the science and the personal lives of the characters who try to solve the murders.

    I love the balance between solving the murders, the science and the personal lives of the characters who try to solve the murders.

    I would pick this show even with the weird edge lately over the dry, boring all about the murder shows like CSI and even NCIS. I lose interest when things are too serious but I lose track when things are too silly. Nice balance between drama and comedy. Reminds me of my personal favorite anime ever; Slayers. They lost me a little bit in this season with lack of solid drama but they are slowly getting back to where the show should be.
  • The best show in the universe... make sure to watch the new epis!!!

    My absolute favorite show!!!! I am so addicted to the amazing chemistry between Brennan and Booth. The ingenious cases interwined with fabulous sexual tension are just unforgettable. And then Zack being Gormogon's apprentice- a totally unexpected twist. Totatlly despise Sully and Perotta (for obvious reasons). The undercovers episodes are typically my favorites- The Woman in the Sand especially! Between being back in a gambling enviroment and undercover Brennan, I thought Booth was going to have a stroke. And Bones's enthusiasm at the knife-throwing act in Double Trouble in the Panhandle and Sweets's attempted explanation of it! Wow- totally hilarious. BB are so meant to be together!!!!!!!!
  • I LOVE this show!

    I'm new to the site and had accidentaly posted a review for the episode "The Bones That Foam" on a review for the whole show (hopefully all is forgiven for my ignorance, so sorry!). This is my all time favorite show and I wouldn't miss an episode. I currently own the first three seasons on DVD and can't wait for the fourth season to come out. Such an excellent mix of dark humor and mystery (and possibly love??) I could not ask for a better show. Always in anticipation for the next episode to come out, I can't wait to see what the next show will hold.

    Ok, we're waiting like 4 seasons already to happen something between Booth and Brennan, and seriously, I can't wait any longer. I really really hate it when writers play with us like that. It's the same with Angela and Hodgens, I still don't get it why they did that :o

    Complaining doesn't work. Anyway, Bones is a great TV show, I've liked it since the first day I watched it. Made me see a whole different side, even thought about it of becoming a forensic anthropologist myself.
    Every episode has its own special thing. And it's not that much that I don't like an episode (:
  • Decent show.

    I think this show is quite unique in the fact that it has some good acting and some interesting plots and storylines. I like the fact that both of the main characters have some nice chmeistry and the rest of the cast works very well together, too. One thing I don't care much for is the tired smug comedy in the show. It is somewhat funny at first, but after a period of time, it takes away from the drama apsect. Overall, this is a decent show that mixes drama, action, and some comedy pretty well. I think it is entertaining. Thank you.
  • Fun and engaging.

    Bones is obviously unique for only dealing with cases that involve skeletons or mostly decomposed bodies, which is fascinating and not as gruesome as CSI and the like. But its obvious best element is the relationship of its two main characters, Booth and Bones, also known as Special Agent Seeley Booth and Dr. Temperance Brennan. They have a dysfunctional; cant live with you, cant live without you type of relationship. They complement each others work, but irritate each other immensely. It is very refreshing to watch them together, especially during their "couples" counseling, when all their issues come out. But Bones is not a two man show, it has an excellent ensemble. A great part of the cast of characters is the way they can be split between the nerds, or scientists, and non-nerds when they are working on a case. Booth and Bones are not the only ones who complement each other. Everyone has their own area of expertise and it is fascinating to see how everyone can contribute to a single case.
  • Its about murder and bones...

    Love this show! I bought the first season and then had to run out and buy the other two. It has great chemistry between the characters and has some humor in it which you need in a murder show. I enjoy all charators on this show and cant wait for the fourth season to be on DVD so i can buy it and watch it!! For me the first season was the best and the third was ok. When they started getting bones' dad in it, they drug it out too much, but still good and i will still watch the show.
  • I think is very funny and interesting. Yeah, I know, another series about investigation and medicine(more or less) like House, CSI, Grey's Antomy, etc. But that's not true, it's a diferent series with original plot and characters.

    I started to see this series since his begginings, the first episode I saw was the third of the first season and, well, since I saw it I never stop watching the series. I think is very original because it is about bones, and the chracters work in a laboratory, not in an hospital like in other series (I don't said that I don't like that series, I really like them, but I think there are less original) and, apart of the laboratory, the characters moved to the street and talk with the familiars of the death person in each episode. I also think it's very funny when Booth shows Brennan things that she doesn't know, I really like it. Because of this reasons, I think it's a very good series.
  • hate the summarys to the reviews, so pointless.....

    ok so this show Bones, haven't got to watch alot of episodes this year seeing that i have been extremaky busy, which sucks, but anyways, LOVE the show. it has some of THE BEST chemistry and not to metion humor between the two main charcters which are undiniably talented. Booth and Brennen (sorry for the sp?) definatly have feelings for one another )wheather Bones decides to show it or not). anyways i haven't been able to watch some of the latest episodes so if anyone is willing to tune me in and get me up to date i will gladley accept the offer! but anyways, what a great show!!!!!! :)
  • Underrated show

    When i first heard of Bones, i thought i would just be another run of the mill cop shows with bones playing a central part to the plot. I also didnt start watching it until my dad mentioned to me it was actually very good show, this coming from my dad so i had to check it out. I have to say i agree with him.

    It is not your average cop show, the characters are actually pretty interesting and unique. The cases are pretty original considering this genre of show has been around for a long time. Plus some of the plot lines are very cool. While i never undertand what bones are which with the exception of a few, i enjoy the show for how they find the bones, solve the cases and the fun comedy bits they put in.
  • The Most compelling drama currently on television, which portrays the relationship between two partners ,an FBI agent and an anthropologist.

    Agest Booth and "Bones" Brennan are the main focus of the show. The relationship is played out by the duo who solve crimes by analyzing bone fragments and skeletorial anomalies. The two leads are supported by Bones' support team at the Jeffersonian institute as well as an FBI Psychiatrist. All characters are intriguing and excellently portrayed by the actors and have their own story lines which play out during and between cases.

    This show differs from other crime procedural as the story is predominately character based rather than relying on the evidence or forensics to intrigue the viewers.

    Every Season is better than the previous and after 4 seasons one is still not bored with the story lines. Its just a pity they don't air the series in South Africa any longer and i have to wait for the DVD's to get my fix.
  • As an English person myself I think the English – American tête-à-tête has never been funnier.

    As an English person myself I think the English – American tête-à-tête has never been funnier.

    For decades English and American tv have both been about getting one up on the other. This show was great in that it took the mess out of both sides of the pond equally. The professor working with bones was a stuck up snob, the nobles were the stereotypical ones lording it over everyone with absolutely no idea about anything. And of course the greatest English cliché, the butler did it!!

    On the other hand you have booth who cant drive or understand the simplest things in london. Even bones has more than her normal difficulty communicating.

    You have to have a certain weird sense of humor to appreciate this episode but if you see the subtleties of it and it's following episode, and don't get upset over the wrong things, you'll see the fun side of it.
  • Lots of flavour just less filling.

    I love bones. This continuation of the Grave series was something I had been waiting for as to me the first show was one of their very best. My only complaint about the finale was that I felt it could have been a two episode version. I really would have liked to get a real hate on for the digger once they knew who they were. Just some more background on the digger a little more investigative background work. They really left us hanging as to the details of her motive. There was definitely enough source material because their were so many other cases that could have dovetailed to find the place that booth was trapped. The first episode also brought more of the family connection into play that we love about the show. I still give it a 9/10 but they really missed an opportunity here.
  • Science-cool, chicks with guns-cool, hot FBI agent-extremely cool, makes me laugh. Got to have my fix every week. If its pre-empted,I have to pull out my Seas 1-3 DVDs cause I'm so addicted to this show. Just hearing the theme song relaxes me.

    In my opinion Bones is 10 times better than the original CSI. Oh I would watch it(CSI)... if it wasn't on opposite Bones. The social innocence and ignorance of our heroine in the first season and her classic "I don't know what that means" drew me in from the first episode. The medical and scientific reasoning(even if the writers goof sometimes), the witty banter and sexual tension between Temperance Brennan and Seely Boothe and the mystery of who done it, make for interesting and entertaining viewing. As the seasons have progressed and Temperance has learned some new social skills and catch phrases (which she often gets partially wrong), it's the rest of the shows characters who often state, "I don't know what that means." Through the years(all 3 1/2 of them) there have been rare moments of predictability and at least one chuckle per episode. Thank God for Hart Hansen and thank God especially for Kathy Reichs! I love the "Squint Squad" and wish I was as brilliant as they are, and I love it when Bones carries a gun. I think that's empowering for women to be portrayed as smart,strong, and sexy.This is the only show that I schedule my week around. Guess that makes me a Squints Nerd. Was that redundant?
  • Classic buddy Dramedy based on the books of Kathy Reichs. Great individual stories and well done serial adventures mixed into a prime time drama.

    The main character Temperence (Tempe) Brennan is the same as the charater in Reichs books. In some ways the the character similarities end there. (Having lived in Tempe and graduated from Arizona State University the name sort of grabs me.)

    Both Brennan and Booth are created to fit in their television weekly episodic box. Brennan is a brilliant character with an unbelievable amount of naivete. Booth is a charming rascal with boyish charm. Sort of a lighter version of his Angel character from his earlier show. The supporting cast is fluid and makes the most of the excellent scripts. Despite the possible negatives (The unbelievable Naive nature of the Brennan character being number one on the annoying list.) this ensemble puts together one of the best shows ever broadcast on television.

    Now if FOX would ever get their act together and broadcast it in the same time slot each week they might have a top ten TV hit.
  • Keeps getting better and better!

    I'm not quite sure I like the new FBI agent though it does keep Tempe on her toes. I also like that Angela and Hodge's were talking at a semi-flirty level. I really want them to get back together. They so complimented each other. I like Cam more and more each week. Her enthusiasm for hockey is so's an awesome sport! Not necessarily to play (for me) but to go to the games!! Most of all I love seeing Bones and Booth slowly getting closer. I know people think it's typical to see the two main characters falling in love but it really is natural being they are both unattached. To see Booth opening up to her is so sincere. They are so different that together they make a whole. I'm so enjoying this season and am looking forward to seeing where the writer's take us.
  • AMAZING show. Bring it back !

    I've loved this show since I was about eleven- it's well researched and intelligent, with a clever storyline and idea. I like how every episode has a basic structure, and yet it's always new and doesn't get old. To me it seems like it has everything- crime, mystery, comedy and romance. That's another aspect that draws me to the show. As much as I'm ashamed to admit it, the good old UST between Booth and Brennan has me grinning like a fangirl. A lot. Seriously, amazing chemistry. I love how Brennan is so very blunt and socially awkward- and clueless when it comes to people who are alive, yet brilliant with dead people. However I've noticed she's become more lighthearted and emotional as the show has progressed, suggesting that spending time with Booth has had an effect on her. This is similar to the fact that Booth is quite sarcastic and a little bit cynical in the beginning, but is becoming less so.
    Overall, very interesting and compelling- I wish channel Seven didn't mess around with it and constantly put it on hold.
  • this is awesome

    this is my favorite show ever my sister came home from college and intoduced it to me and I am addicated to it I mean Zach and Hodgins are my favorite they are so weirdly cool but Zach the gorbigones apprentice I cant belive it I mean he is so funny and he got charged for a murder he did not commit he just told "the master" were to find the guy I heard some people say that the actor who played him was not getting along with the other actors but Hodgins is just so cool nothing is wrong with him but he almost died when he was buriad alive with Dr.Brennan "bones" but he lived I was so glad and he is awesome outside of the tv show to I mean he put a video on youtube and it was hilarios also he was in a short film thing on You Tube called "Vallidation' check it out but the show bones is incredible
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