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  • Focus of current episode not on main characters of Brennan and Booth. Very disappointing. Almost turned it off.

    The writing of past episodes of Bones has been flawless - until now. The focus has always been on Brennan and Booth solving the problem with support from other characters. Current episode began with Sweets in Subway and it didn't work. Too much focus on him and his girl friend. Proposal at end was ludicrous. These characters not developed enough to care about. The Japanese reporter was distracting, annoying and did absolutely nothing for plot unfoldment. Her obsession with sex in Brennan's book didn't work.

    It's the writing - what happened? It appears to me that new writers were invovled. Hope the next 7 episodes are better then this one or you are in real trouble.
  • For crime drama lovers who are sick of the usual "Ripped From the Headlines" .....

    Totally unique with characters almost as twisted as the a good way! The stories are as much gross-out fun as the characters are well written and acted.
    Although it was hard watching Zac leave, the actors are so good in their respective roles, it's hard to imagine anyone else replacing them, thus no real replacement for Zac is brilliant.
    Just when you think they cannot outdo themselves, they're bouncing a frozen "corpse" off a squint's head or shoving a frozen pig through a woodchipper!
    Although not much of a television watcher, this and House are forever in my DVR and hope they never "Jump the Shark"
  • Good character interaction and lots of action. It moved a little fast but I got used to it rather quickly. It needs more character development, but I suspect that will happen soon. Overall, it’s a great show.

    I enjoyed this show and think it has a lot of potential. I like the chemestry between Boreanaz and Deschanel. I thought the other characters mumbled a bit and lost bits of dialogue because of that, but that is easily fixed. I think this show has a strong chance to make it if Fox doesn't get rid of it too quickly.
  • ok i had not been a fan of this show tell this season (the one where bones and booth go the funeral and still the body) but after that i catching up on the show on hulu so i have seen them all but i am a dead heart fan now

    now for the season finale when it first came on i was totally lost for the first 10 mins because it just jumps right in to the (spoiler) dream world and i was like WTF but as the story does in its not really easy to follow it was nice to see all the people past and current in odd roles but the story didnt keep me in like all the others and it keep jumping all over the place to make sure to get everyone some lines but once it got to the end and the case was closed it still didnt make that much since and then the last 30secs to find out it was all a book Bones was writing and booth was just dreaming as she wrote out loud! then after reading all the these review i had lost interst in the show so much i didnt even heard he asked her who she was so the season premier better kick butt but Shame on u Fox for making us fans think they really sleep together Shame Shame
  • Tonight's pig chipper show was extremely discusting! It is not suitable for the young viewers who may be up at 6:30 PM.

    What is wrong with you? I have 2 pot belly pigs as pets and thought this show was horrible. They are intelligent animals and very loving. Your show was in extremely poor taste and you have lost me as a viewer. Tonight's pig chipper show was extremely discusting! It is not suitable for the young viewers who may be up at 6:30 PM. What is wrong with you? I have 2 pot belly pigs as pets and thought this show was horrible. They are intelligent animals and very loving. Your show was in extremely poor taste and you have lost me as a viewer. I will no longer watch any show with any of the actors/ actresses in this show. Animal cruelty has to stop. This show involvess cruelty to animals, it does not belong on the air. Your writers were way off base on this one, viewers do not need to see this garbage. Any show that shows this type of grossness should not be on when children are awake, I can not ever imagine whatever made you act this grossness out!
  • Looks like the writers of Bones have trouble wrapping up "big" cases in a logical fashion.

    I am really disappointed where Bones is headed these days. Especially with the stories running across more than one episode. Season three's more than weird Gormogon finale and now this Gravedigger business that gets solved as if it's nothing. Plot holes galore (And that woman of whom we've never heard before dragged Booth where? And without being seen? Put*that* idea back in the box where it came from, please) and a hurried ending that makes me start to wonder about who's giving the green light to ideas like that. Seriously, guys, you need to do better than this. I'm not asking for buckets of blood, pouring out of people's heads, far from it. Instead go for *some* common sense, even if it IS fiction we're watching. Bones can be *really* good, but sadly, this episode is far from being anything but poor.
  • Love it!

    I've always been a huge fan of forensic crime shows, and Bones is no exception! What attracts me the most to this show is that it is slightly different from the other forensic dramas. I never knew one could find so much by just looking at human bones. When it was first aired I was rather skeptic about the whole idea of a forensic anthropologist and her FBI buddy solving the cases but now the show has really grown on me. Brennan's personal drama just adds a lot of the human factor to the series which others shows sometimes lack. Also the chemistry between Booth and Brennan is just amusing :) Really looking forward to the new season!
  • Aweful

    just watched this show for the first time. it is by far the worst show I have seen for a while. Terrible acting and cheesy lines makes this a definate miss.

    I think that guy should have stuck with doing more seasons of angel. There are way better programs than this on the tv that demand our attention, why can ones like this go on without anyone noticing but something like firefly gets cancelled. I dont understand it at all.

    We can live in hope that it will get cancelled I suppose, I would rather watch another episode of Blade the series than live through another episode of this.
  • I do not understand how this show can be so highly rated by viewers.

    I signed up for this site just so I could write a review for this show. I was dumbfounded by the amount of perfect scores and lack of actual intelligent reviews.
    I have seen this show on a few occasions and every time I do I never finish watching the episode. The acting by David Boreanaz is hopeless, it's c-grade. At least Emily Deschanel brings something decent to the table. She is the only reason I give this show a 2 out of 10 (Her sister Zooey is a fantastic actress and Emily has the same capability).
    The story lines are what really brings me to wonder how so many people can give this show a 10 out of 10. They are idiotic and not even slightly believable. Maybe there have been a few well written episodes but I don't want to sit through another second of this show just to find out.
  • The Best Show On FOX

    I love this show! I haven´t enjoyed watching a show with such excitement since The X-Files.

    I have to admit that the show started a little bit weak, but now that I´ve been watching episode by episode in order I have to say that the stories get better and better with each episode.

    Every character is excelent. Each has its own personality, obssessions, likes and fears. I also like the way the characters have developed, especially Brennan. She has gone from being the cold, insensitive doctor from the first episodes to being a little more understanding. Once you get to know her you understand why she is the way she is.

    The same happens with Booth, although he is Brennan opposite when it comes to feelings, but with his peculiar personality he has made of Brennan a better person, a more sensitive one.

    What I love about the show is the relationship between the main characters. Brennan and Booth set the screen on fire with their sexual tension and their bickering and arguments about everything in every episode (I also like that the share the credits, since they´re both the main stars). Many people compare their relationship with Mulder and Scully, but there is more to it. Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz do an amazing job playing these characters, their chemistry is unique. There´s not another couple on TV right now that look so good together.

    You can´t miss this show. I has a little bit of everything and I like it that you can learn something about the characters, you know, they´re human beings, it´s not always about work.

    For me, 10 out of 10.

  • FBI agent Seely Booth, and Forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperence Brennan aka Bones solve cases together.

    When I first reviewed Bones back on Oct 4, 2006 I gave it a 7.5 because I thought it had potential to be great. It was good not great. Since then I've changed my mind, the show is in fact getting worse. I like when dramas mix romance and comedy into their shows, but this is going over the top. Who in their right mind would believe this is going on. Over the last few months I've watched some of the most ridiculus story lines I've seen. Then there are the characters. Besides David Boreanaz they bring nothing to the show. They can't act show real emotion, and have no comedy timing. David Boreanaz is they one actor on Bones who seems to know what he's doing. He mixes in Drama/comedy beautifully, experience from his Buffy and Angle days.

    I'm going to give Bones till they end of their second season to at least start changing my mind for the better. Otherwise I'm have a feeling I'm going to give this show a 1 and give up on it.

    Below is my first review Bones is a good show. Above average, not great, not excellent, but good. I'm comparing it to the best cop show on tv CSI. It's better than the CSI: New York, CSI: Miami, all the Law & Order shows, and Without a Trace. Bones, just doesn't have the emotional impact that CSI does. The stories don't have the intense feel to them. Besides the two main characters I just don't care about anyone else. First is David Boreanaz. He is great, I loved him from Angle, and he can play humor and series great. The second is Emily Deschanel, she's attractive, plays the character really well. I hope they try to bring more impact to the show. It's not quiet on the level of CSI. Mabye by the end of the season, and I'll have to edit my review.
  • Awful to the extreme!

    As a fan of Angel I watched the pilot of Bones; I expected a decent show, hoping David Boreanaz wouldnt have signed up to something mediocre and at the same time hoping he would play a different type of character to usual. Boreanaz didnt sign up to something mediocre, he signed up to something terrible. From the opening scene of the pilot where the main character (an anthropologist) floors a member of Homeland Security (in an airport) and has so much attitude she had already irritated me, the show is ludicrous in its approach to the subject matter and coupled with a dreadful support cast (such as the lass who opens her jacket to get someones attention within 5 minutes of the pilot) and the whiney teenage kid who for no reason tells everyone he isnt a virgin. Seriously, within 20 minutes I turned to the other 3 lads I was sat watching the show with and asked them if watching the rest was necessary, I always give pilots a go but for the first time since Tru Calling I couldnt care less about the story and wanted to watch something else. We decided to watch it until the next advert break, however soon after the show got even worse when the anthropologist \\\\\\\"wrote a computer program to display a holographic projection of what a person looked like based on their skull\\\\\\\" WHAT?!! Even with a Computer Science degree you couldnt do that! Where did an anthropolgist learn to do such a thing?! Let alone the fact that the technology hasnt been invented yet!! As I said in my summary, bad to the extreme, CANCELED!
  • I stopped watching Bones because the antiwar theme got so far left I thought Cindy Sheehan would show up. The last straw was whent the bearded freak called President Bush a tyrant.

    Up until this evening I enjoyed watching the program but the antiwar theme was so offensive to me I stopped watching and will not watch in the future. How can I write a 100 words about a program that offends me. This is the same reason I dont watch Law and Order. Detective Munch cant keep his left wing mouth shut and must continually insult anyone with a conservative view. The fact that he reads 20 newspapers per day does not qualify him to preach to me. It is time that TV producers understand that their function is to entertain period.
  • A Crime Drama that follows Dr Brennan, a forensic anthropologist and Booth, a FBI agent, putting names & faces to bones.

    I wasn't sure I could ever see David Boreanaz as anything else than "Ange" but writing and his acting has won me over. This show fits right in with my love for all 3 "CSI" shows and "Crossing Jordan". I will never get tired of watching people solve crimes. What's interesting about this show is that they solve both new and old cases. Sometimes the bodies are fresh, othertimes they have been dead for centuries. We also have the dynamic between Booth and Brennan. She is very scientific and serious. She is unaware of the current events and pop culture of the world around her. She is brillant and sweet. Booth is a real "man's man", the macho cop-like character, but he also has a tender side and is a great dad.
  • Two words explain why I watch this instead of CSI Character Development

    I tried watching CSI, and didn't like it. I tried watching this, and loved it. So, I asked myself, why did I like this instead of CSI? I found the answer while browsing this forum. Character development.

    Sure, the cases are good. But, I learned that I liked this show because they did more than just solved crimes. They focused partly on the character development of Brennan and Booth. The real payoff of this, I think will come in the second season, which is when I believe Booth and Brennan will finally get together.

    Also, there is some fabulous acting here, especially from David Boreanz playing Booth.

    All and all, this show is absolutely fabulous, and I hope that it may continue for many more seasons.

    For all the reasons above, I give Bones a fabulous 9/10.
  • An increasingly sexy but still geeky forensic anthropologist and a FBI hottie- what could be better?

    Personally, this show is facinating and funny. Bones has a sort of innocence while staying really cool. Bones is a great show mixing real forensic science with drama and complicated relationships between the many complex characters. People who don't watch this show should;it shows a more realistic idea of what forensic anthropology is about.
  • I've seen better.

    Muder shows are cool, but this is lame. I would rather watch Forensic Files than this. Seriously. Show something more intresting than this. If i was responsible for this show, i wouldn't admit it. I would keep my life low before i let anyone complain to me. Pitiful, pitiful show.
  • bones is a joke. this subject content had the potential to be as good a csi, but al the silly banter between the 2 makes me want to puke. it\'s like that old cybl sheppard and bruse willis show moonlighting, it was sooooo stupid.

    bones is a joke. this subject content had the potential to be as good a csi, but all the silly banter between the 2 makes me want to puke. it\'s like that old cybl sheppard and bruse willis show moonlighting, it was sooooo stupid. i have tried to watch and
    just cannot
  • If it weren't for David Boreanaz I would have never discovered this show. What else am I missing?!?!?

    I only tuned into Bones because I am a David Boreanaz fan. Boy am I glad that I did! Bones is different from the other crime dramas on TV today. Not only do they have serious crimes to solve (they *are* dead bodies, after all) but the writers and actors seem to capture the different personality types who flock to this type of work.

    The Squints simultaneously run a tight lab and provide comic relief that other crime dramas are sadly lacking. Seely's pop culture references are completely lost on Emily Deschanel's no-nonsense Bones. Overall, Bones is worth a watch, if you like crime drama. Check it out!
  • Take one sarcastically sweet FBI Agent with a big heart, one sad Forensic Anthropologist with tragic life and a crew in tow and mix them together to create one happening show!

    I absolutely love this show! Of course, I got hooked on David Boreanaz back on Buffy, followed him to Angel and here I am still salivating at his door...LOL. Seriously, this is an awesome show. All the actors/actresses do a superb job making their characters real and believeable. I hope this show sticks around for many, many seasons.
  • Dead boring!

    What an AWFUL show. I thought with the material they had it would at least have an advantage on a "new concept" show, but it was just horrible. It was feelingless to have them discuss genocide like it was a shoe sale at Neiman-Marcus. Kathy Reichs was very affected by her experience, and in this show they treated the subject like a holiday in Hawaii. I didn't have a problem with the premise that the lead character was nabbed by security for having a skull in her luggage (this actually happened to Reichs) but doing an Emma Peel karate number in the middle of the airport? And seriously too. I've never seen a pilot that whacked the audience over the head so hard with tired "they'll love this in Altoona" clichés.

    Kathy Reichs must be spinning in her grave....and she's the only author you can say that about who isn't dead.
  • Bones is compared to House, it just doesnt stack up.

    While Fox may advertise Bones as a perfect match for House (which follows it), it lacks the edge that House has, and is nothing more than another generic medical examiner show. There are SO many of these right now anyway. The characters dont seem to interact well at all, infact they just annoy me most of the time. The plots are too similar, and unoriginal in the world of medical drama. I dont think even adding a new character or a major plot arc would save the show, a failed attempt to capitalize on the recent medical drama buzz.

    Frankly, the only reason I watched it, twice, was because it comes on before House and I was curious. I beleive it will not be renewed, and I will be glad.
  • A brooding, yet sexy FBI agent and socially inept forensic anthropologist and her team meet up to solve crimes that others may deem impossible.

    Though not this may not be a completely original premise for a show, it's nicely done. The characters are fun to watch, especially Brennan and her complete lack of knowledge about pop culture (her repeated claims of "I don't know who/what that is", delivered straight, are hilarious). David Boreanaz, as Agent Booth, may be pretty much playing anoter version of Angel (Brooding? Frustrated? Trying to find redemption after a bloody past? Check, check and check) but it works well in this context. The show is both interesting and funny, which is why I faithfully ignore other great shows in order to tune in weekly.
  • Boring Boring Boring

    I thought this would be a good show. I stopped watching it -- too much like CSI - and the guy who used to be Angel -- they got him acting like a jerk and like his previous part - a vampire. The acting is not smooth and it is just not working for me.
  • This makes for a good laugh, but I don’t think it’s supposed to.

    My husband recorded the first two episodes of this show a few weeks back, and all I have to say is that I can’t believe I wasted my time watching them. Actually, I didn’t even finish watching the second one. I had seen enough by then. The acting is off. The music is off. And so on. I couldn’t quite figure out why they chose the songs they did and why they were at the most unusual and awkward moments. And I don’t know how many times the main character brought up her dislike of psychology. The dialogue is simply underdeveloped and highly lacking. I can’t believe the network signed on for more episodes.
  • Sucks

    Do the writers have a day job writing bus schedules? The lead actress, espcially, needs to get into a nother line of work. Have you watched MEDIUM? Also a show based on the life of a 'real' person. Excellent show, but BONES? Bones should be cancelled. The story lines wouldn't be so bad if the dialogue wasn't so stupid and the actors could at least pretend to be acting.
  • I really liked the show, started to get into it, then RERUNS, we are only in October and I have already seen the same show 3 times!!!!!

    I really liked the show, started to get into it,
    then RERUNS, we are only in October and I have already seen the same show 3 times!!!!! I can't stand when we start to get into a new show or a new season of our favorite show, and they start
    showing repeats in October, come on, give me a break!!!
  • The writers need some teeth. . .

    preferably, Angelus' fangs in their overpaid skinny necks. Terrible writing is something that most often just doesn't get better, and I shudder to think of the scripts already in the pipeline for this derivative idiot-fest.

    I can't really do a full review of the pilot for Bones, because my wife finally, mercifully, hit the remote after 20 minutes of torture. Let's take the opening scene. A high-end SUV belonging to a nice-looking upper-middle-class man with a beautiful wife pulls up in front of a restaurant. The car explodes. For the next 15 minutes, every law enforcement official in the \"drama\" refers to him as \"the terrorist\", because he's originally from the Middle East.

    After about 15 minutes, somebody says something like, \"you know, this may have been a murder, not a suicide bombing\".

    This level of intelligence is sustained in every aspect of the pilot. And it\'s cutesy enough to turn stomachs. The detective (Boreanaz) calls scientists \"squints\" -- creative, huh? And in an attempt to ward off outcries of how badly the show\'s structure rips off \"X-Files\", Boreanaz refers to himself and Dr. Bones as \"Scully and Mulder\". As if the writers have become more creative by realizing that they copied another t.v. series.

    This show stinks, despite some individually decent actors and a workable premise.
  • Over-produced, under-written, focus-groupped crap. This painful CSI-for-Buffy-fans is pretty ironic considering Fox also gave us The Simpsons episode where execs are shown flipping rival channels for "new and exciting ideas".

    Lets break it down. What is the problem with Bones?

    Is it the glossy over-production?

    Never since Starship Troopers has a cast and locations been so unilaterally pretty. Even Jorja Fox's ugly gap-toothed grin in CSI adds some ugly. And the least attractive cast member will happily flash you her bra if your rude to her. Yeah, that happens to me plenty when a girl wants my attention.

    The ridiculous impractical sets designed solely to look good in a moody framed shot?

    Bones, bones, bones. As if to ram home the incessant lame "Bones" jokes, every possible wall of their base has thousands upon thousands of Ikea storage boxes full of BONES! Walls 40ft high lined with boxes of bones. But not just boxes of bones. Moodily rear-lit boxes of bones!!!! Sure it's impractical and probably does the evidence damage, but DAMN if it doesn't look COOOOOOL.

    The stiff, wooden acting?

    Did Emily Deschanel take acting lessons from Matt LeBlanc in character as Joey? Does David Boringass have any other facial expressions aside from "brooding concentration" and "brooding smirk". Dialogue delivery is just plain awful, awful, awful. Especially during the climax where "Bones" goes loco.

    The completely incompetent insulting writing?

    Anybody see Kiss The Girls? Anyone wonder why there are big "No Smoking" signs in a gas station? In a room doused full of petrol, someone drops a lit Zippo. Why? Because they've just been shot. Muzzle-flash AND an open, lit zippo in a room full of flammable petrol fumes? Even Morgan Freeman knew better. Congratulations writers, if you hadn't conveniently side-stepped logic and reality, your main character just burned to death in the pilot.
    Arabs are terrorists first, murderers later? Thanks for setting back the ethnic diversity cause back 100 years.
    I don't know who Lenny Kravitz is but I can recognize the woman behind a tabloid political scandal from months ago, simply from her skull definition? Um.. yeah.

    The stupid little cute catchphrases?

    "I don't understand that."
    "Don't call me Bones."

    Less is more.

    The Super-duper Hi-Tec Hologram Phrom The Phuture?

    Well, we'll need some "thing". CSI already does the flash-back/gory death dissemination thing, we need to copy that somehow, but how? I know, a cool totally unrealistic hologram that the military don't have but one of our 27 year old geniuses knocked up in her bedroom. Not only can it recreate an exact likeness of a person simply from sweeping generalisations, but it can also re-create the crime for us. Watch for it to solve our cases more and more in later episodes when the writing gets REALLY lazy.

    The world inhabited by people who reach their career peak at 27 year old?

    A world-travelling, lecturing, book-writing, kung-fu kicking, number one expert in forensic anthropoligist in her field at 27? Is there anything she can't do before she passes optimal child-bearing age?

    A woman who can design holograms phrom the future by the same point in her life?

    Yeah, sure.

    So what's good about Bones? The prospect that it might not be back after the World Series. More people I know have tried to watch it then turned off "this crap" than have said they like it.

    How can anyone like it? I'm not even sure Bones herself could solve that case.
  • I would rather sew my head to the carpet than watch another episode of Bones!

    I would rather sew my head to the carpet than watch another episode of Bones! The pilot had no flow to it and the characters were in a bad need of personalities. The setting for the lab looked like a fine arts musuem, make it realistic. I could not watch this show again unless there were major changes.
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