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  • You got you basics: Booth, FBI, Jock partnered up with Brennan who is the scientist who had a rough childhood as the show has progressed you've seen more and more similarities between Booth and Brennan. They are opposites that work together very well.

    I like this show, they have a lot of humor that's seems new. Always a good call to have two characters work together that don't seem to have anything in common, but in the end everyone can find something in common with someone else. Yes, it is another twist on the old standard that seems to be everywhere lately which is crime/murder, but if you don't like that kind of show this one is not for you. I thinks it's pretty neat how they figure all the stuff out with just the bones. If you like shows with lots of drama filled intense scenes this one is not really for you. They've got drama but it's not that kind.
  • BONES.... The smartest show ever created! The wittiest, sexiest and intellectually written episodes, effective casts and Seeley Booth!

    BONES.... The smartest show ever created! The wittiest, sexiest and intellectually written episodes, effective casts and Seeley Booth! Jack Hudgens if Angela doesn't want you, I'm here! I love this show! This show is intellectually stimulating, creative and funny. To the creator of this show, I Salute Thee! Though, I missed ZACH! For Filipinos out there, who haven't discovered this show yet, BONES is "YOU MUST SEE" show. You'll be thrilled and laugh and you will learn to. To the CASTS, You guys are excellent! Beautifully created! Wow! I'm currently waiting for season 5. Season 4 rocks! Waiting for the little Booth and Bones on Season 5. The BEST SHOW EVER!
  • My favorite show on television!

    This is the best show on right now. I detest the reality shows that have bombarded the airwaves of late. This show is intelligent with great chemistry between all the cast. Just to get it off my chest, Booth is too sexy for his own good! The show has great writing. There have been times I have researched what I have seen on the show, just to see how accurate the information is. I hate it when shows are so far fetched you just want to turn them off. Now I'm sure Bones isn't totally accurate but for the most part the researchers seem to be doing a great job. The thing that makes this show work for me is the underlying humor. My husband does not get the show. Then again he likes Lost (way too far fetched!), Survivor, HEROS (O.M.GOSH!).... So I don't expect him to get the subtle humor and sexual tension that makes this show great!
  • By not watching this show, you are missing one of the best shows on television.

    Bones is a procedural crime drama that puts a lot of focus on the characters, mainly the partnership of Special Agent Seeley Booth and Dr Temperance Brennan. The actors and actresses starring in Bones were obviously very well casted because they have great chemistry together, especially the chemistry and sexual tension between Booth and Brennan. The show is very well written and is filled with little tidbits of dark humour. It's different from other procedural crime dramas because the main characters deal with victims who are far more decomposed (down to the skeleton). It is also more accurate science wise than some other crime dramas, For example, by not having dna tests done and matched to a suspect in less than a day. I love this show for it's excellent writing, accurate science, amazing acting and chemistry, and the brilliant partnership of B&B. By not watching it, you are missing one of the best shows on television.
  • Its simple to imagine why Bones was renewed for two more season. Three words: Best show Ever...

    Its simple to imagine why Bones was renewed for two more season. Three words: Best show Ever...

    David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel share a chemistry beyond all imagination. With their characters, Dr. Temperance Brennan and Agent Seeley Booth, the lead of the show, it is no wonder why those two were casted. Both brilliant actors, ready for a challenge. The supporting cast is another shocker. With two brilliant leads, to many amazing supporting actors, I am shocked bones is not number one in most peoples hearts. I am shocked about the brilliance of each character, Angela, Jack, Sweets, Cam, Booth and Bones are all different individuals who are not perfect, however are simply spectacular. They are all different, however they blend together as a strong group of friends and co-workers. Bones probably has the best characters out there for their creativeness and the actors who portray them.

    Hart Hanson, the creator of bones is a genius. Despite some shaky story lines, from Zack's departure, to the end of season four, you have to admit, they were written with excellence. I myself was not a fan of either of those story lines, however watching them over again, during the reruns of summer shows me things I never spotted while I was angry with Hart. Each story line is unique, and may not have the outlook we were hoping for, however in the next season, it is always patched up. The writers deserve a great thanks, for their effort and time to make the story and plot of bones as great as it is now. As an aspiring writer, they are inspiring.

    Bones is a show I would easily recommend to anyone looking for a bit of crime, a bit of sexual tension and a bit of comedy. It easily surpasses crime shows like CSI in my book. I have been watching since the middle of season two, and each episode has me sitting on the edge of my seat, waiting anxiously to see what will happen next. If you ask me, Sweets and Cam were a great addition to the show.
  • A dynamic duo, Dr. Brennan and Special Agent Seeley Booth. Brilliant Chemistry. Amazing supporting cast. Its no wonder, why this show has been renewed for two more years. Two more seasons. Many great episodes.

    A dynamic duo, Dr. Brennan and Special Agent Seeley Booth. Brilliant Chemistry. Amazing supporting cast. Its no wonder, why this show has been renewed for two more years. Two more seasons. Many great episodes. Its amazing, how despite their differences as characters, Booth and Bones are stuck together, like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Angela, Hodgins, Sweets and Cam bring so much to the table as a supporting cast. It is a miracle that Bones could have casted so many amazing actors.

    The story lines, the plots, the writing is something every show should dream of having. I have never watched a better show on television. Despite the story lines that fans did not like, I myself did not even like them, you have to give the writers credit, they were crafted in a brilliant way. I know we all miss Zack, and we all thought his ending story line was horrible, however the writers strike screwed up the storyline, not the writers themselves. For those who thought that the season finale of the fourth season was bad, you know it will be fixed in the end, because the writing, acting and entire production of the show is amazing.

    I have been a loyal fan since day one, and I will be a loyal fan until the end. Nothing can stop me from sitting on the couch at 8 o' clock on a thursday evening preparing myself to watch bones.
  • A great show.

    Bones is a great show about Temperance Brennan, Seeley Booth, Angela Montenegro, Jack Hodgins, and more of the characters solving murders. But, it's more than that, much more. There's Brennan finding out more about her somewhat mysterious past, all of the relationships, including everyone's favorite relationship, Brennan and Booth, who still have not happened! Another relationship is Cam and Booth, a relationship that I am sure all of us would really like to forget. The show is very clever, and the murders are some of the strangest ever. Though the third and fourth seasons were a bit shaky, the show is still one of the best shows out there.
  • Bones is the best show in the world! It is so interesting and funny. Booth and Bones are great together! The show has a perfect mix of crime and humor. I Love Bones!!!

    Bones has the perfect mix of science, crime, and comedy! It is the best show. The cases are ALWAYS interesting and it's better than other crime shows because it also has a good amount of fun with the characters and are more personal with them. The relationship between Booth and Bones is hilarious and is like my favorite part of the show! I love to watch the emotional development between them and can't wait until they get together. The writers are amazing at how they come up with so many great ideas for murders and character development. Hart Hanson is my hero! Bones Rocks My World!!!!!
  • One of a handful of truly intelligent shows on TV today!

    Only the intelligent of the world will be drawn to this type of show- because they actually have to think. Where other shows suck the brain cells out of your head, Bones doesn't insult your intelligence by giving you tripe to watch. The characters are fresh and inspiring. Morons do not look like heroes. brainpower wins. This is the world as it should be, not as the producers of Jackass want to portray it.

    Brains and brawn can and do work together, and this show makes it look easy. It is not. The characters are complex enough to keep us interested without turning the series into a soap opera. Bravo!
  • Even though it sounds like an odd premise its one of the best shows.

    i started watching bones after i saw an episode early on in the second season, after that i rented the first season and got so caught up...even my mom loved the show and she almost never watches television. The characters were so lovable even if you didnt like them at first. When Cam first came to the show i couldnt stand her but after a while she became part of the group. The cases are interesting and unusual; theyre not something you see on every crime drama. One in particular that stands out would have to be the episode where the victim had a weird sexual fetish or when the body was found in a barrel of wine. Its not something you see everyday and thats what makes is so great. plus on top of that the chemistry between booth and bones is fantastic, the tension really does enhance the dynamic of the show.
  • A fascinating insite into the world of forensics, mix in sexual tension between the two lead characters, add a dash of humour, and hey presto - perfect television

    As long as you don't question that the FBI use outside contractors to make the intitial inspection of a crime scene, this makes for great TV. Start with great scripts, perfect casting, excellent acting, and in some of the 80s magic from shows like Moonlighting you get what on the outside lookes like it would be an interlectual insite into the world of forensic anthropology. However when you ignore the science and look at the chemistry you find your self being drawn into the everyday lives of and office environment, the comeraderie between the main characters, the banter and the one liners are all written exactly how they would happen. It is this sort of attention to detail that makes shows not just good but great, timeless and enduring
  • One of the best shows on tv.I am tired of all the reality tv.This show is one of the few shows worth watching.It has alittle bit of everything. I LOVE BONES.Ilike the way the writers have develop the relashionship between Bones and Booth.

    You have created #1 show on tv. one of the things that makes Bones differet is mixing horrible deaths with romance and comedy in a tastefull way.Booth and Bones are so diferent and so similar. bringing Sweets and Camile was a genious idea.The only mistake was loosing Zack.Overall the show has great actors,the story lines are great,maybe add a bit more comedy(tastefully) You have a show that is a 10.Best luck keep up the good work..Hope to see Bones for many more years congratulations!Whoever cast the actors manage to cast the perfect actor for the parts they play.BEST SHOW
  • Fun, active and lovable! Perfect!

    I simply love this show. It has action, love and humor all in one and all at the right amount at the right time! I would recommend everyone to watch it, they won't be disappointed. Just the fact that the story is written by the true events or close like events gives it a high grade. And the "add-ons", like relationships between the characters or the light hearted humor gives it the special taste. Of course, especially interesting is the relationship between Booth and Brennan, the main characters, so called "total opposites". At the beginning of the show there were just some whispers telling us about the two of them, but now those whispers became loud, and in the last season they became screams telling us that there's some real thing going on!
    I can't wait for the next season, and to see what will happen to Booth and to two of them. :)

  • One of the greatest shows ever. I still want Booth and Bones to get togheter soon ;)

    I really love this show because it is so fun. The expression between Booth and Bones are great. I wonder if they are going to get togheter sometime soon. They can't deny the feelings between them. Come on! How long time does it have to take? The maker of this show has done and is doing a great work. He/she really knows how to do a good detective with a sense of humour and a kind of romance. I have almost followed the show from start and is not tired of it like I'm with some shows. It's a show that you can follow without waiting for an ending. Keep up the good work!
  • Definitely worth watching over and over again! BEST SHOW in a long time!!

    Such an AMAZING show! You can't miss a show like Bones. From the first season you are sucked into the drama and comedy of Booth, Brennan, and the Squints. It has such a perfect blend of drama and suspense from the crimes, comedy from the character relations, and loads of sexual tension that adds to the two. The end of the fourth season was such a HUGE twist that both upset and enticed me and many others. I am DEFINITELY hyped for season 5 and future seasons. A show definitely worth buying and watching over and over and over again!!
  • How can anyone miss this show?

    This is a must see show!

    This show is for anyone who likes crime shows. The character relationships (espically the booth brennan relationship) are great. The addition of Dr. Sweets although unnerving at first has turned out so great and has been a great help in the evolution of the booth brennan relationship. The characters interaction with each other has evolved during the life of the show in such a way that makes me want to come back for more. The way the last season ended is of course more of the same. Who would have thought that Brennan would want a child!?
  • I'm clearly still upset from the finale, but overall the show is great!!

    I have to admit, even though there are one or two Bones episodes that absolutely annoy me, this show is one of the most interesting shows on television right now. One thing that I find particularly interesting about the way the characters are developed is that the writers and creators of Bones make characters that lend themselves brillantly to the investigative and scientific plots of the show. Unlike many shows where one is either exclusively interested in the love story, or solely the criminal investigation, the lives of the characters seem to organically flow out of the necessities of the criminal investigations; so that the audience feels like they are getting to know Booth and Bones at the same rate as the characters in the show. In addition, the writers do a wonderful job of creating realistic characters with flaws and quirks making the show realistic, funny and interesting. The sexual and romantic tensions in this show are breathtaking!
  • An amazing show, very well written and great delivery by the actors. Will have you guessing every show, only to be suprised at the end.

    Great show, make time for it because there isn't much on TV better than Bones. It gets better week by week and I can't wait for the start of season 5. Season 4 had a HUGE twist at the end in the finale and if you haven't watched it, I recommend that you catch up and watch that episode, but if you have not been watching the show, you need to atch up on all episodes so you get a feel for the show. Like I said, its a fantastic show, a great core group of actors, and is very well written.
  • A Forensic Anthropologist, Brennen (Bones) and FBI Agent Booth become partners. They solve murders with the help of the "squints". Brennen and Booth's relationship starts all business and after a while they are "best friends".

    I have to say that I haven't missed an episode. I own all three seasons on DVD. I love the characters and how they have grown. I really enjoy the Booth-Bones relationship. You don't have to wait six years for anything to happen between them. I like how they come up with a lot of different plots. They are never the same. I like they have recurring roles and how they bring a lot of personal issues to the plate. And how everyone interacts with one another is priceless. There will be a lot of surprises and things will happen that you won't expect or believe!
  • This show is one of the shows that keeps me interested in watching TV. It just does what its supposed to and is a great representation for the novels' character.

    Basically, I believe this show has been a great success and will continue to be. I have read nearly all of the Kathy Reichs books that deal with Temperance Brennan and the crimes that she solves. I have to say that the producers, writers and anyone else involved with the creation of this show have done a very good job. No matter if they continue the show for 5 more seasons or just 1, this show will continue to keep its viewers intrigued and excited no matter what new refreshing case they decide to come up with. The way that the Bones team has put together the episodes really is stellar work. There may be some episodes that seemed to be pointless but the team always finds a way to fit it into the storyline for 'Bones'. I would like this show to continue, as long as, they keep the interesting cases coming and solidifying the characters into the shows storyline.
  • A fascinating crime drama with plenty of character development. "Bones" is one of the most entertaining shows on tv at the moment.

    "Bones" is a show that hasn't failed me so far. I love watching it. It always has an assortment of interesting crimes, twists and turns within the plot and the show is also character centric. It doesn't follow the pattern of other crime dramas on tv where the characters are just used as pawns to solve the crime, each of the characters in "Bones" are just as important as the murders they're investigating.

    What really gives this show an edge though is the incredible chemistry between the two main protagonists; Dr. Temperance Brennan (played by Emily Deschanel) and Special Agent Seeley Booth (played by David Boreanaz) and the developments in their close relationship gives many an extra reason to tune in. This show just keeps getting better.
  • A great show with amazing chemistry between the characters.

    This show is, frankly, one of the best shows on tv. Although in my opinion the first three seasons were better than this season (4), it is still completely worth watching. The dialogue between the characters is always witty and entertaining, and the plot is interesting and still surprises you even after all this time. However, I'd have to say that one of the best aspects of this show is the relationship between Brennen (Bones) and Booth. Their chemistry is wonderful and a viewer cannot help but love them. Between Bones' practical and logical view on life and Booth's more religious view, they make a wonderful, contrasting pair. This show is well worth a watch. It is not like every other crime/murder mystery show that is on television right now. It something unique and refreshing.
  • Amazing, best thing on tv. . .

    The romantic side of this show is what keeps me tuning in every week. I love the end when they wrap up the case and always have that "moment" together. The chemistry between Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz is outstanding, they make a great team. As for the scientific aspect of it, it can be gruesome at times but the characters keep it light. I always learn something new each week from the show although the terminology can be hard to follow at times ( well for me lol but thats because im not excatly smart lol). All in all this show is the best thing on tv for me, it has everything in it you could want for a tv programme. Romance, humour, science,friendship. Best of all DB to drool over! :P !
  • Good Show you should watch.

    I am not going to lie I really didn't like this show at first. I thought it was just another rip off of C.S.I. but the more you watch the more you get rapped up in the whole world. David Boreanaz as Booth is so good. He has really has come a long way from the days of Buffy and Angel. I am surprised at his range. The relationship with him and Emily Deschanel is quite good. The chemistry of the two of them is one of the best on TV today. I even like that they added Dr. Sweets to the cast.
  • Drama, Action, Intelligence, and Humor; what more could you ask for.

    As one of my favorite shows, Bones has all the elements of a great TV show; drama, action, humor and intelligence. FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth teams with Dr. Temperance Brennan to determine the cause of death (usually murder) of badly decomposed bodies or skeletal remains. Dr. Brennan is a renowned expert in the field of forensic anthropology specializing in bones hence her nickname by Seeley Booth and the name of the show. The rest of the team consists of Angela Montenegro, Dr. Jack Hodgins, Dr. Camille Saroyan, and Dr. Lance Sweets. Angela Montenegro is an artist that gives life to the skeletal remains using her talents to sketch what the victim would have looked like or reconstructing the what the face would have looked like through sculpture. Dr. Jack Hodgins is an expert in trace evidence and has a love for bugs. Dr. Camille Saroyan is in charge of the team working at the Jeffersonian Institute. Dr. Lance Sweets main function is to counsel and analyze Booth and Brennan, but also helps in the profiling of murder suspects.

    There is an abundance of sexual tension between Booth and Brennan and am surprised that they haven't gotten together yet. Whenever Brennan goes on a date with someone you can see the jealousy in Booth.

    Finally, this is one of my favorite shows on TV for the above reasons. If you haven't seen it, give it a chance.
  • From the novels of a true life anthropologist, comes the crime drama about Dr. Temperance Brennan(Emily Deschanel) and her team of experts who solve murders mostly involving human remains with the help of special agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz).

    The show has an outstanding ensemble of characters and actors who marvelously make every episode an hour well spent in from of the small screen. Emily portraits a highly logical intelligent woman who accepts nothing out of her area of reasoning which is her comfort zone and she does it the best way possible as an actress. David also performs brilliantly as the catholic, macho hero who has a clear soft spot for his partner. The romantic angle of the show is well written and keeps everyone in anticipation for a romantic relationship between the main characters as well as others such as Angela(Michaela Conlin) and Jack Hodgins(TJ Thyne).

    Last but not least,such crime dramas are not expected to have comedy as an element, but for bones being often funny is one of its major strengths.
  • Special Agent Seeley Booth teams up with Dr. Temperance Brennan to solve murders with only their decomposed bodies as clues. She teaches about science and the human skeleton, while he teaches her about "life" and how to exist outside of pure science.

    Special Agent Seeley Booth, a former Army sniper, now works for the FBI, while forensic anthropologist and writer Dr. Temperance Brennan works at the Jeffersion Institute identifying human remains.
    Brennan has the scientific skills and Booth has the people and street skills to make them an unlikely partnership, but an unbeatable one. And together, they specialize in solving murders where only the victims' bones are left.
    The cases they solve quickly put them on the map as top investigators and on killers' lists to watch out for.
    Their partnership has had its ups, like dancing to songs and eating at their favorite diner and also its downs, like Booth having to arrest her dad, him getting shot, and being buried alive. But in the end they have a deep bond and they would do almost anything to help each other.
  • Bones is a cutting edge crime show that combines the use of science and good old detective work.

    Inspired by Kathy Reichs, a real-life anthropologist and novelist; this show follows the life and work of Dr. Temperance Brennan who consults for the FBI as a forensic anthropologists. Special Agent Seeley Both consults with Brennan and her colleagues from the Jeffersonian Institution, and utilizes there expertise to help solve crimes. Their relationships add a unique and quirky dynamic to the show, drawing you in and leaving you wanting more.

    Overall the show takes you into a world of forensic science that sparks imagination, creativity, and interest. Each episode is new and refreshing. I have never felt like "seen it" after watching.
  • Bones is a drama show focused in the life of Temperance Brennan, a forensic anthropologist who helps Special Agent Seeley Booth to solve murder cases. it shows through great cases how she adapts to social life, making logic and reasoning aside.

    There is an episode of Bones for each one of human being needs!!!
    There is drama, which is obtained from great cases involving deeply internal conections among the characters.
    There is humor, of the smart and the classic one. So after each episode you can be sure, some great quotes will be left behind.
    While all these things are happening, polemics appear to make the show even smarter and complex. Main characters, Booth And Brennan reflect the opposites as clearly as possible, so the audience knows there is always something to discuss or to think about.
    AND OBVIOUSLY... the B/B chemistry going on!!
  • The show follows Temperance Brennan, a forensic anthropologist, and her team through a series of cases which is dramatic, suspenseful, and even romantic. There is something for everyone in this show wether it be interesting information or drama

    Bones is personally my favorite of shows. It has every appeal that t.v. should have if you like drama or a informational type of show or a crime thriller every topic is persented. There are many relationships that the fans can love and analyze and each character is different and relatable. The spectator always finds themselves captivated and unwilling to change the channel and each case is filled with twists and turns that are plausable and not unpredictable-yet at the same time they don't fall into routine. The acting is amazing as well as graphics and set design and everything is brought together harmoniously. Even if you miss a show or a season you can jump right in without feeling lost; although you may miss a little fact ehre or there.
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