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Thursday 8:00 PM on FOX Premiered Sep 13, 2005 In Season



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  • Boring Boring Boring

    I thought this would be a good show. I stopped watching it -- too much like CSI - and the guy who used to be Angel -- they got him acting like a jerk and like his previous part - a vampire. The acting is not smooth and it is just not working for me.
  • This makes for a good laugh, but I don’t think it’s supposed to.

    My husband recorded the first two episodes of this show a few weeks back, and all I have to say is that I can’t believe I wasted my time watching them. Actually, I didn’t even finish watching the second one. I had seen enough by then. The acting is off. The music is off. And so on. I couldn’t quite figure out why they chose the songs they did and why they were at the most unusual and awkward moments. And I don’t know how many times the main character brought up her dislike of psychology. The dialogue is simply underdeveloped and highly lacking. I can’t believe the network signed on for more episodes.
  • Sucks

    Do the writers have a day job writing bus schedules? The lead actress, espcially, needs to get into a nother line of work. Have you watched MEDIUM? Also a show based on the life of a 'real' person. Excellent show, but BONES? Bones should be cancelled. The story lines wouldn't be so bad if the dialogue wasn't so stupid and the actors could at least pretend to be acting.
  • I really liked the show, started to get into it, then RERUNS, we are only in October and I have already seen the same show 3 times!!!!!

    I really liked the show, started to get into it,
    then RERUNS, we are only in October and I have already seen the same show 3 times!!!!! I can't stand when we start to get into a new show or a new season of our favorite show, and they start
    showing repeats in October, come on, give me a break!!!
  • The writers need some teeth. . .

    preferably, Angelus' fangs in their overpaid skinny necks. Terrible writing is something that most often just doesn't get better, and I shudder to think of the scripts already in the pipeline for this derivative idiot-fest.

    I can't really do a full review of the pilot for Bones, because my wife finally, mercifully, hit the remote after 20 minutes of torture. Let's take the opening scene. A high-end SUV belonging to a nice-looking upper-middle-class man with a beautiful wife pulls up in front of a restaurant. The car explodes. For the next 15 minutes, every law enforcement official in the \"drama\" refers to him as \"the terrorist\", because he's originally from the Middle East.

    After about 15 minutes, somebody says something like, \"you know, this may have been a murder, not a suicide bombing\".

    This level of intelligence is sustained in every aspect of the pilot. And it\'s cutesy enough to turn stomachs. The detective (Boreanaz) calls scientists \"squints\" -- creative, huh? And in an attempt to ward off outcries of how badly the show\'s structure rips off \"X-Files\", Boreanaz refers to himself and Dr. Bones as \"Scully and Mulder\". As if the writers have become more creative by realizing that they copied another t.v. series.

    This show stinks, despite some individually decent actors and a workable premise.
  • Over-produced, under-written, focus-groupped crap. This painful CSI-for-Buffy-fans is pretty ironic considering Fox also gave us The Simpsons episode where execs are shown flipping rival channels for "new and exciting ideas".

    Lets break it down. What is the problem with Bones?

    Is it the glossy over-production?

    Never since Starship Troopers has a cast and locations been so unilaterally pretty. Even Jorja Fox's ugly gap-toothed grin in CSI adds some ugly. And the least attractive cast member will happily flash you her bra if your rude to her. Yeah, that happens to me plenty when a girl wants my attention.

    The ridiculous impractical sets designed solely to look good in a moody framed shot?

    Bones, bones, bones. As if to ram home the incessant lame "Bones" jokes, every possible wall of their base has thousands upon thousands of Ikea storage boxes full of BONES! Walls 40ft high lined with boxes of bones. But not just boxes of bones. Moodily rear-lit boxes of bones!!!! Sure it's impractical and probably does the evidence damage, but DAMN if it doesn't look COOOOOOL.

    The stiff, wooden acting?

    Did Emily Deschanel take acting lessons from Matt LeBlanc in character as Joey? Does David Boringass have any other facial expressions aside from "brooding concentration" and "brooding smirk". Dialogue delivery is just plain awful, awful, awful. Especially during the climax where "Bones" goes loco.

    The completely incompetent insulting writing?

    Anybody see Kiss The Girls? Anyone wonder why there are big "No Smoking" signs in a gas station? In a room doused full of petrol, someone drops a lit Zippo. Why? Because they've just been shot. Muzzle-flash AND an open, lit zippo in a room full of flammable petrol fumes? Even Morgan Freeman knew better. Congratulations writers, if you hadn't conveniently side-stepped logic and reality, your main character just burned to death in the pilot.
    Arabs are terrorists first, murderers later? Thanks for setting back the ethnic diversity cause back 100 years.
    I don't know who Lenny Kravitz is but I can recognize the woman behind a tabloid political scandal from months ago, simply from her skull definition? Um.. yeah.

    The stupid little cute catchphrases?

    "I don't understand that."
    "Don't call me Bones."

    Less is more.

    The Super-duper Hi-Tec Hologram Phrom The Phuture?

    Well, we'll need some "thing". CSI already does the flash-back/gory death dissemination thing, we need to copy that somehow, but how? I know, a cool totally unrealistic hologram that the military don't have but one of our 27 year old geniuses knocked up in her bedroom. Not only can it recreate an exact likeness of a person simply from sweeping generalisations, but it can also re-create the crime for us. Watch for it to solve our cases more and more in later episodes when the writing gets REALLY lazy.

    The world inhabited by people who reach their career peak at 27 year old?

    A world-travelling, lecturing, book-writing, kung-fu kicking, number one expert in forensic anthropoligist in her field at 27? Is there anything she can't do before she passes optimal child-bearing age?

    A woman who can design holograms phrom the future by the same point in her life?

    Yeah, sure.

    So what's good about Bones? The prospect that it might not be back after the World Series. More people I know have tried to watch it then turned off "this crap" than have said they like it.

    How can anyone like it? I'm not even sure Bones herself could solve that case.
  • I would rather sew my head to the carpet than watch another episode of Bones!

    I would rather sew my head to the carpet than watch another episode of Bones! The pilot had no flow to it and the characters were in a bad need of personalities. The setting for the lab looked like a fine arts musuem, make it realistic. I could not watch this show again unless there were major changes.
  • I was a little disappointed by this-I had higher expectations from David Boreanaz, one of my favorites.

    I looked forward to watching this show since I first saw the ads for it. It\'s disappointing that David Boreanaz would take such a plain role-especially after I loved his tormented character through seven seasons of Buffy and five seasons of Angel. I\'ll probably continue to watch it, because I get bored on Tuesday nights, but it really is just another crime show. CSI meets Law and Order or something...only way more bland. The fourth episode isn\'t even going to show until the first of November, which means that if the show hasn\'t hooked you yet, you have to wait another month to even give it a second shot. Probably not worth the time, sadly.
  • X Files rehash

    Didn't I see all this on The X Files?

    A handsome FBI man on a mission..."To solve as many murders as the number of lives I took as a sniper."

    A medical expert who relies on science to define her world. "I understand the dead better than I understand the living."

    There are so many X Files elements! There's the quirky conspiracy dude, the tortured childhood with the 'vanished' family members, already a catch phrase, "I don't understand" (Not as good as The Truth is Out There, is it?) How many times did she say, "I don't understand?"

    They even have a bald grouchy boss calling them in and chewing them out.

    I predict that their unorthodox methods will get them into more hot water with the boss. I predict that he will eventually turn soft toward them, helping them out. We might even find out about his tortured past as well.

    I can see it all coming. There will be smoldering looks between the FBI agent and the science girl. There will be rapidly escalating emotions between them. But something will stand in the way of their happiness...not wanting to jeopardize the work relationship, emotional damage from past tragedy, etc. etc. May she simply "won't understand" about dating.

    If it stays on the air long enough, I predict a 'quest' to find out what happened to the missing parents. I predict that Bones will be seen caressing the skeletal remains when they are found by the lovely FBI man.

    I would love to know how closely this is based on the life of Kathy Reichs. If her life is exactly like this, maybe someone should find Chris Carter and spank him for copying this woman's life when he created The X Files. And I'll apologize to her for saying this show is an X Files re-hash.

    I think that instead of watching "Bones" again, I'll find a copy of one of Kathy Reichs' books and see for myself what she has to say.

    By the way, does anyone understand why these gorgeous characters on TV are never married and seem content to spend entire nights piecing together skulls with Elmer's glue or working on new computer programs?
  • Ugh, that was painful. Angel fans, stay away.

    I tuned in for David Boreanaz but he was the only decent thing in the show. The female lead is TERRIBLE and the character is so unlikable. They're trying to make her independent and strong and instead they made a character no one could possibly care about.

    The writing was clunky, the use of music very awkward and the mystery uninvolving. Every single supporting character was irritating. The dialogue was painfully bad.

    Just a complete waste of time.
  • Can't wait for the rest of the series!

    I just watched the Pilot & I can't wait for fall to see the rest of this series. Please Fox, recognize that we need a full season of this show & plan the time slots accordingly! I'm so tired of reality, nanny/911, wife swapping, old celeb reality shows. We NEED this show on TV! It's a keeper all. Great Job Marti!
  • The magic of Bones

    I first watched a Bones' episode totally by accident, when I was flipping through channels on tv. I fell in love with it. No, waiting anxiously for the show's sixth season to begin I bring myself to write a review about it.
    Bones is a great show. It has it all: humor, drama, angst, sexual tension; everything we love to see in a show.
    The Bones/Booth relationship is what kept me glued to the TV for the most part, but then I learned to like the whole squint squad, how could I not? In my opinion is what makes this show one of the best on recent television, it also shines light to the other characters of the show and their story plots. By the time I watched the second season I was totally gone without chance of return, the second season is by the way one of my favorites of the show until now.
    In spite of using some old formula for a tv show: the never ending UST between the main characters, the show inovated with its unique episodes and plots - I'm sure that most viewers were as stunned by the 100th episode as I was - and I hope that it continues with its uniqueness until the end.
  • Bones is about Temperance Brennan, a Forensic Anthropologist. She solves murders with her FBI partner Special Agent Seeley Booth. They share the screen with several crazy, but lovable characters that assist in catching the murderers and serving justice

    I have to honestly say that Bones is one of my all time favorite shows. I was never really into murder mystery series's, I guess I never considered watching those kinds as entertaining. If anything I found them depressing. I absolutely love Bones though. It has an entertaining cast that draws you in from episode one. Through the series I have watched the characters grow, as well as the relationships between them. That is a rare quality in most crime shows. I love the Human element, and the chemistry of the actors and the characters that they portray, especially Both and Brennan. All I can say is that I wait on baited breath for the next episode.
  • Freaks and geeks who are ridiculously gorgeous, gory human remains, and probably the best chemistry between 2 most unlikely couple in TV universe. Or if you prefer short, Mulder and Scully in a whole new perspective.

    I was having my lunch some weekend and flipping through channels, when I eventually stop at this scene where a group of people in some sort of lab was poking some crush human remains. It's not a pretty sight, especially when you're having lunch at the time. But Lords knows why I continue watching and completely abandon my lunch. Later on I found out that the scene was from "Spacemen in the Crater" from Bones season 1 episode 19. The rest is history and I'm hooked ever since. I'm always been a big fan of this sort of odd couple on screen and not many out there that can pull off the right chemistry like Brennan/Booth. They come in second after Mulder/Scully of course, my all time favorite show on TV back in the day where freaks and geeks don't usually put on primetime TV. But despite all the fuss about URST between Brennan/Booth, my loyalty in the show must lay in the hand of those remains that waiting to be discover through out the season and the barter between the squints who inhabit the Jeffersonian Medico-Legal Lab.
  • Great show... original characters. Very interesting story-lines.

    Very orignal series with actors/characters to match! Can't get enough! Hope tis series lasts for many more years to come..... AND I hope that Brennan and Booth wake up to reality and finally really see each other as the perfect match that they are...... well, at least I hope the writers do!!
    Never really thought about everything that your bones could tell about you.... even after death... but the way it's done in this series makes it all seem so logical and interesting to watch. That's a hard combination!!Okay, the romance scenes are great too! Interaction with co-workers puts an interesting and exciting spin on the show. Can't wait for the new shows to air.... keep up the great work team!
  • One of my favourite show ever!!

    This show is amazing, it's serious, it's funny, it's everything you want it to be!!! From the beggining, you fall for the character and you like them so much that it's annoying. My favorite character is Bones (of course) she's so intelligent with bones and so stupid with people: it's really hilarious and Buce is so the opposite and they are working so well and bad together at the same. I got to say this show is one of my favourite ever, you never get bored. I bought season 1 and 2 in dvd and I watch it like cd after cd, all evening, it really is AMAZING!!

    A must watch for all!!!
  • About a great forensic anthropologist and her partner an fbi agent solving crimes of unidenified bodies.

    Bones is awesome and not going down hill! I watch the episodes every night and i havent missed one yet!Bones and Booth are so cute together and they are an awesome team together!They inspired me to become a detective!It teaches me new things every day
    !I luv it!Booth and Brennan are great characters and i hope it never goes off the air!It helps me everyday!I have done great in school because of it!I can pronounce a bunch of new words now! IT makes me think of everday life and the people who need help but cant get it!Thats why it inspired me to become a detective or fbi agent!
  • Great mix of science, crime fighting, drama, and humor.

    Bones is definitely one of my favorite shows currently on. It's much more interesting than any of the other CSI shows out there, with a much better cast and much better writing. It falters here and there, as any show does, but overall it's quite consistently good. The cases are interesting and keep you guessing... but how they work in the character interactions and relationships is what makes this an above average show. I think the writers are running out of ways to keep the B+B relationship interesting, which is unfortunate, but I understand how hard it must be to keep that going for 5 years. I'd say my biggest gripe with the show is when they try too hard to be edgy and over the top. They're just not good at that. The dream episode... Gormagon... Booth's "death"... his tumor... even things like Angela being bisexual (wtf? she dates a girl for a few weeks, and then she's back to men... uhh...) were all just attempts at being edgy that knocked them straight back on their asses. Edgy is great if you know how to do it... but Bones is better at sticking to the normal path.
  • Well, this episode was an alternate universe episode. Something I would usually find in a fanfiction...

    Maybe that's where the writer's found this story line. I mean it would make sense considering people who write fanfiction can't really claim their work as their own without giving credit too FOX... All I'm saying is that I wouldn't be surprised if that is what happened. Now about the episode... I am undecided as to whether or not the episode was actually good... I really liked the referances to things that have happened in past episodes EX)Zack's going to prison/mental institution for something that wasn't his fault, but I am worried about what they are going to do about Booth's memory loss. I mean does he only not remember Brennan or is it the whole crew? Does he remember Parker (cause that would be HORRIBLE for a little boy and the FOX writers would be cruel to even consider it), or does he only not remember those who have worked at the lab? Or maybe he doesn't remember the last four years, meaning he would still remember Parker, Rebecca, Jared, Cam, and his family issues. This would make things a lot easier on the writers if they went this way. They are obviously going to take this the ENTIRE next season... meaning that Booth and Brennan won't get together FOR REAL for another entire year. Although, as much as it is killing me to say this, this is good. Think about it, as much as we want them to get together (Boy do we ever!!! I mean realistically they would have jumped each other four years ago when this whole sexual tension started!!!), if they actually got together we would probably only have about one season worth of material left.
    Now the question is, is Brennan going to help Booth get his memory back? Is Booth just going to get his memory back just from one random object or feeling triggering a flashback of somesort? Or are they going to have to start all over again?
    In a way starting all over again WOULD be good, because there wouldn't be this whole 'well, she's my partner bit'. We all know that Booth flirts with pretty much any woman he comes in contact with, and if it takes him a while to get back to work and Brennan is around, chances are he will make a move. With less hesitation. Hopefully. These are just speculations. Thank you to anyone who actually took the time to read this. I probably just ruined five minutes of your life.
  • This show has a fast plot , good jokes and it learns us every thursday a little more about the human bones.

    The show is about a forensic anthropologist , Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan (Emily Deschanel ) and a FBI Agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz).The plot starts spinning fast and the first episodes are a hit. Brennan just comes from a trip after a heavy divorce. But when a body is found somewhere Booth asks for Brennan's help. You notice quite fast that the relationship between Brennan and Booth is not to well. their previously case was Booth: Field and Brennan:Lab.Brennan wants more , she wants to go in the field. After some arguments and blackmailing brennan gets what she wants: Field and lab combined. After some time they get to respect each other and a warm friendship and partnership comes .. Or maybe more ?
  • Fantastic show. If there are no bones, no bones.

    I love this show, with suspense, intrigue, action, and it's fun. I'm glad because I think it is the show with the longest season that there is nothing more and no fewer than 26 chapters, where the majority of shows no more than 24. I love to see come to final event of discovering the murderer. I also believe that the two principal actors, David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel are perfect for their roles, are complemented to perfection and that is very important for the plot of the show. I hope you have many more seasons of Bones, which are so great.
  • Bones is an amazing show. Science mixed with romance. This is definently the BEST show on T.V. It's original, funny, informative and just great. But as good as it is it is also very bloody so if you don't like blood this show isn't for you.

    An amazing show. Each episode gets better and better. The characters go through a very detailed process of gory murders. They figure out what killed a person and catch the bad guy. But that's not why most people love this show it is mainly because of the romantic love/hate relationship between the two main characters Booth and Brennan. Science mixed with romance is genious. The cast a fantastic and makes it an enjoyable and fun experience. You leave your couch wanting more and longing for the next episode. If you like drama/comedy/romance shows this is the show for you. I can tell you that you will like it.
  • new fan

    dont know what took me so long dont know what took me so long dont know what took me so long dont know what took me so long dont know what took me so long dont know what took me so long dont know what took me so long dont know what took me so long dont know what took me so long dont know what took me so long dont know what took me so long dont know what took me so long dont know what took me so long dont know what took me so long ... i had to make word count...
  • it is a really special and unique show.

    I love it. the truth is that a person with a weak stomach can't -or shouldn't watch it- but it think it is superb. the plot is always interesting, but i find the relationship between the heroes far more intrigueing. you get to watch them, booth, bone, angela, zack, everyone evolve and reveal their secrets to each other and to you as the viewer. i think this pretty much does the trick, the fact that these characters are convincing, but amazing at the same time. they have good and bad sides, they have weaknesses annd strengths. they are looking for truth and atonement.
  • Booth, FBI agent, and Brennan, forensic anthropologist, solve murders with the help of their fully-capable forensics team.

    The cases (with a couple of exceptions, which is to be expected) have just been getting better and better. Each one is just as or more than unique than the last! I find myself getting excited by previews for upcoming episodes more than I ever was, for any other show.

    The romantic aspect of the show, though, has left me sorely disappointed. The Booth and Brennan prospect has been drawn out too long with too many obstacles and frustrations. For the record, the idea is to frustrate the characters, not annoy the hell out of your audience. Eventually, you've got to stop teasing the cat and give it the mouse - or the cat starts scratching. I'm getting so tired of this; either make good on your hints and promises, or stop hinting and promising! It's enough to make even the most avid Bones fan go mad.

    The actors and their respective roles are amazing. Each one plays their character so uniquely. I love watching them even when I don't like what's going on, because 99% of the time they're never doing anything out of character for the, well, character.

    For those of you who are new to the show, my advice is this: absolutely, watch it! The cases are fascinating and the interactions between the squints are humorous and entertaining. But, if you're watching it in hopes of watching a romance in the mix: DON'T, because you're not going to see one. The romances on Bones are either trivial and not interesting, lengthy and problematic to the nth degree, or, most disappointingly, woefully nonexistent. When I'm choosing a show to watch for its investigative content, I choose Bones every time, but when I'm looking for something to make my heart flutter even a beat, Bones is at the very bottom of my list. Sure, Bones has its cute and sweet moments (and I can name my favorite ones, which episodes they were in, and what seasons those episodes belong to), but they are far outweighed and overshadowed by the disappointment of the Booth and Brennan relationship.
  • one of the best shows on fox

    bones is a good show that involes drama,comdedy and is still able to bring the seriousness of what a detive show should be like. its a really good show on fox and i think its in its top 5 on fox. the show is difrent from the rest a girl that helps solve murders by telling from the bones. that is diffrent. and thats why i like it . and it has the comedy it it like between the people that help her and it has its serious parts with some of the people dieing in the show. i think that always are the things you need for a good sucess story.
  • Such a very very good show

    Oh one of my favourite crime shows so great so sweet so funny, how many shows have casts with this must chemistry come on with always fresh dialogue and storylines i can see running for another five seasons, This show has it all romance for the girls action for the boys, and lovely friendships and continuing who done it's to kepp even agatha cristi fans on the toes, it's always great to see a show like this where it's not just unrealistic science with scientists appointing them selves detectives ( not mentioning any names... cough csi) but a show with real heart all i can say is i can't wait till the next episode.
  • Bones has just gotten better and better

    Bones has just gotten better and better over the years that it's been on the air. The characters are well rounded and every one of them bring something new to the show that you don't see anywhere else.

    Booth is the FBI-guy. Some say that he is a stereotypical jock, but he has a ton of layers to him and he is always revealing something new about himself and how he feels about his team. He is the alpha male and he takes his role very seriously.

    Brennan is basically what any woman would want to be; intelligent, beautiful, successful. Although, she does not always (ever) get subtle nonverbal signals, or understand anything about pop culture. Whether she knows it or not, she has the love of a really good man. If anything is going to come of that only time, and the writers will tell.

    The supporting cast is also amazing. Jack Hodgins with his slightly toned-done obsession with conspiracy theories, and of course excrement. Angela Montenegro, the artist who hates dead bodies, but is always searching for a person to connect with. Camille Saroyan, the boss who's a b**** (in a good way)and she cares about the job and the people who are doing that job. Who can forget Lance Sweets? He was a little bit bumbling at first, but he has found his stride and he is really just looking for a place to belong, aren't well all?

    The show has grown and changed. Some familiar faces have left and new ones came in but the underlying story will always be the same. To me this show is not just about crime-solving, it's also about a family and watching it, you can see that they all care about each other even if they are not always nice about it!
  • This show about the forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperance Brennan and special agent Seeley Booth has it all: crime solving, humor, drama, mystery, friendship, love, dynamic character development, anthropology, science, psychology, technology etc.

    This show about the forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperance Brennan and special agent Seeley Booth has it all: crime solving, humor, drama, mystery, friendship, love, dynamic character development, anthropology, science, psychology, technology etc. The cast consist of a bunch of great actors in the role of a variety of personalities. You get to appreciate and love every one of the characters once you get to know them. The incredible intelligent, amazingly beautiful yet socially awkward Dr. Brennan absolutely has stolen my heart despite of her disbelieve in anything psychological and her (slight) haughtiness towards her colleagues and her partner Booth. Booth, the ultimate hot good guy with the heart of a lion and a smile to die for. The incredible chemistry between the two main characters Brennan and Booth is in my opinion the main reason why this show is worth viewing. These two opposites make for a great successful and sexy team. Their relationship is intense, challenging, intimate, complicated, loving and still indefinable. Thorough 4 seasons this show has managed to keep the search for a definition interesting. For 4 seasons the viewers have been guessing what is becoming of this couple, and this question remains unanswered. Another aspect that I personally love is the continuous battle between opposites; anthropology vs. psychology, science vs. religion, rational logic vs. faith, brains vs. muscles… Viewing situations from different point of views makes the show believable and fascinating, dare I say it sometimes even is an eye opener. Top this with the surprising storylines, the interesting cases, the playful references to other shows and the excellent camerawork, you have yourself a show that comes as close to perfect as I imagine is possible.
  • A group of scientists solve crime with the help of the FBI.

    When I first started watching this show, I was not too impressed with it. This feeling was fixed during season 2, and since then, it has been one of the best shows on television. As I grew more attached to all of the shows characters, I started to feel that the show was more than just a formulaic crime dramady. The relationships between the characters were both fun to watch and interesting, with the king of all will they-won't they situations going on between Booth and Bones. The series only gets a knock from me because it does not have enough consistent villains. It would be nice to see more serial killers that are not caught in a single episode. The times that the show dealt with the "Grave Digger" or the entire season that dealt with the Gormagon showed that it was more than capable of creating interesting villains. The show is excellent, but there is a bit of room for improvement at the top.
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