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  • I will still watch faithfully but Im not rushing to the tv anymore

    I used to literally rush to the tv the minute I got a chance to watch Bones after it aired, now it aired at least 3-4 days and i still have yet to even start it. I still love the characters, Angela and Hodgins will always have a place in my heart and Temperance is who she is and she never feels bad about that. They will keep me as a viewer until the end but I sad to say I think it may need to end they can come up with some kind of twist
  • What's going on? Somebody tell me what going on!

    Somebody help me with this. I saw some earlier episodes and it seems like Temperance acted more human then she does now. She talked like a real person. Now she sounds like a nasal mess who talks like a robot. She also treated people better in the beginning and now she speaks like shes soooo smart and most everyone else are idiots. And for someone who only went into the foster system as a teenage, she acts like she lived in a closet. Come on!!! I really like the show but they need to show Emily her earlier tape s and have her shed the robot image. Why does she have to talk like a nasal mess? Oh and why did they kill off Sweets. You could have given him a break
  • Put a fork in it

    A once interesting show that has lost its spark. Stale and predictable now. Time to sign off.
  • This Has Got To Stop!

    This show used to be good, Now it stinks (Seasons 8-9 and so far 10). The story lines and plots are now boring and unbelievable. B&B never should have gotten married or connected sexually until the end of the series. They never should have Killed off Sweets, just let him go away for a while. Now Zack can never come back - unless his remains are found and they discover a new killer on the hunt etc. I used to think the most unlikeable, moronic character on the show was Daisy, she is so annoying, (almost as much as Dr. Brennen has become recently). However, now they have a male version of her via the Aubrey character, this is really getting ridiculous. Now Booth who has somehow become weaker after going to prison and watching he friend die is supposed to relapse into his old gambling habit, This guy supposedly has been to war and war zones, killed over 50 men and seem many friends die. They already nullify his greatness and take away from his strong points by making him out to be a buffoon most of the time. All the main characters are starting to look very old and tired, like they want the show to end too. I think the only thing that could bring a spark back would be to have some type of cross over episode with the new X-files miniseries next year (If the show gets renewed). You know, like both teams looking to catch the most heinous criminal ever could be comical and serious at the same time? They could even bring back the Hannah and Zack characters as the link between the two shows- only to have them both die off , of course, like they love to do on Bones. They could even have Booth die trying to save them and then end the show for good. PS. I don't want to a watch a crime drama about putt putt golf or left wing Please Just Stop it!
  • Needs evaluation.

    i have been a huge fan of bones from the very beginning and i will still watch it till the last episodes last minute and cry when ends...

    bones had lots of promise but since season 5 its been declining, the storylines, charachter arcs everything seems forced like tying up loose ends. if u start counting errors there are just too many . I will recount a few thats bugging me a lot though

    Zach was not the killer, sweets knew it and did nothing, what the hell was that? Sweets was all about helping others. with sweets death a closure for zachs story is lost forever.

    Over the top conspiracy plots needs to be excluded, keep the series real at least TV real. Gormogon, Grave digger and so on are good plots but some of the conspiracy plots and the way it has been solved are too hard to swallow so please steer clear from it. its just killing the buzz.

    but my real problem started this season. I cried when sweets died. teared up took many a tissue and balled up. but later on the sweets death arc was just too much to take on sweets died.. yeah they were affected, but u dont have to shove it down our throats at every other episode. Come on people move on ...

    Bones immaturity about worldly know how was enduring and loveable and so so natural now its so forced and unnatural. it just looks like the writers are trying to recreate the bones in the beginning of the series.

    the chemistry between booth and Brennan has fizzled out ,( they look like barbie and ken -plastic doll like , shud be together coz the creators/writers want them to be)

    it pains me to tell this its high time they pulled the plug on this series. it just doesn't have its footing anymore. Go out with dignity .
  • The interest still keeps going but...

    For me, this has to be one of the few tv series that has reached its 10th season while still being interesting and true to its originality. OK, John Francis Daley wanted to left the show and apparently, killing his character would be the best way to do it. Considering this, the idea was somewhat inevittable but maybe the execution wasn't as best as it could be. Now what effect will this have on the other characters is still to be seen.

    Whether Bones will actually choose one intern or not, has been on discussions for much time. Personally i could like it either way, as i don't really favour any of them as i favour the rest of the gang. I find Booth and Hodgins the most descent characters of the show. Brennan is intelligent but she has turned out to be a little annoying some times. On the other hand, Cam would be the most out-of-place character in the series. There are many times in which you really wonder what's her role and what she offers in the plot and in the team. The series could go beyond season 10 but that won't be easy. In case it won't, Season 10 can very well have the development and the end this series deserves.

    PS I don't think Zack's return would serve any purpose now, but what could be done is giving him a closure (as he admitted to Sweets he was not the real killer back then) or killing him. I just imagine an episode where victim's identity turns out to be Zack and then having Bones and the others finding out who killed him.

  • Wellllllllllll...

    I have always passively watched many TV programs, that caught my attention. Bones is no different. I decided to binge the entire series, to catch up. What I noticed, with the advance of each episode, there was/is a decline of the two main characters. Ex: During the first several seasons, it was ok for Bones' character to be very factual, as she buried all emotional pain from her dysfunctional childhood. However, one would think, due to her constant and close interaction with Booth and the other "Squints", she would display some growth and understanding of people and "how they see and feel". To me her character became more stubborn, while pointing out others stubborness'. She showed childlike jealousies if she was not the central "smart" person in the room/world. There is more I could point out, but lets look at self-righteous Booth. Bottom line, if not part of his inner circle, you are guilty and wrong. I could detail more of my thoughts, but I will conclude with, I really enjoy the show, I expect it to last at least one more season. Lastly, I think Michaela Conlin (Angela) is a doll.

  • please keep making bones

    i love this show, its like the only thing i look forward to on my free time.
  • Please stop using a great show for personal messaging because you are killing it!

    The vast majority of Bones episodes over the first 9 seasons were great but, as with any show that goes that long, there were a couple of clunkers. The producers, directors, and writers are mistaken if they believe that those of us who are serious fans enjoy shows like the Booth Coma Nightclub dream or the 200th fiasco. When you folks stick with the basic premise, you have a guaranteed winner. When you go to these alternative format episodes, you make the actors appear amateurish, the writers as buffoons, and then producers and directors as just plain stupid. There are so many scenarios that could be used without having to delve into sending subliminal messages about political posturing, social issues, or left/right wing blustering. Stop taking away from a guaranteed winner because you folks are turning it into a loser when it should and would have at least a few more seasons to go.
  • bones

    When first started, it was great bones has growen up about things with booth and angelias help

    but after they wrote zack off just wasn't the stories have been good but zack made it

    Bring zack bacl. Miss sweets too.

  • really loved that show

    but it got worse and worse through the last 3 seasons or even for a longer time. Temperance is not what she used to be and the writing is horrible now! Why?
  • Lacking emotions and Alpha Male Tendency

    I had surgery in 2011 and I came across this show. Immediately I fell in love with Booth and Bones. I believe it was season 4 anyway, I was so caught up I stayed up an entire weekend and without any sleep I watched from season 1 on. I use to set my DVR do I wouldn't miss an eps. If I wasn't home. Season 10 not really interested. When I each reruns if the earlier show Bones' tone was much more human than the way she talks now. Booth just doesn't seem to be as in love with her as he once was in the past. She seems more stiff now. Booth was once a take no prisoner type but now it seems this guy Aubrey is running things. Since when does Booth let an agent assign himself to a case or talk to him as they are equals. I thought Booth was the boss and Aubrey was assigned to his team. What makes Aubrey privy to reading Booth file. All of these new characters aren't really showing a need to be there. And please tell me why Cam can't be involved with anyone other than an intern? Since when did Booth/Bones get so close to Sweets that he named their kid after Booth. Maybe the rioters should take a look at some if the fanfiction site and see what the fans are writing about. Most of those stories are better than what's airing on the tube. I rather watch previous season minus season 6 ( the beginning anyway) then the current season. I was hoping it would have proved from season 9 but maybe 10 should call it wrap.
  • Love bones or leave it alone

    This is a medical show,cleverly woven with legal and personal plots . It's not about or middle of the road. Right wing John Burchers (spelling?) need not watch.
  • what were they thinking

    What a waste of money and talent, what a load of rubbish.

    A mega fan but now EXTREMELY disappointed.

    Was this the end ??????????????????
  • No more for me thanks

    Yeah well i haven't actually watch in ages, About the time the characters stated whining so much.

    Wether it was the left wing stuff or just two characters having a fight, it tanked a while ago. Bones just never felt the same she began to get cold and inhuman. The show has never been like the books but now the character of bones is such a betrayal of that, i can't even watch.

    Also when anyone brings social issues into a tv show. you know it's going to go down hill fast. I mean imagine a show that just kept preaching about how much they hate immigrants that would be equally as annoying. it's a real shame what this show has become.

    And yes sweets died very sad but no one complained this much when vincent died (accept me) and he was amazing.
  • Left wing political agenda

    I thought the show was good until it started spewing left wing socialist political propaganda.
  • pull the plug

    this show stopped being good years ago, it has been on life support for a while. just pull the plug and get it over with. but alas, Fox is desperate so this show will be renewed for at least one more agonizing season of slow painful death.
  • Like watching a friend slowly die.

    I have watched this show loyally since the beginning. I watched all the characters go through growth. It felt genuine. With the newest season though, it seems all the characters have taken a leap backwards. They all completely changed back to how they were at the very beginning of the series. Brennan had taken so long to finally grow as a person and to communicate on a human level now all of a sudden she is back to robot mode? The show is now leaving all other characters beside the protagonist out on the side. We grew to love Hodgens, Angela and Sweets. Not only did they kill him off in a terrible and weak way but they overplayed the relationship with Sweets and Bones/Booth. It all feels fake and uncoordinated. Angela and Hodgens relationship/story is so underplayed. We no longer know how they are dealing with living with low incomes or how their child is doing. Most people never liked Daisy and they miraculously bring her back only to have her be pregnant? Again a feeling like someone is playing a bad game of make believe on our show. The only character that remains full is Booth but his relationship with Bones no longer feels genuine. This show is on a downgrade and will likely die off in on a sad note. My question is: Did they hire a new writer?
  • decline and fall of a great series

    Up to and through Season 9 the show was the best written, best cast show I had ever seen on TV and I have been watching for a long, long time. Now the show has lost the connection between Bones and Booth. No more interplay between the two of them to, from and at crime scenes. Bones has lost any charm that she once had. She appears to be cold and insensitive and virtually soulless. Has the baby died? Sweets was killed off rather then giving John Daley some time off. Sweets replacement, can't remember his name,that's how memorable he is. The loss of Sweets removed a core that could allow the rest of the cast to offer back story and off show problems. He was the "go to" guy. Now all of the characters are just floating slowly has bulked out from say a size 6 to a size 14/16 and I think I am being kind. The plotting is flabby. The show has lost its way. I have to think that this season is its swan song and as of now I hope that it is. I hate this. I think that as conceived, written and produced (before this season) Bones was quite simply the best show I have seen on TV. It's demise is, of course, inevitable but I wish that we could have seen go out on a high note, not to have jumped the shark.
  • Bones on a downhill slide

    Dr. Brennen is getting less likeable and more arrogant.
  • Continues to Be Great Show

    Bones is still one of the best shows on television. The humor, the mysteries and the strong characterizations are continually on the money. It's sad that so many extremist conservatives can't face up to their own images in the mirror, to the point where they have to post their political knee jerks on a television review site, but that's really not the fault of the writers. I'm a little concerned that Emily is in fewer and fewer action scenes in the show. It used to be mostly about Booth and Bones as field partners and now that seems to be replaced by the quasi Sweets character. Other than that, the show continues to be a delilght.
  • show is getting worse and worse

    i don't care about Sweets being killed off if the actor wanted to leave, but this was done badly, didn't even bring a tear to my eye and i cry at many shows, but this way it was more a joke, for the added higher drama they make him a father to be, pointless! and so predictable! they are ruining a once great show, time to stop...

    Bones used to be great but lately it is just boring and annoying, especially the way Brennan speaks and behaves, they make her too over the top and annoying.

    i watched earlier episodes and the way she speaks was normal back then, now it is like nails on a chalkboard to me, can't stand the way she speaks..

    also to keep on nagging to Booth about how she thinks his religion is not true and how she knows God doesn't exist is annoying as heck.

    i am an atheist as well but i would never ever keep on hurting the man i love by constantly making fun of his beliefs!

    she is becoming less and less of a warm normal person and is a complete charicature of herself and if she supposedly should have apsergers, well i know asperger's well and it is too over the top, wayyyy too much!

    and the way she acts and speaks to her child is just totally annoying and stupid she is becoming intolerable and the show used to be so good, which is why it is sad to see it turning into a charicature and unbelievable mess
  • Hello, 200th episode

    Since they are currently filming the 200th episode I say they are doing something right. They are in with shows like Happy Days, Cheers, Frasier, Friends, and Grey's Anatomy. That's pretty good company. It's a good solid show, with good writing and acting.
  • GREAT!

    I love the show. I have watched this show since the beginning and it had not let me down.
  • just keeps getting better and better

    i love bones. it is clever and beautiful and tasteful and i love it!!!!!!
  • the writers have gotten tired

    "Whether you agree with the political stand point or not is completely irrelevant"? I'd say it's pretty relevant to whether or not I will like/watch a show. And just because the writers started out writing well doesn't mean they haven't become tired of writing the same jokes for the same characters. The show has degraded into disgusting special effects and corny camp. When John Francis Daley asked to take 4 months off, they thought they could use that to revitalize the story but really all they did was piss off a bunch of people and replace him with a generic version of himself, as if that wasn't a COMPLETELY transparent move. I've watched Bones from the beginning, and I forgave them for the rushed mishandling of the "Bones/Booth finally do it" story, but I have to say I am disappointed with the writing. I think they should know when to bow out gracefully.
  • Can I say over reacting?

    I can't say the new season is particularly my favorite season, but I honestly think that everyone is severely over reacting to the turn it's taking. Whether you agree with the political stand point or not is completely irrelevant. What is relevant is that Bones is a pretty awesome show. If you were really that turned off by a touchie episode or so that you just quit watching it altogether, then that's your own business but insulting the writers is a low-blow. I honestly believe people have grown too intolerant to everything they disagree with. Try being open minded. If the past few episodes have offended you that much, you are the perfect example of where the writer draws inspiration. Think about it, it's in several of their episodes. Closed minded people blow up and kill someone. So and so wants to sell out, so and so disagrees, and BAM, Bones gets a corpse and Booth gets to arrest someone. It's just a television an extent, showing something that people can relate to and agree with helps grow fan basis, but they're in Season 10. If they want to go crazy, they should be able to without this much hate. Either you like it and watch it, or you don't and you shut up.
  • Bones Season 10

    I would just like to let @JaneDoeling know that ferrets can and do survive in the wild, also they are known to eat raw meat, bones, and even organs. I'm astounded by the number of people who are mad about the latest just a TV show. Another thing I'd like to mention is that John (Sweets) chose to tleave the show ad the only way that could happen was if he died. I wish he hadn't made that choice, but I can't do anything to chage that by commenting on a tv review website. (And for your information, I've been a fan of Bones before serial killers, when Dr. Goodman and Zach were consistant characters)
  • Done with shove liberalism down your throat Bones

    I have watched every season of Bones, but now their liberal agenda has gone over the top. I'm done.
  • bring back zack 10

    when are you going to bring back zack and let them know he wasn`t a killer
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