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  • I love \"Bones\".

    \"Bones\" is my FAVORITE TV SHOW. I like to watch different shows but \"Bones\" is my favorite. I\'ve seen all the first season episodes. Ihaven\'t seen the second season ones yet, I don\'t have time to watch them and if I don\'t watch a episode I have to wait \'till next week to watch the next one, I haven\'t even seen the first episode of this season. One of the things I love of this show is the \"relationship between Booth and Brennan , I want to be together, to be a couple , i love when tehy solve crimes you never what\'s gonna happen. It\'s the best show I\'ve ever seen.
  • Really cool show!

    This is a really cool show, that I just can't wait to watch!
    I just have to give my love to Dr. Brennan. She's just as "off" on the social-thing as I am and that gives me hope. The things she doesn't knoe, just gives me a laugh some times. She's COOL!
    And we also have HOT Agent Booth. He makes it even better. He's HOT, sexy and funny. He also makes me laugh at times. I think he makes the show a bit better. But we can't forget about Dr. Hogins and Angela. I just hope they fall in love. The latest shows I've just been waiting for something to happen! They would be so great together. <3
    Can't forget Zack. He's cute. But also has something with him in the show that makes him kinda atractive. Don't ask. I'm crazy, I know. But I really think so.
    But the thing that really makes me love this show is that they solve crimes that I've allways thought would been impossible to solve. Love this show people! <3
  • Bones is highly intelligent puzzle master with an extremely dry sense of humor. While her crew works it's magic in putting together a crime scene, they inform us what they are doing while explaining it all to the not so scientific FBI agent "Booth&q

    Up until recently I wouldn't miss an episode of Bones. Since the new Forensic Division head Dr Saroyan came to the show, it seems to have lost some of it's magic and appeal. Perhaps that is because the new person seemed to take away a lot of the magic between Bones and Booth. There was always a tantalizing bit of gaurded love out there between the two, with a hope that they would get together, now it seems lost. Such a shame. If you enjoy entertaining intellectual scientific conversation - this one is for you! Most shows are stricting entertaining and I don't waste my time watching such nonsense. Anyone remotely interested in medical science or police work would love the scientific detail Bones and her crew goes through.
  • Bones, Booth, Angela, Zack, Hodges - perfect night...

    So I love Kathy Reichs. I read all of her books and was ecstatic when I found out that there was show that was going to be made based loosely on her life and her job. I have a job in forensics so this show was like a perfect match for me. It had everything that makes a great show. A great cast where there is sexual tension, fun flirting, everyone has their little niche. There is someone on the show that everyone can relate to (the dork, the sensitive one, the man). You feel the emotions of the characters and the show makes you laugh and cry out loud. It also helps that the entire crew is good looking. Every week there is a new murder/mystery that needs to be solved with the help of the group. Although Bones and Booth are the main people, the show wouldn’t be the same with out the squints (Angela, Sack and Hodges).
  • seems to be going downhill

    I liked Bones, until it began focusing on the characters personal lives more than the cases. I thought that a Booth/Bones romance would be okay but I don't like where it's going. I think that they jumped the shark, and its just horrible where it has gone. I think that they might have done it because it's fox and they were like 'hey we made X-files we can do anything' but they were wrong. They really need to focus more on just solving the cases and leaving all of the personal emotions and feelings for the last like minute and a half of the show, like most cop shows. At least then if you wanted to watch the show without them fawning all over each other you could.
  • This show is soo phenominal!!!

    Oh my gosh I love this show. I have no ideas as to where to start. Yeah, my favorite series ever. I Ship: b/b and hodgela. This show has many cool character relationships, and alot of tension haha. The action is so awesome, especially when it involves knights in shining FBI standard issue body armor named BOOTH!

    Dr Temperance Brennan: Main Character. Forensic Anthropologist. Easily kicks A$$ when its needed.
    Special Agent Seeley Booth: Main character as well. Former sniper in the gulf war. Currently works for the FBI
    Jack Hodgins: Bug, slime and particulates specialist. Conspiracy theorist. Angela Montenegro: Specializes in drawing / recreating victims on her own patent pending computer hologram program.
    Zachy Addy: Apprentice to Dr Brennan. Is half finished acheiving two doctorates.

    Interesting cast. Fabulous. Awesome storyline. also fabulous. If you dont watch this show, you should. You have been deprived of any good television your entire life.
  • A Liquified body is found in a bathtube, and it is up to Bones and Booth to id it and find the family. The only problem is the guy had two diffrent wives at the same time. Not to meniton Booth and Bones have thier first fight

    Some parts of this weeks show were good, others not so much. I love that Bones is getting better at talking with people. When she went to talk to the one wife she was very nice. She not only made sure the little Boy was out of the room when she told the mother that she found a body; but she also used normal people speak and didn't use all her antropology speak. I think that it is great that the charecters are growing. It is keeping the show interesting. Booth however is another story. I hate that he slept with Rebecca, and as if that isn't bad enough, Cam too. I hate Cam. She has been screwing things up since she got to the jeffersonian. She has to go. All in all I thought the show was good. Plus Bones and Booth were so close to kissing. That is a perk right?
  • Temperance Brenan is a forensic anthropologist for the Jeffersonian Institute in Washington, D.C. She works with Special Agent Booth of the F.B.I., and several other friends, at solving some of the most brutal murders know to the metropolitan area.

    Well since i was 11 i have wanted to be an anthropologist and work with archeologists. Whenever i watch this show it seems to almost tell the story of my dream of what i want to be when i grow up. So, as you can imagine this show is one of my weekly addictions. I enjoy this show because it isn't just all about the murder, it also has a little bit of romance and humor mixed in that makes it so addicting. I will admit that i am a fatful Law & Order re-run fan but nothing compares to BONES. Like i said it isn't all just crime. I also enjoy the characters. They arent your normal hard-core, good cop bad cop type people. My personal favorite is Zack however, because he just seems so akward. But thats besides the point. The point is that BONES is a very unique show that has everything that i consider, makes up a good program. ^^

  • Love this show

    I have to watch this show every week. If I am ever unable to watch it I record it. I love the interaction between Booth and Bones and love all the other people in the lab. I hope Angela and Jack get together. I think they would make a great couple on the show. I don't really care if they ever put Booth and Bones together. Just as long as they always remain on speaking terms.
  • my favourite show!

    bones is definitly my favourite show! i love it so much!

    it's so interesting and yet hilarious.

    love how it can make me think but still can make me laugh, how it can make me cry but still make me giggle xD!

    i have to say i admire the writters , the stories are just so awesome!

    acting is awesome too! emily, david and every body do an awesome job and you can really see the chemistry among them.

    everyweek i just can't wait for a new episode to be aired, i'm so obsessed over it.

    i guess the things i love more about it is its witty and its humor. nothing is overdone and it flows so esily that it seems just natural.

    Amazing show!

    I'm a huge fan of Angel and whe I heared that David Boreanaz was going to be in a brand new show I had to give this show a shot. At first I didn't quite like it but I gave it a couple more episodes and got really into it and I think this show will last at least five seasons. I'm just waiting for them to make a vampire joke on Booth's behalf or Bone's because that is when I will laugh and mean it. This show isn't really as good as Angel but still it is an awsome freaking show and I hope Fox won't pull off a NBC and cancel the show. "I have two modes with people, bite or avoid."
  • This is a really good show, and capable of becoming better.

    Bones is a really good show. It is funny occasionally, but at the same time it is really serious and a good mystery show. All of the characters are really likable, an you get to love them quickly. And there is a really good overall plot. Bones is looking for her missing mother and father, and trying to find out about their pasts, which are mysterious. One of the best things about the shows is the way she works through the cases, and the work she and her assistans do. This show looks like in the next few seasons it could improve and become even better then it is now.
  • the body in the bay.. THe Bones team come upon a complex case with many twists.

    This is one of the better episodes of the show, and it is good to see that in series 2 so far Bones herself hasn't resorted to any of her martial arts skills. The show works best when it sticks to procedure and to the character development, which this episode has. THough this episode suffers from the last person you'd suspect structure that allot of forensic shows suffer from. Also the child cut from the mother story line has featured in CSI and Law and Order. Though it had a bit of a Rosemary baby air to it. Yes can I make a plea and even start a petition, no more martial arts from Bones, it makes her kinda indestructible and removes any fear an audeince may feel for her character. And it's all a bit Charmed really, and we don't want Charmed going there.
  • Definitely one of the best series out there. I hope that they have enough stories to tell to have at least 200 episodes!

    It's refreshing to see that a show can be original and not give in to rating pressure, and still reach a second season. I love the plot lines, the little twists and turns that we take to learn more about these characters. I think the chemistry, not only between the main characters, but between all the characters is what makes this show thrive. Watching Bones'
    personality grow, influenced by her interaction with Booth, is one of the best experiences during the season. The cases are important, but how the cast are being affected by it, and by their own interaction, is what will make this series only flourish. It's refreshing to actually be looking forward to the next episode. :)
  • I think my classification says it all.

    I unfortunately did not watch the first season because it conflicted with another show I watched. I saw the season two premiere last night and boy have I been missing out. I wish I had watched it from the beginning. I found myself very much intrigued with the science and all that forensic jazz. I am not much of a crime show person but this one definitely sets itself apart. I have to admit, I am a huge David Boreanaz fan. I've been a fan since his Buffy days. So to see him without the vamp make-up is a bit weird. I definitely warmed up to his character in a matter of minutes. He plays that sarcastic, suave character very well. Emily Deschanel is also a riot. I love her responses and expressions. I really can't picture anyone else playing Brennan. I love the chemistry between her and Booth. Those are two awesome characters. I am so hooked and will now watch this show religiously just like all the other cool people.
  • Real. Funny. Drama. Perfect.

    Bones combines a perfect combination of sarcastic humor, realistic happenings, strong plotlines that more than support what's expected for forensic dramas and a cast that leaves no wondering why they were picked for their parts. Temperance Brenan is a perfect model of the type of character they were aiming for. Anyone other than Emily Dreschanel would have made this series a flop. Every character plays a vital role and perfectly distrubuted air time. It does not over or underfocus on any character. The chemistry between Brenan and Booth gives a perfect balance of friendship and sarcasm. Had this show never been greenlighted, Fox would have passed of one of the biggest and captivating shows of the year and possibily of the decade. I believe this will be one of the longest running shows on Fox. The outcome of each episode is nothing short of thrilling.
  • Absolutly fan-bloody-tastic. This show is so great.

    This show rocks so much. Everything to do with this show is awesome. T
    he actual cases rock and then there is all the relationships. Booth and Brennan hurry up already. I mean i have watched three eps (thats all australia is up to) and you can just see that there is nothing but chemistry there. But i have always had a sweet spot for love relationships, if only there were to be more of a love triangle (not including tessa) LOL.

    Seriously i haven't meet one person that hasn't loved this show, it is absolutly fabulous. I love it and recomend it to everybody who is anybody.
  • This show to me is one of the best and hilarious talk shows today.

    Regis and Kelly. Wow. Where do I begin? I never watched this show because the name really didn't draw me in too much. I started watching it when I noticed that Celebs were getting intervied and Bands and Solo singers are actually on the show. So I watched it and even without the celebs, they are the most hilarious people I have ever watched on TV. They are so down to earth and Kelly isn't afraid to talk about her home life. They talk about the things you've never dream about anyone talking about. Want an example? What about the time when they talked about that bird? The went on and on but not in a boring way. It was funny to hear what Regis or Kelly had to say next. All I am saying is, if you are half asleep watching this show, by the end you'll be wide awake!
  • Crime shows can't get much better than this. With good actors and a good storyline, Hart Hanson has done a pretty good job.

    A different kind of crime show, but it still involves FBI, like many others. It's a lot of comedy in it. With Brennan and her non-existing social skills, it's so much fun. It gets even more funny with Booth, always correcting her and trying to tell her what to do.
    Emily and David are brilliant actors and you have to give Eric Millegan some of the cred, portraying our favourite genious Zack Addy. Can't wait for season 2!!
  • This is an amazing CSI kind of show. Bones is one of those show you can't get enough of. I really like this show.

    I think who every thought up the idea for this show is a total genius. I really like the idea for the character Bones herself. She’s really smart. She’s kind of funny. She makes the show really fun to watch.

    When watching this show you try to guess what will happen next. You usually don’t figure it out. It’s amazing how the creator and writers of this show keep you guessing. That’s another reason why I love this show.

    I know I’ll be really sad when they cancel this show. I don’t watch it regularly, but when I do watch it, I fall more in love with it. I really hope this show has many seasons.
  • Great-funny, tense, romantic-a must see!

    I can't believe how good this show is. It's easy to miss as it's on at odd times, and so I did until just recently. I'd seen it on once but it looked boring and I didn't pursue it. Then it was on again one evening when I turned the tv on, so I decided to give it a shot. It was awwesome! The two main characters, investigative partners Booth and 'Bones', have both incredible chemistry and incredible charisma, and the show itself is fast-paced, surprising, unpredictable, occasionally hilarious, and always entertaining. Instantly shot to being one of my top three shows, over Smallville and Veronica Mars, etc. There are so many cop/investigative shows out there that my brain is kind of numbed toward them-it's the same old story over and over. Not with this show. Watch it! It's darn good.
  • Another fantastic show! *claps* Good Job FOX!

    Bones is unique because not only does it have mystery and action, but it also captures each individual and character in the show.

    Dr. Temperance Brennan, a.k.a Bones, is a forensic anthropoligist (a person that, well, studies bones). She is smart, sarcastic, and also attractive.

    But the main reason why I watch this show is because of the chemistry between her and the light, fun, and handsome co-star. It's *drumrole please* Special Agent Seeley Booth played by David Boreanaz (you know the guy from Angel).

    So, this show has adventure, captures the characters, and has great chemistry. But what about the humour you say? well, the writers did a good job puting in a few laughs to add a little spice.

    Therefore, I say this is one of the best shows FOX has made, at least it's up there.
  • Bones is a new crime drama starring Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz

    When I first watched the premiere of Bones at Comic Con 2005, i knew it would be great. Emily and David were both there and you could tell that they would share the great, witty chemistry on screen as they shared it on-stage.

    The show mixes the completely different personalities of Dr. Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and Special Agent Seely Booth (David Boreanaz), this mixture creates a unique way of fighting crime.

    Dr. Temperance Brennan's personality is so literal that it comes off as sarcastic, while Seely Booth's peronality is fun, flexible and adds perfectly to Dr. Brennans.

    The show offers a fresh, fun look at crime solving. Dr. Brennan examines the bones of the victim and tells Booth clues, or traits, and he does his FBI thing and together they find the criminal and add humor to an otherwise grim profession.

    The show is much different than typical crime shows like Law and Order and CSI. Bones dives more into the characters personalities. I always enjoy Bones and can't wait for the second season to start.
  • unusual and fascinating

    I had liked David Boreanaz in Angel. A Lot. Handsome, sexy, with a hint of something more behind the gloom.
    So when I heard about Bones, I said 'why not give it a shot'. Right on!
    That guy is even sexier with a smile! He portrays just the kind of guy that appeals to us girls today : sexy, sensitive, tough but only when necessary and something of a bad boy attitude. And tons of humour!
    I also like the chemistry between Booth and Brennan. They don't know if and how to dance together (french saying) and it adds something, especially when he confides in her in episode 1-21.
    I like CSI, I love NCIS, but this show has definitly something different.
    Go get them bad guys!
  • So great it's scary!

    Bones is an absolutley amazing show, it has mystery, it is not afraid to explore the darkside of human nature, and it even has light hearted humor to make sure it is not a total deppresant. Bones is a crime drama that follows the (a little too exciting) life of a forensic anthropologist named Temperance Brenan. I LOVE this show, it is so well written and the crimes are so well planned, the storylines constantly leave you guessing, and the cast is phenomenal. I don't know much else to say about it I mean except that I can only hope with every fiber of my being that the rest of the show does not let me down, I cannot wait until the new season comes out!
  • Bones is good stuff.

    I love this show. It is great to see David Boreanaz lose his tourtured soul and have some fun. We only got a couple of glimpses of how fun he can be on Angel. But he gets to cut lose on Bones and let his real personality out. Emily Deschanel as Bones is great. She's realy smart, kind of lived in a bubble. Doesn't understand pop culture. "I don't know what that means." She does a great job at being smart but kind of clueless as a real person. She does get to kick butt every now and then, pretty tough gal. These 2 together make for a really fun team. Can't wait for season 2.
  • Great show!

    I love that Bones is doing pretty good so far. This show has a great story line and it keeps you interested in the story. There is great action, and I hope that they will keep this show on for a while. But I heard that the show might get kicked off and that they'll just kill off the main characters. I don't know if its true or not, but I sure hope that its not. Because I really like this show and I'd hate to see it go. It keeps you guessing until the end of the show and thats whats soo good about this show. I hope it stays on!
  • Interesting and watchable

    Bones is a procedural drama that I find really interesting, even though I don't watch it in a regular basis like Invasion. It's a pretty good show with a nice cast. David Boreanaz is great in his role as an FBI agent, I like him better in this show than in Angel and Buffy since I don't like those 2 shows very much. The main character Bones makes the show somewhat different from Alias. She uses more of her brains than her physical strength. I like this show, I may not value as much as Battlestar Galactica, but it's a pretty good show to watch.
  • Bones is one of the best shows for the fall season.

    Bones is a great show that is very witty. Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz are the actors who portray the main characters, Dr. Temperance Brennan and cop Sealy Booth. The chemistry between Booth and (as referred to by Booth, "Bones") Brennan is just simply amazing. It's just amazing to watch these to actors collide on screen. Bones helps Booth work on his cases (and tends to get in the way a time or two). Whereas Booth tends to try to help the overly book smart and underly street smart Bones with people. I would recommend this show to anyone who likes great chemisty between characters, great writing, comedy and mystery. Making Bones the perfect show.
  • Its just plain awesome... my fav show right next to House.

    The stories are great. They mostly include new weird stuff to kill people haha. For ex. one of the episodes i saw was when the guy threw someone in a woodchipper or something like that. It made me laugh but it was pretty interesting. It is wayyyy better than CSI by far. The CSI season has to break something big to get anywhere close to Bones. Highly requimented. Most of my friends watch it now cuz of me always talking about and saying how interesting it is and how it explains just how it all works when they show it in the lab. So thats my review on BONES!!!!!!!

    Its one of the few shows that gets a 10.0 from me