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  • The only watchable crime show!

    I am not a huge fan of crime shows but this changed my mind and made me see there really is hope for them. I love the chemistr between bennan and booth...oh my god will you just kiss already!! I have onlyjust gotten into it and I ahve to say I'm liking every episode! I love the way david boreanaz and emily deliver their lines. You can't stop yourself from laughing at them! The crimes aren't mind boggling but are still decent enough so that when the truth is ervealed it's a shock! Can't wait to see more of it! Rock on Bones!
  • Very enjoyable character development and just different enough from other forensic shows to keep it interesting

    Really enjoy the chemistry between Booth and Brennan. While feelings certainly exist between the characters, the writers have let it be subtle and not too pronounced. It’s nice that the viewers are treated intelligently enough to allow them to enjoy the subtleties of the ongoing relationship without it being too evident. The fact that they are so obviously opposites in the way they think, work and believe, also make their relationship fun.

    The other characters are perfect additions to the show. They are quirky but likeable. The way it the show develops the characters and makes it seem that there is always more to learn about each of them keeps it interesting and not predictable.

    Can't wait for next season
  • really good show

    i don't really like the whole law and order, csi, fad of crime/medical shows, but this is an exception. i think it's well written and has a wonderful cast. i can't wait for it to come back next season. this show was a breath of fresh air for the 2005-2006 season. i think they should pair it back up with house though.
  • This show rocks Wendsday nights!!!!!!!!!!

    Well, It's about this anthropologist named Temperance Brennen. ( But if you watched the finale , you'd know her real name is Joy Keenan.) Well, She investigates bones and other remains of people that died. With the help of her team and the totally hot FBI Booth, "Bones" ( her nickname) They find out how that person died and discover some sick ass stuff while they investigate. Every episode will keeping you guessing and shocked, even after it ends. Not to mention Zack and Booth are both totally hot! I love Emily Deshanel. She's an awesome actress. And every case is somewhat personal. Totall thumbs up!
  • Dr. Temperence Brennen is the leading forensic anthropologist and writes books on the side. She is conned into helping identify the body by angent Steely Booth. After that first case they are put as partners. They soon become friends and start the search

    I thank this show rocks! The fact that Bones is practicly oblivious to the fact thar Booth would do anything for her is really funny. But I thank she is starting to notice that he cares for her, a lot. i can\'t wait for the seconed season. from what I\'ve heard about it. the chemistry between Bones and Booth heats up, and they learn more things about Bones\'s past and about her father. This show is one of my faverite shows. I like how they casted the parts and did a very good job on that to. I just hope that the seond season and any otheers are just as good.
  • One of the greatests shows i have seen, great entertainment and great acting.

    Since the first day I started watching this show, which by the way was by mistake since I was just flipping through channels, I liked it. I got to say i was very happy to see David in this show since he is a great actor, he brings so much to this show, the way he deals with Brennan is very cute. The rest of the cast is also great, the writing is good and i love all the techno talk.The last episode was great and i believe was the beginning of many twsists. I hope it comes back for many more seasons with great storylines as season 1.
  • "Bones" is a show full of interesting cases and great sarcasm and wit.

    "Bones" is a show full of interesting cases and great sarcasm and wit. The actors and the writers are amazing at their job and their talents show throughout the season. The character interactions are not upfront and in the spotlight but, as the season carries along, you start to feel for them and they start to feel for each other.

    I have to say this now: I tuned it about halfway through the season. I saw the first episode and I thought it was pretty boring but, after watching an episode a little later in the year, I got hooked. The show that got me hooked was "The Woman at the Airport". Whether that was one of the best episodes or not isn't the point. It got me interested and kept me watching probably until the series itself ends.

    Everything about the show just seems to settle with me. I have to like the characters to like the show and the characters are very three-dimensional and I feel I know them as well as I would know one of my friends. "Bones" is certainly a great show and I hope it'll continue for a long time at its home on FOX.
  • In order to unravel a murder, you have to strip it to the Bone.

    Dr. Temperance Brennan is a brilliant, but lonely, anthropologist whom is approached by an ambitious FBI agent, named Seely Booth, played by the wonderfulDavid Boreanaz, to help the bureau solve a series of unsolved crimes. She sloves the crimes by identifying the long-dead bodies of missing persons by their bone structure. Both Agent Booth and Dr. Brennan team come up again a variety of interference from red tape, corruption, and local noncooperation.

    This show is pretty cool. The show sometimes has its moments where it can be a little dull but it is pretty interesting. It is nice to see nerds played in a positive manner, and if this is how we get David Boreanaz back on our TV-screens far be it from me to complain.
  • Bones is about an anthropologist, Temperance Brennan, working with an FBI agent, special agent Seeley Booth. They also work with the Squints, scientists who work with Brennan. She is often nicknamed Bones because of her occupation.

    This show is original. I have watched it since the first episode and I will never, and don't, regret it. It is my favorite show!!! I totally think that Booth and Brennan shoud get together. My opinion is that they have started to show interest in ech other since the first episode. The actors are great and I hope the show won't get canceled. I can't wait for the season finale and I'm hoping that it would also be the episode that Brennan and Booth hook up. I hope it'll be back for second season for sure because all the shows I like that say that they are coming back end up canceled over the summer.
  • Another great show on the FOX network!

    First of all, if you had told me five years ago that most of my favorite shows now would be on FOX, I would have told you that you were nuts. The network, with Prison Break, 24, Bones, and American Idol, is kicking everyone's tail!

    I really like this series because it does a very good job of mixing science and crime in a way that is entertaining as well as easy to understand. Some science shows, like ER are hard for the novice to understand.

    I also think the chemistry between Brennan and Boone is good tension without the obvious love interests.

    I started watching the series because I was a David Boreanz fan from Buffy and Angel. I think he has made the transition well and that shows what a good actor he is.

    Kudos to the first season and I look very much forward to seeing it next season.
  • Dr. Temperance Brennan helps the FBI (agent booth) solve murders.

    I followed this show from the beginning because I saw that David Boreanaz (agent Booth) played in it. I know him from the series Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. There is he one of my favourite characters. And also in this show he plays very good. He makes the jokes in the show. I like the tension between Booth and Brennan.

    The whole show looks very professional. You see much of the lab, but they are also much on the street. There is much action in the show. Brennan is very good in fighting and she does it much. They also shoot in the show, so it’s not only looking for the murderer.
  • FBI agent Seeley Booth teams up with beautiful forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperance Brennan in this witty crime/drama from FOX. Agent Booth is played by David Boreanaz (Angel), while a realtively new actress Emily Deschanel, fills the shoes of Dr. Bren

    I began viewing this show mid-season of season one. I started watching because I am a fan of David Boreanaz. I continued to watch because of the witty dialogue, captivating plots, and fine acting. I have enjoyed getting to know Brennan and Booth as they solve crimes and learn about each other. I am a little concerned that the writers are giving us too much too soon in the way of angst and romance between our leading couple. We shall see. The background characters began as typical cookie-cutter foils, but have since turned into mutli-dimensional people that we care deeply about. I hope that the show continues to be written so well and that all the actors and actresses stick around for a nice ride. I think the show has the potenial for atleast three seasons, if done right.
  • This is a great show that I look forward to watching every week. Each episode brings its own interesting aspects.

    Dr. Brennan (Bones), a forensic scientist who is an expert at identifying bones, is teamed up with Agent Booth, a gung-ho FBI agent. Together, through their bickering and arguing, they solve all sorts of interesting cases. Its a classic setup, but I love the way it plays out in the show. Bones and Booth have the best team-up that I\'ve seen in awhile. You\'ve got Brennan, a book-worm type and a huge lab rat, and then you\'ve got Booth, a sarcastic guy with military experience that goes by his gut instinct and perfers to shoot first and ask questions later. Thankfully, Bones is there to do all the questioning. Both characters are very lovable, and in every episode they develop even further. They\'re the type of characters that are truly unique. Together they are often at each other\'s throats, but I think that deep down they have a huge respect for each other.

    I love this show partly for the characters, and also partly for the episodes. Unlike most crime shows that do the same story over and over again just with different characters, Bones comes up with a unique new scenario every episode. You\'ve got one episode where they\'re in the middle of the sweating desert and the next where they\'re down in New Orleans dealing with voo doo magic. It\'s great, and makes me eager to see what will happen next week. I hope to see this show in the many seasons to come!
  • Dr. Temperance Brennan (Bones) and Special Agent Seeley Booth are paired up weekly to solve murder cases. Bodies are examined, people are interrogated, and justice is found, all under an hour - and all with large enjoyable doses of sexual tension.

    A forensic anthropologist, and ex military FBI agent, a few squints - and a whole lot of electrifying sexual tension. Solving murders together, constantly bickering, and finding justice for those who unjustly died before their time; Temperance Brennan and Seeley Booth are a match made in heaven. Their working styles are very different and therefore they are always at odds, but it’s those close fights that keep you watching. There is serious chemistry between these characters (I accredit that to the outstanding work of the two brilliant actors - David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel.) Every week they bring the incredible story that the writers wrote to life, with quick wit, and sparkling eyes; They solve every gruesome case, and are still ready for more the next week. Every episode the characters get stronger and more dynamic, and more personable. They seem more real, and more flawed each time we see them and their relationships grow and form, keeping us hooked, and always wanting more. I get a giddy, giggly feeling when I think that Bones will be on tonight, because I just can’t wait to see these two characters interact, and if maybe this time they’ll share that special moment, and realize they’re in love. It’s the next X Files with double the sexual tension; a brilliant show that I hope continues for a VERY long time - need I say more?

  • Best show ever!!! : ) (SPOILER ALERT)

    I am so sad that the season is all most over, but so happy that it is going to be coimg back next year!

    I hope it is all the same cast next year, I think Emily and David do an excellent jod.

    My favorite episodes have been "Two bodies in the lab", "The man in the Morgue", and "The Graft in the girl".
    But I can not fait to see the season Fanaly (The Woman in the Limo) when Brennen is given the bones of her mother. It is going to be the best epidoe of the season I think.

    I am still hoping that Brennen and Bouth will get togther. They would make such a cute couple.
  • Bones is Dr. Temperence Brennen, a forensic anthropologist who helps the FBI solve murders.

    Bones is Dr. Temperence Brennen, a forensic anthropologist who helps the FBI solve murders. The mysteries that Bones is given are usually very interesting, since they are not your normal, everyday crimes. One of my favorite parts of the show is David Boreanez's Agent Seeley Booth, the FBI agent who works with Brennen. David is a wonderful actor who always makes his characters likable, and he really comes off well on this show. The weakness of the show is that Brennen's character tends to wear on the viewer, especially when they constantly remind the audience of Brennen's lack of pop culture knowledge, which in all honesty, is somewhat overdone.
  • I love this series, is amazing. Is a CSI of bones. Eu gosto muito dos atores, são engraçados e sarcasticos na medida certa. Acho q tem tudo para durar pelo menos mais umas 3 ou mais temporadas. O que axo mais intrigante é a diferença entre as personalidad

    Aqui no Brasil este tipo de seriado não costuma fazer sucesso, as pessoas preferem séries como GG, The OC, mas acredito que essa já está causando um garnde impacto. Ela vem de uma leva que começou com CSI, claro que em time que está ganhando não se mexe, mas essa tem um toque a mais, exatamente pela diferença na personalidade dos personagens, são todos individualmente instigantes, e um conmjunto harmonioso, cada vez que assisto fico mais envolvida nas trmas.
    Só espero que o romance entre os personagens principais não demore muito para acontecer, isso deixa tudo muito tenso, e chato.
    Vale a pena assistir.
  • A Success

    This is a graet show, one of the best at the moment, its something that i wouldnt of thought that they could possibly create a show about. Ive heard people saying how they now have an intrest for anthapology, personally i wouldnt go that far, but from the point of view a tv show is very good. Epsecially the fact that each week, theres something diffrent and each week doesnt require you to have watched the week before, therefore if you miss one it doesnt matter if you watch the next one. The only thing that normally throws me with this show is teh amount of anthapologic jargen that they talk about, you end up taking an educated guess at what there saying, but it all works out in the end all in all an excellent show.
  • This show is cool smart funny and sexy!

    I have just recently started watching Bones and I like it a lot! I like the characters relationships Booth and Bones in particular because of the tension between them. it's also funny because Bones like knows nothing about pop culture and Booth has this sarcasam about him that I find hilarious. Overall I find this a very good show.
  • I am enjoying Bones. I hope it comes back next season.

    Bones has captured my attention. The chemistry between the cast is great. The story lines are entertaining, and that is a hard concept to do, especially with shows like C.S.I out there. I appreciate the intelligence that goes into the writing and subject matter. With all of this, the writers still manage to add humor. Bones has a long life in my opinion, and if for some reason it does not make it back next season, then FOX would have made a very big mistake. I pick Bones as one of the leading shows in season two. Good job Fox on another great show.
  • Who knew anthropology was so exciting!?

    Bones follows anthropologist Dr. Temperance Brennan and her team of scientists while they track down criminals using strategies that cannot be solved with traditional methods. With more CSI's these days that one can count on both hands, Bones brings some fresh ideas to the crime drama beat. As the season progresses, the viewers begin to see a more personal side of Brennan. The first few episodes she seemed a bit too robotic and methodical. Thankfully, as the show continued, Temperance ventured out of the lab to accompany FBI Agent Booth into the field which opened the doors to many more adventures. I can definitely 'dig' Bones and hope to see many more!
  • loved Angela and Hodgins

    Thought it was a great episode. And I loved the play between Hodgins and Angela. She might start looking for the perfect guy a little closer to home. the play betweeen Booth and Bones shows the friendship and also shows that there might be something more brewing. When he ( spoiler ) retrieves a piece of evidence that could implicate Brennan, his faith in her shines through. And the lawyer he chose for her was brilliant. I wasn\'t so thrilled with the cop, she was rather one dimensional in my opinion. All in all a great episode. I hope the chemistry continues to build.
  • i love this show!

    this is one of the awesomest shows ever! i love David Boreanaz! bones is so cool. its this best the whole world. david boreanaz is the hottest guy ever! i like angela. she's cool. i can't wait till the next episode. i'm also glad they're making a second season.
  • Really awesome show. Brilliant acting, funny and educational- in an interesting way.

    Bones is awesome. I love the fact that besides the guy who played Angel I know absoutely none of the actors. And yet they're brilliant! I love Bones herself- she's so cool. And Booth is funny as a sort of 'partner' making fun and cracking actually funny jokes. I love the smart guy- he's so cute! Not Hodges- uggh annoying but the young one. Its a totally new take on an overlooked science and has quickly reached its way to my must see list!
  • this show is great!

    I think Bones is great!!

    Its different to what i usually watch aswell, its a change from the oc and smallville. But i think this is just as good really.

    David Boreanaz is great as booth and Emily Deschanel is great as Brennan. They are soo meant to be together Brennan and Booth.

    I also like angela too, she brings some humour into it.

    Zach and Hodgins are funny aswell but the thing i like the best are the cases they have to work on. i dont like the fact that there are dead people, i like it that at the end of the show they always find out the killer and i like how they find out.

  • This is a must see show. Each episode gets better and better.

    I have to see this show every time it is on. It is one of the few shows I am able to watch again and again, even if I just watch an episode and rewind my tape to watch it again immediately. The cast is great. They work well together. The Squints are funny. David Boreanaz is great playing Special Agent Seeley Booth. I just love watching the humor he puts into the part. Eric Millegan plays the socially-clueless genius perfectly. Every episode get better and better.
  • Nothing's perfect but this show comes pretty close.

    I rarely watch the FOX network not even for American Idol but in the past couple of months I've found that the remote stops on that channel quite often. I would stop channel surfing just long enough to catch a glimpse of David B. (formerly Angel) on his new show and liked the chemistry between cast members so much that I visit weekly. You really don't learn anything new about foresics but its so witty and well written, that you don't care.
    Nothing's perfect but this show comes pretty close.
  • Bones is one of 2005's best new shows. Emily Deschanel, playing real life forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennen, brings depth, charm, and wit to the role making Bones the great show it is. Former Buffy and Angel fans will also like the presence of D

    This is usually an intelligent show with a great cast. The ensemble cast of characters' personalities play off one another well and they're what make the show a "keeper" and a top of the tivo season pass list choice. The best part of the show though is Emily Deschanel as Temperance Brennen, forensic anthropologist. Her character is written with a depth that makes her fun and interesting to watch. Deschanel's portrayal of her is well acted and she makes the viewer emotionally invested in Brennen's life. All the science nerds that work for her are great actors too. David Boreanz does a good job as his role as an FBI agent and provides an interesting counterpart to Brennen. All the episodes' individual story lines have been well written as well and even if a viewer is new to the show they can enjoy an episode for it's own merits and storyline - they won't feel as if they're missing something, but you do get more out of the show once you've been exposed to the personalities and relationships of all the characters.

    I first began watching this show with the pilot episode and thougth, "meh... that wasn't disappointing". I wasn't blown away but I did want to see it again. I've continued to watch every episode since then and like the show more and more with every episode. I really hope more people see this show because I think it worthy of a larger audience and I hope it stays on for many more seasons. It's got a hard slot because it's up against Lost now, but if you're a diehard Lost fan please watch Bones when Lost is a rerun to give it a chance. I personally have Bones listed higher on my tivo season pass list than Lost, I like it that much. Besides, I can watch Lost on another input and then go back to see the tivo recorded Bones. Or you could watch Bones and wait to see Lost downloaded on your ipod the next day!

    Basically, whatever you have to do so you don't miss out on Bones is worth the effort.
  • I love this show. I can't get enough of it.

    The geek humor is great and it's nice to hear actual terminology in use! There are so many shows that seem to make up medical terminology and get away with it.
    "Booth" and "Brennan" compliment each other nicely as you can the the yin and yang of their relationship.
    The rest of the lab assistants are great contributors as well, in the comic relief and the validation of the work that they do together as a team.
  • Love the intellectual humor!

    Bones is a great mystery drama show that has it's moments of well written comedy.

    Bones is an anthropologist, and often works with FBI agent Booth to solve murder cases.

    Bones is more new age and logical, while Booth is more traditional and religious.

    The chemistry between the two is fantastic. I keep tuning in week after week just waiting for them to kiss. Hopefully soon, hopefully.

    The crew that works with Bones in her lab at the Jeffersonian are a quirky group of characters. There is her best friend the part girl artist, the young genius that looks up to her, her strict and stern boss, and a paranoid government questioning rich doctor named Hodges.

    It is a great show, just got picked up for a 2nd season, worth watching.