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  • unusual and fascinating

    I had liked David Boreanaz in Angel. A Lot. Handsome, sexy, with a hint of something more behind the gloom.
    So when I heard about Bones, I said 'why not give it a shot'. Right on!
    That guy is even sexier with a smile! He portrays just the kind of guy that appeals to us girls today : sexy, sensitive, tough but only when necessary and something of a bad boy attitude. And tons of humour!
    I also like the chemistry between Booth and Brennan. They don't know if and how to dance together (french saying) and it adds something, especially when he confides in her in episode 1-21.
    I like CSI, I love NCIS, but this show has definitly something different.
    Go get them bad guys!
  • So great it's scary!

    Bones is an absolutley amazing show, it has mystery, it is not afraid to explore the darkside of human nature, and it even has light hearted humor to make sure it is not a total deppresant. Bones is a crime drama that follows the (a little too exciting) life of a forensic anthropologist named Temperance Brenan. I LOVE this show, it is so well written and the crimes are so well planned, the storylines constantly leave you guessing, and the cast is phenomenal. I don't know much else to say about it I mean except that I can only hope with every fiber of my being that the rest of the show does not let me down, I cannot wait until the new season comes out!
  • Bones is good stuff.

    I love this show. It is great to see David Boreanaz lose his tourtured soul and have some fun. We only got a couple of glimpses of how fun he can be on Angel. But he gets to cut lose on Bones and let his real personality out. Emily Deschanel as Bones is great. She's realy smart, kind of lived in a bubble. Doesn't understand pop culture. "I don't know what that means." She does a great job at being smart but kind of clueless as a real person. She does get to kick butt every now and then, pretty tough gal. These 2 together make for a really fun team. Can't wait for season 2.
  • Great show!

    I love that Bones is doing pretty good so far. This show has a great story line and it keeps you interested in the story. There is great action, and I hope that they will keep this show on for a while. But I heard that the show might get kicked off and that they'll just kill off the main characters. I don't know if its true or not, but I sure hope that its not. Because I really like this show and I'd hate to see it go. It keeps you guessing until the end of the show and thats whats soo good about this show. I hope it stays on!
  • Interesting and watchable

    Bones is a procedural drama that I find really interesting, even though I don't watch it in a regular basis like Invasion. It's a pretty good show with a nice cast. David Boreanaz is great in his role as an FBI agent, I like him better in this show than in Angel and Buffy since I don't like those 2 shows very much. The main character Bones makes the show somewhat different from Alias. She uses more of her brains than her physical strength. I like this show, I may not value as much as Battlestar Galactica, but it's a pretty good show to watch.
  • Bones is one of the best shows for the fall season.

    Bones is a great show that is very witty. Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz are the actors who portray the main characters, Dr. Temperance Brennan and cop Sealy Booth. The chemistry between Booth and (as referred to by Booth, "Bones") Brennan is just simply amazing. It's just amazing to watch these to actors collide on screen. Bones helps Booth work on his cases (and tends to get in the way a time or two). Whereas Booth tends to try to help the overly book smart and underly street smart Bones with people. I would recommend this show to anyone who likes great chemisty between characters, great writing, comedy and mystery. Making Bones the perfect show.
  • Its just plain awesome... my fav show right next to House.

    The stories are great. They mostly include new weird stuff to kill people haha. For ex. one of the episodes i saw was when the guy threw someone in a woodchipper or something like that. It made me laugh but it was pretty interesting. It is wayyyy better than CSI by far. The CSI season has to break something big to get anywhere close to Bones. Highly requimented. Most of my friends watch it now cuz of me always talking about and saying how interesting it is and how it explains just how it all works when they show it in the lab. So thats my review on BONES!!!!!!!

    Its one of the few shows that gets a 10.0 from me

  • i love bones!

    bones is my favorite new show. bones and booth are the new scully and molder. the show is fanstastic and david boreanaz is superb. the dialouge is between them is so good. they banter and argue but that's all part of the very high level of sexual tension between them. that's what keep viewers and me glued to favorite episode was of course the first one and epsiode 15 two bodies in the lab. booth saved bones and he did it even though he was hurt from getting exploded by bone's fridge. the finale was heartbreaking and also brought booth and bones a little closer. i love this show.
  • My first review was that i was getting bored and that i didnt really like the show that much but my oppinion has vastly improved, and i enjoy the show a lot.

    One of my main criticisms was that there wasnt enough action and they mainly focused on the relationships of the characters e.g brennan and booth and the other workers but i realised that this was important for the show and really started to find the character interaction funny and interesting, i like all the characters and think that brennan is really funny because she never understands pop culture references, i think that the storylines are good most of the time although the one where theres a new guy helping them out and then suddenly realise its him was way too obvious and the one with the voodoo wasnt too good but overall it has had good episodes and i advise anybody to watch this show and give it a try for a few episode
  • Bones... when you hear that name for a show you just think "ok, just another forensic tv show"... well, you couldn´t be much far from the truth.

    Bones... when you hear that name for a show you just think "ok, just another forensic tv show"... well, you couldn´t be much far from the truth.

    The show is based on simply bases: a forensic anthropologist that works with the FBI to solve cases, but boy, it so much more than that.

    The characters are rich, not commonly known for people like us (regular people), because they´re geniuses, that are strugling to be just like everybody else.

    The principal lady, well someone "strange" maybe, lacks of interpersonality relationships skills or known of tv shows, pop culture etc. When you meet her, you realize that she had experience some really hard things and that is the cause of her actual personality... just trying to avoid getting close to people so she can´t be hurt.

    And the FBI agent....ohohohohohohhohh.... THE FBI AGENT... what can I say (it´s David Boreanz!!!) it´s sexy, charming, athletic and above all he really cares about the persons he likes.

    We get to see the interaction between the two main characters. First they hate each other, just because they´re so different but when the time passes and they get to know each other better and better and better, and they share personal things they realize that they are no as different as they think and that they had built a really rally nice friendship... a friendship that is full of richness and sexual tension... they just love each other but they cant figure it out yet.

    The seasons to come (hopefully many many many more) are going to be very exciting as we get to see how they relationship grows with their love.

  • A show about forensic anthropoligist Dr. Temperence Brennan.

    "Bones" is a original and exciting show. It stars Emily Deschanchel as Temperence Brennan a charachter from the anthropoligist Kathy Reichs book. As a gag in the show Temp writes books about a "fictional" anthropoligist Kathy Reichs. Temp has a rather dry humour. She has an FBI bodyguard. She is wholly 100% commited to her job and has little time for fun and games. Every episode follows a different case of hers and always contains a twist. A stiry line that passes through the show is that of Temp's parents who "disapeared". This is used for the Series 1 cliffhanger in which her father calls her.
    Overall I think it is a great show.
  • Emotionally defecient work obsessed woman and overly people orientated work dedicated guy come together to make a show for those who like to think about television as well as watch.

    Bones is one of my favourite shows so far on the topic of forensic science. It's a show that most of the time is pretty original keeps you guessing, and on the end of your seat in anticipation. The F.B.I Detective and the Forensic Anthropologist is an interesting partnership, the're fire and ice personalities keeps the show fresh. The focus on Brennan's forensic team and co-workers is great. But they do need to ease off on the 'I like you, you like me" chemisty between Bones and Booth though only because it's cool for now just the way it is. But maybe it could be good later on.
  • best show on tv

    I love bones. It mixes csi with law and order and those are my favorite two shows. It’s very realistic. From watching bones and csi I’ve been leaning toward making a career change in that field. I find the show fascinating and educational. Bones has a very good story line and great actors. Every week I look forward to seeing David. I watch it every week it’s so good. It’s a must see.
  • What a cool series!

    I like these series really much it really gets into real crimes and every thing and I like, in top of all, the story lines and how does the agent always called the doctor specialist "Bones" is really cool, every time she gets mad and every thing, well the things is that I think this series is quite good and I find it entertaining in some way, is really different for what I usually watched, but still this is a really great series, I like it!
  • bones is a very good show

    i love bones. it mixes csi with law and order and them two shows are exxeclent so this makes this show off the charts. its very realistic but somtimes i wonder "do humans really have the technology they do" in oen epsiode angela makes an envirioment for a girl dying of cancer i mean is that even possible. but it has very good story line an great actors. i watch it every week its so good. i hope they make a 2nd season. there is room for improvment but the show is still spectacular so that means the 2nd season (if there is one) will be off the charts even more. its a must see.
  • Love it!!!

    i personally think this show is really good, although it's farelly underappreciated. I think of all my friends only two watch it. if i took a servey in my school, i doubt all that many watch it. I have never met someone who will die if they met any of the cast or crew. I think that FOX can maybe spruce up the promotianl advertising that is used to promote the show. I really like how David Boreanaz acts and think that if FOX did more advertising people would watch the show more. Great show, and hope it goes on for a long time.
  • A great crime drama which has action, a bit of humor, and character development.

    A great crime drama which has action, a bit of humor, and character development. Bones is about a forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperence Brennan and her team and how they help FBI Special Agent Seely Booth, solve homicides. Each episode starts off with the discovery of a body which is then taken to the lab where Brennan and her staff examine the body for evidence and find clues that are missed by other examiners. This show also examines the lives of the characters and how they act outside of their jobs. Usually focusing on Brennan and Booth it looks at their personal lives and how it effects their work.
  • the best show ever

    this is my new favourite show. i am hooked. it was a friend that convinced me to watch it but now that i have i am hooked. i don't think that anything else measures up. i think the two leads fit together perfectly and the ating is brilliant. i love how brennen doesn't know any of the modern things and how she dosen't understand the slang that booth uses. they are both the best.i also like the rest of the characters. angela, hodgins and zach. i thing angela's machine for facial reconstruction is really cool.over all i love it. love it. love it. it is the best show ever. ever
  • I do like this show, even if I haven't read the books yet...

    So far, I do like the show; and for someone who hasn't read the books yet, I bet that's saying a lot...?

    I do hope that season two will continue to look into every one of the character's lives, but especially Temperance's & Seely's. They are they main characters, and because of that, deserve the primary focus of attention. THat's not to say that I wouldn't mind getting a good look at Temperance's co-workers (and boss) and Seely's friends & Co-workers on occasion.

    And I hope that Temperance will get all the answers she's been searching for in regaurds to her family. Don't leave us hanging, as tempting as it may seem at the time...
  • Bones the show you can't stop watching.

    Bones is a decent show and is completely original. BONES is a great show. Over the season Bones and Booth have found bones and the owner of them too, as well as finding treasure in a sewer, a pirate in a well. Bones and of recently the bones of a American solider shot in battle by fellow team mates. The bodies were then arranged to look like the middle eastern family killed the solider, yes bones has a brilliant way of finding small things, as well as her team. Can't wait till 1x23 airing tomorrw for all those New Zealanders out there on TV3 @ 9.30.
  • Great show for those who love comedy and medical mysteries.

    Great show if you can't get enough of medical stuff and comedy. This show is somewhat ahead of it's time for the technologies that it has in this show that may inspire some inventors for future years. It is based on a one of the best known forensic anthroplogists, Kathy Reichs, which Dr.Temperance Brennan(Emily Deschanel) is playing as. She is partners with a special agent for solving cases that may be very new or from a long time ago like the one episode of the pirate. Dr. Temperance Brennan and her team along with Agent Booth always seem to solve the cases with some outside help for all of her cases, making a great show.
  • A great show for anyone to watch, with great actors, and god stories!

    I startet to watch this show mostly because of David Boreanaz, but continued to watch due to the greatness of the show. The style of the show, one crime each episode thing has been really cool, and I really like the carracter development on the show.

    The relationship between Booth and Brennan is allways a classik, the "we-like-eachother-but-will-not-get-together"-relationship is allways nice to follow!

    Most of it I think is that I really like that David Boreanaz play another role than Angel. And his role in this show is not like when he played Angel, and I still like it :).

    Love the show!
  • Bones is about a woman, Dr. Temperance Brennan, who is an anthropoligist and her relationship with her work, co-workers, and agent Booth.

    I finally understand why people watch these kind of shows. I'm not really a fan of the whole crime solving CSI thing, but Bones is a show that I really like. It's intrigue comes not only from Brennan's work as an anthropologist, but the sexual tension between her and Agent Booth. Each episode leaves you wanting more. I personally can't get enough of it. I also believe the cast is amazing. I was a fan of David Boreanaz when he was on Angel, but now I'm an even bigger fan. I had never heard of Emily Deschanel before the show, but I'm glad I have because she too is very talented. I hope Bones last for years to come.
  • The only watchable crime show!

    I am not a huge fan of crime shows but this changed my mind and made me see there really is hope for them. I love the chemistr between bennan and booth...oh my god will you just kiss already!! I have onlyjust gotten into it and I ahve to say I'm liking every episode! I love the way david boreanaz and emily deliver their lines. You can't stop yourself from laughing at them! The crimes aren't mind boggling but are still decent enough so that when the truth is ervealed it's a shock! Can't wait to see more of it! Rock on Bones!
  • Very enjoyable character development and just different enough from other forensic shows to keep it interesting

    Really enjoy the chemistry between Booth and Brennan. While feelings certainly exist between the characters, the writers have let it be subtle and not too pronounced. It’s nice that the viewers are treated intelligently enough to allow them to enjoy the subtleties of the ongoing relationship without it being too evident. The fact that they are so obviously opposites in the way they think, work and believe, also make their relationship fun.

    The other characters are perfect additions to the show. They are quirky but likeable. The way it the show develops the characters and makes it seem that there is always more to learn about each of them keeps it interesting and not predictable.

    Can't wait for next season
  • really good show

    i don't really like the whole law and order, csi, fad of crime/medical shows, but this is an exception. i think it's well written and has a wonderful cast. i can't wait for it to come back next season. this show was a breath of fresh air for the 2005-2006 season. i think they should pair it back up with house though.
  • This show rocks Wendsday nights!!!!!!!!!!

    Well, It's about this anthropologist named Temperance Brennen. ( But if you watched the finale , you'd know her real name is Joy Keenan.) Well, She investigates bones and other remains of people that died. With the help of her team and the totally hot FBI Booth, "Bones" ( her nickname) They find out how that person died and discover some sick ass stuff while they investigate. Every episode will keeping you guessing and shocked, even after it ends. Not to mention Zack and Booth are both totally hot! I love Emily Deshanel. She's an awesome actress. And every case is somewhat personal. Totall thumbs up!
  • Dr. Temperence Brennen is the leading forensic anthropologist and writes books on the side. She is conned into helping identify the body by angent Steely Booth. After that first case they are put as partners. They soon become friends and start the search

    I thank this show rocks! The fact that Bones is practicly oblivious to the fact thar Booth would do anything for her is really funny. But I thank she is starting to notice that he cares for her, a lot. i can\'t wait for the seconed season. from what I\'ve heard about it. the chemistry between Bones and Booth heats up, and they learn more things about Bones\'s past and about her father. This show is one of my faverite shows. I like how they casted the parts and did a very good job on that to. I just hope that the seond season and any otheers are just as good.
  • One of the greatests shows i have seen, great entertainment and great acting.

    Since the first day I started watching this show, which by the way was by mistake since I was just flipping through channels, I liked it. I got to say i was very happy to see David in this show since he is a great actor, he brings so much to this show, the way he deals with Brennan is very cute. The rest of the cast is also great, the writing is good and i love all the techno talk.The last episode was great and i believe was the beginning of many twsists. I hope it comes back for many more seasons with great storylines as season 1.
  • "Bones" is a show full of interesting cases and great sarcasm and wit.

    "Bones" is a show full of interesting cases and great sarcasm and wit. The actors and the writers are amazing at their job and their talents show throughout the season. The character interactions are not upfront and in the spotlight but, as the season carries along, you start to feel for them and they start to feel for each other.

    I have to say this now: I tuned it about halfway through the season. I saw the first episode and I thought it was pretty boring but, after watching an episode a little later in the year, I got hooked. The show that got me hooked was "The Woman at the Airport". Whether that was one of the best episodes or not isn't the point. It got me interested and kept me watching probably until the series itself ends.

    Everything about the show just seems to settle with me. I have to like the characters to like the show and the characters are very three-dimensional and I feel I know them as well as I would know one of my friends. "Bones" is certainly a great show and I hope it'll continue for a long time at its home on FOX.
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