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  • I laugh outloud more often during Bones than all my other primetime shows put togther

    I laugh outloud more often during Bones than all my other primetime shows put togther. I know it's not doing that well in terms of ratings, but honestly this is my favorite show on cable right now. Each character is unique to say the least. Zack is hilarious... pitiful and loveable at the same time. Hodges is by far my favorite, the spoiled rich kid running away from the lifestyles of the rich to be the rebellious lab rat at the Smithsonian. And who wouldn't love a show where they send a frozen pig through a woodchipper, honestly!?!

    ~Danny Tanner
  • Come for the sexy former vampire, stay for the witty writing and loveable characters. And yes, the sexy former vampire.

    In all honesty, not really one for this sort of show, I would never have begun watching this show were it not for David Boreanaz. And had he been the only positive thing about Bones, I would not have kept watching through all the timeslot jumping FOX seems to love ever-so-much.

    What makes this show great has nothing to do with the cast members they've selected (though it helps), and nothing to do with the show's genre. It's the writing that does it. Who doesn't love the overly-paranoid Hodgens? The brilliant Zack with no real-world knowledge? The still some-what sane Angela? And of course, Tempe, who can be so distant and occasionally painful to watch one moment, then make the episode the next. And of course, EVERYONE loves Booth.

    People who bash Bones because it's "nothing like the books" (true, but it obviously wasn't intended to be, or they wouldn't have completely changed the settings, characters, and bumped Tempe back a decade or so age-wise, would they?) or "just another CSI" are wrong. Bones is its own show with its own pros and cons, though I personally, have yet to find the latter.
  • Love this show. Hope it stays...

    My husband and I love this show. We DVR it every week. I love that each character is quirky in his/her own way. The humor in the show cracks me up especially the bantar between Booth & Bones.

    There is too much reality TV show on, this is one of the few shows on TV I'll watch!
  • Boring.Bland.

    This show is terrible, why am i giving it a 8.4? cause it's Fox's only chance at beating CSI.

    -=+B O N E S+=-
    this show isn't all that great but it could be better. I am waiting for next season appearing next week, although i don't think there will be a big difference.
  • Getting better

    It was difficult in the beginning with all the characters doing their best to impress us with their fast lines and big words, but now as the show has progressed and taken form it gets better with each new episode. In the beginning it was all about David Boreanaz and how he would be as a totally different character than what we have been used to in several seasons of Buffy and 5 seasons of Angel, but that's in the past and David Boreanaz is quite fun to watch. At least now we can also see him acting in daylight so that's a plus. I'm still not so keen on Emily Deschanel's character as Temperance Brennan. Strange name to start with and it's like her entire being has somehow never watched a single movie or television at all so her repeating comment of "I don't know what that is" is very annoying. Other than that the rest of the characters are fine (Hodgins is annoying).
  • Another show I was hoping for.I really thought the idea to be original but i'm not found of Angel's acting.

    I really wish someone would tell me how this is still on? The main male (Angel)tries to be sexy but!!! I really like the story lines,maybe a new male lead would help it out.Infact I am sure it would---couldn"t hurt for sure.Lets hope the writers think of someone.We can only hope!
  • My opinion...

    I love this show, i also loved Kathy Reichs books on Temperance Brennan. Finally something worth watching!! I love the interaction between Booth and Brennan, it is so funny. I think Emily Deschanel is perfect for 'Tempe'

    I'm surprised that people who have read the books don't like the Tv show as well, i think both are great in different ways. =)
  • Booth cracks me up.

    Who cares that it's like 100 other shows on TV, it's still a great show. Unlike many crime shows that have come out after the success of CSI, this show actually has great acting, and it has great plots. The plots are always original, the characters always have something funny and witty to say, it's a show that never disappoints.

    At first I didn't want to watch it as it seemed like it would be like 100 other shows on TV. I then however found myself watching the last 10 minutes before House and really enjoying it. I then actually watched a full episode and now think it's a great show. If you aren't watching the show give it a try, you'll be pleasantly surprised.
  • Smart, funny and definetly sexy. Please air this show every week. I'm sick of American Idol!

    Bones is a detective story based in modern science and thankfully lacks a dependence on huge amounts of violence. Boreanaz is terrific is his role as a rough, competent FBI agent who is willing to take a step back to let others do what they do best. His comedic side rounds out his character giving dimension. Deschanel needs to be allowed to show some softness and emotion without giving up her intellectual astuteness, which is appealing to all women of stature and serves as a great role.
    The supporting cast members are smart, clever, quick and sometimes touching.
  • Love this show!!!!

    Lots of chemistry between Booth and "Bones"! Her undaunted spirit and dry sense of humor are hilarious and she really keeps Booth on his toes. I have loved Boreanaz since I first saw him in Buffy The Vampire Slayer and was an avid fan of his Angel series. I was very glad to see him in another series and his charm and sensuality are still very evident in this new series. Great cast all the way around and the plots are very good with just enough satire, humor, and bits of romance thrown in to make it quite riveting and exciting. Hope in future episodes to start seeing a few more sparks between Booth and "Bones". BRING ON MORE!!
  • Fantastic Show

    Yes I still miss Angel but this show has suprised me, its funny, shocking and tells a good story. My only gripe is, well the same with all American shows: its on one week then is\'nt on untill four weeks later. I do not understand why you do this but I like to see my shows wekly so you can care about the caraters more.
  • A great show, funny, light hearted, tear-jerking at times...Best show of the new season!

    I didn't start watching this show from the start, but I wish that I had. I stumbled on to the show while looking for something to watch. I wasn't sure about it at first and kept the remote in my hand, ready to flip to another show should I need to, but I was happily surprised and now I'm hooked.

    David Boreanaz is too funny in this show. I was expecting someone brooding and dark, as in his Angel character, and you don't get that which is so nice. He's got a dark side to him, but when it comes down to it, he's a softie. He totally owns his character.

    Emily Deschanel is amazing. She makes her character awkwardly cute. She truly embraces Temperance as someone who doesn't know how to "fit in" with the living. She's got all these facts and data in her head, and she doesn't always have the ability to "dumb" down her knowledge to make it comprehensible.

    The supporting cast is also such a riot, they just all work and make you feel like you're watching a real lab.

    All in all it's just a great show, similar yet different to the CSIs and Crossing Jordan, and everyone should tune in to it.
  • Funny, informative, classy and with some down right sexy people in it!!

    I have to say when i first read about this series I didn't think it would work, I mean how many scenarios can you think of where you would need an anthropologist to sort out a murder case, but so far I have been pleasantly surprised. The chemistry between 'Bones' and Agent Booth is sizzling and the comic timing of the rest of the cast leaves me thinking that this is one of the best dramas at the moment. Funny in places it tackles murder cases from a totally different angle - my advice is catch it if you can!
  • I didn't watch this show when it first aired, but after my best friend convinced me that it was really good, I watched the third episode, and I (or course) got addicted to it!

    I didn't watch this show when it first aired, but after my best friend convinced me that it was really good, I watched the third episode, and I (or course) got addicted to it! This show is in the same league as House and Monk on the funny level, and Law & Order and all it's reincarnations on the intriguing level. The off-beat humor and the complete social ineptness of the characters on the show coupled together make this a must watch. And as a direct result of this show, I know more about bugs and various other aspects of forensic science than I ever thought I would find out from a show. It probably helps that David Boreanaz is hot!
  • Temperance Brennan is a forensic anthropologist, who deals with bones suprisingly enough. She is joined by FBI agent Seely Booth and they work together to solve crimes. Based on the books by Kathy Reichs, but not that closely; it makes for interesting vie

    I do so love this show. David Boreanez is just great in anything lets face it, and as a long time fan of the books by Kathy Reichs i was waiting with baited breath for the series to start.
    It wasn't quite what I expected at first, for instance the only similarities to the book seemed to be Brennan's name and Job Description, but it still makes for compelling viewing.

    My only peev? Her constant repetition of "I don't know what that means." If you can dress yourself in this seasons fashions you have to get some pop culture references Dr. Brennan. Its not exactly a catch-prase to be proud of now is it?
  • Bones is the best show on television this season! The chemistry between characters is brilliant, the acting of everyone involved is stellar. It should not be missed!

    Both witty and poignant, it addresses important and controversial subjects without being a downer. Every week the show steps up to a new level, never failing to impress. Though its had a hard time with ratings , due to time changes, insufficient advertising, and Fox showing the episodes out of order, as well as being scheduled against Lost and other major hits, its still going strong. After just a few episodes it was clear that the show had found itself, something most fledgling shows fail to achieve until at least the end of season one. Acting and writing truly come together to make something brilliant.
  • Based on the novels by Kathy Reichs, this show revolves around the character Temperance Brennan, a forensic anthropologist. Her job is not exactly a pleasant one, having to deal with bones and decaying bodies but the show is definately a hit!

    This show has become another one of my personal favourites, partly because I have read all of the novels by Reichs, which are so good that I can't put them down until there finished. The show is just as good, if not, better then the novels. It's very unique, and it doesn't appeal to everyone. I find it incredible, the cast do an amazing job at portraying their character properly and the episodes are exciting. I say give it chance, you don't know what your missing!
  • watched the first episode and i love it already.

    So i watched the first episode of Bones and it is brilliant, i got half way thru and had to add it to my favourite Tv Shows list which usually takes a tv shows several episodes to be added. if this show keeps going the way it started it will be a big hit. i love it!
  • Fox produces another success which, without a doubt, they will cancel. A solid crime drama with good humour.

    Fox has this uncanny ability to come up with good programming that they have no faith in. Bones is funny, dramatic, character driven and has continuity. Which, as I think everyone who has ever watched Fox knows, is the kiss of death to a good show.

    It's quirky, it's good crime scene investigation, it's got solid background and characters. While each episode is self-contained, much like Law & Order, the details of the character carry from show to show. You learn that little bit more each episode. The characters are dynamic. Boyfriends change, situations evolve, and personal knowledge and experience is relevant.

    Best of all, the crime solving is plausible. There's no leaps that make you wonder how they went from A to B, there's no convienently placed technology to make you roll your eyes and there's yet to be a dues ex machina to wrap up the show that was running complex and long.

    It's a solid show, a great crime drama and has the watcher involved and caring.
  • Thought it was going to be just another crime drama show so didn't watch it at first. Boy was I wrong ... it's also funny and intelligent.

    I do love crime dramas ... Law & Order (mostly Criminal Intent) and Wire in the Blood (on BBC America). It's intriquing so see how and why these people were killed and to see the murderer brought to justice.

    What I really like is character development ... I mean, if you're going to watch these shows every week you should be able to understand who they are and what makes them tick. The main characters are very well drawn and you're constantly learning new things about them ... I like being surprised.

    And I also appreciate humor ... something this show has. It's not often a show has all of these qualities ... if you haven't seen it, watch it.
  • Terrific Show!

    This is a great show! It is probably one of the better shows on television right now. I love all the characters, in particular, the woman who plays Bones. What a great character she is plus she is based on a real true-to-life woman. She is smart, well genuis really, and she is a no-nonsense type woman, very refreshing after the stereotypical female characters we get on other shows. My favorite episode so far is the one where the woman addicted on plastic surgery is found dead. Bones takes the plastic surgeons to task over what they do for a living! Really great show - try it for yourself.
  • Interesting show, FOX will probably cancel it

    I can’t remember why I tuned into the first episode of “Bones,” but I’m glad I did. Episodic, procedural dramas don’t usually appeal to me (I tend to prefer more serial-based shows), but I enjoyed the chemistry between the two leads and the quirkiness of the “squints” in the lab. The first few episodes were kind of slow, following the same formula in each, but the later episodes have deviated from that formula while still incorporating the same premise, and I’ve enjoyed those episodes much more. I think the best episode thus far was “The Man in the Fallout Shelter;” it was more about the characters and their histories (especially Brennan’s) than it was about solving the murder. I hope the show continues to focus more on the characters and starts to arc stories around them and doesn’t become another solve-a-murder-a-week show. I also hope it gets a chance to evolve and grow before FOX does what its prone to do and cancel all its good shows.
  • Bones is completly fresh, and is surprisingly one of the best new shows on TV!

    I just recently got into watching Bones, and I'm quite amazed by how good this show is. Basically its CSI with a medical edge all of its own. David Boreanaz is fantastic, and Emily Deschanel is wonderful as well.

    The stories are fun, and informative, and are filled with suspence. I have loved what I've seen so far, and hope that the show lasts long enough to become something truely special. Overall Bones is one of the best new shows to come out of 2005! Recommended
  • Just... watch to see for yourself.

    It is really hard to say anything about the show. It is hard to describe characters: Special Agent Seely Booth, who is funny, clever, with dark past and current relations; dr Temperence Brennan, a forensic atropologist so not interest in a real world that her favourite phrasde mis "I don't know what you mean", Angela, a girl that still cannot comprehence the phenomena of death, Hodgins, crawled in the lab trying to escape his wealth and assistent Zack, trying to escape his too-much-loving family.
    They work together on death-cases when bodies are too decomposed for normal FBI technicians. Cases are strange, I tell you.
    But that really keeps that show together are relations between characters, mostly between Booth and bones, as he called dr Brennan. They are extremely funny, often in situations with different context for both of them. They play with each other, but they also respect each other.
    Humour is the power here, believe me.
  • This show has potential.

    Granted -it is taking some time for Bones to find its footing. The episode "The Man in the SUV" -fell far from the mark of being entertaining; and, the character Temperance has left me rolling my eyes on several occasions. On the other hand, "The Man in the Fallout Shelter" was excellent. It was all there - the writing; the acting; characters I believed and got interested in. Something clicked and I became a fan after that episode.

    Just when I start getting that warm fuzzy about cuddling up with my new Wednesday night TV buddy, here come those tell tale signs of cancellation -again....

    Considering Fox's quick trigger finger for the cancel button, Bones may never get a chance to mature. If this does happen, I sincerely hope the producers will consider a direct marketing approach. I, for one, am sick of the garbage the networks are pushing as entertainment. Yes, I would pay to be able to make precision selections of what plays on my television. Especially considering that cable TV packages are really no better and potentially good shows are getting strangled in their infancy.

    Apple’s got the frame work. Viva La Revolucion!
  • I am speaking of the show in general, not one particular episode. Last night we watched the episode about the prostitute killed by a jealous co-worker. It t had a few corny lines, but was funny and touching,both.

    I am newto this site, but I was looking for a way to let somebody know how much my husband and I live "Bones".
    When the show first started I was bored and disappointed. But, as it has gone along and brought in more humor and brought out the characters of the back staff, I have become a fan.
    I have the most trouble relating to Temperance, and her wardrobe seems a little stylish for her personality.
    Zack and Angela are our favority parts of the show.Boreanaz seems to be slowly settling into the character, as he did "Angel".
    I hope the show is give a chance, as it has become one of our favorites.
    Just give us more Angela, please!!!
  • Was that Angel I just saw? Wearing a suit and badge?!

    When I heard about this show coming to Sky Television I was pumped because it's a new area of acting for David Boreanaz, after the death of Angel I had waited patiently for quite some time to see Big Dave return to the screen and here he is.

    The character between Angel and Booth aren't that different, also with the addition of the hot Emily Deschanel playing Brennan the sexual tension is practically there from the outset of the series.

    After watching only a couple of episodes, I came to the realisation that Temperance is awesome at what she does. This new Mulder and Scully could be heavily successful given chance.

    I shall keep looking out for this series.
  • With a blend of science, sexual tension and humour Bones is a refreshing change to this area of Television

    This show follows the processes in which Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan (Emily Deschanel) pieces together skeletal remains to figure out the causes of death. Brennan is working on loan to the FBI, "under the care"/supervision of Special Agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz), to find the people responsible for those extra difficult crimes.

    With a blend of science, sexual tension and humour Bones is a refreshing change to this area of Television.

    The balance of Brennan's social ineptitude with all none PHD's, with Booth's down to earth approach, as well as chemistry between the two give this show a definate watchability which cant be denied.
  • Bones don't lie

    I love this show. It shows us some very interesting perspectives on what bones can tell us. The cast works well together and play off each other with ease. The show I find is very informative and captivating. It takes forensics and puts a twist on it. The kurt personality of "bones" just adds the kick the show needs to make it a great watching series.
  • rly cool!!!

    rly cool i like this show alot its cute,mysterious and keeps you on the edge of your seat i learn things i never knew before i dont know any but memory is the pattern in which the brain copys inside your brain ahha smart eh??? lmao so yeah in conclusion i love this show well like bout an 8/10 !