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  • Blame Stephen Nathan for killing Sweets

    Apparently John Francis Daley just needed a few months off the set so he could direct a movie and would have liked to have come back. It was Stephen Nathan who decided to make it permanent by killing his character. How easy would it have been to build tension around a kidnapped Sweets or otherwise deal with his absence? But kill him off like that? What an incredibly stupid, hateful, rotten thing to do. Nathan's the one who should have been dumped.
  • WHAT???

    Now, elaborate dammit! If Sweets got a promotion for a new gig, left the show for reasons we can't stop, than bummer! But if this was written in, and I can't say I know. How dare you write him off, but explain why he left. When season 9 ended, I said 1 thing, watch, there gonna blow threw this booth in custody and get him out, and sure enough.... Dude shoots 3 delta Force Agents, and he's out, as they unlocked a conspiracy as big as Kennedy, in 2 fricken episodes. Now House, at least he had fun in jail, made it interesting. I wanted to see him beat the shit out of more inmates. You guys royally fucked up, now do a Paranormal episode where the ghost of Sweets gets trapped on earth. He's in limbo, purgatory if you will, and the death of like a family member or anything you can bring back, (a connection, if you will from a past episode), Sweets helps someone solve a crime and he's stuck on earth until it's solved and they are safe and the killer, do something dramatic at the end, not just jail, a nail biter. You owe this to the fans damn it! And after Sweets helps put a case to bed that would have left him stuck . When he gets his justice, I want you to send him off into the light, naturally, 2 witnesses, which are the 2 he helped, and they, and only they see. I hope your getting used to these comments because you lit the fuse to it, and your getting used to it, WOW,,, I'm a poet and I don't know it. Don't leave me out of the cut either, that's a golden idea on how you can start with the fans, and still, that's just a start. I'm just trying to help. A royal FUCKUP!!! I'm out, unless you take my script and my idea and, ohh, keep me set for a while. Theirs characters grow on there fans man, I can't believe this, what a day what a day what a day, to quit watching, what a day what a day what a day, to turn a new series on. Ohhh and by the way, cops PC up.
  • huge spoiler killing off one of the best, Dr. Sweets was greatest in the show!!!!

    why the hell did you kill off Sweets!!! what kind of numbnuts does that??!!! was waiting for the premiere for months .... disappointed a big time!! huge spoiler. writers suck!!

  • You killed off one of my favorite characters!

    I can't believe you killed off Sweets! He was one of my favorite characters in this series. It made me cry and feel nothing but discuss for the writers and the series. I will no longer be watching the program. I have been a faithful fan from day one and you have killed that for me. I can't express my disappointment in this show and its writers!!!!!!
  • You Killed Sweats!

    Why! Couldn't you have written him gradually. He was to be a father with insipid Daisy. Even i could have written a very acceptable ending. You made me cry and my neighbors and friends too. Pls don't kill anyone off because i will be forced to stop watching. Killing Daisy would be okay since she is just annoying.
  • Lose Lose situation

    There are people who were sad about Sweets demise some weren't. As is often the case , you can't please everyone. Perhaps having Sweets go back to working at the center he went to when he needed to gain perspective with Pelant, would have been a nice solution and he could take Daisy with him. I just wish the actress who played Agent Shaw would be available.

    People have had Bones jumping the shark forever and each season being the last 10 seasons later it's still standing and not by the hair of its chin
  • Actors moving on.

    If Daly wanted to move on that is understandable. As far as killing him off and bringing a pregnant Daisy in, that was just an unneeded addition to the storyline. The show has been struggling for the last few years. A note to all TV producers: Multiple episodes are irritating to viewers and even more so when the show goes into syndication. Another problem is that most people watch these shows to see their favorite characters solve cases and defeat the villain. The super villain that takes a whole season or longer to catch is just boring and the average fan a resolution at the end of each episode.
  • Broken Bones

    Perhaps the actor was ready to move on, but the show is going to be lost without Sweets. They may have just as well killed off Bones or Seeley. Ultimately these characters would be easier to replace because they have grown to become less unique. Sweets on the over hand was unusual more so than the rest. Basically they have ruined the show. It is not worth really watching anymore and time for it to be cancelled. The show reached its end before it came to an end. It is really hard to tell a story when you are killing off the main characters that are holding the story together. Dumb! Perhaps they can just kill off each of the actors one by one; blow up the lab, and leave Bones lost on some mountaintop while the greater powers of evil take over. Could be a better story line then the one they got going.
  • All the ones whinging about Sweets.....

    if you bother to read the interview with both John Francis Daley (Sweets) and the director you will find that John asked to leave the show as he wants to concentrate on directing and I too was very sad that Sweets shed a tear or actors move show survived after Wendall was killed by the assasin, it will survive the best to John in his future endeavors..
  • The Death of Sweets

    You should have never killed off Sweets. No one on the show should be eliminated they all blend so well together. I really don't want to watch the show ever again. Shame, Shame on the person who made this decision. My mom who 92 loves the show and also said she will not watch it ever again.

    Bring Sweets back....... You made a big mistake and guess what you will pay for it.....
  • WHY?????

    Why would you Kill Sweets? Did it have to be so cruel can't watch anymore. You've destroyed am sick about this. You could of just sent him away, this was uncalled be so cruel...... totally uncalled for
  • I'm Out! Bones is in a nose dive...

    In my opinion this will be the last season and I won't be watching it. There was a certain dynamic between Booth and Sweets that was just what this show needed. As far as murder solving goes, there are many, many shows with that storyline including many real life stories, so the writers need to give us something more than just that. I agree with someone's earlier statement that the psychology offered by Sweets balanced the other characters. The only really interesting characters in my opinion are Booth and Sweets. Take Sweets out and the other characters fall flat and leave Booth with a void that can't be filled. After all Sweets really looked up to him and wouldn't have been in the crossfire if Booth wouldn't have went against his advice and asked for his help anyway. So does Booth live with that guilt or do the writers ignore the fact that Booth went against Sweets advice ultimately playing a part in his death? Sweets had a great personality and a positive outlook in very grim surroundings. Without him it is a very dark place to spend an hour watching. It is even darker now that he has left behind an unborn baby. The opening displayed too much tragedy and heart break. One writer promises to make it up but I have lost interest. Sweets is an irreplaceable character in my opinion. The worst part in my mind is that Sweets death is tied to Booth. Those characters need each other. Just won't be the same without Sweets. Seeing that character in that body bag in the end sealed the deal for me. I'm out. Lastly, I also agree that Brennan should have shown some growth by now. My God she is married to an awesome guy and has a daughter now. The unchanging rude and robotic characteristics of Brennan are annoying and boring. If more blood, guts and death of beloved characters is the exciting future of this show that is all the more reason not to watch. There really isn't anything left to write about.
  • Agreed - Bones is a Bust!!

    I cannot believe you killed off the only decent person on the show!!! He became one of my favorites. If he wanted to do other things, you could have sent him on a sabbatical or something. Just bring him back. Whose stupid idea was it to kill the poor guy?!? And yes, with a baby coming? Not happy with this show. You messed it up.
  • Bones is a bust!!!!!!

    I don't think I can watch Bones anymore, Sweets in a body bag didn't leave much room his character to ever come back not even through a "conspiracy" storyline. His character played an integral part to every other character on the show. I'm so disappointed.
  • They Killed him

    OMG They Killed Sweets of all the people in the play play world, i'm so so so upset with the producers right now he's having a baby!!!!!
  • A bitter not so sweet

    Why am I to ask the obvious. Who made the terrible decision to take away from a great ensemble cast a major player. Sweets is the glue which holds together the wacky characters created for this Bones TV show. I have been an avid watcher since episode one . Loving all the characters places an unbearable void in me.. Someone wants to put the show-Bones to an early grave.
  • Goodbye my Sweets

    How could you kill Sweets? I have been watching Bones since it started but killing Sweets was extremely upsetting to both me and my daughter. We both really like him and his character. Worse thing you could have done. Not sure if I want to watch any more.
  • Well now...

    So you kill off the shrink that actually gave a little clever humor to the show? Thanks. I now have an hour of free time now on my Thursday nights.
  • Killed off

    I can't believe they killed Sweets. He was my be watching any more
  • Sweets getting killed off

    Omg why did they kill sweets off:(
  • I had my share...

    Of detective shows already. Though I like this one beacuse of the idea (investigate a crime through the victim's bones), TV is flooded with this shows. From CSI to Criminal Minds is hard to find a really original one.
  • Episode 7 & 13

    I love Bones from Season 1 to Season 9. But I love much this two episode the 7 & 13. Seeley Booth wearing our native shirt Barong Tagalog during their honeymoon in Buenas Aires. I love it and proud of it... And this Episode 13 really struck me BIG IN THE Philippines... Big WOW on me... So proud again... Davao City mention, our country and the language that we spoke "TAGALOG"... its a ghost bumps... ILOVEYOU BONES... To the writer, the Producer and actors and actresses... Thank you very much to choose our country to be the title of this episode BIG IN THE PHILIPPINES... PROUD TO BE PINOY... PROUD TO BE BONE'S FANS... LOVE IT... Dr. Temperance Brennan and Seeley Booth ILOVEYOUALL..
  • Horrible!!!

    This show is really a bust. I loved the first seasons, now is just a horrible show. The show is too long, with no enthusiastic cases, it is just plain bad and boring. Also what really strikes me on this show is precisely the main character, Bones, she is a mean person, a know-at-all with no respect or whatsoever for people and their feelings, and she is just damn mean and a horrifying person. Truly, she portraits a person that in really live no one would love or care for. It is ridicules that they keep that character as the main character. Both I and many of my acquaintances just stop watching an episode or the entire show because it is unbearable to see a show with such a bad and ridicules character as Bones.
  • GrEat ShOw!!

    Love the show don't change as for you whinny people out there your going to ruin it with your negative comments and they'll cancel another great show. If you don't like the show don't watch it. I truly enjoy all the characters Bones and Booth they make the show that's why its been on for so long!
  • Always happens

    The shows are great until they have to give production rights to the main characters and boom, the show suffers. Then as soon as the show starts running out of plots, the main characters have to get married and have kids ( when the whole basis of the series was them working together). Was a great show.
  • what have you done to me

    omg I hate cliffhangers so much, let the haters hate I love this show, and the conspiracies now with govt I love it :)
  • ENOUGH of the FLUFF! We want action, danger and more of the tough FBI version of Booth!

    Bones needs to make EVERY epi in Season 10 as exciting as finale or it will not get to have a Season 11. Just like NCIS I feel the Bones writers have become super lazy and complacent in the writing. I agree w reviewers who said the first few seasons were the BEST. Well written w perfect combo of action, sexy tough Booth, danger and the best serial villains on TV! But ever since Hart Hansen et al started to focus on only getting B n B together, the show became boring, predictable FLUFF. Season 10 finale was hands down one of the best episodes of the entire series cz it was realistic danger, hot sexy amazing Ranger Booth and I found myself nervous WITH him. Kudos to DB for amazing directing of the epi.

    I wish producers wld read more reviews like these to see what the viewers want because it wld help them improve the right things and keep the FANS happy since happy viewers = higher ratings. I wish NCIS and Bones producers wld hire a few fresh new writers to add to the mix and light a darn fire under the current writers who are stuck in their lazy, predictable, boring ways. I want BOTH shows to be around for a few more years and they won't be unless this happens.

    Oh and I wish Emily wld get a cuter hair cut and get bangs again cz it makes her eyes pop so much more (look at pics of her w bangs and curls. Her hair rt now does nothing to frame her gorgeous face and the straight no bangs look makes her look tired and drawn.
  • Jump the Shark for sure.

    The finale was just too far fetched, even for Bones. I'm done with it.
  • Wrong, wrong. This show has too many issues

    First off, the show feels like it has had its run for too long. They probally should have made a finale in season 9 since the show has jumped the shark in a way. Also, the 2 main characters dont have the right chemistry together to me. Plus, the show is trying to be a comedy but crime shows do not mix with those (except for the few rare exceptions on other shows). The show needs to pick itself up for season 10. FOX needs to in order to keep the show going.
  • Looks like 10th season will be Sit-Com with fake laugh tracks.

    Looks like 10th season will be Sit-Com with fake laugh tracks etc.
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