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  • Bones on a downhill slide

    Dr. Brennen is getting less likeable and more arrogant.
  • Continues to Be Great Show

    Bones is still one of the best shows on television. The humor, the mysteries and the strong characterizations are continually on the money. It's sad that so many extremist conservatives can't face up to their own images in the mirror, to the point where they have to post their political knee jerks on a television review site, but that's really not the fault of the writers. I'm a little concerned that Emily is in fewer and fewer action scenes in the show. It used to be mostly about Booth and Bones as field partners and now that seems to be replaced by the quasi Sweets character. Other than that, the show continues to be a delilght.
  • show is getting worse and worse

    i don't care about Sweets being killed off if the actor wanted to leave, but this was done badly, didn't even bring a tear to my eye and i cry at many shows, but this way it was more a joke, for the added higher drama they make him a father to be, pointless! and so predictable! they are ruining a once great show, time to stop...

    Bones used to be great but lately it is just boring and annoying, especially the way Brennan speaks and behaves, they make her too over the top and annoying.

    i watched earlier episodes and the way she speaks was normal back then, now it is like nails on a chalkboard to me, can't stand the way she speaks..

    also to keep on nagging to Booth about how she thinks his religion is not true and how she knows God doesn't exist is annoying as heck.

    i am an atheist as well but i would never ever keep on hurting the man i love by constantly making fun of his beliefs!

    she is becoming less and less of a warm normal person and is a complete charicature of herself and if she supposedly should have apsergers, well i know asperger's well and it is too over the top, wayyyy too much!

    and the way she acts and speaks to her child is just totally annoying and stupid she is becoming intolerable and the show used to be so good, which is why it is sad to see it turning into a charicature and unbelievable mess
  • Hello, 200th episode

    Since they are currently filming the 200th episode I say they are doing something right. They are in with shows like Happy Days, Cheers, Frasier, Friends, and Grey's Anatomy. That's pretty good company. It's a good solid show, with good writing and acting.
  • GREAT!

    I love the show. I have watched this show since the beginning and it had not let me down.
  • just keeps getting better and better

    i love bones. it is clever and beautiful and tasteful and i love it!!!!!!
  • the writers have gotten tired

    "Whether you agree with the political stand point or not is completely irrelevant"? I'd say it's pretty relevant to whether or not I will like/watch a show. And just because the writers started out writing well doesn't mean they haven't become tired of writing the same jokes for the same characters. The show has degraded into disgusting special effects and corny camp. When John Francis Daley asked to take 4 months off, they thought they could use that to revitalize the story but really all they did was piss off a bunch of people and replace him with a generic version of himself, as if that wasn't a COMPLETELY transparent move. I've watched Bones from the beginning, and I forgave them for the rushed mishandling of the "Bones/Booth finally do it" story, but I have to say I am disappointed with the writing. I think they should know when to bow out gracefully.
  • Can I say over reacting?

    I can't say the new season is particularly my favorite season, but I honestly think that everyone is severely over reacting to the turn it's taking. Whether you agree with the political stand point or not is completely irrelevant. What is relevant is that Bones is a pretty awesome show. If you were really that turned off by a touchie episode or so that you just quit watching it altogether, then that's your own business but insulting the writers is a low-blow. I honestly believe people have grown too intolerant to everything they disagree with. Try being open minded. If the past few episodes have offended you that much, you are the perfect example of where the writer draws inspiration. Think about it, it's in several of their episodes. Closed minded people blow up and kill someone. So and so wants to sell out, so and so disagrees, and BAM, Bones gets a corpse and Booth gets to arrest someone. It's just a television an extent, showing something that people can relate to and agree with helps grow fan basis, but they're in Season 10. If they want to go crazy, they should be able to without this much hate. Either you like it and watch it, or you don't and you shut up.
  • Bones Season 10

    I would just like to let @JaneDoeling know that ferrets can and do survive in the wild, also they are known to eat raw meat, bones, and even organs. I'm astounded by the number of people who are mad about the latest just a TV show. Another thing I'd like to mention is that John (Sweets) chose to tleave the show ad the only way that could happen was if he died. I wish he hadn't made that choice, but I can't do anything to chage that by commenting on a tv review website. (And for your information, I've been a fan of Bones before serial killers, when Dr. Goodman and Zach were consistant characters)
  • Done with shove liberalism down your throat Bones

    I have watched every season of Bones, but now their liberal agenda has gone over the top. I'm done.
  • bring back zack 10

    when are you going to bring back zack and let them know he wasn`t a killer
  • Dr. Camille Saroyan pissed of the wrong Queen......

    Did Dr. Camille Saroyan/Tamara Taylor have a fight with her hairdresser??? Cos by the looks of it she really pissed him off. A 3 year old with paper scissors could've done a better job... :)))
  • Bring Sweets Back!!

    I love of my favorite TV shows to watch. Unfortunately you killed off my favorite character! I was completely shocked and mad. I know it showed Sweets die but somehow you need to come up with a way to bring him back! Make it have been someone else and the squints were tricked in to believe it was the real Sweets or something. Maybe the real Sweets was kidnapped and can't get free or maybe lost his memory and is out there somewhere. Idk but however you need to write it in the story line it needs to be done.
  • Disappointed

    Loved the show for years, put up with their ideology of left wing vs right wing but they have gone too far with their self righteous message. Use to love the camaraderire between characters and Bones stark but truthfulness regarding how she saw the world and her struggles with understanding and emoting her feelings. Now it's just another puppet for the left wing mouth piece and no longer takes the time to question ideas, fact vs opinions and truths.
  • WOW! Seriously!!

    I have never written in or cared to comment on a

    show, but what a disappointment. Just watched the 3rd episode of this

    season and I am still trying to pick my jaw up off the floor. Cannot

    believe that these writers had the nerve to depict the more conservative

    group of people as ridiculous stereotypes. They have pretty much just

    insulted half the country. I have been also been a loyal fan for a long

    time and I am really upset about this. Taking this show off my DVR,

  • you killed off my favorite character

    Luckily I no longer watch Bones so I missed the last show that apparently everyone I know, and a lot of people I don't know, hated. I quit watching it at all because you killed off Sweets. He was always a breath of fresh air and some of your characters are getting stale. I suggest you figure out some way to make him alive again if you want to stay on the air. On the other hand, the show was getting political and therefore boring anyway.. Someone on the staff should have mentioned that people watch the show to be entertained, not preached the writers political views. One last thing, I read a lot of reviews and I agree wholeheartedly with the expressed views.
  • LIberal crap

    I'm watching the latest episode. Didn't realize that this show is written & directed by left wing nut-jobs. The death of the obese right-wing radio announcer is obviously directed at Rush Limbaugh. And they (the writers/director) deem as right-wing views such as being pro-gun and anti-immigration (which the MAJORITY of Americans believe in.

    Why put liberal (or any political) views into a tv show? I realize that "Hollywood" is ultra-liberal, but not all of us are. I am pro-gun and I am anti-immigration and I am proud of it. Your recent show mocks people who have conservative viewpoints. Shame on you. You may as well have "Democratic National Committee" stamped on this show's intro.

    I am taking Bones off of my dvr schedule.

    PS once again, the liberal Hollywood folks depict whites as extremists and we NEVER hear about the Black Panthers, Louis Farahkan, Jessee Jackson, Al Sharpton, etc -- and the host of blacks who want to hurt/kill whites just because they are white? We never hear THAT side of the stoy
  • Purging of the Pundant

    I had finally got my husband to watch show with me and you insulted us. We will never watch again. Wish I could submit a review without a point rating. You people are ignorant.
  • Really rotten show last night.

    Last night show SUCKED!!!

    How absolutely ignorant of you to attack at least 50% of your customer base.

    Watch your numbers drop real quick if you put out more garbage like last night's show.

    It is not real smart to write yourself out of a job.
  • Have a nice Life

    We have folowed this show since day 1. I just took it off our DVR list. Product placement is just annoying. Political attacks on conservatives are pretty low. If only we could all be smart like the people out in Hollywood who live in the "real world"
  • Worst show ever done

    Last year your preachy lefty noise was so much louder than any other year, but this last episode was so poorly written and so blatant an attack, I will no longer watch. I guess you don't realize that conservatives are about 50% of this country and you want to mock us and claim we are extreme? Done watching this nonsense and I hope a lot of people join me and you guys are looking for jobs (try msnbc) next year. Too bad I can't rate a ZERO because it is what you deserve.
  • Stop the ultra liberal attacks on conservatives

    I have been watching Bones since its debut. But, I am ready to quit watching. I am so tired of the ultra liberal slant on the shows. Last nights show was the worst since it was not only showcased their liberal bias, but attacked the beliefs of conservatives who are about 50% of the country. Yes, we think that there is a problem with illegal immigration (but support legal immigration - both my parents are immigrants). Yes, we belive in right to bare arms (but are against those who commit crimes using guns - interestingly, over 90% of all gun crimes are committed by liberals). Yes, we believe in the constitution and in the rule of law. Call us crazy. The show can be very good, but it is reminding me of another good show that became very liberal, starting its decline until it was cancelled -- remember Quincy, ME!?!?! Ihope that Bones will step back and return to the stories that made it a good show and end this insulting liberal crap that is so offensive to many.

  • Weasels eating the beloved conservative talk show host?

    Pretty bad writing in this episode!

    This someone's hatred oozing out viscerally.

    If you hate conservatives and those who seek the truth above and beyond science you don't have to be so transparent as this amateur episode was.

    Do weasels even eat meat?

  • Ferrets?? Really??

    What a bunch of garbage, literally!! Ferrets CAN NOT survive in the wild, and would NOT EAT A HUMAN!! What kind of morons do they have writing the scripts for this show??
  • sweets

    why did sweets have to die?
  • Blame Stephen Nathan for killing Sweets

    Apparently John Francis Daley just needed a few months off the set so he could direct a movie and would have liked to have come back. It was Stephen Nathan who decided to make it permanent by killing his character. How easy would it have been to build tension around a kidnapped Sweets or otherwise deal with his absence? But kill him off like that? What an incredibly stupid, hateful, rotten thing to do. Nathan's the one who should have been dumped.
  • WHAT???

    Now, elaborate dammit! If Sweets got a promotion for a new gig, left the show for reasons we can't stop, than bummer! But if this was written in, and I can't say I know. How dare you write him off, but explain why he left. When season 9 ended, I said 1 thing, watch, there gonna blow threw this booth in custody and get him out, and sure enough.... Dude shoots 3 delta Force Agents, and he's out, as they unlocked a conspiracy as big as Kennedy, in 2 fricken episodes. Now House, at least he had fun in jail, made it interesting. I wanted to see him beat the shit out of more inmates. You guys royally fucked up, now do a Paranormal episode where the ghost of Sweets gets trapped on earth. He's in limbo, purgatory if you will, and the death of like a family member or anything you can bring back, (a connection, if you will from a past episode), Sweets helps someone solve a crime and he's stuck on earth until it's solved and they are safe and the killer, do something dramatic at the end, not just jail, a nail biter. You owe this to the fans damn it! And after Sweets helps put a case to bed that would have left him stuck . When he gets his justice, I want you to send him off into the light, naturally, 2 witnesses, which are the 2 he helped, and they, and only they see. I hope your getting used to these comments because you lit the fuse to it, and your getting used to it, WOW,,, I'm a poet and I don't know it. Don't leave me out of the cut either, that's a golden idea on how you can start with the fans, and still, that's just a start. I'm just trying to help. A royal FUCKUP!!! I'm out, unless you take my script and my idea and, ohh, keep me set for a while. Theirs characters grow on there fans man, I can't believe this, what a day what a day what a day, to quit watching, what a day what a day what a day, to turn a new series on. Ohhh and by the way, cops PC up.
  • huge spoiler killing off one of the best, Dr. Sweets was greatest in the show!!!!

    why the hell did you kill off Sweets!!! what kind of numbnuts does that??!!! was waiting for the premiere for months .... disappointed a big time!! huge spoiler. writers suck!!

  • You killed off one of my favorite characters!

    I can't believe you killed off Sweets! He was one of my favorite characters in this series. It made me cry and feel nothing but discuss for the writers and the series. I will no longer be watching the program. I have been a faithful fan from day one and you have killed that for me. I can't express my disappointment in this show and its writers!!!!!!
  • You Killed Sweats!

    Why! Couldn't you have written him gradually. He was to be a father with insipid Daisy. Even i could have written a very acceptable ending. You made me cry and my neighbors and friends too. Pls don't kill anyone off because i will be forced to stop watching. Killing Daisy would be okay since she is just annoying.
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