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  • Moving to Friday's?

    Moving to Friday's is another sign the show is dying. Every show I've seen move to Friday's has been cancelled the next year. Sad too, this is one of my favorite shows.
  • Bones Bug Baby Daddy

    This episode was disgusting. I can't believe the writers would be this sick to have Hodgins birth an insect through his neck. I may never watch again!!

    Last night I watched my final episode of Bones. I am not squeamish over the usual forensic content but Monday November 11s episode was both revolting and ridiculous.

    Over the years my favorite character has been Jack Hodgins because of his quirky conspiracy theories, over the top experiments and overwhelming enthusiasm for his insects. Now when I see him all I feel is disgust. He should sue the writer of that episode,

    No more Bones for me.

  • Favorite show of all time

    Not only do I love Bones because of the story lines and characters, but it is one of the few shows that actually move along in a reasonable way. Too many shows get stale, characters who never progress, but they have found a way for the characters to grow without ruining the show.
  • watch the kill again

    He shot him at close range straight through the neck.
  • Sad to watch show die.

    Agree with fan 'Writerpatrick" review.

    Last nights episode left me wondering if the writers have been killed.

  • Disappointing Opener

    I feel bad for Cam, I'm sure Palant is behind it, but it was kind of a snoozer for a season opener. I was expecting a little more excitement.
  • Pelant is evil

    I will have a very hard time watching this season (9) of Bones. I feel so violated whenever I know Pelant will be part of the show... which now that he can hack into anything electronic. He is so evil and I will be very leery of watching any show until he is dead and gone... we need another 'grave digger killing'...

  • Bones S09E01 Recap

    Our full recap can be found at 2013/09/bones-9-01-recap-secrets-proposal/

    So glad Bones is back!
  • Boney words

    Was sad you took God's name in this had been a Muslim slur against Mohammed it would have been stricken from the lines and never aired!
  • They're back!!!!

    Off to a good start, although the Pellant story has dragged for too wait for the wedding episode!!!
  • pelant i have had enough

    end the whole pelant business its way over done its ruining the just back to the crime solving
  • blaspheme

    Why do you feel it necessary to take one of my favorite shows and spoil it by using the language of blasphemy against God? Do you feel you have to prove something? I have always appreciated the crossplay of the question of Boothe's faith against Brennan's struggle for faith. It was interesting and always well written, but this time you took it too far. This was offensive and I hope you don't do it again.
  • Blaspheme

    Show was great, except for the blaspheme against God. I get that the bar tender was "mad" at God but I founded the comment that was made was offensive. I was appalled that the writers wrote that in - "calling God a "bastard". I found this to be offensive.
  • I'm pissed

    Okay we all get that a little drama is needed, but what the writers have done to Bones is awful. How much more crap are you going to put her through. Why did that guy have to ruin her marriage to Booth? Can't she ever be happy? I'm not interested in watching season 9 with this story line. I understand that the writers may have a plan, but seriously hasn't Bones been put through enough??
  • Im Lost

    On the end of Season 6 and the beginning of Season 7 is a huge cap or i skip some of the episodes. It end with them still frends and start with them in love and pregnant? When did the romanse start with them?
  • Does anyone know Bones's mother Ruth Keenan actor who this is?

    Brenan second quarter of the last episode to see her mother gave her mother saw her video inside super nice!!

    do not feel it?

    Bones Seasons 1-8
  • Why season 7 and 8 do not have a happy ending?

    I am fan for happy endings, so I am worried about Pelant, he is so repulsive... :(

    It 's so sad that Bones had to go, and left Booth alone..

    All I want is happy season 9, please... We all want season 9 as soon as possible.

    Greeteng from Serbia :)
  • Where is the sizzle?

    I too have watched Bones since the very first episode and have noticed a difference in the writing through the years. The biggest disappointment was waiting for years for them to put Booth and Bones together. When they did it was just mentioned not shown! We went through Booth with different love interests then such a major let down when it came to Bones. Not asking for x-rated but they could have done it classy and sensual.
  • Best show I've ever seen!

    Love it! Do not miss a single series!
  • Bones

    Hi l watch all you shows and I love them all
  • Best Show Ever

    Bones is definitely the best show ever. I know that some people are getting tired of the Pelant storyline, but the writers had to leave us with a cliffhanger for Season 9! And they couldn't just kill Pelant off like that. So, chill (: He's going to be gone by the 1st episode anyways. I've been a loyal viewer for so long, and honestly, it still manages to amaze me every episode.
  • They should cancel the show!

    This used to be my favorite show, infact I bought the first 6 seasons. But something happened, either they switched writers or producers or something because the show changed. It became silly instead of a drama. They made Brennan down right stupid and completly unrelatable. The story lines got old. Booth and Brennan got boring. It's so bad now I can not even watch. They should cancel while they still have a little dignity left. So sad
  • Paland is simply bad for this show

    Paland is really one boring super villain. I find that it's a cheap way to make someone godlike. Super hacker that knows it all is pretty much just a joke at the end of the day. The guy is capable of making pretty much anything and everything just to show the audience that he is that badass. The villan simply has too many super skills for it to make sense. It is rather a ridicule character that is forcing his way in the world of Bones. Bones was fun when it was about the interaction between all the characters. It's fine to have a major season plot but there is a limit to ridicule. Keep it light and fun, that's what Bones was all about.
  • Bones is Bones

    I loved this show when it first came out and for the first 4-5 years, but I think they need to spice it up and bring in some interesting twist. It's starting to regurgitate!
  • Bones Rant

    I'm sick of the way they portray Temperance Brennan. I have to say Seeley Booth is an asshole, and not just for breaking off the engagement the way he did. I am sick of the way he will say something like "Bones your a great mom" then he give the trademark eye roll (yeah right). The show has portrayed him as being the most amazing father and man ever who is so courageous, handsome, selfless, compassionate, etc. I'm going to have to disagree and saying is a f*** moron. This isn't the first time he has been an ass towards Temperance (just think Hannah and there are many examples) and its sure as hell won't be the last.

    As for Temperance Brennan, I get it she is socially awkward, but they have made her character look like a complete selfish, uncaring, idiot. For a genius you think she'd be able to understand some of the idioms. Also the way they make her seem beyond clueless is pathetic, and how she doesn't understand emotions and feelings. The episode where they were doing a video for fundraising for the Jeffersonian, the way they portrayed her was as a cold hearted bitch. Thats funny because as I remember she has cried on numerous occasions and showed more feeling then half the other characters could ever display (I mean how fake and completely bullshit was the one tear drop of good ole Seeley Booth in response to his fathers death).

    How logical was Temperance Brennan when she jabbed the guy with the needle to find out about the antic-dote for Arastoo? her actions were brave and compassionate and yet no one even mentions it. There are so many examples that show us just how amazing her character is and yet in my opinion they are especially this last season making her seem like the biggest bitch in the world, the worst mother and weak. There are so many inconsistencies about Temperance Brennan's character.

    One last part to my rant, Seeley Booth's character is the biggest jackass. wetpaint itself has a post on the worst and best moms on tv, and Temperance Brennan is considered as one of the best. But in the description not once does it mention why shes such an amazing mom, but it sure as hell mentioned she picked the best baby daddy ever. If Seeley Booth is such an amazing father, how is it he forgot to mention Parker in his video will. Also I must say he was a total dick to Temperance when she ran into hug him and he tells her she messed it up. He always has on this I'm so smart and tough act, and he treats everyone else like crap. This is the end of my rant, I love Bones and all put recently I'm not happy with the way the show is being run.
  • Palant

    Palant (aka Scarface), along with Booth and Brennan (aka Tracy and Tess) have reduce this program to a comic book status.

    It appears that the program's writers are to lazy to write original mysterys. They have come to relay the super-villian as a crutch.
  • I don't know why everyone is complaining...

    I love this show, they have really done a good job with developing the characters(even the minor ones). The show has a good balance of humor,crime and romance.
  • palant has to go

    Can this story line get any more ridiculous. Why does every show feel they have to have a recurring Moriarty style character. I don't want to watch the heroes of my show getting outsmarted all the time. Kill the bastard already. It is so unbelievable that he has the ability to take over all technology every where.
  • Not very good.

    I too have been watching Bones since the first episode. Another reviewer was correct in stating that since the writer's strike the show has gone downhill. The first ridiculous act was announcing the pregnancy with no previous buildup. She constantly stated they had not gotten together and then bam!, she's pregnant with Booth's baby. Immaculate conception?

    Second, her personality has changed and not for the better. I am sick of the "I am smarter than anyone on earth", "I am a genius", and even if you just crawled out of a cave, there are certain sayings that as a genius she should be able to figure out instead of sounding like an idiot. "I don't know what that means" is really, really getting old.

    And now Christine. She can't be "average" because, again, I am so smart!

    I am tired of both Brennan and Boothe and wish they would just disappear. I am good with the rest of the cast carrying on in their memory.
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