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  • Best show I've ever seen!

    Love it! Do not miss a single series!
  • Bones

    Hi l watch all you shows and I love them all
  • Best Show Ever

    Bones is definitely the best show ever. I know that some people are getting tired of the Pelant storyline, but the writers had to leave us with a cliffhanger for Season 9! And they couldn't just kill Pelant off like that. So, chill (: He's going to be gone by the 1st episode anyways. I've been a loyal viewer for so long, and honestly, it still manages to amaze me every episode.
  • They should cancel the show!

    This used to be my favorite show, infact I bought the first 6 seasons. But something happened, either they switched writers or producers or something because the show changed. It became silly instead of a drama. They made Brennan down right stupid and completly unrelatable. The story lines got old. Booth and Brennan got boring. It's so bad now I can not even watch. They should cancel while they still have a little dignity left. So sad
  • Paland is simply bad for this show

    Paland is really one boring super villain. I find that it's a cheap way to make someone godlike. Super hacker that knows it all is pretty much just a joke at the end of the day. The guy is capable of making pretty much anything and everything just to show the audience that he is that badass. The villan simply has too many super skills for it to make sense. It is rather a ridicule character that is forcing his way in the world of Bones. Bones was fun when it was about the interaction between all the characters. It's fine to have a major season plot but there is a limit to ridicule. Keep it light and fun, that's what Bones was all about.
  • Bones is Bones

    I loved this show when it first came out and for the first 4-5 years, but I think they need to spice it up and bring in some interesting twist. It's starting to regurgitate!
  • Bones Rant

    I'm sick of the way they portray Temperance Brennan. I have to say Seeley Booth is an asshole, and not just for breaking off the engagement the way he did. I am sick of the way he will say something like "Bones your a great mom" then he give the trademark eye roll (yeah right). The show has portrayed him as being the most amazing father and man ever who is so courageous, handsome, selfless, compassionate, etc. I'm going to have to disagree and saying is a f*** moron. This isn't the first time he has been an ass towards Temperance (just think Hannah and there are many examples) and its sure as hell won't be the last.

    As for Temperance Brennan, I get it she is socially awkward, but they have made her character look like a complete selfish, uncaring, idiot. For a genius you think she'd be able to understand some of the idioms. Also the way they make her seem beyond clueless is pathetic, and how she doesn't understand emotions and feelings. The episode where they were doing a video for fundraising for the Jeffersonian, the way they portrayed her was as a cold hearted bitch. Thats funny because as I remember she has cried on numerous occasions and showed more feeling then half the other characters could ever display (I mean how fake and completely bullshit was the one tear drop of good ole Seeley Booth in response to his fathers death).

    How logical was Temperance Brennan when she jabbed the guy with the needle to find out about the antic-dote for Arastoo? her actions were brave and compassionate and yet no one even mentions it. There are so many examples that show us just how amazing her character is and yet in my opinion they are especially this last season making her seem like the biggest bitch in the world, the worst mother and weak. There are so many inconsistencies about Temperance Brennan's character.

    One last part to my rant, Seeley Booth's character is the biggest jackass. wetpaint itself has a post on the worst and best moms on tv, and Temperance Brennan is considered as one of the best. But in the description not once does it mention why shes such an amazing mom, but it sure as hell mentioned she picked the best baby daddy ever. If Seeley Booth is such an amazing father, how is it he forgot to mention Parker in his video will. Also I must say he was a total dick to Temperance when she ran into hug him and he tells her she messed it up. He always has on this I'm so smart and tough act, and he treats everyone else like crap. This is the end of my rant, I love Bones and all put recently I'm not happy with the way the show is being run.
  • Palant

    Palant (aka Scarface), along with Booth and Brennan (aka Tracy and Tess) have reduce this program to a comic book status.

    It appears that the program's writers are to lazy to write original mysterys. They have come to relay the super-villian as a crutch.
  • I don't know why everyone is complaining...

    I love this show, they have really done a good job with developing the characters(even the minor ones). The show has a good balance of humor,crime and romance.
  • palant has to go

    Can this story line get any more ridiculous. Why does every show feel they have to have a recurring Moriarty style character. I don't want to watch the heroes of my show getting outsmarted all the time. Kill the bastard already. It is so unbelievable that he has the ability to take over all technology every where.
  • Not very good.

    I too have been watching Bones since the first episode. Another reviewer was correct in stating that since the writer's strike the show has gone downhill. The first ridiculous act was announcing the pregnancy with no previous buildup. She constantly stated they had not gotten together and then bam!, she's pregnant with Booth's baby. Immaculate conception?

    Second, her personality has changed and not for the better. I am sick of the "I am smarter than anyone on earth", "I am a genius", and even if you just crawled out of a cave, there are certain sayings that as a genius she should be able to figure out instead of sounding like an idiot. "I don't know what that means" is really, really getting old.

    And now Christine. She can't be "average" because, again, I am so smart!

    I am tired of both Brennan and Boothe and wish they would just disappear. I am good with the rest of the cast carrying on in their memory.
  • Why not just call it a Pelant show

    Why don't they just cancel Bones and make new hit series called The Pelant.

    He was already (and still is) smarter than all of the bones guys but together when he was under surveilance and had no access to computers or money. And he could change is identity.

    Now he has unlimited money and no one knows where he is. So now Pelant should be able to steal everybodys money and be unstoppable.

    If he's so good why not just make him the star.
  • Ditch Palant

    Are you guys nuts..... How can you change the dynamics between Booth and Bones like that.... I do not like where your taken this Palant thing.... Let it go. Booth would not hold back on Bones. And Bones is too smart to let it bother her.... The first few seasons were fantastic... Got worse since... Stupid plot arcs.

    Do you have a second team of writers on this story..... I am done... I will watch the first episode of next season.. If you continue this crap, I am history.... You took years to build a relationship between two characters that we have grown to care about and were happy that they are together and in one episode you destroy it... Shame on you.... Why dont you just kill off Booth and take the stories that the original books tell...
  • Can we get Dr. Zack Addy back on the show?

    Can we get Dr. Zack Addy back in the team? Would like to know why he doesn't want his friends to know that he isn't a killer? Is he trying to protect them and from what or whom?

    I'm looking forward to seeing an episode or two were the entire team, ex and current, and their family members or close friends who have made guest appearances, are forced to come together in an all-out fight to survive no matter what it takes, while encouraging and looking out for each other, and bring down people like Pelant.
  • Ups and Downs

    I am a hard core Bones fan. While I didn't like what Pelant did, I'm okay with it over all. I think it was a cliffhanger. Think about it: How will Bones react? Will she retreat? Will she pretend she's fine? How will it affect their relationship? Even though it was frustrating, and I'm nervous about the future for them, I think they should wait until the series finale to actually get married. Even if that's still years away.

    (I Hope The Finale Is Still Years Away/ Love This Show)
  • liked didn't

    i didn't like this season ender. i think pelant won this round beacuse he was able to manipulate booth into doing what he wants. it would have been a nicer end to this season if they balanced it with a cliffhanger like angela was able to find out where pelant was hiding.
  • 1.0
    what a pathetic final episode!! i would have preferred a life or death cliffhanger as to a morbid ending that illustrates evil triumphs over what has been evident since the very first episode. think i have viewed my final episode
  • Rethink

    I think it was very wrong of you to not let Booth tell Brennan why he couldn't marry her right now - it took a lot for her to ask him and this will put a serious wedge between them and that is not what the public wants - they want them together (married) happy and having some fun as they use to. I love this show but don't like these twists. It is cruel when Brennan has had so much hurt - please rethink and let him tell her. The rating for this show is a 2 but normally would be much higher.
  • Unsteady cam.....

    What the FRACK is going on with your video cameras. My family has been watching Bones for several years now. But, tonight we saw the latest episode and the camera was really shaky, like a drunk was holding a cheap camcorder in his hand. Please fix your cameras or we will be forced to withdraw from the BONES fan club.

  • Love It

    I love Bones! One of my favorite things about Bones that keeps me coming back for more is that many times I can relate to the episode and to what is happening. Bones is inspiring and vigorating and it teaches us that no matter what life might throw our way that as long as you believe in yourself and have the support of loved ones you can achieve your goals and reach your full potential and that you can overcome any obstacle. Bones teaches us that no who we are or what we have become that we have the right to be loved and be respected.

    Brennen is a genus but has issues with trusting people due to the fact that her parents disappeared when she was 15, Her brother Russle later left her and she ended up in foster care. Brennen has thru out the years built up a wall of protection so that she will not get hurt. with in the episodes of Bones we see how Brennens wall starts to crumble and she lets Booth into her life and heart.. She finds her mothers remains and starts looking into her murder, she gets a mysterious call which turns out to be her father, her father disguised as a priest is picked up by Booth and questioned. later after Brennen reunites with her brother Russle their father goes on the run again only this time he takes Russle with him. Booth again ends up getting his man and both Russle and Brennens father end up in prison over christmas. Booth takes Parker and buys a christmas tree giving Brennen what she so desires a christmas with her family and with a christmas tree. Brennen and Hodgens are buried alive by the grave digger.. Booth saves both Brennen and Hodges by figuring out where they are buried alive just in time. the grave digger is taken into custody and to court and is murdered by a sniper, which Booth turns out to know.

    Hodgens and Angela finally tie the knot and after a 6 month lesance in Paris find out that Angela is expecting their first child. It turns out that one of the interns Zach is working with the grave digger and he is taken to a mental hospital. In walks Cam, a self renound forensic corner and she takes over the head spot at the jeffersonen which does not make Brennen happy, but in the end all is forgotten and Cam is accepted into the group.

    Then there is Booth, oh what can we say about Booth, aside from the fact that he is HOT, I love the way David Borenaz plays the character, Booth is a good man who at first gets the wrong end of the stick.. He meets a girl falls in love they have a son together, he asks her to marry him and for some God forsaken reason she turns him down. He then falls for Bones, who in her own right seems to have problems that need to be addressed. He tells Bones that he loves her but once again he gets turned down. He then goes to Afghanastan to help the soldiers there and when he returns 6 months later he meets up with Bones as promised, they talk and he discloses to her that he has fallen in love with a girl named Hannah, Hannah shows up one day and they end up moving in with eachother. Bones later on admits to Booth that she loves him and gets her heart broken when Booth informs her that he loves Hannah and that he is staying with her.

    Booth eventually gets up the nerve to ask Hannah to marry him, Hannah in a tearful scene says sorry but she is not the marrying kind, this breaks Booths heart understandably and he tells her to move out. He ends up and his and Bones favorite place to get their victory drink after each case. Bones shows up and informs Booth that Hannah had called her. You can feel the wrenching of his heart as he runs thru the scenerio of having his heart broken and he wonders what is wrong with him that no one wants what he has to offer.. All the long I am thinking my gosh are these women crazy? Booth is a catch that any woman would be proud to have.

    later on Booth and Brennen have a talk and they both write a date down as to when they feel they will be ready to give their relationship a try. Tragedy stricks and one of the squints is murdered by a snipper which Booth knows all to well.. Brennen sleeps over Booths place and ends up crawling into bed with him, the next day she tells Angela all about it. Booth goes after the killer of Mr Nigel Murray

    and once again thank godness Booth gets his man. Booth I feel is the backbone of the show, he helps Brennen stay level headed instead of looking at the world with blinders on, Brennen however does have her moments of victory when it comes to teaching Booth a lesson.

    Angela has her baby and they name him Michael Stacato vincent.. at the end of this episode Brennen tells Booth she is pregnant after a dramatic delivery in a barn she has a girl and they name her Christina Angela. at the end of season 7 Brennen is framed for murder and has to run with Christine.. which breaks Booths heart again, but he knows it is the right thing.

    at the start of season 8 we see Brennen and Christine, Brennen decides it is time to uncover the truth about Pelant and she digs up his couselor which he had killed many years ago. Booth meets up with Brennen and her dad and goes on the run with her. eventually Brennen is cleared and Pelant is arrested for the murder of his couselor and for Brennens friend. Pelant erases his identity and creates a new one and gets released into the hands of the egypten government. everything goes back to normal or so we think, Brennen and Booth have tention between them and they argue which at the end of the episode turns out to be ok.

    Pelant returns to cause problems for Hodges by making him choose his money or to save a bunch of school girls, Hodges of course chooses the grils and him and Angela are now broke.

    the crew go on solving murders here and murders there, one day Booths mother shows up and tells Booth she is getting married and wants him to give her away. mean while Booth and Brennen try to solve the murder of a stripper, while on their way to question a rival stripper of the decedent, Booth gets mistaken for being another stripper at a birthday party, this is only after Brennen explains that she stripped while in college when she wrote a paper on the subject, the women of the party manage to get Booths pants down which he quickly pulls up again. in the end a happy go lucky Booth walks his mother down the isle into the waiting arms of her piano player. Booth and Bones have their dance together.

    Personally I feel robbed on their relationship as it just went from mourning Mr Nigel Murrays death to her being pregnant with nothing inbetween. hopefully sometime they do a back episode where everything is brought into prospective for us Bones fans.

    I hope that Bones creaters keep bringing us this spectacular and moving program for many many years to come.. Thank you for making such a fantastic program which brightens my day and inspires me that my dreams are indeed reachable and for inspiring me to aim for the stars.

    I love Bones and I will remain a loyal viewer for as long as it is on, which hopefully will be a long time, but please please Bones writers find a way to explain how it came about that they are finally together, also quit making Christine grow up so fast. i mean it was only a few episodes ago that she was a new born and now she is a toddler, and where is Michael Vincent? what about Russel and Jarad?

    We all know that eventually Bones and Booth will tie the knot and this was even more displayed as it is Brennen who catches Booths Moms bouquet. But please don't rob us the satisfaction in knowing how all this came about.. plus I fear once they tie the knot Bones will most likely end, so hopefully before that all of our squint questions will be answered and we will finally see how Brennen and Booths relationship began..

    Did I meantion how HOT Booth is? yeah I think I did but hey no one says I can not mention it again right.. well there is the review from about season 4 until now.. in the first 3 seasons we see how Brennen goes from not liking Booth, to tolerating him, to caring about him, but you can really see how much they grow to care about eachother as Booths and Brennens chemestry is remarkable.

    Keep up the good work and I look forward to next season and the adventures there in.. Off to start watching from season 1 again.. ;)

  • About the comments...

    First of all: Im sorry for my bad gramma. Im not a native speaker, so please dont be mad about it.

    I read a few comments about one of my favorite tv shows. Mainly the bad ones to understand why people dont like it. But the reasons I could find were all about one fact: its changing... the characters are growing in a way they dont like. I was sad about this point of view... For me, its exactly the reason why I love this show so much. The characters are developing in every season a little bit more. For me its really intresting to watch how they... well... grow up. They are no longer the brilliant science lady and the super charming FBI Agent, the bug-guy, the art and computer expert,... They are a familiy. They get married, they get kids, they have heartbreaks and they fight, they help each other, and a thousand more things. I think thats what a good tv show needs. Developing. It wouldnt work without it. You cannot stay the same in 8 great seasons.

    But of cause its impossible to create a tv show that everybody loves. Taste is diffrent. And as I look at the rating of this show: There are more people who like the show :)

    I hope it was not to hard to read...


    a big fan from Bavaria, Germany
  • Really Rotten Writing

    When we first watched Bones, my wife and I were hooked. Finally, an intelligent TV show with a charismatic, likeable cast. We liked the early shows, with the exception of the cannibal series, the gravedigger series, the girl-killer psycho-genius "Epts" series and the latest psycho computer genius series. Notice a trend?

    About the third or fourth season, Brennan, a beautiful, smart, independent, confident and likeably egotistical woman became an idiot-savant. She now has taken up the dead English intern's habit of spouting irrelevant (and incorrect, nonsensical) factoids as if she were a person from Mars, not someone who grew up in America. Booth has this nerdy haircut and has gone from a competent, confident, smart and insightful, homespun American Boy FBI agent into a bumbling, confused wimp that is constantly trailed around by an intrusive, interfering nanny psychologist who has some superego theory about every nuance and mannerism that Booth and Bones exhibit. You need to lose him, or at least put him in his own comedy show. You could call it "The Meddlesom Psychologist". That would give your Bones writers an outlet for all their high school witticisms and moronic cliches without inflicting them on Bones viewers. I would be happy to train your writers and director on how to produce movies for adults, if you like. Lee Fellows,
  • What happened?!

    Bones used to be my favourite show. A 'must watch'. However, after the writers' strike at the end of season 3 everything changed. Brennan went from being a logical slightly awkward character to one who has become an exaggerated caricature of her former self. I often wonder how the Brennan of 'Aliens in a Spaceship' would cope if placed in the same situation today. Or how the Brennan from Verdict in the Story would fare in the same courtroom setting.

    It seems that getting rid of Zack meant that they were left with no truly socially awkward character. Rather than evolving from this and moving on they instead formed Brennan into a hybrid of the two. But there was a reason that Zack and Brennan were separate and distinct characters. I loved Zack and I loved Brennan but together they form an odd and highly unrealistic character that makes no sense within the context of the first 3 seasons of Bones.

    That's not to say Bones isn't okay today, but it is just that. Okay. I remember the hype at the end of season four - 'no alcohol, no dream sequence, etc' - and it turned out to be just what we had been promised it wouldn't, a dream. Then fast forward to season 6, Booth and Brennan get together without any build up, she's just pregnant. That's not how to run a 'will they, won't they' story line, many fans want to see that first date, first kiss, the exciting moments at the beginning of a relationship. But we were robbed of that under the guise of it being 'better and more exciting for the show', it was not. It was a cop out.

    I'm of the thought that the end of season four is the last possible point in which to put a will they won't they couple together before it becomes too ridiculous. Gilmore Girls did it with Luke and Lorelai, Castle recently did it with Castle and Beckett. It looked like Bones were going to do it but much like Rebecca mentioned to Brennan in season two they missed their moment. The show became ridiculous and ludicrous in the ways they used to separate the two. The addition of Hannah introduced the stereotypical 'third party' to a will they won't they couple. It was no longer the internal forces within themselves they had to fight to be together but an external third character. It was a cliche that I had once believed Bones would never resort to.

    I understand that TV shows must evolve in order to continue but I feel that Bones' evolution has turned it into a completely different show. I no longer recognize the characters I used to love. There used to be an incredible balance of humour/drama in the show that added to every episode. Now there seems to be an emphasis on adding humour into all moments when not at all necessary which has affected the show for the worse. An evolution incorporating the greatness that the show once was would have made sense, the unnecessary attempts at comedy do not. Bones used to be full of subtle humour that made sense, for example the frozen pig in a woodchipper. Now it is over the top and nonsensical, Baby Christine being born into a manger as just one example of many.

    I will always love the first 3/4 seasons of Bones. And I will continue to watch in the hope that it will return to how it was. But for right now I miss the show I used to love and I find myself irritated at what it has become.
  • chirris20j

    alguien me podria decir los horarios de bones porfavor me urgen
  • great show

    keep it up
  • bloody stones

    Is it me or has bones kind of went down hill. I like someone else said, that it was really uncalled for when Booth was being mean and yelling at that poor girl with her FOOT blown off. The whole filming the case was to the extreme of irritation. I did not like tonights show. The only part I liked was the romance between Caroline and the camera dude. I really like her character. She also was the only one that was funny in tonights show. I don't know what has happened to Bones but I don't like the change.
  • Blood on the stones

    It was the worst episode I have ever seen. Who thought it would be a good idea to show an FBI agent denying a woman pain medication because he is GOD!

    I was so angry when he told her "you'll get the pain meds when you tell me where he is" REALLY. And yes, of course I realize it is not real. But up to that episode, they always seemed to try to play it real. We have laws, he goes over, around, back doors if he thinks he must. So anyway that is why it made me angry. The show is better than that.

    Thank you for letting me vent

  • Bones

    Love the show but want Zach back. Substitues just don't cut it and I find them boring or irritating. Is Sweets an attempt at the Zach replacement? If yes, I say no. Like him well enough but still think a critical support player is missing.

    Thanks for the show.

    Agree with Tara3211

  • Love Bones!!!!

    Keep up the great work! Bones is my favorite! Would like to see Zack come back and at least be released from prison for a murder he didn't commit! Hoping to see him next season!
  • Love This Show!

    Although I've read the reviews on how S6 and on aren't as good, I'm still on Season 2. The show so far is amazing and the love between Booth and Bones will be inevitable. Good show! Thanks for renewing for Season 9!
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