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  • Keep the show, dtch the camera movement.

    I love this show, but I could not watch the camera movement gave me a headache.
  • Product placement does not require an actual script in the middle of the show!!!!!

    I love this show but am personally getting sick of all the TV and phone commercials written into the show that require additional script. The characters are awesome until for some reason there is a car that they have to try and sell me! Isn't there enough commercials interupting our TV content with out having to take time away from the episode. Now when you buy the seasons on DVD you still get to see the commercials. Excellent. Stop advertising in the middle of our shows. There is enough with just product placement. Thanks.
  • Bones episode on 12-3-12

    I am guessing that the writers of Bones don't plan on having another season! This episode is we had to change the channel. What were they thinking?. I probably will not watch it again after the sappy season opener since this is the first time I have watched it since and it used to be one of my favorite shows.
  • Jumped the shark?

    Once they had sex, a baby and moved in together they should have ended the show. It's become more like Criminal Minds and has lost that special something it had and is not all that interesting any longer.. If they are going to continue it's time to start shedding characters and bring in some new blood.

    Officially the BEST Show in the World. No Question. I've seen every episode multiple times and I love every one of them (to varying degrees). It has grown and changed and developed in a natural, beautiful way. There are scenes that make us nauseous, scenes that make us cry, keel over in delight, say Awwweeee.... exactly like Bren and Angela did in Man in the Wall, bite off our fingernails in suspense, go into fits of giggles, or just plain die (from all the feels). But no matter what, we still LOVE it, and all the cast, crew, and producers. #Bonehead forever. (@faith_brennan on twitter)
  • One of the best shows on TV!

    I'm amazed how the chemistry of the characters continues to shine along with the excellent writing. After 8 years, this show is still a joy to watch.
  • A loyal Bones fan...

    I love bones, and have watched every episode of every season many times. I love the cast, and the writing, but the last few episodes of season 8 hasnt lived up to all the previous episodes of all the other seasons. The story lines are getting a little boring in some ways and who would know that Bones and Booth are actually together, the seem like housemates, no a romantic couple. Dont get me worng, I am definitley not one for the X-rated scenes, but maybe showing a little more intimacy in their relationship would be nice!!

    All said, I will continue to watch Bones til its dying day, which I hope is still later rather than sooner....

  • How many times can this show "Jump the Shark"?

    If you are unfamiliar with the phrase in the title - look it up.

    This was a great show when it started. Well cast, well written and well played chemistry between B & B. Not without a few bumps in the road (mainly Zach as a murderer for a serial killer) this show sustained its tone, wit and smartly crafted character developments. But ever since the beginning of season six the show started to slip in focus and actually began to reverse character developments.

    Brennan started the series as an extremely strong and rational personality type guided only by scientific hard facts in all aspects of her life. And over the first five seasons grew more personable and open to social ideas of friendship, kinship and love. But since the reunion of B & B in the sixth season opener the character seems to have been getting dumber about those social ideas. It's as if the last five years of her life experience never happened. What's more, aside from her role as a scientist she's not even the hard fact, rational personality that she once was. Her interactions with Booth are now childish.

    Booth has also changed in the last few years from a steady, strong willed stoic FBI agent to an emotive, yet always loyal, grumpy, emotional pushover.

    I could go on about all the other characters reversed growth but there's not enough space in this internet void...

    I will say, however that I think the Sweets character is over utilized which lends heavily to the overly dramatized emotions flying around every plot line.

    Also, the continued conservative agenda that is constantly pushed on viewers is really alienating a great portion of its viewership. I scoffed at the label of "Romney" on a digital map that aired in an episode before the election but I stopped watching with Hodgins declared that all the 9/11 conspiracies are not true. Not that I have a strong opinion of ANY conspiracy, but that any character who claims himself a scientist would declare a truth just because it is the patriotic thing to do is just going too far, one too many times.


    I am forever done with this series.
  • Just because we still have a black president doesn't mean the show has to change.

    I was so disapointed in the most recent show with the comments the black guy made. Why would you change the platform of the show now, not only is the new view of the filming bad (just too fake) but now we have to make racial comments, and that actor has a bad vibe automatically anyways so now I really don't like it when he opens his mouth. My favorite show with him in it was the Valentines show, he was vulnerable and kind. Cam is great I'm glad she sustains her posture and you have not changed her style.
  • A Disappointing Show

    The last "Bones" was the worst ever. Aside from all the politically correct sentimentality I had to endure, the worst moment was when Hodgins, the conspiracy buff, announced that he had studied all the 9/11 conspiracy theories and had concluded that the official government theory was correct. Even the people who wrote the report no longer believe that. I can conclude only that the script writer did not want to miss a chance to propagandize the American people and deter them from finding out what really happened on 9/11.
  • Oh! I think I Remember 'Bones'

    . . . Isn't that the tv series about a forensic antropologist and a group of people from the Jeffersonian and an FBI agent who solve murders? Whatever happened to that series? Ah! It started making only 12 episodes a year with weeks and/or months between each one.

    When I was a kid, tv shows had 30+ episodes a year. Those were the good old days when actors, writers, directors, etc, had to actually work (if you can call it work) for the millions of dollars they get paid, all demanding an absorbitant amount of money per episode now.

    Greedy people, all of them, and they feel no shame about it.

    I love the Bones cast and I've watched it ever since it began, but it just keeps getting grosser and grosser. Lately it just turns my stomach. I try and watch it but at times have to just walk away from it. I've talked to other friends that also watch it and they feel the same way. The cast is just great and they certainly don't need it to get that gory for it to be good. The plots are always very interesting without all that slop that they put with it. Maybe if more of us would tell how we feel they would cool it and go back to what the show used to be.
  • No longer a weekly series - like many others now

    Like a lot of people, I'm getting tired of networks swapping about series and only showing them occasionally, so why can't they just be honest with us, and put them on once or twice a month and make it a regular thing instead of running a show for a month, then it disappears for 3 or 4 or more weeks, then pops up for a week or two only to disappear again for a while. I'm fed up with trying to keep up with when a formerly regular series will air again, so now, if I'm interested enough, I'm just going to wait until the show comes out of DVD. So the networks can sell all the advertising they like, I'm not going to see it!
  • Why the breaks answer.

    All the viewers may not like it but I's a matter of numbers. The TV season is more or less from September to May about 8 months 4 weeks in a month for about 32 weeks.. The networks order 22 episodes in a season. They want new programs for the four ratings periods that's 16 shows. That's 6 shows left over. They can show it as one more or less uninterupted stream with repeats mixed in to tick off the viewers or they can make two blocks of "uninterupted" episodes with a little better continuity and tick of viewers with the big gap between the two segments. I'm guessing that episodes are juggled so "fall and winter periods are in one block and spring and summer ratings periods are covered in the second block. I wouldn't mind having more episodes so the summer "rerun" season comes back and we can see the season again for the episodes we missed
  • Why all the breaks?!

    Seriously, is anyone else getting irritated with the fact that this is no longer a weekly show? Really starting to make me lose interest.
  • how to destroy a show

    last few seasons broken into a few shows.stop.big break then a few more, and the story telling follows this, lack of direction and lack of conviction.... a great cast wasted by network games... I am sure the network decision makers knuckles drag on the ground
  • starting to

    This show is starting to loose my interest the first 5 seasons were great but has slowly gone downhill since
  • Subliminal Election Messages

    The October 8th program was full of overt and subliminal election messages, including the name of a presidential candidate on the map used to solve the crime. This is disappointing. Trying to influence voters in such a way seems to be endemic to the American political system. Very disappointing.
  • disappointed .

    If the whole series is narrated, I will stop watching. These actors do NOT need someone to tell us what they are doing. I am REALLY disappointed.

    I love this show...........But season 7 was a farce.

    the shows best moments have always been when the address recurring killers......howard epps..gormagon.....the grave digger etc.......

    so in season 7 we got 2 episodes which resulted in bones driving off. basically nothing happened........a few random cases and nothing,

    I still love the show but season 8 has a lot of bridges to build
  • Losing Intrest

    I am losing interest in this show for sure. The first season was BRILLIANT the second, third and forth were right up there with it. Then it started going down hill. Season seven was a mess, I lost interest half way in and ended up watching the last 10 or so episodes just a few months ago. I fell asleep during the season eight premiere and when i did go back to watch it I ended up turning it off. WHAT HAPPENED to this show??? It was one of my favorites for so long.
  • Hmmm?

    I think I'm losing interest in Bones, the season opener was pathetic and the second episode was barely OK.
  • two face bones

    I admit i didn't like season 7 in starting but afterwards it was amazing,and ending was really great.No idea what they are going to do next season but it would be great if they cast bones as a negative character it can be two face bones.Eagerly waiting for it.
  • <3 <3 <3

    i love this show
  • just a reply to LaurieDavisJa

    the season was short because in real life, emily deschanel was really having a baby, and they aired the finder in place of it.

    besides that, THIS SHOW ROCKS!!!
  • not recognize

    Bones is a great show and the actors all play well off of one another.

    Yet when the award list comes out, their show is never up for an award.

  • Who will save bones now?

    Who is going to save bones now? I really had a panic attack when I saw her drive off without booth. They have been in worst trouble than this. I pray that she turns around and comes back. If not need to make sure I have plenty of meds on hand.
  • WTF.....

    why was this season only 13 episodes. WTF like. make us wait til nov to start then only do half a season. that's a joke. really pissed of at this

    I absolutly LOVE this show!!!! Who's with me??? Like it if u are!!
  • A bit of a dogs breakfast to me.

    I thought this show was marred by the way that one character in particular was having an on again off again affair with another character. To me that is kind of icky territory. Also the way one of the forensics employees turned out to be a twisted serial killer I think seriously marred the show. They were too sympathetic to him in the script. I don't think he deserved sympathy...Anyway, I liked the lead male actor in the show Angel but I found him to be a bit too much of a hard character in this show, albeit fitting for the role he is playing. I suppose. Maybe also a death obsessed pathologist in the person of the shows female lead isn't so much of a turn on either...generally people who are death obsessed don't turn out to be pathologists, they end up in rubber rooms.
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