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  • Season 7 -- Ruined!

    It was good until Season 6. Though there was nothing new about the scientific stuff while solving murders, Booth's and Tempie's progressing relationship n other stuff held my interest. It's just so not happening with Season 7 having such weird air dates. I understand Emily's pregnancy and all, but more episodes without Emily will also do! Just need the continuity, not such long gaps in air dates!! Sorry Emily .. I love you, but this is so not happening!
  • Best TV Show from the crime TV Shows in my eyes

    One of the Best TV Shows i have seen in a while,not to mention of the crime TV Shows.

    What can i say about this show,love the cast,the chemistry between Booth and Bones is woow i mean no words to describe it really.The rest of the cast is very good also.

    Its one of the Best if not the Best crime TV show out there.Whay?!

    Because the chemistry that the hole cast has it in this show,no other show has it period.
  • TwylaStang

    Bones is the best show on TV, I have been watching it since DAY 1. I have not missed an episode, and I own all the shows on DVD. I really get pissed off when FOX takes Bones off for other shows like Finder and American Idol. I realize that America loves American Idol, but I am not a fan of that show, and I wish that they would stop taking Bones off for other shows. Bones is and always be the best show on TV. Please stop pre-empting other shows and bring Bones back and play them on a regular basis.
  • Thank God for bones

    If this show ever ends I will have to sell my TV (they are a few other shows worth watching) it seems. it seems these people come up with the most unreal shows and think yeah people will watch this. every show has flaws but all I want is to sit down and watch something I won't see if I open the curtains this show like a few others do that and there is humor in this day and age we all need a bit of humor it's what gets us up in the morning.

    A good show well worth watching !
  • Awesome Show!

    I like how this show has some comedic elements in it. Its different from all other crime dramas. Brennan is like me. She has Aspergers Syndrome. While Booth is her partner in crime. This is a serious but cool drama. I give you a 10/10.
  • Bones vs. American idiot

    Where's Bones? It's been what 6 weeks of that garbage placing Bones on hiatus! I've never watched A.I. And never will. The only reason I know who wins that stupid thing is because FNC or FBN does a filler story. Does Bones even do a full season of 22 eps? They would need to run into July to do it this year.
  • LOVE this show ;)

    i love this show and the finder they r both the best ever!!!!!
  • One of THE MOST fantastic shows.

    I don't really know why this show brings me so into it, I really don't. But I find that not only do I watch the show for the relationships between each cast member, not only do I watch it for the cases or the forensics, but I watch it because there is such perfect balance in this show. I love the forensics, I find it so interesting and knowing Kathy Reichs is a co-producer means that a lot of it, if not all, is how forensics works. The characters bounce of each other in their work and personal lives, and I find that I am just compelled to watch each episode, whether it be for the first, second or tenth time. It isn't predictable like a lot of shows, most episodes leave me guessing for the killer. Whether you love or hate the show (and I love it, I must say) everyone has to admit it is well made, well written, and easy to sit through one episode (if you are not completely disgusted). I found Bones when I was off school, and it was the only thing on that looked remotely interesting, it was an episode of season four, and it was just like, I'm already hooked. I don't know what is happening, but it is perfect. So many people don't like that the show is changing, that Brennan is changing, but that's been happening since season one when she was partnered with Booth. They help each other to grow and ultimately they become better people because of it. Yes, the show has more of the personal relationships in it than it used to, but the case is still there, and you still get to find out about all of that. I just think that whether or not it is changing, it still has fans for a reason.
  • A Masterpiece

    This show has everything to science, mystery, grossness, comedy, friendship, romance and teamwork. They solve cases like a legendary dream team led by Temperance and Brennan. All the characters you feel a great bond with even the small interns, the cases will keep you guessing till the very end. I can go on and on about this show its one of my top 5 shows, just to think I just started looking at it when the show was in season 5. When you watch this show you don't want it to end it's like your home with a big group of friends. Even the fillers are enjoyable and I don't say that about every show. DON'T MISS OUT!!!
  • Bones Girl Through and Through

    Amazing show. I started watching it through netflix and was hooked in the first five minutes of the pilot. That is just the way of Bones though. Bones and Booth's chemistry coupled with murder and mayhem makes for the perfect show.

    Me and my boyfriend started watching Bones last summer. We had only seen occasional episodes on tv and decided to watch it from the beginning. We immediately became addicted to the show. We watched the first six seasons in about a month and it was a hard wait for the next one. Every week we sit down and watch the latest episode and it's always a great time. The show has everything i personally want in a show!

    absolutely love bones. bones criminal minds and pysch are my top fave shows. i love the character development in bones but i do kind of feel like brennan took a step back from last season as far as being or acting "normal" we all know shes extraordinary its great seeing her and booth going through this pregnancy absolutely love the fact that she is pregnant it was a great twist... the storyline is great. LOVE IT

    philipina- i understand what you are saying but actually they do explain it. in hole in the heart bones and booth sleep together she tells angela in that episode. at the very very end of the bowling episode after angela has had the baby bones tell booth that shes pregnant.... its actually hinted through that whole episode with all of the her and booth having a girl comments and her observations of the mean mean redhead.
  • best show ever!

    My friend mentioned this show to me and she liked it so i started watching. I got hooked right away! there is no better show!
  • Last season to this season

    I must have missed something because last season they were at a bowling alley solving crime and then when it came back on Bones is pregnant and no explanation. Yes there was an episode where Booth and Bone gave the impression that they slept together and Bones even hinted around to Anglia that they did,,,ok fine so I was waiting for the next episode of them planning the whole affair,,,baby and all,,,,but it just picked up as ok now she is back and pregnant,,,,I don't get it. But I'm sure in real life she is pregnant,,,thats the only explanation for her coming back so big.

    This show is amazing!!! i love booth and bones!! :D

  • i don't get it

    some thing i don't understand booth tells bones that F B I agents are not allowed to fall for people they work with so how is that these two are together ,the agency knows about it but they are still partners

    I am obsessed with bones right now, I can not get enough. I LOVE the show and I love Brennan and Booth together. I think they are a wonderful couple and Its sad that EMily is already married because I think they should be together forever. Best show in the world so far and I love it. Thank you for creating the show who ever did. Emily,david, and the rest of the cast you guys are great and I love you all. (I wish I could be on the show ) ALSO I understand people have there opinions but they need to stop being so harsh and stop hating on the show. It is genius! :)
  • Completely agree!

    it was at its best at season 2/3 when theyd have 36 minutes solving a case with a little conversation and a few actually funny jokes in between, and then 5 minutes at the end for character development.

    Now the cases seem to take about five minutes and then the rest of the time is spent on really unfunny jokes, and boring character subplots.

    I want the old bones back!
  • Is it just me or has this show taken a turn for the worse?


    For god sake please spend more than two minutes setting up the plot for the show. It seems like the writing staff is out to lunch and turning what was once a smart and witty show into a joke of stupid plots and stilted character interaction. Within the first ten minutes you can figure out how the person died and who was involved. I guess this show has become a dumping ground for poor writing and producers who rest on their laurels. And whats the deal with Temperance? She used to be a slightly off beat intellectual with social awkwardness, now shes a socially retarded fool who cant make any connection to the characters she interacts with. Its almost painfulto hear her lines. For a character who is supposed to be a genius, she has become an idiot and a joke. What a shame this show has become. It think I'm done with it. I say this with true frustration as I was a fan from the beggining. Can we say "LAST SEASON"? I'm calling it now. Its dead, put it in the ground before it begins to stink even more!

  • I love Bones!


    I really find bones not like any of the other Crime TV shows. It is different. I do still watch the crime shows like CSI:NY and CSI: BUT, Bones is still my favorite out of all the crime shows. The CSI shows only really focus on finding the suspect and arresting them and all that fun stuff, and rarely take time for other storylines. Bones is not like that at all!!! They have a little bit of everything. Crime, Humor, Romance and Love. The combination of them all makes it tower over all of the crime shows. I never go an episode without laughing at something someone says. There is always a comment that Booth says that makes me laugh. OR something that Sweets does that makes me laugh. I'm amazing that my whole family doesn't say anything when i do because i have laughed pretty loud before when i am watching in my room with my door half closed.The storylines aredefinitelywhat keeps me tuning in every week and not missing one. Bones is great. Anyone should watch it.

  • Brennan needs to go!!!

    This has got to be the dumbest show. I could love the show if they got rid of Brennan. OMG, I hate her with a passion. They made her the dumbest genius I've ever seen on a show. I will only watch this if I have the flu and can't move off the couch. She is not interesting at all, and he assistant Zack can go as well. I love all the rest of them, and the cases themselves are wonderful, but Bones herself ruins them no matter what. I think Booth is just to freaking cute and he can do better dating a crazy woman.
  • In Love With Bones.


    I love a well written show with a great ensemble cast that has humor, romance, and drama all integrated into the mix. Bones is and has all of those things, and has become my all-time favorite TV show.

    My praise to the writers, to the cast, and to the fans who have supported it and kept such a wonderful show going!

  • Best Show on TV


    If you haven't viewed "Bones" You're missing a treat. Such wonderful cast and well written. So happy to see that it is going to be on another Season. Would not miss it for anything tomorrow night. Great American TV for drama, comedy, character acting and good plots.

  • Bones is a great show. Love the team. it is sure worth watching over and over... just one thing, I forget the time and get busy and miss it at times.


    Bones is a great show. Love the team. it is sure worth watching over and over... just one thing, I forget the time and get busy and miss it at times. wish I had the channel that one could play what you miss... worth watching... put your alarm clock on to remind you....

  • Bones at best is a wonderful show. It's got a wonderful cast, rich characters, good plot lines and a good sense of humor.


    Sometimes people think that Bones is changing into a really boring soap opera show, but I tend to disagree strongly. Bones has had it's rough moments in the series (like all shows do too) but it always tends to amaze and entertain me. It changed my life and I will always come to love this show no matter what.

    I really do love the leads though, they're awesome!

  • I am so disappointed in this show, the writers just do not care about the fans.


    I waited for years for Booth and Bones to get together, then the writers snubbed the fans with the "OH BTW I am having your baby" scene. Fans got nothing, no romance at all and it was not fair. I am so close to just removing this series from my DVR.

    I have been a fan of all the actors and even followed Ryan Cartwright to Alphas, and he is the best thing in the show.

  • Everyone's taste is different


    Yes there have been shows like this before and yes there will be shows like this in the future but what really makes a show are the plot lines and the characters, how they are written, how the actors play them and how well they mesh together.

    I haven't liked a show this much in a long time, I have watched it from the very first episode and I will watch it until the (tuytuy - touch wood) very end. It's funny and honest and played extremely well by the actors. It has heart wrenching story lines as well as silly, stupid ones which I think a show needs. Yes it took a while to get the main characters together but thats what it needed. They did this at the right time. Too early and the show bombs, too late and fans lose interest.

    The very loyal fans of the show have waited 6 years for Booth and Brennan to get together and in the end we didn't need this big fancy show of 'we are together llok at us shouting from the rooftops' as it isn't there style.

    Brilliant Show - carry on!

  • Dem bones, Dem bones.....


    ....... but they are far from dry bones. The most impressive aspect of this series is the development of the characters and their interaction with one another. Yes the original idea was for the solving of cases by a combinaton of skilled forensics and a cop's intuition, but it has gone beyond that.
    OK there are occasional weak episodes but on the whole the standard has remained amazingly high due to the combination of quality scriptwriting and directing allied to the skill of the crew from set dressers, lighting, continuity and all the other many people involved.
    Mustn't forget the actors either especially the two leads whose obvious chemistry and input into the characteriation is outstanding. they are backed up byexcellent supporting actors and well chosen guest stars.
    Thanks to Hart Hansen and Stephen Nathan for putting this all together and managing to keep things going for so long. Keep it up.

  • Bummer

    Hey all you devoted fans out there. I hope I'm not the only one who thought the end to the latest season was a complete rip off. I mean keep us hanging around for six seasons hoping for the moment when at last booth and bones get together, and it couldn't have been more anticlimactic, all that waiting and not even a lousy kiss. Bones and Angela share a "look" and oh yeah, she's prego to! Talk about a colossal disappointment! I own previos seasons and knowing where it all leads to, I can't even bring myself to re-watch! Not trying to be melodramatic but come on, you're kidding yourself if your reasons to watch weren't dominated by the romance, what a let down.
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