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  • disappointed .

    If the whole series is narrated, I will stop watching. These actors do NOT need someone to tell us what they are doing. I am REALLY disappointed.

    I love this show...........But season 7 was a farce.

    the shows best moments have always been when the address recurring killers......howard epps..gormagon.....the grave digger etc.......

    so in season 7 we got 2 episodes which resulted in bones driving off. basically nothing happened........a few random cases and nothing,

    I still love the show but season 8 has a lot of bridges to build
  • Losing Intrest

    I am losing interest in this show for sure. The first season was BRILLIANT the second, third and forth were right up there with it. Then it started going down hill. Season seven was a mess, I lost interest half way in and ended up watching the last 10 or so episodes just a few months ago. I fell asleep during the season eight premiere and when i did go back to watch it I ended up turning it off. WHAT HAPPENED to this show??? It was one of my favorites for so long.
  • Hmmm?

    I think I'm losing interest in Bones, the season opener was pathetic and the second episode was barely OK.
  • two face bones

    I admit i didn't like season 7 in starting but afterwards it was amazing,and ending was really great.No idea what they are going to do next season but it would be great if they cast bones as a negative character it can be two face bones.Eagerly waiting for it.
  • <3 <3 <3

    i love this show
  • just a reply to LaurieDavisJa

    the season was short because in real life, emily deschanel was really having a baby, and they aired the finder in place of it.

    besides that, THIS SHOW ROCKS!!!
  • not recognize

    Bones is a great show and the actors all play well off of one another.

    Yet when the award list comes out, their show is never up for an award.

  • Who will save bones now?

    Who is going to save bones now? I really had a panic attack when I saw her drive off without booth. They have been in worst trouble than this. I pray that she turns around and comes back. If not need to make sure I have plenty of meds on hand.
  • WTF.....

    why was this season only 13 episodes. WTF like. make us wait til nov to start then only do half a season. that's a joke. really pissed of at this

    I absolutly LOVE this show!!!! Who's with me??? Like it if u are!!
  • A bit of a dogs breakfast to me.

    I thought this show was marred by the way that one character in particular was having an on again off again affair with another character. To me that is kind of icky territory. Also the way one of the forensics employees turned out to be a twisted serial killer I think seriously marred the show. They were too sympathetic to him in the script. I don't think he deserved sympathy...Anyway, I liked the lead male actor in the show Angel but I found him to be a bit too much of a hard character in this show, albeit fitting for the role he is playing. I suppose. Maybe also a death obsessed pathologist in the person of the shows female lead isn't so much of a turn on either...generally people who are death obsessed don't turn out to be pathologists, they end up in rubber rooms.
  • Disappointed.........

    Well first I think that this season was not as good as previous seasons. There were so many breaks in the schedule as far as when the shows aired, and to end the season with only 13 episodes, sucked! I do love the show, but lately the story line has been all over the place!
  • Bones season 7 suit in the set WHAT is up???

    Its not cristine, its not that theyve hitched up...WHY have the writers forgotten that BONES is all about the murders???? The cases have become SO lame in season 7. I am a die hard bones fan, and god after 6 seasons of great stuff, this is just set maniacs..??? doesnt the FBI and the top forensics lab in the country have anything better to do? It had begun to look a lot more promising but the cases...the cases have to get more exciting and grittier..NONE of the rest will matter otherwise...appeal to the bones writing team..PL get back to the crux of the show..great murder stories
  • NEED MORE......


  • The Perfect Combination

    What happens when you combine an FBI Agent and one of the world's most intelligent woman in the same room? You get an incredible duo, who is able to solve incredible homicides.

    I really like the series, because the characters personalities are so different from one another, and yet, they are able to complete each other. Booth is an FBI agent who loves his job and loves the thrill of catching bad guys, just by guessing who the culprit is, while Bones is a forensic antrhopologist who is objective, rational and doesn't believe in such things as coincidences. Together, along with a whole team of brainiacs from the Jeffersonian Institute, they investigate some of the most macabre homicides in the world and hunt down all kinds of criminals.

    The series is very good, and I praise the work of the cast, especially Emily Deschanel who portrays such a demanding character. The episodes are very good and each mystery is different from the previous (mostly because we have such a vast supporting cast, with characters that help in the investigation).

    I give this one a 9.5 because of its originality and well, because of its humour.
  • In The Pipe

    What a colossal piece of crap. I used to like this show. It was funny and it's just silly. Where to start? Oh yeah running through the prison (stupid). What's with Booth genuflecting everytime he sees a cross now?

    Yeah I get it...the manger schtick. Can't stay at the prison which has an infirmary and presumably doctors...born in a prison, that would've been funny. Born in a stable with no one else (hotel staff) to help...puhleeze.

    Also Sweets is really annoying with his pathetic "Oh please be my friend " and Daisy is just outright irritating. The only ones carrying the show are the support staff.

    Did the writers all leave? They must have and I'm following them.
  • Missing something

    Over the last weeks I have watched series 1-6 and enjoyed this show very much. The way Brennan sees the world and the interaction between people has made me think (she is very rational and (seemingly) not influenced by emotions). The characters are all great, they make the show better than others. Very much liked Ryan O'Neal as Brennan's father (since I watched him in the Oprah show (with Ali McGraw) I am a fan and wish him all the best!).

    The relation between Angela and Hodgins is acted very well, you can feel they really love each other. This is something I miss in the relationship between Booth & Brennan. In the first series you could really feel the tension, but lately (since Booth/Hannah) I do not see it so much anymore. It seems like they have skipped a stage in their relationship.

    But I will keep watching, still enjoying the show very much!
  • Just one hitch, really

    Well structured, good character interplay, completely unbelievable that all the federal employees would drive import cars.
  • could be better, but it could be worse ;)

    In the beginning the show was amazing. I liked it, but I only watch the first season, I don't know, but the story bored me. It's sad, because I like Emily and David as the actors. Hmm it could be worse.
  • Season 7 -- Ruined!

    It was good until Season 6. Though there was nothing new about the scientific stuff while solving murders, Booth's and Tempie's progressing relationship n other stuff held my interest. It's just so not happening with Season 7 having such weird air dates. I understand Emily's pregnancy and all, but more episodes without Emily will also do! Just need the continuity, not such long gaps in air dates!! Sorry Emily .. I love you, but this is so not happening!
  • Best TV Show from the crime TV Shows in my eyes

    One of the Best TV Shows i have seen in a while,not to mention of the crime TV Shows.

    What can i say about this show,love the cast,the chemistry between Booth and Bones is woow i mean no words to describe it really.The rest of the cast is very good also.

    Its one of the Best if not the Best crime TV show out there.Whay?!

    Because the chemistry that the hole cast has it in this show,no other show has it period.
  • TwylaStang

    Bones is the best show on TV, I have been watching it since DAY 1. I have not missed an episode, and I own all the shows on DVD. I really get pissed off when FOX takes Bones off for other shows like Finder and American Idol. I realize that America loves American Idol, but I am not a fan of that show, and I wish that they would stop taking Bones off for other shows. Bones is and always be the best show on TV. Please stop pre-empting other shows and bring Bones back and play them on a regular basis.
  • Thank God for bones

    If this show ever ends I will have to sell my TV (they are a few other shows worth watching) it seems. it seems these people come up with the most unreal shows and think yeah people will watch this. every show has flaws but all I want is to sit down and watch something I won't see if I open the curtains this show like a few others do that and there is humor in this day and age we all need a bit of humor it's what gets us up in the morning.

    A good show well worth watching !
  • Awesome Show!

    I like how this show has some comedic elements in it. Its different from all other crime dramas. Brennan is like me. She has Aspergers Syndrome. While Booth is her partner in crime. This is a serious but cool drama. I give you a 10/10.
  • Bones vs. American idiot

    Where's Bones? It's been what 6 weeks of that garbage placing Bones on hiatus! I've never watched A.I. And never will. The only reason I know who wins that stupid thing is because FNC or FBN does a filler story. Does Bones even do a full season of 22 eps? They would need to run into July to do it this year.
  • LOVE this show ;)

    i love this show and the finder they r both the best ever!!!!!
  • One of THE MOST fantastic shows.

    I don't really know why this show brings me so into it, I really don't. But I find that not only do I watch the show for the relationships between each cast member, not only do I watch it for the cases or the forensics, but I watch it because there is such perfect balance in this show. I love the forensics, I find it so interesting and knowing Kathy Reichs is a co-producer means that a lot of it, if not all, is how forensics works. The characters bounce of each other in their work and personal lives, and I find that I am just compelled to watch each episode, whether it be for the first, second or tenth time. It isn't predictable like a lot of shows, most episodes leave me guessing for the killer. Whether you love or hate the show (and I love it, I must say) everyone has to admit it is well made, well written, and easy to sit through one episode (if you are not completely disgusted). I found Bones when I was off school, and it was the only thing on that looked remotely interesting, it was an episode of season four, and it was just like, I'm already hooked. I don't know what is happening, but it is perfect. So many people don't like that the show is changing, that Brennan is changing, but that's been happening since season one when she was partnered with Booth. They help each other to grow and ultimately they become better people because of it. Yes, the show has more of the personal relationships in it than it used to, but the case is still there, and you still get to find out about all of that. I just think that whether or not it is changing, it still has fans for a reason.
  • A Masterpiece

    This show has everything to science, mystery, grossness, comedy, friendship, romance and teamwork. They solve cases like a legendary dream team led by Temperance and Brennan. All the characters you feel a great bond with even the small interns, the cases will keep you guessing till the very end. I can go on and on about this show its one of my top 5 shows, just to think I just started looking at it when the show was in season 5. When you watch this show you don't want it to end it's like your home with a big group of friends. Even the fillers are enjoyable and I don't say that about every show. DON'T MISS OUT!!!
  • Bones Girl Through and Through

    Amazing show. I started watching it through netflix and was hooked in the first five minutes of the pilot. That is just the way of Bones though. Bones and Booth's chemistry coupled with murder and mayhem makes for the perfect show.
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