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    Please don't stop bones. Lots of people love bones.
  • Cher....

    Please, please have the prosecutor stop pronouncing the word "Cher" as it sounds. It is pronounced "Shy". It is a Cajun term of endearment and being a Cajun myself, hearing it continuously mispronounced is very irritating. Other than that we LOVE Bones!!!
  • The #1 show i watch

    I would hate to see Bones canceled, i love it. I have watched this show since it first aired. This show has inspired me to try to become a forensic anthropologist myself, not quite there yet though. The one thing I hated was when sweets died. He was one of my top five favorite characters. His death made me cry as if I have lost a loved one, and i know exactly how that feels.
  • Dont Cancel the show!

    Please dont cancel this show- too many times I've seen great shows being canceled just to see crap shows replace them. This is a FANTASTIC show!
  • Fantastic show

    I really enjoy bones i have been watching it since i was 10 I love the cast and crew, they do a fantastic job on the episodes and the story line. thumbs up Bones.
  • great show

    wait for season finale
  • please keep making bones

    i love this show, its like the only thing i look forward to on my free time.
  • Continues to Be Great Show

    Bones is still one of the best shows on television. The humor, the mysteries and the strong characterizations are continually on the money. It's sad that so many extremist conservatives can't face up to their own images in the mirror, to the point where they have to post their political knee jerks on a television review site, but that's really not the fault of the writers. I'm a little concerned that Emily is in fewer and fewer action scenes in the show. It used to be mostly about Booth and Bones as field partners and now that seems to be replaced by the quasi Sweets character. Other than that, the show continues to be a delilght.
  • just keeps getting better and better

    i love bones. it is clever and beautiful and tasteful and i love it!!!!!!
  • Bones Season 10

    I would just like to let @JaneDoeling know that ferrets can and do survive in the wild, also they are known to eat raw meat, bones, and even organs. I'm astounded by the number of people who are mad about the latest just a TV show. Another thing I'd like to mention is that John (Sweets) chose to tleave the show ad the only way that could happen was if he died. I wish he hadn't made that choice, but I can't do anything to chage that by commenting on a tv review website. (And for your information, I've been a fan of Bones before serial killers, when Dr. Goodman and Zach were consistant characters)
  • bring back zack 10

    when are you going to bring back zack and let them know he wasn`t a killer
  • You Killed Sweats!

    Why! Couldn't you have written him gradually. He was to be a father with insipid Daisy. Even i could have written a very acceptable ending. You made me cry and my neighbors and friends too. Pls don't kill anyone off because i will be forced to stop watching. Killing Daisy would be okay since she is just annoying.
  • Lose Lose situation

    There are people who were sad about Sweets demise some weren't. As is often the case , you can't please everyone. Perhaps having Sweets go back to working at the center he went to when he needed to gain perspective with Pelant, would have been a nice solution and he could take Daisy with him. I just wish the actress who played Agent Shaw would be available.

    People have had Bones jumping the shark forever and each season being the last 10 seasons later it's still standing and not by the hair of its chin
  • GrEat ShOw!!

    Love the show don't change as for you whinny people out there your going to ruin it with your negative comments and they'll cancel another great show. If you don't like the show don't watch it. I truly enjoy all the characters Bones and Booth they make the show that's why its been on for so long!
  • what have you done to me

    omg I hate cliffhangers so much, let the haters hate I love this show, and the conspiracies now with govt I love it :)
  • Looks like 10th season will be Sit-Com with fake laugh tracks.

    Looks like 10th season will be Sit-Com with fake laugh tracks etc.
  • Great show

    I guess you guys really haven't looked into Bones character. She is portrayed to have Asperger's Syndrome. That is why she is the way she is. It keeps it interesting. I absolutely love this show!
  • Love Lab Movie

    Would love to see the Andrew/Caroline love story come back. That episode is one of my favorite ones because of the story. Caroline is a GREAT character and deserves happiness!
  • Fantastic Show

    I love Bones, it is comedy, drama, romance, mystery, and thriller all rolled up in one fantastic show. I hope it last 20+ years. If something as offensive as the Simpsons could last that long then Bones should have no trouble last at least another five years.

  • Great!!

    I LOVE Bones and don't have access to cable all the time. So makes it easier allot easier to count on.
  • Favorite show of all time

    Not only do I love Bones because of the story lines and characters, but it is one of the few shows that actually move along in a reasonable way. Too many shows get stale, characters who never progress, but they have found a way for the characters to grow without ruining the show.
  • watch the kill again

    He shot him at close range straight through the neck.
  • Why season 7 and 8 do not have a happy ending?

    I am fan for happy endings, so I am worried about Pelant, he is so repulsive... :(

    It 's so sad that Bones had to go, and left Booth alone..

    All I want is happy season 9, please... We all want season 9 as soon as possible.

    Greeteng from Serbia :)
  • Best show I've ever seen!

    Love it! Do not miss a single series!
  • Bones

    Hi l watch all you shows and I love them all
  • Best Show Ever

    Bones is definitely the best show ever. I know that some people are getting tired of the Pelant storyline, but the writers had to leave us with a cliffhanger for Season 9! And they couldn't just kill Pelant off like that. So, chill (: He's going to be gone by the 1st episode anyways. I've been a loyal viewer for so long, and honestly, it still manages to amaze me every episode.
  • I don't know why everyone is complaining...

    I love this show, they have really done a good job with developing the characters(even the minor ones). The show has a good balance of humor,crime and romance.
  • Love It

    I love Bones! One of my favorite things about Bones that keeps me coming back for more is that many times I can relate to the episode and to what is happening. Bones is inspiring and vigorating and it teaches us that no matter what life might throw our way that as long as you believe in yourself and have the support of loved ones you can achieve your goals and reach your full potential and that you can overcome any obstacle. Bones teaches us that no who we are or what we have become that we have the right to be loved and be respected.

    Brennen is a genus but has issues with trusting people due to the fact that her parents disappeared when she was 15, Her brother Russle later left her and she ended up in foster care. Brennen has thru out the years built up a wall of protection so that she will not get hurt. with in the episodes of Bones we see how Brennens wall starts to crumble and she lets Booth into her life and heart.. She finds her mothers remains and starts looking into her murder, she gets a mysterious call which turns out to be her father, her father disguised as a priest is picked up by Booth and questioned. later after Brennen reunites with her brother Russle their father goes on the run again only this time he takes Russle with him. Booth again ends up getting his man and both Russle and Brennens father end up in prison over christmas. Booth takes Parker and buys a christmas tree giving Brennen what she so desires a christmas with her family and with a christmas tree. Brennen and Hodgens are buried alive by the grave digger.. Booth saves both Brennen and Hodges by figuring out where they are buried alive just in time. the grave digger is taken into custody and to court and is murdered by a sniper, which Booth turns out to know.

    Hodgens and Angela finally tie the knot and after a 6 month lesance in Paris find out that Angela is expecting their first child. It turns out that one of the interns Zach is working with the grave digger and he is taken to a mental hospital. In walks Cam, a self renound forensic corner and she takes over the head spot at the jeffersonen which does not make Brennen happy, but in the end all is forgotten and Cam is accepted into the group.

    Then there is Booth, oh what can we say about Booth, aside from the fact that he is HOT, I love the way David Borenaz plays the character, Booth is a good man who at first gets the wrong end of the stick.. He meets a girl falls in love they have a son together, he asks her to marry him and for some God forsaken reason she turns him down. He then falls for Bones, who in her own right seems to have problems that need to be addressed. He tells Bones that he loves her but once again he gets turned down. He then goes to Afghanastan to help the soldiers there and when he returns 6 months later he meets up with Bones as promised, they talk and he discloses to her that he has fallen in love with a girl named Hannah, Hannah shows up one day and they end up moving in with eachother. Bones later on admits to Booth that she loves him and gets her heart broken when Booth informs her that he loves Hannah and that he is staying with her.

    Booth eventually gets up the nerve to ask Hannah to marry him, Hannah in a tearful scene says sorry but she is not the marrying kind, this breaks Booths heart understandably and he tells her to move out. He ends up and his and Bones favorite place to get their victory drink after each case. Bones shows up and informs Booth that Hannah had called her. You can feel the wrenching of his heart as he runs thru the scenerio of having his heart broken and he wonders what is wrong with him that no one wants what he has to offer.. All the long I am thinking my gosh are these women crazy? Booth is a catch that any woman would be proud to have.

    later on Booth and Brennen have a talk and they both write a date down as to when they feel they will be ready to give their relationship a try. Tragedy stricks and one of the squints is murdered by a snipper which Booth knows all to well.. Brennen sleeps over Booths place and ends up crawling into bed with him, the next day she tells Angela all about it. Booth goes after the killer of Mr Nigel Murray

    and once again thank godness Booth gets his man. Booth I feel is the backbone of the show, he helps Brennen stay level headed instead of looking at the world with blinders on, Brennen however does have her moments of victory when it comes to teaching Booth a lesson.

    Angela has her baby and they name him Michael Stacato vincent.. at the end of this episode Brennen tells Booth she is pregnant after a dramatic delivery in a barn she has a girl and they name her Christina Angela. at the end of season 7 Brennen is framed for murder and has to run with Christine.. which breaks Booths heart again, but he knows it is the right thing.

    at the start of season 8 we see Brennen and Christine, Brennen decides it is time to uncover the truth about Pelant and she digs up his couselor which he had killed many years ago. Booth meets up with Brennen and her dad and goes on the run with her. eventually Brennen is cleared and Pelant is arrested for the murder of his couselor and for Brennens friend. Pelant erases his identity and creates a new one and gets released into the hands of the egypten government. everything goes back to normal or so we think, Brennen and Booth have tention between them and they argue which at the end of the episode turns out to be ok.

    Pelant returns to cause problems for Hodges by making him choose his money or to save a bunch of school girls, Hodges of course chooses the grils and him and Angela are now broke.

    the crew go on solving murders here and murders there, one day Booths mother shows up and tells Booth she is getting married and wants him to give her away. mean while Booth and Brennen try to solve the murder of a stripper, while on their way to question a rival stripper of the decedent, Booth gets mistaken for being another stripper at a birthday party, this is only after Brennen explains that she stripped while in college when she wrote a paper on the subject, the women of the party manage to get Booths pants down which he quickly pulls up again. in the end a happy go lucky Booth walks his mother down the isle into the waiting arms of her piano player. Booth and Bones have their dance together.

    Personally I feel robbed on their relationship as it just went from mourning Mr Nigel Murrays death to her being pregnant with nothing inbetween. hopefully sometime they do a back episode where everything is brought into prospective for us Bones fans.

    I hope that Bones creaters keep bringing us this spectacular and moving program for many many years to come.. Thank you for making such a fantastic program which brightens my day and inspires me that my dreams are indeed reachable and for inspiring me to aim for the stars.

    I love Bones and I will remain a loyal viewer for as long as it is on, which hopefully will be a long time, but please please Bones writers find a way to explain how it came about that they are finally together, also quit making Christine grow up so fast. i mean it was only a few episodes ago that she was a new born and now she is a toddler, and where is Michael Vincent? what about Russel and Jarad?

    We all know that eventually Bones and Booth will tie the knot and this was even more displayed as it is Brennen who catches Booths Moms bouquet. But please don't rob us the satisfaction in knowing how all this came about.. plus I fear once they tie the knot Bones will most likely end, so hopefully before that all of our squint questions will be answered and we will finally see how Brennen and Booths relationship began..

    Did I meantion how HOT Booth is? yeah I think I did but hey no one says I can not mention it again right.. well there is the review from about season 4 until now.. in the first 3 seasons we see how Brennen goes from not liking Booth, to tolerating him, to caring about him, but you can really see how much they grow to care about eachother as Booths and Brennens chemestry is remarkable.

    Keep up the good work and I look forward to next season and the adventures there in.. Off to start watching from season 1 again.. ;)

  • About the comments...

    First of all: Im sorry for my bad gramma. Im not a native speaker, so please dont be mad about it.

    I read a few comments about one of my favorite tv shows. Mainly the bad ones to understand why people dont like it. But the reasons I could find were all about one fact: its changing... the characters are growing in a way they dont like. I was sad about this point of view... For me, its exactly the reason why I love this show so much. The characters are developing in every season a little bit more. For me its really intresting to watch how they... well... grow up. They are no longer the brilliant science lady and the super charming FBI Agent, the bug-guy, the art and computer expert,... They are a familiy. They get married, they get kids, they have heartbreaks and they fight, they help each other, and a thousand more things. I think thats what a good tv show needs. Developing. It wouldnt work without it. You cannot stay the same in 8 great seasons.

    But of cause its impossible to create a tv show that everybody loves. Taste is diffrent. And as I look at the rating of this show: There are more people who like the show :)

    I hope it was not to hard to read...


    a big fan from Bavaria, Germany
  • great show

    keep it up
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