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  • I am going to make people angry

    I got so tired of hearing how "beautiful" Bones supposedly . She is normally pretty. Some days she can be extremely so,but never once ,other than her wedding day would I have even remotely considered her beautiful. Cam,YES and Angela of course. But Bones,other than those eye had nothing special going on. If she had been a real person that horrible arrogance would have deleted the plus her eyes had given her. Living in So. Cal and working for doctors in both malls and strip locales as well as medical centers I have had the opportunity to see thousands of amazingly beautiful women of all races,she is not one. I'am watching Season 5 E:11 on Netflix at this time. Have been binge watching for the past 2 days. She looked the best with bangs,as the focus was on her eyes . Both her and her sister Zoey's best feature. A pretty woman,sure. Beautiful,nope.
  • Goodbye Bones

    I just want to say Thank you to Bones. What a brillant and thought provoking show. Having watched from day one it is something you need to see all to understand its true beauty. The characters are what makes it truly unique amongst other shows. Although it can drive u mad and make u confused. It is all worth it in the end. So Thanks Bones for the family u made me part of and the gore and horror you provided along the way. All 206 parts of the whole of me will miss u always...
  • I know I am not crazy what is with the voice pitch change in season 7?

    I was binge watching Bones (again). I noticed that all the actors voices have become lower. It sounds like they all have frogs in their throat in the first episode. It is bugging me! Was this on purpose or did they all have a cold or something?
  • Bones and numbers

    I love the show! It is one of my favorites. I think they should do an episode where they go to LA and team up with Don Epps from the show Numbers.
  • Witch season and episode

    Hey everyone :)

    I'm in a little struggle I'm trying to figure out when zack died :)

    I remember he lies in the hospital and no one can recognize him (he was hit by a bus or something like that) but in the end of the episode bones I there and he (zack) take hers hand and do a special sign so bones can recognize him :) anyone who can help me?

    I only want to know witch season and episode :)
  • stuck on Bones

    I have found Bones in the last 6 months. I am soo hooked. Just saw booth and breannen wedding today! Loved it, love the show. Please don't end it. How would I go on. what withdrawals I'll have. Would love to meet the cast. Love Hodges and Angela. Help! Keep the Show!!!!
  • need my bones fix asap.....

    love this show still!!! hurry up with the rest of the season, cant wait
  • Bones withdrawal

    Just want to know when it will be back on tv.

    Please don't stop bones. Lots of people love bones.
  • Cher....

    Please, please have the prosecutor stop pronouncing the word "Cher" as it sounds. It is pronounced "Shy". It is a Cajun term of endearment and being a Cajun myself, hearing it continuously mispronounced is very irritating. Other than that we LOVE Bones!!!
  • The #1 show i watch

    I would hate to see Bones canceled, i love it. I have watched this show since it first aired. This show has inspired me to try to become a forensic anthropologist myself, not quite there yet though. The one thing I hated was when sweets died. He was one of my top five favorite characters. His death made me cry as if I have lost a loved one, and i know exactly how that feels.
  • Dont Cancel the show!

    Please dont cancel this show- too many times I've seen great shows being canceled just to see crap shows replace them. This is a FANTASTIC show!
  • Fantastic show

    I really enjoy bones i have been watching it since i was 10 I love the cast and crew, they do a fantastic job on the episodes and the story line. thumbs up Bones.
  • great show

    wait for season finale
  • please keep making bones

    i love this show, its like the only thing i look forward to on my free time.
  • Continues to Be Great Show

    Bones is still one of the best shows on television. The humor, the mysteries and the strong characterizations are continually on the money. It's sad that so many extremist conservatives can't face up to their own images in the mirror, to the point where they have to post their political knee jerks on a television review site, but that's really not the fault of the writers. I'm a little concerned that Emily is in fewer and fewer action scenes in the show. It used to be mostly about Booth and Bones as field partners and now that seems to be replaced by the quasi Sweets character. Other than that, the show continues to be a delilght.
  • just keeps getting better and better

    i love bones. it is clever and beautiful and tasteful and i love it!!!!!!
  • Bones Season 10

    I would just like to let @JaneDoeling know that ferrets can and do survive in the wild, also they are known to eat raw meat, bones, and even organs. I'm astounded by the number of people who are mad about the latest just a TV show. Another thing I'd like to mention is that John (Sweets) chose to tleave the show ad the only way that could happen was if he died. I wish he hadn't made that choice, but I can't do anything to chage that by commenting on a tv review website. (And for your information, I've been a fan of Bones before serial killers, when Dr. Goodman and Zach were consistant characters)
  • bring back zack 10

    when are you going to bring back zack and let them know he wasn`t a killer
  • You Killed Sweats!

    Why! Couldn't you have written him gradually. He was to be a father with insipid Daisy. Even i could have written a very acceptable ending. You made me cry and my neighbors and friends too. Pls don't kill anyone off because i will be forced to stop watching. Killing Daisy would be okay since she is just annoying.
  • Lose Lose situation

    There are people who were sad about Sweets demise some weren't. As is often the case , you can't please everyone. Perhaps having Sweets go back to working at the center he went to when he needed to gain perspective with Pelant, would have been a nice solution and he could take Daisy with him. I just wish the actress who played Agent Shaw would be available.

    People have had Bones jumping the shark forever and each season being the last 10 seasons later it's still standing and not by the hair of its chin
  • GrEat ShOw!!

    Love the show don't change as for you whinny people out there your going to ruin it with your negative comments and they'll cancel another great show. If you don't like the show don't watch it. I truly enjoy all the characters Bones and Booth they make the show that's why its been on for so long!
  • what have you done to me

    omg I hate cliffhangers so much, let the haters hate I love this show, and the conspiracies now with govt I love it :)
  • Looks like 10th season will be Sit-Com with fake laugh tracks.

    Looks like 10th season will be Sit-Com with fake laugh tracks etc.
  • Great show

    I guess you guys really haven't looked into Bones character. She is portrayed to have Asperger's Syndrome. That is why she is the way she is. It keeps it interesting. I absolutely love this show!
  • Love Lab Movie

    Would love to see the Andrew/Caroline love story come back. That episode is one of my favorite ones because of the story. Caroline is a GREAT character and deserves happiness!
  • Fantastic Show

    I love Bones, it is comedy, drama, romance, mystery, and thriller all rolled up in one fantastic show. I hope it last 20+ years. If something as offensive as the Simpsons could last that long then Bones should have no trouble last at least another five years.

  • Great!!

    I LOVE Bones and don't have access to cable all the time. So makes it easier allot easier to count on.
  • Favorite show of all time

    Not only do I love Bones because of the story lines and characters, but it is one of the few shows that actually move along in a reasonable way. Too many shows get stale, characters who never progress, but they have found a way for the characters to grow without ruining the show.
  • watch the kill again

    He shot him at close range straight through the neck.
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