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  • Temperance is the worst part of the show

    This show is horrendously irritating because Temperance is either really autistic ("aspie") or just a flat-out a-hole. She is arrogant, condescending, self-centered, demeaning, and completely anti-social. She does not understand metaphors, sarcasm, or social cues. She takes everything literally and constantly says utterly stupid things. These are all symptoms of Autism (specifically Asperger's syndrome), and if she had that, then it would make sense and could be tolerated. However, they don't say that she is like that (they just call her "eccentric"), so coming from a supposedly normal and functional person, her behavior just makes her a raging jerk. Further evidence of her likely Autism is that she seems to be an "idiot savant"; good at forensic anthropology and a few scientific things, but bad at everything else. I really don't know why they refuse to acknowledge what she really is.

    I ignored it at the start of the show, but not only has it become more intense, but the fact that all of the other characters seem to be blind to her trashy attitude and act like she is just "quirky" and otherwise great makes them almost as bad as Brennan herself.

    There have been a couple of episodes where they actually addressed her behavior, but they always just ignore it and let her go back to being garbage.

    The only tolerable thing in the show now is Hodgins who is *actually* quirky and amusing, but that isn't going to be enough to justify continuing to watch this aggravating show.

  • Dead boring!

    What an AWFUL show. I thought with the material they had it would at least have an advantage on a "new concept" show, but it was just horrible. It was feelingless to have them discuss genocide like it was a shoe sale at Neiman-Marcus. Kathy Reichs was very affected by her experience, and in this show they treated the subject like a holiday in Hawaii. I didn't have a problem with the premise that the lead character was nabbed by security for having a skull in her luggage (this actually happened to Reichs) but doing an Emma Peel karate number in the middle of the airport? And seriously too. I've never seen a pilot that whacked the audience over the head so hard with tired "they'll love this in Altoona" clichés.

    Kathy Reichs must be spinning in her grave....and she's the only author you can say that about who isn't dead.
  • Sucks

    Do the writers have a day job writing bus schedules? The lead actress, espcially, needs to get into a nother line of work. Have you watched MEDIUM? Also a show based on the life of a 'real' person. Excellent show, but BONES? Bones should be cancelled. The story lines wouldn't be so bad if the dialogue wasn't so stupid and the actors could at least pretend to be acting.
  • This makes for a good laugh, but I don’t think it’s supposed to.

    My husband recorded the first two episodes of this show a few weeks back, and all I have to say is that I can’t believe I wasted my time watching them. Actually, I didn’t even finish watching the second one. I had seen enough by then. The acting is off. The music is off. And so on. I couldn’t quite figure out why they chose the songs they did and why they were at the most unusual and awkward moments. And I don’t know how many times the main character brought up her dislike of psychology. The dialogue is simply underdeveloped and highly lacking. I can’t believe the network signed on for more episodes.
  • Over-produced, under-written, focus-groupped crap. This painful CSI-for-Buffy-fans is pretty ironic considering Fox also gave us The Simpsons episode where execs are shown flipping rival channels for "new and exciting ideas".

    Lets break it down. What is the problem with Bones?

    Is it the glossy over-production?

    Never since Starship Troopers has a cast and locations been so unilaterally pretty. Even Jorja Fox's ugly gap-toothed grin in CSI adds some ugly. And the least attractive cast member will happily flash you her bra if your rude to her. Yeah, that happens to me plenty when a girl wants my attention.

    The ridiculous impractical sets designed solely to look good in a moody framed shot?

    Bones, bones, bones. As if to ram home the incessant lame "Bones" jokes, every possible wall of their base has thousands upon thousands of Ikea storage boxes full of BONES! Walls 40ft high lined with boxes of bones. But not just boxes of bones. Moodily rear-lit boxes of bones!!!! Sure it's impractical and probably does the evidence damage, but DAMN if it doesn't look COOOOOOL.

    The stiff, wooden acting?

    Did Emily Deschanel take acting lessons from Matt LeBlanc in character as Joey? Does David Boringass have any other facial expressions aside from "brooding concentration" and "brooding smirk". Dialogue delivery is just plain awful, awful, awful. Especially during the climax where "Bones" goes loco.

    The completely incompetent insulting writing?

    Anybody see Kiss The Girls? Anyone wonder why there are big "No Smoking" signs in a gas station? In a room doused full of petrol, someone drops a lit Zippo. Why? Because they've just been shot. Muzzle-flash AND an open, lit zippo in a room full of flammable petrol fumes? Even Morgan Freeman knew better. Congratulations writers, if you hadn't conveniently side-stepped logic and reality, your main character just burned to death in the pilot.
    Arabs are terrorists first, murderers later? Thanks for setting back the ethnic diversity cause back 100 years.
    I don't know who Lenny Kravitz is but I can recognize the woman behind a tabloid political scandal from months ago, simply from her skull definition? Um.. yeah.

    The stupid little cute catchphrases?

    "I don't understand that."
    "Don't call me Bones."

    Less is more.

    The Super-duper Hi-Tec Hologram Phrom The Phuture?

    Well, we'll need some "thing". CSI already does the flash-back/gory death dissemination thing, we need to copy that somehow, but how? I know, a cool totally unrealistic hologram that the military don't have but one of our 27 year old geniuses knocked up in her bedroom. Not only can it recreate an exact likeness of a person simply from sweeping generalisations, but it can also re-create the crime for us. Watch for it to solve our cases more and more in later episodes when the writing gets REALLY lazy.

    The world inhabited by people who reach their career peak at 27 year old?

    A world-travelling, lecturing, book-writing, kung-fu kicking, number one expert in forensic anthropoligist in her field at 27? Is there anything she can't do before she passes optimal child-bearing age?

    A woman who can design holograms phrom the future by the same point in her life?

    Yeah, sure.

    So what's good about Bones? The prospect that it might not be back after the World Series. More people I know have tried to watch it then turned off "this crap" than have said they like it.

    How can anyone like it? I'm not even sure Bones herself could solve that case.
  • This show couldn't even qualify as a Cliff's Notes version of Kathy Reich's novels.

    If you want interesting characters and stories full of mystery, action and adventure, read the books. This show couldn't even qualify as a Cliff's Notes version of Kathy Reich's novels. And maybe if the producers got rid of that ridiculous hologram imaging gimmick, I might try watching the show again on its own merits - but I doubt it.
  • Jump the Shark for sure.

    The finale was just too far fetched, even for Bones. I'm done with it.
  • Bones Bug Baby Daddy

    This episode was disgusting. I can't believe the writers would be this sick to have Hodgins birth an insect through his neck. I may never watch again!!

    Last night I watched my final episode of Bones. I am not squeamish over the usual forensic content but Monday November 11s episode was both revolting and ridiculous.

    Over the years my favorite character has been Jack Hodgins because of his quirky conspiracy theories, over the top experiments and overwhelming enthusiasm for his insects. Now when I see him all I feel is disgust. He should sue the writer of that episode,

    No more Bones for me.

  • Boney words

    Was sad you took God's name in this had been a Muslim slur against Mohammed it would have been stricken from the lines and never aired!
  • Im Lost

    On the end of Season 6 and the beginning of Season 7 is a huge cap or i skip some of the episodes. It end with them still frends and start with them in love and pregnant? When did the romanse start with them?
  • They should cancel the show!

    This used to be my favorite show, infact I bought the first 6 seasons. But something happened, either they switched writers or producers or something because the show changed. It became silly instead of a drama. They made Brennan down right stupid and completly unrelatable. The story lines got old. Booth and Brennan got boring. It's so bad now I can not even watch. They should cancel while they still have a little dignity left. So sad
  • Ditch Palant

    Are you guys nuts..... How can you change the dynamics between Booth and Bones like that.... I do not like where your taken this Palant thing.... Let it go. Booth would not hold back on Bones. And Bones is too smart to let it bother her.... The first few seasons were fantastic... Got worse since... Stupid plot arcs.

    Do you have a second team of writers on this story..... I am done... I will watch the first episode of next season.. If you continue this crap, I am history.... You took years to build a relationship between two characters that we have grown to care about and were happy that they are together and in one episode you destroy it... Shame on you.... Why dont you just kill off Booth and take the stories that the original books tell...
  • 1.0
    what a pathetic final episode!! i would have preferred a life or death cliffhanger as to a morbid ending that illustrates evil triumphs over what has been evident since the very first episode. think i have viewed my final episode
  • Blood on the stones

    It was the worst episode I have ever seen. Who thought it would be a good idea to show an FBI agent denying a woman pain medication because he is GOD!

    I was so angry when he told her "you'll get the pain meds when you tell me where he is" REALLY. And yes, of course I realize it is not real. But up to that episode, they always seemed to try to play it real. We have laws, he goes over, around, back doors if he thinks he must. So anyway that is why it made me angry. The show is better than that.

    Thank you for letting me vent

  • This was one of my favorite shows

    Like Castle, This show WAS a nice combination of light people interaction and good mystery solving. This season it has morphed into a lousy soap opera combined with an attempt at comedy. Mystery solving has become the last priority. Deepening what were respectful relationships is a death knell to a mystery show.
  • ghost should have stayed dead

    the first 149 episodes were good. I don't know which was worse, the writing of this episode or cyndi lauper. spending an hour looking up people noses is not fun. this was the first time i ever changed channels during your show
  • The Ghost Was a Dead Duck

    Why do they do this. MASH started it and other Great shows copied it. It is hard to watch and the scripts are weak. If this is the best you can do, fire the writers and start again.

    The commercials in the middle of the shows are getting ridiculous I get they pay the bills, and showing a product is one thing. But writing them into he script? Let's stop the Royal Diner and just eat at Subway. What's next, bathroom scenes plugging Charmain or tampons?
  • Bones episode on 12-3-12

    I am guessing that the writers of Bones don't plan on having another season! This episode is we had to change the channel. What were they thinking?. I probably will not watch it again after the sappy season opener since this is the first time I have watched it since and it used to be one of my favorite shows.
  • Subliminal Election Messages

    The October 8th program was full of overt and subliminal election messages, including the name of a presidential candidate on the map used to solve the crime. This is disappointing. Trying to influence voters in such a way seems to be endemic to the American political system. Very disappointing.
  • disappointed .

    If the whole series is narrated, I will stop watching. These actors do NOT need someone to tell us what they are doing. I am REALLY disappointed.
  • Bones season 7 suit in the set WHAT is up???

    Its not cristine, its not that theyve hitched up...WHY have the writers forgotten that BONES is all about the murders???? The cases have become SO lame in season 7. I am a die hard bones fan, and god after 6 seasons of great stuff, this is just set maniacs..??? doesnt the FBI and the top forensics lab in the country have anything better to do? It had begun to look a lot more promising but the cases...the cases have to get more exciting and grittier..NONE of the rest will matter otherwise...appeal to the bones writing team..PL get back to the crux of the show..great murder stories
  • In The Pipe

    What a colossal piece of crap. I used to like this show. It was funny and it's just silly. Where to start? Oh yeah running through the prison (stupid). What's with Booth genuflecting everytime he sees a cross now?

    Yeah I get it...the manger schtick. Can't stay at the prison which has an infirmary and presumably doctors...born in a prison, that would've been funny. Born in a stable with no one else (hotel staff) to help...puhleeze.

    Also Sweets is really annoying with his pathetic "Oh please be my friend " and Daisy is just outright irritating. The only ones carrying the show are the support staff.

    Did the writers all leave? They must have and I'm following them.
  • Bummer

    Hey all you devoted fans out there. I hope I'm not the only one who thought the end to the latest season was a complete rip off. I mean keep us hanging around for six seasons hoping for the moment when at last booth and bones get together, and it couldn't have been more anticlimactic, all that waiting and not even a lousy kiss. Bones and Angela share a "look" and oh yeah, she's prego to! Talk about a colossal disappointment! I own previos seasons and knowing where it all leads to, I can't even bring myself to re-watch! Not trying to be melodramatic but come on, you're kidding yourself if your reasons to watch weren't dominated by the romance, what a let down.
  • a good show going bad

    i agree with a lot of people here that this show was good. (note the emphasis on WAS GOOD!). when i started watching this show i could just sit down and relax and enjoy it. i don't even mind the commercials because i really did like it. then somehow it got to the point where everything just went bad. Now everytime i watch the show i just record it or watch it on ( Thank You TV.COM, you guys are awesome). everytime angela speaks i fast forward it or everytime they talk about their personal lives i put on an mp 3 player and listen to milli vanilli, now when the love angle between boothe and brennan is discussed i get so excited and get up the couch to slam my head to the wall. here are just some points that i hate about the show :: POINT 1: Angela - she has got to be the most annoying character on television. i mean being sexually active is a good thing but her sleeping with other men takes a good 15 mins of the show. jeez. POINT 2: Brennan - She has got to be the most stupid person out there. her good memory is probably what got her to be so smart, i do not get her being a genius on analysis because if she was good at it she would have notice how people around her feel. POINT 3: i think this show is running out of ideas on how to kill a man or woman. not to much interesting episodes on season 5 yet. president kennedy???? come on!!!!!! wow. POINT 4: Brennan assistants - need i say more??? they should have brought ZACK back he was the "KING OF THE LAB". POINT 5: boothe and brennan love angle. i think they should just stop it. Boothe needs a better woman. brennan is an insensitive, egocentric, and arrogant person. i think brennan should just die of old age single with that stupid stare of hers. some good aspects of the show that's why i still watch it though with lesser enthusiasm.Boreanaz is a good actor, his character on bones is actually pretty good, Sorayan is also a good boss, i like her, her being protective of her adopted daughter just shows her good character. and DR. Sweets man he is the best new character. to put in words sweets is just magnificent, well played and very amusing down to the facial expressions. dr hodgens an obedient rebel. he takes pride in his work and pursues what he think is rigth and he is funny too. in summary, i think because of all the channels that are available now, getting new ideas is far and few. Bones is a dying series that is destined to be canned the next season if new ideas are not found. do not hate me for being blunt. thanks for reading my review. i think i'll watch columbo reruns. bye.
  • Tonight's pig chipper show was extremely discusting! It is not suitable for the young viewers who may be up at 6:30 PM.

    What is wrong with you? I have 2 pot belly pigs as pets and thought this show was horrible. They are intelligent animals and very loving. Your show was in extremely poor taste and you have lost me as a viewer. Tonight's pig chipper show was extremely discusting! It is not suitable for the young viewers who may be up at 6:30 PM. What is wrong with you? I have 2 pot belly pigs as pets and thought this show was horrible. They are intelligent animals and very loving. Your show was in extremely poor taste and you have lost me as a viewer. I will no longer watch any show with any of the actors/ actresses in this show. Animal cruelty has to stop. This show involvess cruelty to animals, it does not belong on the air. Your writers were way off base on this one, viewers do not need to see this garbage. Any show that shows this type of grossness should not be on when children are awake, I can not ever imagine whatever made you act this grossness out!
  • bones is a joke. this subject content had the potential to be as good a csi, but al the silly banter between the 2 makes me want to puke. it\'s like that old cybl sheppard and bruse willis show moonlighting, it was sooooo stupid.

    bones is a joke. this subject content had the potential to be as good a csi, but all the silly banter between the 2 makes me want to puke. it\'s like that old cybl sheppard and bruse willis show moonlighting, it was sooooo stupid. i have tried to watch and
    just cannot
  • Ugh, that was painful. Angel fans, stay away.

    I tuned in for David Boreanaz but he was the only decent thing in the show. The female lead is TERRIBLE and the character is so unlikable. They're trying to make her independent and strong and instead they made a character no one could possibly care about.

    The writing was clunky, the use of music very awkward and the mystery uninvolving. Every single supporting character was irritating. The dialogue was painfully bad.

    Just a complete waste of time.
  • Bones crosses the pond and we're subjected to all the out-dated English stereotypes; Lords, Ladies, butlers, gentlemen's clubs, plummy English accents, etc. It could have been written by a 10 year-old - or even George W. himself.

    Along with the usual sleuthing, we are treated to a far-fetched, out-dated and grossly inaccurate portrayal of England and the English. Cap-doffing servants, aristocratic toffs and a Metropolitan Police detective from, 'Scotland Yard'. Please! If anyone from The Met said they were from, "... Scotland Yard," everyone would fall about laughing (not least their colleagues).

    Not only does said detective revel in her Yard status, she gives a handgun to an FBI agent. Hello? Handguns are banned in the U.K. That agent would go to jail for at least 5 years with no questions asked if he was found in possession of it, no matter what his status over The Pond. Our lovely detective would join him too.

    In short, I found this episode insulting. If only American writers would do some research before foisting this rubbish on us.
  • Stop the soap opera!!!

    Did you sign on new writers? You are ruining this show! The relationship between Booth and Temperance as well as Hodges and Montenegro were subtle up until now. Each episode concentrated on the case being investigated with the love interest in the background. Now you've turned this into a soap opera!!! Montenegro has become absolutely obnoxious!!! What are you doing to this show??? If this keeps up, you will lose another fan!!!
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