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  • Temperance is the worst part of the show

    This show is horrendously irritating because Temperance is either really autistic ("aspie") or just a flat-out a-hole. She is arrogant, condescending, self-centered, demeaning, and completely anti-social. She does not understand metaphors, sarcasm, or social cues. She takes everything literally and constantly says utterly stupid things. These are all symptoms of Autism (specifically Asperger's syndrome), and if she had that, then it would make sense and could be tolerated. However, they don't say that she is like that (they just call her "eccentric"), so coming from a supposedly normal and functional person, her behavior just makes her a raging jerk. Further evidence of her likely Autism is that she seems to be an "idiot savant"; good at forensic anthropology and a few scientific things, but bad at everything else. I really don't know why they refuse to acknowledge what she really is.

    I ignored it at the start of the show, but not only has it become more intense, but the fact that all of the other characters seem to be blind to her trashy attitude and act like she is just "quirky" and otherwise great makes them almost as bad as Brennan herself.

    There have been a couple of episodes where they actually addressed her behavior, but they always just ignore it and let her go back to being garbage.

    The only tolerable thing in the show now is Hodgins who is *actually* quirky and amusing, but that isn't going to be enough to justify continuing to watch this aggravating show.

  • Dead boring!

    What an AWFUL show. I thought with the material they had it would at least have an advantage on a "new concept" show, but it was just horrible. It was feelingless to have them discuss genocide like it was a shoe sale at Neiman-Marcus. Kathy Reichs was very affected by her experience, and in this show they treated the subject like a holiday in Hawaii. I didn't have a problem with the premise that the lead character was nabbed by security for having a skull in her luggage (this actually happened to Reichs) but doing an Emma Peel karate number in the middle of the airport? And seriously too. I've never seen a pilot that whacked the audience over the head so hard with tired "they'll love this in Altoona" clichés.

    Kathy Reichs must be spinning in her grave....and she's the only author you can say that about who isn't dead.
  • Sucks

    Do the writers have a day job writing bus schedules? The lead actress, espcially, needs to get into a nother line of work. Have you watched MEDIUM? Also a show based on the life of a 'real' person. Excellent show, but BONES? Bones should be cancelled. The story lines wouldn't be so bad if the dialogue wasn't so stupid and the actors could at least pretend to be acting.
  • This makes for a good laugh, but I don’t think it’s supposed to.

    My husband recorded the first two episodes of this show a few weeks back, and all I have to say is that I can’t believe I wasted my time watching them. Actually, I didn’t even finish watching the second one. I had seen enough by then. The acting is off. The music is off. And so on. I couldn’t quite figure out why they chose the songs they did and why they were at the most unusual and awkward moments. And I don’t know how many times the main character brought up her dislike of psychology. The dialogue is simply underdeveloped and highly lacking. I can’t believe the network signed on for more episodes.
  • Over-produced, under-written, focus-groupped crap. This painful CSI-for-Buffy-fans is pretty ironic considering Fox also gave us The Simpsons episode where execs are shown flipping rival channels for "new and exciting ideas".

    Lets break it down. What is the problem with Bones?

    Is it the glossy over-production?

    Never since Starship Troopers has a cast and locations been so unilaterally pretty. Even Jorja Fox's ugly gap-toothed grin in CSI adds some ugly. And the least attractive cast member will happily flash you her bra if your rude to her. Yeah, that happens to me plenty when a girl wants my attention.

    The ridiculous impractical sets designed solely to look good in a moody framed shot?

    Bones, bones, bones. As if to ram home the incessant lame "Bones" jokes, every possible wall of their base has thousands upon thousands of Ikea storage boxes full of BONES! Walls 40ft high lined with boxes of bones. But not just boxes of bones. Moodily rear-lit boxes of bones!!!! Sure it's impractical and probably does the evidence damage, but DAMN if it doesn't look COOOOOOL.

    The stiff, wooden acting?

    Did Emily Deschanel take acting lessons from Matt LeBlanc in character as Joey? Does David Boringass have any other facial expressions aside from "brooding concentration" and "brooding smirk". Dialogue delivery is just plain awful, awful, awful. Especially during the climax where "Bones" goes loco.

    The completely incompetent insulting writing?

    Anybody see Kiss The Girls? Anyone wonder why there are big "No Smoking" signs in a gas station? In a room doused full of petrol, someone drops a lit Zippo. Why? Because they've just been shot. Muzzle-flash AND an open, lit zippo in a room full of flammable petrol fumes? Even Morgan Freeman knew better. Congratulations writers, if you hadn't conveniently side-stepped logic and reality, your main character just burned to death in the pilot.
    Arabs are terrorists first, murderers later? Thanks for setting back the ethnic diversity cause back 100 years.
    I don't know who Lenny Kravitz is but I can recognize the woman behind a tabloid political scandal from months ago, simply from her skull definition? Um.. yeah.

    The stupid little cute catchphrases?

    "I don't understand that."
    "Don't call me Bones."

    Less is more.

    The Super-duper Hi-Tec Hologram Phrom The Phuture?

    Well, we'll need some "thing". CSI already does the flash-back/gory death dissemination thing, we need to copy that somehow, but how? I know, a cool totally unrealistic hologram that the military don't have but one of our 27 year old geniuses knocked up in her bedroom. Not only can it recreate an exact likeness of a person simply from sweeping generalisations, but it can also re-create the crime for us. Watch for it to solve our cases more and more in later episodes when the writing gets REALLY lazy.

    The world inhabited by people who reach their career peak at 27 year old?

    A world-travelling, lecturing, book-writing, kung-fu kicking, number one expert in forensic anthropoligist in her field at 27? Is there anything she can't do before she passes optimal child-bearing age?

    A woman who can design holograms phrom the future by the same point in her life?

    Yeah, sure.

    So what's good about Bones? The prospect that it might not be back after the World Series. More people I know have tried to watch it then turned off "this crap" than have said they like it.

    How can anyone like it? I'm not even sure Bones herself could solve that case.
  • This show couldn't even qualify as a Cliff's Notes version of Kathy Reich's novels.

    If you want interesting characters and stories full of mystery, action and adventure, read the books. This show couldn't even qualify as a Cliff's Notes version of Kathy Reich's novels. And maybe if the producers got rid of that ridiculous hologram imaging gimmick, I might try watching the show again on its own merits - but I doubt it.
  • what were they thinking

    What a waste of money and talent, what a load of rubbish.

    A mega fan but now EXTREMELY disappointed.

    Was this the end ??????????????????
  • No more for me thanks

    Yeah well i haven't actually watch in ages, About the time the characters stated whining so much.

    Wether it was the left wing stuff or just two characters having a fight, it tanked a while ago. Bones just never felt the same she began to get cold and inhuman. The show has never been like the books but now the character of bones is such a betrayal of that, i can't even watch.

    Also when anyone brings social issues into a tv show. you know it's going to go down hill fast. I mean imagine a show that just kept preaching about how much they hate immigrants that would be equally as annoying. it's a real shame what this show has become.

    And yes sweets died very sad but no one complained this much when vincent died (accept me) and he was amazing.
  • Left wing political agenda

    I thought the show was good until it started spewing left wing socialist political propaganda.
  • show is getting worse and worse

    i don't care about Sweets being killed off if the actor wanted to leave, but this was done badly, didn't even bring a tear to my eye and i cry at many shows, but this way it was more a joke, for the added higher drama they make him a father to be, pointless! and so predictable! they are ruining a once great show, time to stop...

    Bones used to be great but lately it is just boring and annoying, especially the way Brennan speaks and behaves, they make her too over the top and annoying.

    i watched earlier episodes and the way she speaks was normal back then, now it is like nails on a chalkboard to me, can't stand the way she speaks..

    also to keep on nagging to Booth about how she thinks his religion is not true and how she knows God doesn't exist is annoying as heck.

    i am an atheist as well but i would never ever keep on hurting the man i love by constantly making fun of his beliefs!

    she is becoming less and less of a warm normal person and is a complete charicature of herself and if she supposedly should have apsergers, well i know asperger's well and it is too over the top, wayyyy too much!

    and the way she acts and speaks to her child is just totally annoying and stupid she is becoming intolerable and the show used to be so good, which is why it is sad to see it turning into a charicature and unbelievable mess
  • the writers have gotten tired

    "Whether you agree with the political stand point or not is completely irrelevant"? I'd say it's pretty relevant to whether or not I will like/watch a show. And just because the writers started out writing well doesn't mean they haven't become tired of writing the same jokes for the same characters. The show has degraded into disgusting special effects and corny camp. When John Francis Daley asked to take 4 months off, they thought they could use that to revitalize the story but really all they did was piss off a bunch of people and replace him with a generic version of himself, as if that wasn't a COMPLETELY transparent move. I've watched Bones from the beginning, and I forgave them for the rushed mishandling of the "Bones/Booth finally do it" story, but I have to say I am disappointed with the writing. I think they should know when to bow out gracefully.
  • Done with shove liberalism down your throat Bones

    I have watched every season of Bones, but now their liberal agenda has gone over the top. I'm done.
  • Bring Sweets Back!!

    I love of my favorite TV shows to watch. Unfortunately you killed off my favorite character! I was completely shocked and mad. I know it showed Sweets die but somehow you need to come up with a way to bring him back! Make it have been someone else and the squints were tricked in to believe it was the real Sweets or something. Maybe the real Sweets was kidnapped and can't get free or maybe lost his memory and is out there somewhere. Idk but however you need to write it in the story line it needs to be done.
  • Disappointed

    Loved the show for years, put up with their ideology of left wing vs right wing but they have gone too far with their self righteous message. Use to love the camaraderire between characters and Bones stark but truthfulness regarding how she saw the world and her struggles with understanding and emoting her feelings. Now it's just another puppet for the left wing mouth piece and no longer takes the time to question ideas, fact vs opinions and truths.
  • WOW! Seriously!!

    I have never written in or cared to comment on a

    show, but what a disappointment. Just watched the 3rd episode of this

    season and I am still trying to pick my jaw up off the floor. Cannot

    believe that these writers had the nerve to depict the more conservative

    group of people as ridiculous stereotypes. They have pretty much just

    insulted half the country. I have been also been a loyal fan for a long

    time and I am really upset about this. Taking this show off my DVR,

  • you killed off my favorite character

    Luckily I no longer watch Bones so I missed the last show that apparently everyone I know, and a lot of people I don't know, hated. I quit watching it at all because you killed off Sweets. He was always a breath of fresh air and some of your characters are getting stale. I suggest you figure out some way to make him alive again if you want to stay on the air. On the other hand, the show was getting political and therefore boring anyway.. Someone on the staff should have mentioned that people watch the show to be entertained, not preached the writers political views. One last thing, I read a lot of reviews and I agree wholeheartedly with the expressed views.
  • LIberal crap

    I'm watching the latest episode. Didn't realize that this show is written & directed by left wing nut-jobs. The death of the obese right-wing radio announcer is obviously directed at Rush Limbaugh. And they (the writers/director) deem as right-wing views such as being pro-gun and anti-immigration (which the MAJORITY of Americans believe in.

    Why put liberal (or any political) views into a tv show? I realize that "Hollywood" is ultra-liberal, but not all of us are. I am pro-gun and I am anti-immigration and I am proud of it. Your recent show mocks people who have conservative viewpoints. Shame on you. You may as well have "Democratic National Committee" stamped on this show's intro.

    I am taking Bones off of my dvr schedule.

    PS once again, the liberal Hollywood folks depict whites as extremists and we NEVER hear about the Black Panthers, Louis Farahkan, Jessee Jackson, Al Sharpton, etc -- and the host of blacks who want to hurt/kill whites just because they are white? We never hear THAT side of the stoy
  • Purging of the Pundant

    I had finally got my husband to watch show with me and you insulted us. We will never watch again. Wish I could submit a review without a point rating. You people are ignorant.
  • Really rotten show last night.

    Last night show SUCKED!!!

    How absolutely ignorant of you to attack at least 50% of your customer base.

    Watch your numbers drop real quick if you put out more garbage like last night's show.

    It is not real smart to write yourself out of a job.
  • Have a nice Life

    We have folowed this show since day 1. I just took it off our DVR list. Product placement is just annoying. Political attacks on conservatives are pretty low. If only we could all be smart like the people out in Hollywood who live in the "real world"
  • Worst show ever done

    Last year your preachy lefty noise was so much louder than any other year, but this last episode was so poorly written and so blatant an attack, I will no longer watch. I guess you don't realize that conservatives are about 50% of this country and you want to mock us and claim we are extreme? Done watching this nonsense and I hope a lot of people join me and you guys are looking for jobs (try msnbc) next year. Too bad I can't rate a ZERO because it is what you deserve.
  • Weasels eating the beloved conservative talk show host?

    Pretty bad writing in this episode!

    This someone's hatred oozing out viscerally.

    If you hate conservatives and those who seek the truth above and beyond science you don't have to be so transparent as this amateur episode was.

    Do weasels even eat meat?

  • Ferrets?? Really??

    What a bunch of garbage, literally!! Ferrets CAN NOT survive in the wild, and would NOT EAT A HUMAN!! What kind of morons do they have writing the scripts for this show??
  • Blame Stephen Nathan for killing Sweets

    Apparently John Francis Daley just needed a few months off the set so he could direct a movie and would have liked to have come back. It was Stephen Nathan who decided to make it permanent by killing his character. How easy would it have been to build tension around a kidnapped Sweets or otherwise deal with his absence? But kill him off like that? What an incredibly stupid, hateful, rotten thing to do. Nathan's the one who should have been dumped.
  • WHAT???

    Now, elaborate dammit! If Sweets got a promotion for a new gig, left the show for reasons we can't stop, than bummer! But if this was written in, and I can't say I know. How dare you write him off, but explain why he left. When season 9 ended, I said 1 thing, watch, there gonna blow threw this booth in custody and get him out, and sure enough.... Dude shoots 3 delta Force Agents, and he's out, as they unlocked a conspiracy as big as Kennedy, in 2 fricken episodes. Now House, at least he had fun in jail, made it interesting. I wanted to see him beat the shit out of more inmates. You guys royally fucked up, now do a Paranormal episode where the ghost of Sweets gets trapped on earth. He's in limbo, purgatory if you will, and the death of like a family member or anything you can bring back, (a connection, if you will from a past episode), Sweets helps someone solve a crime and he's stuck on earth until it's solved and they are safe and the killer, do something dramatic at the end, not just jail, a nail biter. You owe this to the fans damn it! And after Sweets helps put a case to bed that would have left him stuck . When he gets his justice, I want you to send him off into the light, naturally, 2 witnesses, which are the 2 he helped, and they, and only they see. I hope your getting used to these comments because you lit the fuse to it, and your getting used to it, WOW,,, I'm a poet and I don't know it. Don't leave me out of the cut either, that's a golden idea on how you can start with the fans, and still, that's just a start. I'm just trying to help. A royal FUCKUP!!! I'm out, unless you take my script and my idea and, ohh, keep me set for a while. Theirs characters grow on there fans man, I can't believe this, what a day what a day what a day, to quit watching, what a day what a day what a day, to turn a new series on. Ohhh and by the way, cops PC up.
  • huge spoiler killing off one of the best, Dr. Sweets was greatest in the show!!!!

    why the hell did you kill off Sweets!!! what kind of numbnuts does that??!!! was waiting for the premiere for months .... disappointed a big time!! huge spoiler. writers suck!!

  • You killed off one of my favorite characters!

    I can't believe you killed off Sweets! He was one of my favorite characters in this series. It made me cry and feel nothing but discuss for the writers and the series. I will no longer be watching the program. I have been a faithful fan from day one and you have killed that for me. I can't express my disappointment in this show and its writers!!!!!!
  • Broken Bones

    Perhaps the actor was ready to move on, but the show is going to be lost without Sweets. They may have just as well killed off Bones or Seeley. Ultimately these characters would be easier to replace because they have grown to become less unique. Sweets on the over hand was unusual more so than the rest. Basically they have ruined the show. It is not worth really watching anymore and time for it to be cancelled. The show reached its end before it came to an end. It is really hard to tell a story when you are killing off the main characters that are holding the story together. Dumb! Perhaps they can just kill off each of the actors one by one; blow up the lab, and leave Bones lost on some mountaintop while the greater powers of evil take over. Could be a better story line then the one they got going.
  • WHY?????

    Why would you Kill Sweets? Did it have to be so cruel can't watch anymore. You've destroyed am sick about this. You could of just sent him away, this was uncalled be so cruel...... totally uncalled for
  • I'm Out! Bones is in a nose dive...

    In my opinion this will be the last season and I won't be watching it. There was a certain dynamic between Booth and Sweets that was just what this show needed. As far as murder solving goes, there are many, many shows with that storyline including many real life stories, so the writers need to give us something more than just that. I agree with someone's earlier statement that the psychology offered by Sweets balanced the other characters. The only really interesting characters in my opinion are Booth and Sweets. Take Sweets out and the other characters fall flat and leave Booth with a void that can't be filled. After all Sweets really looked up to him and wouldn't have been in the crossfire if Booth wouldn't have went against his advice and asked for his help anyway. So does Booth live with that guilt or do the writers ignore the fact that Booth went against Sweets advice ultimately playing a part in his death? Sweets had a great personality and a positive outlook in very grim surroundings. Without him it is a very dark place to spend an hour watching. It is even darker now that he has left behind an unborn baby. The opening displayed too much tragedy and heart break. One writer promises to make it up but I have lost interest. Sweets is an irreplaceable character in my opinion. The worst part in my mind is that Sweets death is tied to Booth. Those characters need each other. Just won't be the same without Sweets. Seeing that character in that body bag in the end sealed the deal for me. I'm out. Lastly, I also agree that Brennan should have shown some growth by now. My God she is married to an awesome guy and has a daughter now. The unchanging rude and robotic characteristics of Brennan are annoying and boring. If more blood, guts and death of beloved characters is the exciting future of this show that is all the more reason not to watch. There really isn't anything left to write about.
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