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  • Despite the oft-used premise, this has two strong leads and a good foundation for future success.

    I actually very much enjoyed this pilot episode. Emily Deschanel was impressive as the lead, and whilst she isn't a classic beauty in any sense, she has a great charisma and presence, and there definitely is chemistry there between her and Boreanaz (not the "i want to tear your clothes off" type chemistry, but a mutual respect, understanding and deeper attraction).

    The premise itself wasn't all that original (think CSI, Cold Case, Without A Trace etc), and the supporting characters need to be a little less one-note, but this was definitely an episode that made me feel like I'll enjoy tuning in for more.
  • Overall if the series is anything like the pilot, it could have a great run with an amazing cast and scripts. Unfortunately, I thought the exact same thing about Wonderfalls, and that lasted all of four episodes on the same network.

    Bones Pilot Review
    By Rick Kelvington

    Bones is a new Fox drama that starts airing on September 1 at 8:00pm. It stars David Boreanaz from “Angle” fame as Special Agent Seeley Booth and Emily
    Deschanel as Dr. Temperance Brennan, whom Booth calls “Bones”. Deschanel looks and plays the role like a cross between “Wonderfalls'” Caroline Dhavernas and “Cold Case's” Kathryn Morris. She's an anthropologist who has just returned from Guatemala and is loaned out from the Jeffersonian Museum to help the FBI solve a murder in the form of a decomposed skeleton.

    Ripped from today's headlines, the murder turns out to be that of a young
    senator's intern who has be missing for over a year. Using her team of
    experts, whom the FBI refer to as "Squints", they go out to solve the case and
    find the perpetrator.

    During the case we run into a sleazy Senator, and his aid, a potential stalker and the parents of the deceased. The theme of the show seems to be the style of the FBI vs. the cold hard logic of the squints. This plays out over the course of the case as each learns something from the other.

    This is not your typical pilot, it's amazingly well written and acted, the
    Washington locals are beautifully photographed and it doesn't have the feel of
    being done in an LA studio at all. I'll be curious to see how much of the rest
    of the season plays on the Washington setting.

    The characters are compelling and all of them are hiding some part of
    themselves or their backgrounds, which I assume will be slowly revealed over
    time, if the show stays on long enough to pick up an audience.

    The show only suffers from to much "CSIing" and "Cold Case Montaging". That
    is, too much popular music setting the mode, as a ballad sings in the background,
    while we watch several shots of Deschanel piecing a shattered skull together.

    The show does offer several nice twists and turns, and has a great supporting
    casts. They also trade very well on the lovely women in the show, from one of
    the supporting characters flashing in the opening scene to seeing Temperance deal with an intruder in her apartment wearing a very revealing top. The director truly knows how to make the women in the show both sexy and super smart.

    There are no stupid characters in the show, except some of the other FBI agents and homeland security people, and it seems most everyone is of genius level intelligence, this could make it hard for the rest of the audience to follow. This is a show that you actually have to watch and listen to. The actors speak quickly and use words with more than three syllables. Very rare for American TV.

    Overall if the series is anything like the pilot, it could have a great run with an amazing cast and scripts. Unfortunately, I thought the exact same thing about Wonderfalls, and that lasted all of four episodes on the same network. Fox give this show at least the same chance as you gave “Tru Calling”… no wait “Family Guy”!
  • This is going to be amazing show for FOX.

    This is an absolute genius show, David Boreanaz went from playing a sexy vampire with a soul to a sexy detective and i think that because this show is on such a popular network like fox which has such success shows like american idol and the o.c. it is going to be a complete success and i love it so much and i love david!!!!
  • CSI meets The Profiler and The Inside. Nothing new, but may last a few seasons before Fox axes it.

    I can't say that this show is great, or even original, but it kept my interest. I was expecting it to be pretty bad, but it actually has a decent script.

    The acting is average to slightly below average. Some of the characters annoy the hell out of me. They make them obviously quirky to the point where it's not believable. I'm sorry but having Bones walk around swinging her arms around looks stupid, whether the real Bones does it or not.

    Script wise, the show held up quite well. It is basically a direct copy of CSI, and I could definitely see this being a case on CSI. The show is slightly more light hearted than The Inside or CSI, but it's still definitely a cheap knock off.

    Boreanaz pulls off the FBI agent surprisingly convincingly considering I wasn't expecting to ever see him again. The Bones actress is also not horrible.

    In totality, the show feels like yet another crime-science drama. There was no blue tint (see my CSI/The Inside reviews), but it's still definitely got that feel. In any case, I would give it a few more episodes, but will probably end up skipping it.
  • cannot wait for it to start

    i have been wasit for david boreanaz to star in a new show since they cancel Angel which i was not a very happy person when that happened. i have a feeling that this is going to be a great show and hopfully one that i can watch because i love david boreanaz.
  • Great leads, interesting premise and lots of potential - definitely worth a look.

    I really like David Boreanaz, so when I heard that his new pilot had been picked up for the fall - I couldn't wait to see it. I wasn't disappointed.

    Boreanaz does a good job with this new role, but I have to admit, there were times when I expected him to 'vamp' out - especially after a conversation about redemption. There's definitely chemistry between him and the show's star Emily Deschanel, and the reference to Scully and Mulder is no accident.

    The show is pretty much a procedural drama in the vein of Crossing Jordan and CSI, but there's definitely potential for longevity if the stories are good and the writers manage to cultivate the chemistry between the show leads.

    While there were a few cheesy moments in the pilot and a few things that didn't really work for me, the show is definitely worth a look.
  • An impressive police procedural.

    I recently came into the possession of the pilot episode of "Bones", and I have to say that this show is quite good. And that's saying something, because there are very few procedurals that I like.

    The show stars the beautiful Emily Deschanel (Boogeyman) and David Boreanaz (Angel). Deschanel plays Dr. Temperence Brennan, an anthropologist who can tell a person's life by looking at their bones.

    The show is amusing and well acted, and I can only hope it gets even better. I also enjoy the score and choice of songs (songs in this episode were "Collide" by Howie Day and "Teardrop" by Massive Attack).

    It will be a shame if this show doesn't last past its initial 13 episode order, but it's on FOX. But with "House" being the surprise hit last season, and this show airing alongside it, maybe it has a chance.
  • Just some cast information. Since it is not listed.

    OK here is the cast info:
    Emily Deschanel .... Dr. Temperance Brennan
    David Boreanaz .... Special Agent Seeley Booth
    Eric Millegan .... Zach Addy
    T.J. Thyne .... Dr. Jack Hodgins
    Michaela Conlin .... Angela Montenegro
    Jonathan Adams .... Dr. Daniel Goodman

    I think that if this show gets a non-competitive time slot it should gather a good following. The only problem is people do need to support it. The cast is not strong enough to make it on its own.
  • The shows a different side of investigative crime that entertains.

    I think it\'s going to be great ! Plus we get to see David again on a weekly basis ! Something to look forward to. Great story and a great cast to back it up. It gives us, the viewers, something to think about. Something good to watch other than these annoying never ending reality shows !
  • David Boreanz's return to the small screen may not be what Angel alumni were hoping/expecting it to be, but playing second fiddle to 'Bones' may not be a bad thing. The pilot certainly had a bit of meat on the bone, and hopefully the show sticks to the ch

    David Boreanz's return to the small screen may not be what Angel alumni were hoping/expecting, but playing second fiddle to 'Bones' may not be a bad thing.

    Bones seems like a character with a bit of meat on her if you'll excuse the pun, despite her skinny frame there's potential for some real character-driven plots and developments, especially given her history with Boreanz's character.

    The pilot shows promise though, with a decent blend of forensic dark humour and criminalist action, and the university professor angle should liven things up.

    Will it be as good as Reichs's books? Can't wait to find out!
  • A beautifully shot and interesting look at athropology's place in criminal investigations. Bones is a refreshing crime drama with a twist we haven't seen before, humour in the mix. It is a much more character driven show than most and one to watch.

    I'm a big crime drama buff and this show has something a little different to offer than the run of the mill fare we have been getting of late. I liked the hologram SFX and the sets and cinematography style shots gave the show a motion picture feel, the contrast between the inside and outside shots gave it depth and warmth you don't often get on TV. The sets were bright and big, a nice contrast to Angel's dark past. I do agree the dialogue was a little weak but I did laugh in all the right places and that's no bad thing. Crime shows can get so depressing I liked the lighter approach. It was more in keeping with the see saw of emotions we had on Buffy and I appreciated that. Temperance and Steely had chemistry that simmered along nicely. It covered all the basics it needed to establish both characters and premise for a pilot and left me looking forward to seeing more.
  • Give it a few episodes and it should be pretty good.

    I saw an early screening of the pilot and while it was rough in a few places the story was interesting and the actors look like they\'ll have some good chemistry. I\'m looking forward to see how the characters develop. It\'s also good to see David back on the tube with something new. I enjoyed him on Angel and he\'s got a great sense of humor in pereson (very wacky!), so hopefully that will have a chance to come out in this show.

    The show is a drama, but I think it takes itself less seriously that CSI and similar shows and so is more fun to watch.

    I definitely plan on checking it out when it hits the little screen.
  • Let me start off by saying that this show is on FOX. We all know that it must be a hit right out of the gates in order for FOX to keep it in the line-up and I'm not sure this show will have the staying power.

    Personally, I loved the screener. But I've also loved Wonderfalls, Tru Calling (the last 4 episodes of season 1 and all of the short season 2), The Inside -- and we all know what happened to them. The chemistry between Special Agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz -- BtVS & Angel) and Dr. Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschenal -- Boogeyman) is great. Their relationship does have the Scully (Brennan) and Mulder (Booth) feel, but hey, that's one thing I enjoyed about the X-Files -- the cynic and the believer. Anywho, back to the screener. The acting was solid, but the story was just, OK.

    Brennan has just arrived back in the country and Booth has to sweet talk her into working a case with him and the FBI. Brennan wants nothing to do with him -- unless he promises her full participation on the cases, not just the lab grunt work. Booth agrees and they try to figure out who the body is found in the water at Arlington National Cemetery. She turns out to be a woman Booth has been looking for as a missing persons case. It's up to Brennan and Booth to figure out what happened to her and why she was killed.

    Some of the reviewers seem to be lumping this in with the newest police procedurals to hit the schedule, but I think it has the promise of being more character driven than most of the procedurals on today. And I like the bones angle. Boreanaz will most likely bring over his fans from Angel, but Deschenal is so new that she's going to have to hook viewers right up front. I really like that Temperance is not some shy, retiring, brain. She is smart, but she can also kick a little butt and she doesn't need Booth around to 'protect' her -- unless it's from herself, because she sure steps into things, politically speaking. It's obvious that Temperance is not one for procedure or office politics, which I like. The stories are going to be overseen by author Kathy Reichs, as Dr. Brennan is the lead in her fiction mystery series. Reichs is a REAL Dr. Brennan, so she will lend reality and credibility to the storylines.

    Overall, I'm looking forward to this one. Given the chance, I think this could be a must see on Tuesday nights. So, please FOX, give it time to catch an audience!
  • Another crime drama, another day. Kind of fluffy, but nothing to get excited about.

    The premiere episode of Bones was pretty uninspiring, to tell the truth. It’s a crime drama, which is a genre whose freshness date has long past. It sticks to the science, as far as the inexperienced eye can tell, but there are some farfetched tech toys employed, that made me wonder if this was going start becoming a science fiction series. The murder itself was pretty basic; find the body, collect evidence, talk to suspects, get clues, find out truth. The main characters are at least interesting, with Emily Dushanel’s Dr. Brennan smart, impatient, and charging headlong into things waaaaay out of her field. David Boreanez has dropped the vampiric angst for Seeley Booth (who names these people?), but is comical occasionally as the suffering Booth, following Brennan around and trying to keep her in line. Their sniping of each other earns some chuckles, and they have a good chemistry. My favorite character , however, is the programmer, the rowdy, slightly raunchy Michaela Conlin, played by Angela Montenegro. She’s not your stereotypical engineer, and she’s a delight because of it, often speaking her mind, and she’s not afraid to use what God gave her to get what she wants.

    To the Point: Another crime drama, another day. Kind of fluffy, but nothing to get excited about.

  • Preview Looks Great

    I am looking very forward to viewing the first season of this series. It looks like it has great potential. It has a great lead actor from the series "Angel". Overall I believe this show will definatly be one that I record on Tivo. This show is one of many great looking shows coming out this seaon of Fall '05.
  • This show is great! The scripts are good and the casting is excellent.

    I knew this was going to be an excellent show, but thats the problem. FOX has a reputation of canceling great shows. I try not to like any shows on FOX. I'm surprised The OC lasted this long. I have a feeling this show will end. Come January when the time slot is changed to 9:00pm (if it lasts till than)it will lose viewers. It will be up against 'Supernatural' the new show on the WB that got VERY good ratings. I just hope it wont get cancelled while its in the middle of a season. Fox also has a rep with that too.
  • A good start, an interesting premise...

    So far, I like the way the characters are gelling and interacting with each other. It's well written, well acted and seems like it may end up being a great pairing with House (which is an AMAZING show). I hope they leave these two shows paired together and don't use American Idol to split the pair of great dramas up.
  • An explosion of characters and technology. Two hours of story shoehorned into 60 minutes.

    Tough to get your mind around, due to the information overload. Could be a winner, but seems they were afraid of becoming too CSI-like.

    They rushed past the technology and character development like teens engaging in their first sexual experience. The job got done, but it was quick, awkward, and only partially satisfying.

    The topic is deeply interesting, but the director chose to spend more time shooting cleavage and a pathetic m/f rivalry, than slowing down to explain what was happening in the lab.

    I would have preferred a slower character & technology tease, than the info-dump they gave us.

    CHARACTERS: The Male lead was better as a vampire. Totally uninteresting.

    The female lead seemed shallow and vulnerable, when it's obvious anyone with such a position would be more of a leader and collected.

    The Lab Rats could be the Sleepers in this series, if they let them loose. A good collection of talent.

    WRITING: They know all the words, but they should stop the Evelyn Wood speed dialog. Slow down and smell the formaldehyde.

    SUMMARY: This could be a "Killer" series, but it's not there yet. I'll watch next week.
  • A sexy forensic anthropologist and a FBI agent team up to solve murders.

    Show has a good blend of science, police procedure, and interpersonal relationships. I sense a good "chemistry" between the leading charactors. There is enough humor thrown in to soften the gruesome aspects of the main theme of the show; working with human remains. If writers can keep coming up with decent story lines I feel the show will be a success.
  • I love David Boreanaz and hope they give him a greater part than what he had on the pilot.

    David Boreanaz has proven himself as a good actor on both Buffy and Angel. Especially in Angel he grew past the "brooding hunk" into an actor(still a hunk though) that reflected different levels-I especially liked the side of him that is comical and mischievious. The dark side was of course his sexy side. Enough about David, but I want to add that his costars on Angel also made that show excellent. I was not impressed with the performance of the lead actress in Bones, but the kooky flashing sidekick was interesting. I found everyone but the lead interesting and hope the show improves. I watched because of David, whether he can carry this show will be seen.
  • This show is unquestionably a show that will re-define television crime drama. It’s got action, drama, suspense, and it borders on sci-fi. The characters are very real and believable. In final, I feel this show my have cult followings and even movie prosp

    My review on

    This show is unquestionably a show that will re-define television crime drama. It’s Law & Order: SVU mix with The X-Files and all CSI shows and more. It’s got action, drama, suspense, and it borders on sci-fi. The characters are very real and believable.
    I was afraid that David Boreanaz character wouldn’t shine though because of the shadow of Angel but when I saw his work on the show I was like, Angel who? And I’m also interested not only Emily Deschanel but the person that the character that inspired the show.
    In closing I feel this show my have cult followings and even movie prospects sine to me it seemed so cinematic.
  • now I got something to see.

    Bones Looks Good plus the machine they did with identifing the person was way kool.All those shows were gone now I got Bones to see this fall n Charmed n What I like about you? n Smallville I always love smallville since i heard James Marsters is going to be there it's going to be asome.
  • I need to see another episode, if only to see if Emily Deschanel's Bones warm up a little.

    From the get-go, she's way too detached from humanity, her cold scientific view of the world channeling The X-Files' Dana Scully. On the flipside, David Boreanaz is the one to watch, as he's definitely a few skips away from the brooding Angel, with clever quips and a sense of life. He's not perfect, as illustrated in the episode, but of the tagteam, you'll find yourself rooting for him. The show itself is well-crafted, but very familiar. In the end, it's CSI or any other sci-crime drama where very smart people use high technology and IQs to solve mysteries. There is something compelling about the presentation of the scientific evidence, the way it's directed and style of the scenes, but the rat pack that manages the tech, affectionately known as "Squints," leave a lot to be desired. Likeability is key here, and as it stands, no one really has the juice to suck people in outside of Boreanaz.
  • A great concept based on a great book, but instead falling flat.

    I was actually excited to see this show on Fox, but when it was over, I actually asked myself, "Why did I watch that?"

    The books, which the show was based on, by Kathy Reichs were really good. Despite a few flaws (like her always facing the killer or the guy breaking into her apartment), they were exciting. But turning it into a show really fell flat.

    First off, only one of the characters in the books (besides her ex-husband, I think) is a main character. Next off is the location, I expected to see Quebec and North Carolina. What I got was Washington D.C. Another thing that annoyed me was that 3D device that they used to show what the dead woman looked like. I was shocked and appalled at it, was that even possible? I mean, showing exactly what the killer did to kill the woman was a little weird, and it felt weird watching them play around with it.

    The attempted climatic moment was another weird thing. The main character, Dr. Temperance Brennan, tried to stop the killer from burning evidence by breaking in his house and yelling at him. Then when he flicked the lighter (which should have set him on fire) she decides to shoot him in the leg, at which point Seeley Booth, the FBI agent walks in on them. It would have been better if the killer held her hostage when Seeley Booth walked in, but they didn't do it that way.

    That brings me to Seeley Booth. Why oh why did they have to put that guy in the show? What happened to her boyfriend in the books? What happened to an actually interesting plot line? The tension and love interest between them is so out of place I feel ashamed watching it.

    It has potential for a great show. All they need to do is ditch Booth, add some characters from the book, move to Quebec, get a better plot line, and burn that stupid 3D machine!
  • Bones season premier was good and I will watch it again. The show has a lot of potential for being entertaining. The science aspect is interesting, and so far the characters are too.

    I thought that the Bones premier was good. The main character Temperance is a forensic anthropologist who has a love for her craft, a past, some flaws and an obvious link with the FBI guy Seely. They approach their crime solving in different way, he gets involved with the people more, whereas she sticks to the scientific end of it. They tend to clash and bicker a bit, but their differences may make the attraction. The Jeffersonian where Temperance works has some really cool high tech stuff, maybe a bit over the top. The music was good, albeit a bit drawn out in some spots. I enjoyed John M Jackson of JAG fame in the FBI director role. Temperance and Seely have potential if they don't spend too much time arguing and picking at each other. They are a bit like Scully and Mulder, but we need some lightness and humor to keep the show from being too somber. With some good character development the show can be interesting beyond the Bone reconstruction aspects. Temperances co-workers are pretty strange and so I suppose will be the comic relief. I didn't care for Temperance having to say 3 times to Seely not to call her "Bones", an obvious nick name he has given her. So I will watch it again, and hope it turns out to be a good one.
  • A decent show that could use a little character development.

    Hey what can I say, with David Boreanaz as one of the stars that brings up the ratings right there. The pilot episode was a little too involved and probably could have used a two hour movie to start the ball rolling. I think it will need a few more episodes to develop the characters, but given time it will do okay. It has potential to present some really interesting stories as long as it doesn’t become a “When will they hop into bed story line” Only time will tell. But for my money, I’ll keep watching, if only for the great view.
  • IN the current TV landscape, you can't swing a dead cat without hitting a police procedural. Economic insiders say the fastest growing job market is for TV cadavers! TV now has more corpses than a Louisiana Nursing Home! I could goon, but I'm sure you'd

    Between the Law & Orders and the CSI's, you'd think our taste for these types of dramas would be satiated, but apparently not. The latest trend in these shows is character driven stories. A good example is TNT's "The Closer" starring the excellent Kira Sedgwick as a tough-as-nails Southern Belle working the mean streets of LA, or CBS's "Numb3rs", about a brilliant mathematician who helps his older brother, an FBI agent, solve crimes using lgoic and algorithms.

    The first episode of "Bones" isn't quite up to those standards, but it's close, and with time, it's possible that the characters could grow, and thusly, grow on us. Emily Deschanel plays Temperance Brennan, a forensic anthropologist and novelist, who works closely with FBI agent Seely Booth played by former Buffy and Angel star David Boreanez. Here, it's a case where the characters matter. The cases are all pretty wrote, but these two characters show sparks of interest, as well as sparks of chemistry. Although it's slightly hard to belive that a person who doesn't get metaphors could also write a novel, it's a cute character trait. Descahnel is at her best when she furrows her brow when someone refers to having thier "ducks in a row" and ernestly admits, "I don't know what that means."

    The supporting cast is strong acting wise, but the writers will have to do some work character wise to make them explorable. The pace is crisp and clean, and the fact that Brennan is not a law enforcxement officer, and therefore doesn't always know, and thusly play by the rules, adds one more thing that makes the show a cut above something like, say, "Crossing Jordan". A couple of weeks to warm up, and this show might actually be a moderate hit.

  • Welcome back David.

    I liked the pilot. It was really good seeing Angel..oops, I mean Daivd Borenaz back on television. I'm not sure if it's strong enough to last, but hey we'll have to see. I"m hoping it does because it did catch my attention and I love the cast. Looking forward to seeing more.
  • David Boreanaz is back. Even if he will not show his teeth in this show, he will still be out to get the bad guys with style and a portion of black humor.

    David Boreanaz is back. Even if he will not show his teeth in this show, he will still be out to get the bad guys with style and a portion of black humor.

    Newcomer Emily Deschanel plays a scientist specializing in human bones and helps the Fbi to solve cases. Yet another medical crime show some might think, but the fairly good actors and the humor of the show made the first episode very entertaining. I will be looking forward to catch more of this very promising show.
  • This is promising new series with an excellent cast.

    I saw the premiere for Bones, and I thought it was great. Emily Deschanel is a great lead, and David Boreanaz is awesome, as always. Within the first scene we get to see that Temperance Brennan is not the type of woman you want to mess with. She can kick serious butt. I also like that the show creators chose to begin the story with a relationship between Temperance and Seeley already established. No time is wasted in introducing everybody. We get to know the characters as the story of the first investigation we get to see plays out. I got a kick out of the reference to Mulder and Scully made by Seeley. The only thing I hope we get more of in future episodes, is more detailed explanations of the science behind the investigations. I really hope this show is successful, and has a long life.
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