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  • Brennan needs to go!!!

    This has got to be the dumbest show. I could love the show if they got rid of Brennan. OMG, I hate her with a passion. They made her the dumbest genius I've ever seen on a show. I will only watch this if I have the flu and can't move off the couch. She is not interesting at all, and he assistant Zack can go as well. I love all the rest of them, and the cases themselves are wonderful, but Bones herself ruins them no matter what. I think Booth is just to freaking cute and he can do better dating a crazy woman.
  • a good show going bad

    i agree with a lot of people here that this show was good. (note the emphasis on WAS GOOD!). when i started watching this show i could just sit down and relax and enjoy it. i don't even mind the commercials because i really did like it. then somehow it got to the point where everything just went bad. Now everytime i watch the show i just record it or watch it on ( Thank You TV.COM, you guys are awesome). everytime angela speaks i fast forward it or everytime they talk about their personal lives i put on an mp 3 player and listen to milli vanilli, now when the love angle between boothe and brennan is discussed i get so excited and get up the couch to slam my head to the wall. here are just some points that i hate about the show :: POINT 1: Angela - she has got to be the most annoying character on television. i mean being sexually active is a good thing but her sleeping with other men takes a good 15 mins of the show. jeez. POINT 2: Brennan - She has got to be the most stupid person out there. her good memory is probably what got her to be so smart, i do not get her being a genius on analysis because if she was good at it she would have notice how people around her feel. POINT 3: i think this show is running out of ideas on how to kill a man or woman. not to much interesting episodes on season 5 yet. president kennedy???? come on!!!!!! wow. POINT 4: Brennan assistants - need i say more??? they should have brought ZACK back he was the "KING OF THE LAB". POINT 5: boothe and brennan love angle. i think they should just stop it. Boothe needs a better woman. brennan is an insensitive, egocentric, and arrogant person. i think brennan should just die of old age single with that stupid stare of hers. some good aspects of the show that's why i still watch it though with lesser enthusiasm.Boreanaz is a good actor, his character on bones is actually pretty good, Sorayan is also a good boss, i like her, her being protective of her adopted daughter just shows her good character. and DR. Sweets man he is the best new character. to put in words sweets is just magnificent, well played and very amusing down to the facial expressions. dr hodgens an obedient rebel. he takes pride in his work and pursues what he think is rigth and he is funny too. in summary, i think because of all the channels that are available now, getting new ideas is far and few. Bones is a dying series that is destined to be canned the next season if new ideas are not found. do not hate me for being blunt. thanks for reading my review. i think i'll watch columbo reruns. bye.
  • Don't get me wrong but i wonder if people would watch it if it wasn't for Boreanaz who took his fans from "Angel" and brought them here.

    Don't get me wrong but i wonder if people would watch it if it wasn't for Boreanaz who took his fans from "Angel" and brought them here. Not only they continuesly seem to copy other tv series but now they use the same actors as well. Booth's grandfather is the same as Gibbs' father?Oh COME ON!!!It seems like bones writers are very good at collecting from other sucessful tv series and fit them into their own. Last season Booth was dellusional because of a brain tumor (hmmm where have i seen it before? Oh yeah "grey's anatomy" same year!), not to mention that Booth is a snipper as-oh yes again-Gibbs from NCIS and so much more.And where is the famous chemistry? I can't see it. It seems that the production tried to sell it and people bought it?!!Deschanel has a frozen look always no matter if she looks at Booth or a dead body and Boreanaz just hasn't that tension in his eyes to convince us that he sees her more than a job partner.There is so much lack of chemistry that they have to remind us in almost every episode of their supposed feelings by actually speaking about them -either some of their friends and co-workers or some shrink or themselves as Booth did in the first episodes of this season- because they can't pass it to the viewers through the so-called chemistry. That's how i see it and everything else is just promotion.If u ask me the thing went wrong from the begining as they tried to sell it like the new x-files or moonlighting or i don't know what other series they thought actually telling us that there is no uniqueness in that show.Probably that seems to have confused Boreanaz who seems to haven't decided whether his on screen character is a goofball joker(bruce willis in moonlighting) or more complicated with problematic childhood as Mulder or A- male, protective as Gibbs or so on.
  • Was a great show until...

    As watchers of NCIS and the CSI's my wife and I started watching Bones and thoroughly enjoyed it until Angela's character went "bi-sexual". Maybe the agenda is to desensitize the public towards that type of lifestyle, but for us this crosses the line. I understand this might be the wave of the future, but frankly it's offensive to us and many of our friends. We are tolerant of that lifestyle but that doesn't mean we have to agree with it. Unless things change soon we will cease to watch your show. Too bad, because it was getting to be one of our favorites.
  • Looks like the writers of Bones have trouble wrapping up "big" cases in a logical fashion.

    I am really disappointed where Bones is headed these days. Especially with the stories running across more than one episode. Season three's more than weird Gormogon finale and now this Gravedigger business that gets solved as if it's nothing. Plot holes galore (And that woman of whom we've never heard before dragged Booth where? And without being seen? Put*that* idea back in the box where it came from, please) and a hurried ending that makes me start to wonder about who's giving the green light to ideas like that. Seriously, guys, you need to do better than this. I'm not asking for buckets of blood, pouring out of people's heads, far from it. Instead go for *some* common sense, even if it IS fiction we're watching. Bones can be *really* good, but sadly, this episode is far from being anything but poor.
  • Stop the soap opera!!!

    Did you sign on new writers? You are ruining this show! The relationship between Booth and Temperance as well as Hodges and Montenegro were subtle up until now. Each episode concentrated on the case being investigated with the love interest in the background. Now you've turned this into a soap opera!!! Montenegro has become absolutely obnoxious!!! What are you doing to this show??? If this keeps up, you will lose another fan!!!
  • Please makes some much needed changes to this show. I like this show but "Bones" comes off as too robotic.

    Emily Deschanel's character "Bones" comes off as an intellectual idiot, she's unemotional,cold, clueless and out of touch with reality. Please have her evolve so we as viewers can understand the attraction "Booth" sees in her. She's way too analytical even for real anthropologists. If some changes are made the story line might attract more viewers as of now its too unbelievable. The Hodgins/Angela relationship was a nice touch, at least they show emotions and are believable characters, they fight and make up, but the viewer knows they are meant to be. You can tell "Booth" cares but "Bones" is clueless.
  • Tonight's pig chipper show was extremely discusting! It is not suitable for the young viewers who may be up at 6:30 PM.

    What is wrong with you? I have 2 pot belly pigs as pets and thought this show was horrible. They are intelligent animals and very loving. Your show was in extremely poor taste and you have lost me as a viewer. Tonight's pig chipper show was extremely discusting! It is not suitable for the young viewers who may be up at 6:30 PM. What is wrong with you? I have 2 pot belly pigs as pets and thought this show was horrible. They are intelligent animals and very loving. Your show was in extremely poor taste and you have lost me as a viewer. I will no longer watch any show with any of the actors/ actresses in this show. Animal cruelty has to stop. This show involvess cruelty to animals, it does not belong on the air. Your writers were way off base on this one, viewers do not need to see this garbage. Any show that shows this type of grossness should not be on when children are awake, I can not ever imagine whatever made you act this grossness out!
  • Aweful

    just watched this show for the first time. it is by far the worst show I have seen for a while. Terrible acting and cheesy lines makes this a definate miss.

    I think that guy should have stuck with doing more seasons of angel. There are way better programs than this on the tv that demand our attention, why can ones like this go on without anyone noticing but something like firefly gets cancelled. I dont understand it at all.

    We can live in hope that it will get cancelled I suppose, I would rather watch another episode of Blade the series than live through another episode of this.
  • I stopped watching Bones because the antiwar theme got so far left I thought Cindy Sheehan would show up. The last straw was whent the bearded freak called President Bush a tyrant.

    Up until this evening I enjoyed watching the program but the antiwar theme was so offensive to me I stopped watching and will not watch in the future. How can I write a 100 words about a program that offends me. This is the same reason I dont watch Law and Order. Detective Munch cant keep his left wing mouth shut and must continually insult anyone with a conservative view. The fact that he reads 20 newspapers per day does not qualify him to preach to me. It is time that TV producers understand that their function is to entertain period.
  • ok i had not been a fan of this show tell this season (the one where bones and booth go the funeral and still the body) but after that i catching up on the show on hulu so i have seen them all but i am a dead heart fan now

    now for the season finale when it first came on i was totally lost for the first 10 mins because it just jumps right in to the (spoiler) dream world and i was like WTF but as the story does in its not really easy to follow it was nice to see all the people past and current in odd roles but the story didnt keep me in like all the others and it keep jumping all over the place to make sure to get everyone some lines but once it got to the end and the case was closed it still didnt make that much since and then the last 30secs to find out it was all a book Bones was writing and booth was just dreaming as she wrote out loud! then after reading all the these review i had lost interst in the show so much i didnt even heard he asked her who she was so the season premier better kick butt but Shame on u Fox for making us fans think they really sleep together Shame Shame
  • I do not understand how this show can be so highly rated by viewers.

    I signed up for this site just so I could write a review for this show. I was dumbfounded by the amount of perfect scores and lack of actual intelligent reviews.
    I have seen this show on a few occasions and every time I do I never finish watching the episode. The acting by David Boreanaz is hopeless, it's c-grade. At least Emily Deschanel brings something decent to the table. She is the only reason I give this show a 2 out of 10 (Her sister Zooey is a fantastic actress and Emily has the same capability).
    The story lines are what really brings me to wonder how so many people can give this show a 10 out of 10. They are idiotic and not even slightly believable. Maybe there have been a few well written episodes but I don't want to sit through another second of this show just to find out.
  • Bones crosses the pond and we're subjected to all the out-dated English stereotypes; Lords, Ladies, butlers, gentlemen's clubs, plummy English accents, etc. It could have been written by a 10 year-old - or even George W. himself.

    Along with the usual sleuthing, we are treated to a far-fetched, out-dated and grossly inaccurate portrayal of England and the English. Cap-doffing servants, aristocratic toffs and a Metropolitan Police detective from, 'Scotland Yard'. Please! If anyone from The Met said they were from, "... Scotland Yard," everyone would fall about laughing (not least their colleagues).

    Not only does said detective revel in her Yard status, she gives a handgun to an FBI agent. Hello? Handguns are banned in the U.K. That agent would go to jail for at least 5 years with no questions asked if he was found in possession of it, no matter what his status over The Pond. Our lovely detective would join him too.

    In short, I found this episode insulting. If only American writers would do some research before foisting this rubbish on us.
  • Awful to the extreme!

    As a fan of Angel I watched the pilot of Bones; I expected a decent show, hoping David Boreanaz wouldnt have signed up to something mediocre and at the same time hoping he would play a different type of character to usual. Boreanaz didnt sign up to something mediocre, he signed up to something terrible. From the opening scene of the pilot where the main character (an anthropologist) floors a member of Homeland Security (in an airport) and has so much attitude she had already irritated me, the show is ludicrous in its approach to the subject matter and coupled with a dreadful support cast (such as the lass who opens her jacket to get someones attention within 5 minutes of the pilot) and the whiney teenage kid who for no reason tells everyone he isnt a virgin. Seriously, within 20 minutes I turned to the other 3 lads I was sat watching the show with and asked them if watching the rest was necessary, I always give pilots a go but for the first time since Tru Calling I couldnt care less about the story and wanted to watch something else. We decided to watch it until the next advert break, however soon after the show got even worse when the anthropologist \\\\\\\"wrote a computer program to display a holographic projection of what a person looked like based on their skull\\\\\\\" WHAT?!! Even with a Computer Science degree you couldnt do that! Where did an anthropolgist learn to do such a thing?! Let alone the fact that the technology hasnt been invented yet!! As I said in my summary, bad to the extreme, CANCELED!
  • A bit of a dogs breakfast to me.

    I thought this show was marred by the way that one character in particular was having an on again off again affair with another character. To me that is kind of icky territory. Also the way one of the forensics employees turned out to be a twisted serial killer I think seriously marred the show. They were too sympathetic to him in the script. I don't think he deserved sympathy...Anyway, I liked the lead male actor in the show Angel but I found him to be a bit too much of a hard character in this show, albeit fitting for the role he is playing. I suppose. Maybe also a death obsessed pathologist in the person of the shows female lead isn't so much of a turn on either...generally people who are death obsessed don't turn out to be pathologists, they end up in rubber rooms.
  • I've seen better.

    Muder shows are cool, but this is lame. I would rather watch Forensic Files than this. Seriously. Show something more intresting than this. If i was responsible for this show, i wouldn't admit it. I would keep my life low before i let anyone complain to me. Pitiful, pitiful show.
  • Bones show becoming way too political...

    I used to love this show. And I like that Brennan is an Aspie (Asperger's). But lately the liberal subliminal messaging has become right out in the open in the story line. From pushing medical marijuana to bashing rich people and companies, the writers are showing their colors as true Obama's sycophants. I have had enough. Hollywood doesn't understand the real world. And what's worse, just like Obama, they think they know what is best for the people to think. What's next, talking about the Right's (false) "war on women"?

    Please just give us good stories... leave politics to the people.
  • Season 7 -- Ruined!

    It was good until Season 6. Though there was nothing new about the scientific stuff while solving murders, Booth's and Tempie's progressing relationship n other stuff held my interest. It's just so not happening with Season 7 having such weird air dates. I understand Emily's pregnancy and all, but more episodes without Emily will also do! Just need the continuity, not such long gaps in air dates!! Sorry Emily .. I love you, but this is so not happening!
  • A sour lemon of a series

    Bones is one of the most overrated shows at the time, mainly due to angel fanboys. If you break bones down its just another CSI or law and order, some preppy not so good actors running around in suits trying to act smart, throw a big twist in at the end and everyones happy. If I was a goldfish I would enjoy the gross out moments and the forced chemistry between angel and his female whatev, but im not a goldfish so instead i suffer like a salted slug. Maybe if angel grew his hair long and got a mustache, and instead of bones they called the series "Gun Hard" I might be interested.
  • This show is okay, but boring!

    what in the world is this show. Its boring all they're doing is solving dead peoples cases from centuries ago. what in the world would make them do that. who cares the case was dropped and is dead already, if the people really cared they would of been filed a case! and this show is so DULE it has no color! come on brightin up your makin over 1000s of dollars a year smile once. the actors are boring and they need to work on acting a little bit more. its like they just read their lines. i dont know about you but im switching back to csi:ny.
  • could be better, but it could be worse ;)

    In the beginning the show was amazing. I liked it, but I only watch the first season, I don't know, but the story bored me. It's sad, because I like Emily and David as the actors. Hmm it could be worse.
  • Emily Deschanel the only power behind the series.

    for the past two seasons, I watch the series and the only thing that is keeping me from watching the series is Emily Deschanel. I love the lead character, but the rest of the cast is second rated. I couldn't care much about the cast, but I love Deschanel's character. she is a very wonderful woman in a series that is second rated. I don't mind the storyline, but following Deschanel is the only thing that I love about the show. I shall continue to watch the series as long as Deschanel is still on the show. "Bones" is a 6.5.
  • bones is a joke. this subject content had the potential to be as good a csi, but al the silly banter between the 2 makes me want to puke. it\'s like that old cybl sheppard and bruse willis show moonlighting, it was sooooo stupid.

    bones is a joke. this subject content had the potential to be as good a csi, but all the silly banter between the 2 makes me want to puke. it\'s like that old cybl sheppard and bruse willis show moonlighting, it was sooooo stupid. i have tried to watch and
    just cannot
  • A follow the numbers episode created by someone who wanted an excuse to go to England. T

    I normally like this show and I actually have enjoyed the shows before and after this UK version but I was just full of complete American stereotypes of the English. It was like the writer said - how many can we put in this show. Royal family (why nobody there cares that much about them and not everyone is a royal in the UK - most are as common as you get), rowing (again why ?), mini coopers & an American who can't drive one (is he that useless?), left hand side of road driving, gentlemans clubs, butlers blah blah blah.

    It was embarassing. No wonder the world thinks Americans are ignorant of every other counrty and idiots...this show helped to prove it.

    There were none of the normal interesting scientific elements, no interplay except 2 people, the UK versions of themselves which only seemed to indicate that the writer didn't have the imagination or knowledge to write UK characters well.

    You would have thought after a writers strike they would have a load of ideas they could use. But no.
  • Last season to this season

    I must have missed something because last season they were at a bowling alley solving crime and then when it came back on Bones is pregnant and no explanation. Yes there was an episode where Booth and Bone gave the impression that they slept together and Bones even hinted around to Anglia that they did,,,ok fine so I was waiting for the next episode of them planning the whole affair,,,baby and all,,,,but it just picked up as ok now she is back and pregnant,,,,I don't get it. But I'm sure in real life she is pregnant,,,thats the only explanation for her coming back so big.
  • Watching Season 4 of "Bones" has become downright painful as the characters are becoming mere caricatures of themselves in dull storylines that do nothing to slow the series rapid decline.

    I have been a huge fan of "Bones" since its debut in 2005 and with every episode the show got better and better. Each characters' individual growth and their burgeoning relationships with each other seemed to point to a truly memorable ensemble cast in the making following in the tradition of television's best: The West Wing; Hill Street Blues; St. Elsewhere; even The Mary Tyler Moore Show. The ensemble was further strengthened by the additions of Dr. Lance Sweets as a regular character and unique recurring characters like Bones' father Max Keenan and sassy federal prosecutor Caroline Julian.

    Even such a shocking revelation as Zack's relationship to Gormogon/The Master worked because it seemed he was destined to continue to be part of the show once he divulged to Dr. Sweets that he had never actually murdered anyone. I had hoped he would be regularly consulted by the team for his special insight on at least the occasional particularly difficult case.

    The two-hour 4th season premiere, set in England, was a promising start to the season. Bones and Booth were typically adorably cute and at the end of the episode were reaffirming how much they meant to each other. Each episode to follow of this current season, however, has seen the series devolve into a convoluted mess in which most of the characters have not only become virtually estranged from each other but seem to have even forgotten who they are themselves!

    Although no one expects Bones and Booth to be jumping into the sack anytime soon (why spoil the fun of watching them eventually realize they are meant for one another?), Dr. Brennan in many of this season's episodes has behaved quite promiscuously, coldly oblivious as to how this might affect Booth. Sleeping with two different men at once, briefly falling for Booth's awful brother...I found her all-too-quick willingness to believe that "our" Booth was the "Loser Booth" extremely disheartening and totally out of character based on how much they had been through together in the previous three years.

    Where are the wonderful "shared moments" between Booth and Bones at the end of every episode? Each week they grew closer and realized how much they needed and liked each other. One of my favorite such moments, as an example, occurred at the end of a Season One episode, "Two Bodies in the Lab," in which Booth dragged himself out of his hospital bed to save Bones' from a harrowing death. At the episode's conclusion, Dr. Brennan, having canceled a date for the third time, pulls a chair up close to Booth's hospital bed and they sit comfortably and companionably together, two wounded warriors sharing a moment.

    The show's deterioration is also well illustrated by the ridiculously inane reason for the Jack-Angela breakup. She ends their engagement, indeed their entire relationship, because she believes he "doesn't trust her enough" to stay together. Folks, that is an example of lazy, lazy writing at its worst...I've seen more interesting break-up storylines in soaps and sitcoms than in such a highly-rated primetime series. Many people have been put off by Angela's lesbian storyline, however, I'm not offended or annoyed by the character's same-sex relationship. If anything, it's quite in line with Angela's free spirited, artsy, child-of-a-rockstar personality. What does annoy me is how the writers have cast her as the needy one in the Angela/Roxie relationship, which is so out of character as to be laughable. I'm beginning to hope that Angela and Jack never get back together because Jack deserves someone he can depend on, someone he can trust not to break his heart.

    Of all the characters, Booth has remained most true, but his undying patience with Brennan and his steadfast self denial when it comes to his obvious attraction to her are becoming harder to believe. The last time he was with another woman (that we know of) was when he briefly took up again with Cam in Season Two. Why is Booth apparently "saving himself" for Bones when she has enjoyed multiple sexual partners the last few seasons? Booth is Bones' "knight in shining FBI standard-issue body armor" (according to Angela); even Bones' father, Max Keenan, asked him in Episode 4.10 if he was gay because he isn't sleeping with his daughter. How "stand up" does this guy have to be?

    An important part of Episode 4.9, "The Passenger in the Oven," sums up in all its distasteful glory just how cold and unfeeling the writers have made Dr. Temperance Brennan and in turn are portraying Special Agent Seeley Booth as a buffoonish chump. Bones spends the flight to China in First Class while Booth is relegated to Coach. Although it's understandable that the FBI wouldn't fork over the dough for one of its agents to travel First Class on a long international flight, what kind of colleague, what kind of friend, wouldn't pay for her partner to fly First Class alongside her? The woman is wealthy, a millionaire several times over - is she still so socially inept and inexperienced at friendship that she wouldn't think to "treat" Booth to a luxurious trip by her side?

    That episode was the last straw for me. I am still holding out some hope that when "Bones" comes back after the Holidays we'll see much better writing in the storylines and most importantly, the characters returning to behavior that makes sense and keeps us coming back for more.

    That would be a truly welcome gift.
  • Get rid of the psychiatrist and the new, nerdy lab aide. Stick with the original formula please!

    The original formula worked great. especially the sexual tension between Bones and Agent Booth. The two new characters, psychiatrist and nerdy lab girl, are a turn off and don't hold any interest. Also, why did you turn the brainiac into a killer? I loved his character. He needs to be replaced with someone equally unique. I can also live without Ryan O'Neil's character coming and going. Enough already!

    I liked it when people assumed Bones couldn't defend herself then she showed them! I also liked it when she kept bothering Booth for a gun. I like more interaction between JUST Booth and Bones...go back to that!
  • Dead boring!

    What an AWFUL show. I thought with the material they had it would at least have an advantage on a "new concept" show, but it was just horrible. It was feelingless to have them discuss genocide like it was a shoe sale at Neiman-Marcus. Kathy Reichs was very affected by her experience, and in this show they treated the subject like a holiday in Hawaii. I didn't have a problem with the premise that the lead character was nabbed by security for having a skull in her luggage (this actually happened to Reichs) but doing an Emma Peel karate number in the middle of the airport? And seriously too. I've never seen a pilot that whacked the audience over the head so hard with tired "they'll love this in Altoona" clichés.

    Kathy Reichs must be spinning in her grave....and she's the only author you can say that about who isn't dead.
  • Bummer

    Hey all you devoted fans out there. I hope I'm not the only one who thought the end to the latest season was a complete rip off. I mean keep us hanging around for six seasons hoping for the moment when at last booth and bones get together, and it couldn't have been more anticlimactic, all that waiting and not even a lousy kiss. Bones and Angela share a "look" and oh yeah, she's prego to! Talk about a colossal disappointment! I own previos seasons and knowing where it all leads to, I can't even bring myself to re-watch! Not trying to be melodramatic but come on, you're kidding yourself if your reasons to watch weren't dominated by the romance, what a let down.
  • Wrong, wrong. This show has too many issues

    First off, the show feels like it has had its run for too long. They probally should have made a finale in season 9 since the show has jumped the shark in a way. Also, the 2 main characters dont have the right chemistry together to me. Plus, the show is trying to be a comedy but crime shows do not mix with those (except for the few rare exceptions on other shows). The show needs to pick itself up for season 10. FOX needs to in order to keep the show going.
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